Black Poetry : Creation of My Own Music

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    My genre of music stems from real healing to the human body using real metaphysics. I do not do any other genres out here. All literature is literature of performing arts. I done dabbled into my own creation of music since 2007 in the United Kingdom with other solo instrumentalists...i'm always in the lab doing me from one math into a science. Sometimes you must turn your back on society in order to be who you are from the inside and then express yourself....creation of my own music. Musical formations to me now is a militant movement of musicians forming into different numerical formations until it is a symphony of nothing but instrumentalists. I done been to a symphony once in my life and it was absolutely spectacular. Everybody played a part and on the real i felt a whole lot different. It is proven that when under the influence of certain musical brain wave activity a student progresses faster within their discipline. I deal with the brain and nervous's all about the EEG and EKG. Trigonometry! Haha(echoing).....Eh how you like my new theorem called the Garveyian Difference? Coming to a ethnocentric science book to be published into my library and School of Marcus Garvey. Use the Ancestors for the good and discover of them what you never seen before cause after all they are all Schools of a University. Genius. And im out....