Black Poetry : Mu Omicron Beta Music

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    Bass is not determined by an instrument
    neither is treble
    cause when you are one track minded
    you cannot imagine
    and today im on the road as usual
    no stereo of course
    listening to the birds call
    rain drop
    upon my vehicle
    get a little closer
    to hear leaves chitter chatter
    bounces are heavy
    branches bend very
    tall grasses shasha
    as more vehicles pass bye
    some got brakes problems
    others keep booming
    this light pole irks
    with a crrrracccck
    maybe we identify it with being hurt
    from pains who temporary flash upon and out of you like a memorable flirt....

    Man it is all kinds of brain music which stimulates better frequencies like gamma and beta and more. See everybody is sprung on the same ole same except a few percentage of us out here who are likeminded. Like yesterday i shared a left earphone with a female and she was like after we talked she was you seem like you open to music so we listen to an instrumental with asian and african instruments recorded perfectly and not by quarters but they were definitel by limitless whole notes...there were about 30 something notes within a 6 minute song and it kept you vibrating with a note here and 15 seconda later there...she was like yeah i knew you was a nerd! I was like hell yeah most definitely. I told her i wanted to take my sound from ground to air one album at a time. Displace every note and take loud hits out one by one from every album and just replace the synthesize stuff with real heartbeats you know. Like when you hear a baby's first heartbeat from the doctors visit or from your own stethoscope to the tummy like you feel alive or more alive than a clack boom or just bongos and congas too like yeah you feel alive when that baby heart i got my mpc 2500 again and immah start with just a beat then have instrumentalist come in to write theirs or immah burn it to a cd or send to each one of them and create a musical formation until we go back to life which is no instruments just nature itself tweaking the EQ on a good sound board digital and analog. So by record immah do that and all live musical formations i will have only the natural made instruments. Two different platforms deserves themselves.