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    Peace Brother Blackroots science,

    When meditating is it good to have copper, amethyst stone, and courts crystals to help with invoke positive vibrations and psychic abilities, or is that western psychobabble.?

    Also if these types of stones are not correct could you recommend some for me from African prospective, if needed at all.

    When I meditate I look at it from a science prospective and not something of annimation. I've read that black people have high consideration of copper and carbon in the body which determines how dark a person is, so I figure meditating in water with my stones a little lemon juice and copper would activate my DNA, I figure this would be good for me to connect. I'm very new to it all and am just doing what I Feel is right.

    Also when I use my stones I wash and sock them in lemon juice as I read lemons or lime could be used to produce electricity, so I soak them in lemon juice IN THE SUN as if I'm charging my phone then use them to meditate in my bath water.

    As I said I am just doing what my intuition is telling me without previous experience.

    A little guidance will help greatly Mr Blackroots ❤️

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