Black Poetry : Friday FLOW(someone get wit me)!!!


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Apr 14, 2001
Dallas, TX
Platform Makeup Artist, Creative Director
sittin' at the crib
afternoon nothing to do
dressed with nowhere to go
hell even got on shoes
nothing spectacular
abercrombie t-shirt
bennetton khakis
presto nikes and
gucci glasses
called my best friend
but don't know where
her *** is
oh wait...
she said she
was getting her hair braided
and LORD knows i should
be in somebody's barber chair
getting my locks faded
but i'm growing it out
in hopes of ponytail status
going for the smoove G'd up look
to accompany my rep as Cali's baddest
**** now it's after 3:00
and day has passed me by
lemme slip off the shoes
and tommorrow i'll give it another try!
oh yeah i forgot...

went to McDonalds
got a number 2
bacon and egg bisquit
with an extra small orange juice
**** was so little
3 sips it was gone
but i can't even front y'all
minute maid OJ is da bomb
while i was in line i wanted to die
'cause i order at 10:30am on the dot
right before they put on the fries
what i really cravin' wasn't that bacon
but rather a number 9
filet-of-fish with cheese
almost dropped to my knees
and begged the Lord to rewind time
and change my order
just this one time
but before all this could happen
i was sittin at the table
bacon bisquit in hand
peelin back the wrappin...:(
Well I'm
sittin here tryin
To find simple reasons why


My eyes are about to shut
I'm so **** tired
But i just can't energize my feet.
Like mush from under me
They've fallen alseep
And my room is within eye distance
That's what my mind says
Cuz a full days work
Is waitin for me bright and early
I am such a jerk
Oh look :: it's now 12:00,
Is that ok?
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