Black Poetry : Like Ebonics I prevail on a diatonic scale coming in c major so my // behavior is to grab music wit

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    Like Ebonics I prevail on a diatonic scale coming in c major so my //
    behavior is to grab music with vocab use it to succeed very high //
    evaluating my game yall using a calculating frame with balls sliding //
    on wires, hiding my desires, must add up the bad corrupt that's guiding //
    folks life with quotes nice there's hope for advice, when flirting //
    bling rapping certain things happen mini-skirting will be hurting //
    boy's mind a girl's body become toys online love talk then a burden //
    not good being dumb and lost must come across information in search //
    to reach the sky of success, try my best to get there, now out of touch //
    with reality, dealing with a wreck situation could lead to a feeling //
    of expectation for things to happen while wearing bling and rapping healing //
    after a break up now need cake and luck "YO BOO lets take the truck for //
    a cruise girl your pie is dope and I got high hope to smash that at the bar //
    fought in scrimmages,thoughts and images occur in my head from time to time //
    boo want your cake tonight to fall from great heights and land in bed fine //
    juice splash and produce a flash flood of love from above it's a nightmare //
    about lace as I stare into space and aware at my place that sex do care //
    about us, have words power and verbs tower like buildings chilling in //
    the city and filling a committee for discussions this is killing the trend //
    we can have specific affection in a terrific direction make a right turn and //
    tonight burn some candles now this is BLACK HIPHOP come with facts in my hand //
    and a slip knot ready to rip shop and tie cats down, try bat a pound of nouns //
    like baseball and chase all the lace yall now face a wall wanna go downtown //
    quick and you a brown chick a SOUL SISTA, the greatest men know the latest //
    trend, my life spinning in chocolate that's a trending topic the straightest //
    boo your cake smoke and fiery have to make a note in my diary, amused for hours //
    wanna use flowers to get a wet date then let the cake come to bed after showers //
    write random quotes and abandon hopes in my state of mind want cake and wine, find //
    peace in scrolls and cease to control my passions which are old fashion, really time //
    to fold fold the sea ration for my backpack as my facts attack the whack and some //
    on crack, my foot in pain these shoes put me shame I strung them up now feel dumb //
    they don't fit, won't git another pair but boo want a butter affair