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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Why is it that Black folks who have no desire to ever leave america, end up creating a false house of disbelief that justify to them their decision, which create a positive illusions that approve the decision made, for instance, you might ask a question, why Black People are so negatively portrayed in america and the world, but since this is your domain of choice to forever live, america I speak of, and it is your choice, regardless of the consequences that come with that choice, which you did not make with your Divine Mind, meaning thoughts that do not conflict with Divine Reality, that which must be in Harmony, Order, and Balance, during your Mental Action, yet you operate from the Mind that is appalling evil, unjustified in its action and is disrespectful to the Divine Truth.

    Yet the Black american at all cost, in order to justify a decision that deeply defy every appearance of Divine Thought that rise to contradict the fantasy House Black People construct, for their Belief to live in, and that belief is what verify the deep Neurotic sickness that is infected in that house of fantasy you have created for false comfort, which now have you to want Black people to create as well, a house of make believe, concerning the condition of Black people in america and the world.

    The question, why do People Portray Black People so negatively, such question implies that such a portrayal has no facts to stand on, yet I say, Black People need not to be portrayed negatively, all that need to be done is to describe the physical and Mental condition of Black People without Prejudice, and it will be Divinely Accurate and the end result will be the same as the claim about we being portrayed negatively, unjustly, and such a claim is a Divine one, because the claim is in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with the accurate description of Black people, which sum up to be what we say is a negative portrayal, which is True on all counts, because to portray Black People any other way but the perceived just way, would be a lie, because at the moment, Black people are the epitome of being a Profane People, because most certainly we have lost our Divinity, thus our dignity.

    You know beloved, Black People in our Profane Human Being Mind, never cease to show me the Evil we have inherit from the Human Being, yet you want people to describe us as a portrayal of Positive success, or in between Negative and Positive portrayal, anything but the Divine Description of our Deceiving Black selves, as we in our house of Fantasy, live under the influence of tainted Choices and make believe portrayal of our Black selves.

    I will continue to share with you what you despise about our Black selves and that is the Divine Truth, because My Love is Divinely True for you Black People, even though we do not have Divine Love for ourselves at this Moment of your Black Life, another Divine Truth is that Black People will never be Divinely Free in america, now why do I say Divinely Free ? because I know that is a Freedom that can not be counterfeited, why? because it provide to you a Mind that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the internal organs rhythm in your Body and the external Rhythm of the Universe, because we are what we Think.

    So I ask you Black People to behold the attitude and behavior of Black People of ourselves and toward each other, is that not a description of Negativity, yet you want to be portrayed in a what we call a positive image of our Black selves ?

    Black Womb Gender and Staff Gender, do you not know out of whose loins did you flow and from whence they did come to this planet?

    Do you not know that all the Human Being tell you about your Black self is a lie, it is not for you to believe that the Human Being do not know whom you really are, but you do.

    Do you not know in actuality, your Black Body can not be dated to fit the Time of your coming to this planet, and you being not alone, in the Universe ?

    Beloved, you are a resilient people, meaning that you have the capability to reappear as you originally were before you were stretched all out of Mental shape, yet you want others to influence your choices you make in Life, which stifle your desire to do, as you Will yourself to do.

    Afrika will remain in the hand of the occupiers and the Black Nation will continue emulating and imitating the Life of a Human Being, as long as the Black Nation remain to be split asunder, and I must share with you, in such a Mental condition, the Black Nation Dies, and Afrika the Land, it will be no more, as it originally, was to be.

    You allow someone other than your Black self, to do your choosing for you, as you allow them to have such power of influence over your Black Life, meaning that they Control you and you do not control your Black self, neither do we Black People have any Authority to determine our Life decisions and that description apply to all Black People, regardless to where we might be residing at this Time, a tactic implemented by the Human Being, so that we will remain apart from each other, because it is the Human Being that know how Resilience we Black Folks are, if left alone, so they must keep Black People to be incapable of reclaiming our Divine Mind and must cause us to function with the Human Being Mind and that is why Black People are a Docile people when it come to action required to unite the Black Nation.

    So what is it that we Black People do, to keep us uninformed about whom we are and how resilient we Black Folks are, if left alone ?

    Will we allow ourselves to remain a product of the Environment that hold us captive, be it in america, Europe, Asia and Afrika, we all carry the Virus of being Ignorant of whom we Black People are and it is that ignorance that arrest our Resiliency, keeping us to make such uninformed statement about us Black People being portrayed negatively unfairly, how sad of a pitiful Mental condition Black People have been trained to function in today.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You Black People


    Chief Elder
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