Black People : Freedom And Reality Is Not A Living Experience Of Black Afrikan People Today!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Freedom And Reality Is Not A Living Experience Of Black Afrikan People, Today!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

**** Bloomberg, **** Trump, **** Bernie, **** Biden and **** all Black Afrikans who follow the dictates of white racism you being in opposition as well against our Enslaved Ancestors right to their Reparation/Repatriation the negro being opposed to Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, you were no different in mind from the Racist Unjust Prejudice Presidential Candidates.

They all agree to keep our Black behind from being again atop of the Panicle Of Our Mental Ability That will have Black Afrikans settling for nothing less than Freedom, Justice, and Independence, **** all-Negro Americans and all who live in Afrika and outside of Afrika and America, opposing Reparation be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, you are no different from the Devil who has sworn an oath to the maintenance of keeping the Black Divine Cosmic Universal Race from ever reconnecting with the Greater Good-God The Divine Essence Of All Things that Moves and appear not to Move.

Your Handicap, Black Woman And Man, Is That You Refuse To Do What You Need To Do In Order To be back in Harmony, Order, and Balance With the Electromagnetic Current That Verifies the Presence Of Its Energy Soul, Divine Darkness, Energy Infinite That Is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscience, A Knowledge About the Greater Good-God That Never Dissipate From The Everlasting Presence Of Divine Truth And Reality, an awareness Black Afrikans carry no sense of value about Knowing what is significant about the Sacredness Of Freedom, Black Folks not knowing the value and Power Reparation/Repatriation Represent To The Black Afrikan Race, As We Choose Oppression undignified Over Freedom, beloved.

If You Make Claim To Love Your Black Afrikan Self And Afrika The Mother Land, Then That Love Should Come With Condition And That Condition Is That You Will Do All That Is Required Of You To Do to Have Black Afrikans To Be A Unified Black Nation Again In Afrika And Afrika To Be For The Black Afrikan Nation, Otherwise, Your Love Is Without A Foundation Of Divine Trust And Uncompromising Respect For The Black Afrikan Self that we Do Not Have today, Beloved.

Hate Me If You Will, I Give Less Than A **** As Long As I Am All Inclusive In The Divine Truth And Universal Reality, Knowledge Of A Well Learned Mind That Divinely Think While Living Life.

I spend time trying to innerstand why it is that Black Afrikan people can live so loosely portraying ourselves as if all is well with us as we live in an environment that is not with the quality of Freedom, Justice, and Independence that Black Afrikans Deserve serving Lucifer God that threaten you with everlasting Damnation not only while you are living Life but After Death as well, having no power, no authority and control over a **** Thing Black Afrikans do as we pretend to be so Luciferian Moral To Lucifer God Commandments to you without Thinking but believe in unconditionally, what a foolish state of Mind Black Afrikans Live with today..

I Know, you do not have your Black behind on the Divine Truth And Reality About the Greater Good=God, but I am commissioned to share it with Black Afrikans anyway, I follow the guidance of Divine Thinking and Informative Reasoning, beloved, such is the requirement to be able to know What God Is!!!

You complain about the length of Divine Truth I share with you as you are well-conditioned to believe the short excerpts of Lies Lucifer indoctrinate Black Folks With which we love to believe is God spoken word, what foolish no thinking Black Afrikans we have been made to become!!!

Black Afrikan people consciously adapt to the environment we were placed in, and we immediately begin to adapt in such a way we behave as if it is the natural order of things we now experience as if we are meant to be exposed to lies and acts of deception as we begin to develop a behavior that reflects our acceptance to living without freedom or knowing not what is real to living life Divinely..

Imitation becomes Black Afrikans naturalization of reality, we begin to live without the organic pleasure of Freedom and without ability to know what is Real to the natural exposure to Freedom and Reality, so we go through the motion of living life that is based on imitation Luciferian Religious Dogma and not origination Theological awareness, we Black Folks act as if nothing organic is to be associated to the cause and effect of the way Black folks live and the most organic living is Natural Freedom, Justice and Independent living with Divine Knowledge of Truth and Reality being organically Natural, a spirit of living no longer associated with the living of Black Afrikans and we accept living the role of imitation and not our origination.

So today, Black folks live being exposed to an imitation of Freedom, Justice, and Independence, and we conform having no objection to compromising Freedom for oppression, justice for injustice, independence for dependence, and we live conditioning the Black self to live pretending to be naturally original as we live an imitation version of an organic way of living that will have you to know what living life Freely and knowing what constitute Reality Divinely is all about.

Therefore, with such knowledge, you will be in an environment of living having power and authority to determine the nature and quality of living you are the creator of, you determine your Freedom, your Justice, your independence, you should be the author and finisher of your living ways which will reflect your mental performance that will be based on your natural ability to Reason and Logically determine what is to be your Greater Good to living Free and knowing what is Real, which will have you to know What God Is And Not be Fooled about Who God Is, beloved.

I look and I see all of us Negroes following behind that devilish, satanic, Luciferian Human Being, exposing a spirit of total submission to whatever that devil will have you to believe and do, and you do so without requiring a Quid Pro Quo, there is nothing of a Greater Good Value you do not require for your service to white folks and politic of white folks are to use, our no thinking Black behind, without giving you something of Greater value in return, such a spirit of expression by Black folks in submission to white folks is why there is no respect that devilish Lucifer Human Being has for our Black behind and why should they, when we are at their every beck and call without condition.

Divine Love is with the condition and it is the fool who loves unconditionally beloved, did you hear that???

Yet here you Black behind allowing that devilish Human Being to use our Black Behind politically, and we do not let that devil know in order to get the Black Vote it will come with a cost, we vote for you in exchange of you paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation/Repatriation, without that condition to be met by that lying deceiving politician, they should hear the words get the hell out of our face, and we move to the next level of confrontation in Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, using all that is required in order to have Freedom, Justice, and Independence to return to Afrika and to Black Afrikan people to be in Afrika!!!

Divine Respect

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