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    By Andre Austin

    For thousands of years black people, history, culture and religion has been under assault by other ethic groups. This anti black agenda has been going on for a very long time. It started with the Egyptian dynasties and now currently under the New Roman’s and Babylonians of old.

    1. 3100BC Pharaoh Menes had a race war with the white Asians for the battle for the control of Egypt. The blacks won and the history of Egypt begins.

    2. The first city erected was Memphis designed as a fort to protect their borders from the Asians. Their local god was Ptah, who invented all crafts masonry for which the Jews renamed Japheth. All of this masonry skill was needed for the floods walls erected to keep the city from flooding from the overflow of the Nile river. If the Nile went over 15 cubits their was starvation. This height was used by the Jews when they stole the Noah’s flood myth story then used ham against black people.

    3. 1500BC The Hykosos was a group of different mixed groups who plotted with the Hebrews to take over Egypt. The succeeded in taking over half of Egypt. Joseph served as their advisor. Their headquarters was dedicated to Set the evil one who killed Osiris. The Egyptian finally took back their country 120 years later and expelled the Hyksos.

    4. 1200BC Moses was probably half black his original name was Osarseph meaning “Child of Osiris”. Moses contracted leprosy and was kicked out of the Egyptian priesthood. In retaliation he joined forces with the Hebrews and went against the religion of Amen and osiris. When Moses wrote genesis he replaced Amen-Ptah for Elohim as the spirit that moved across the waters.

    5. Akhenaton mother Ty was brought in as a slave to Akhenaton father’s harem. Akhenaton rebelled against the religion of Amen and Osiris and moved the capital from Thebes to the city of Aton. Akhenaton worshiped Aton. The Hebrews in celebration of him incorporated one of their poems in psalms for his memory.

    6. Piankhi 700BC did a repeat of Pharaoh Menes feat with another race war against the white Asians and others.

    From 500 BC through 300BC many Greek philosophers were banished because they were seen as incorporating the Egyptian religion from which they plagiarized. Those indicted:

    A. Pythagoras Stole reincarnation & The Pythagorean theorem
    B. Plato, The Idea state bought from Egyptian priest
    C. Aristotle The Doctrine of the Soul stolen from the Ba & Ka
    D. Socrates, ancestry goes way back to Egypt
    E. Etal

    7. Cleopatra (69BC-30BC) called herself the living image of Isis. Isis was the woman who put back her husband after he was cut up by Set (Satan). Cleopatra was very powerful. Herod the Great, who tried to kill Jesus in his infancy, had to pay tribute to Cleopatra (The Antiquities of the Jews Book 15:5 By Josephus ). Jesus was born in 12BC just 18 years prior to Cleopatra death in 30BC. In 58BC the Roman Senate ordered the statues of Isis destroyed. But in 48BC Isis worshiped returned with accelerated vigor when Cleopatra came to Rome as the wife of Julius Caesar. After the battle of Actium from which Cleopatra and mark Anthony fought Rome all the statues of Isis was again ordered banished. Favor with the Egyptian religion went back and forth. Rome hated Jesus because they thought he was a threat to Rome. Rome allowed Pilate and Herod Antipas to kill Jesus in part because he sounded too much like Osiris and Horus. Jesus brought back Amen to be in vogue and often said “Amen, Amen I say unto you”. The story of Jesus killing should be viewed as an attack against the Egyptian religion, culture and history that continues on today. Jesus would have lived a natural life if he would have stayed in Egypt.

    8. Christianity as we have is from the Egyptian religion but all the representatives of Christianity are in denial. The stereotypes the Babylonian and Hebrews put through the curse of Ham is still alive and well. When blacks poke their eyes out to look big its because the Babylon Talmud said Ham lusted at the sight of Noah’s nakedness. When they say we got nappy hair its due to Ham twisting his neck to look at Noah.

    9. The Egyptian empire failed when our kings and queens incorporated white Asians to produce Mulattoes to the throne shifting power from a Matrilineal to Patrilineal system. The half-breeds sided with white foreigners for the take over.

    10. The solution for the Blackman and Blackwoman is to be like the living images of Osiris, Isis and Horus the original Trinity. Isis stuck by her man, and when he was divide
    Up and killed she put her man back together. The Arians knew the real role of this original Egyptian family and its relationship with Mary, Joe and Jesus but the Catholics crushed them. Our family structure is to be modeled after unity. The Egyptian Dynasties failed because of integration, amalgation and assimilation was all used against the Egyptians. Their was no brotherhood only greed and naked aggression. Jim crow, Black Codes and Separate but equal statues were enacted to keep the races from social-intermingling because this would lead to social-intermarriage which would dilute pure whiteness which would eventually lead to the elimination of white power. As a result Hollywood was charged with making music and movies that showed blacks appealing to whites to have sex with. Hitler Mein kampf said the number 1 crimes to civilization was sex between a Blackman and white girl. Movies were produced to scare and forbid this sex taboo like The Birth of a Nation, King Kong and even Gone with the Wind. African-Americans must produce strong, solid all black families/Dynasties and practice integration, amalgation and assimilation to a certain percentage with dignity and humility. The same thing that brought down the Egyptian empire will bring down the dying empire here in the United States. Those who are not in power would be fools not to practice integration, assimilation and amalgation. Those in power would be wise to avoid it. So how do we empower our own Dynasties? Celebrities, Rich sports figures, politicians and Civil Rights leaders need to marry within along with the Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and so on. Just think how powerful these dynasties would have been if they married within each other:

    1. The Kings.
    2. The Shabazz’s
    3. The Farrakhan’s
    4. The Muhammad’s
    5. Others not named

    A. Athletes
    B. Entertainers
    C. Entrepreneurs

    I recall Marcus Garvey once saying under the title What we believe stating “It is against rich blacks marrying poor whites”.

    If the Dynasties a generation ago would have united we wouldn’t be in the condition we are in now. I’m talking about:

    1. Washington’s
    2. Dubois
    3. Garvey

    All of the above potential Dynasties fail when they move out of the urban area making the lower middle class suffer. When have to stop the Talentth Tenth from using the plight of the black masses so that they can have upper class and elite jobs to make sure the masses do not rise. Tell pharaoh to let the money go and flood all of the poor neighborhoods.