Chief Elder Osiris : All Black People Are Not Divine People And All Afrikans Are Not Black People

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    All Black People Are Not Divine People And All Afrikans Are Not Black People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Never a Truer Statement made, than the subject statement of this Missive, because it take a Divine Mind thoughts to be Black and Divine, and Afrikan, and such a Mind thoughts reveal a Spirit that is Divine, meaning that it require a Spirit that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance in all of its expression and action when being Black and Afrikan, that is what verify the Truthfulness of the character of the people who are in an action of expressing themselves Divinely, and in this case, all people claiming to be Black and Afrikan, are not what we claim to be.

    So it is no wonder why it is that people referring to themselves as being Black and Human, live a life that is counter productive to the need of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, so they are who carry not the Divine conscious, those whose seed of Divinity has waxed to be that of the Human Being Spirit, the Spirit of those Beings that define the Human Being and has no compassion for the Divine Black Being, and if you would do an observed analysis of the character and personality of those people without the use of Divine thought, claiming to be Black and Afrikan, they who are confessing to be Human Beings, then you will find that their Spirit will serve as evidence that all Black People are not Divine People and All Afrikans are not Black People, even though they may wear the scar of their once Blackness, a topical superficial sign we all carry today, but all do not carry the internal marking of a Divine Blackness, a Blackness that reveal a Divine Spirit.

    So I challenge you to observe the Spirit of those people claiming to be Black and Afrikan, they who embrace being of the status of a Human Being, those are the people who can no longer See the error of their Life ways, as a matter of fact those claiming to be Black Afrikan Human Beings, they function in a daze of belief, always full of wanting, and is infested with a disease of vain egotism and vanity full of malice and jealousy, such being the spiritual expression of a people with a history of abusing the Black Divine Beings, regardless of your pigment make-up.

    So all of those people claiming to be Black and Afrikan, going around slaughtering each other, both physically and Mentally, such serve as a sign that they are not at ease with themselves, they are the people who are blindly patriotic to our oppressors in the name of America and those are the people claiming to be Black Afrikan American and even those confessing to be Black Afrikans in Afrika, it is their spirit of tribal babarism, practiced everyday against each other, such an evil spirit that they reveal toward those that carry the same scar of pigmented Blackness as they do, it is that type action that condemn those claiming to be Black and Afrikan, they are not Black nor Afrikan because they do not express the deeds that will verify their claim of being Black and Afrikan, but they are of the spirit of the Human Being.

    So, unless you qualify to the claim of being Black and Afrikan, by showing some action of identity that reveal such action that is to cause Afrika to become Afrika again and that Black People will disassociate themselves with their acquired Tribal psychology and act to become one United Black Nation again, then all of the claiming to be Black and what ever else suit your fancy, is not enough to give justification of you claiming to be Black and Afrikan, but you are acting as the Human Beings have taught you to act and behave toward each other, and that is to always be in competition with your self and not your enemy, whom you are taught to Love and to forgive.

    So, by you confessing to be American and Human, with a Spirit that verify that Lucifer is Real and function within you becausae today Black people have a history of Lying about things that we believe to be true, and is deceiving in getting you to believe in those things that are not true and not known about.

    It is the Black Divine Afrikan Being that has a quality of spirit that many Black People today can not express, because to be able to express a Divine Spirit, it require for you to know the Divine Truth about your self and because most Black People who are not Black, because we do not know that it is required for us to know thyself in order to become Black and Afrikan, such is not an objective nor a goal of most who are claiming to be Black and Afrikan, all because the Divine Mind thoughts are not active in the Black Human Being.

    You see, when you are able to show an image of thyself that is quite satisfied about the present condition that Afrika is in and in the way Black so call Afrikans live our lives today in the midst of Black People faking a life of comfort and pleasure and do so by following the example laid down by people who keep the Truth about Black people hidden away from Black People and those Black people claiming to be Black and Afrikan, you move about flaunting an ignorance intelligence, and do so without being ashamed, as we act out such a vile and destructive action toward each other, yet claiming to be a People Black and Afrikan, but is ignorant of the Black Divinity that did accompany us to this Planet, Earth.

    Such a Spirit most Black People are revealing today show no sign of being Divine, as we take comfort in pretending to be aware of the happenings in the world, a world that have Black People without the knowledge of self, talking about any and everything but the things needed to have Afrika to become Afrika again, so to have a present day confused self that is not informed about the Mythicism of the Black Life, as Black People have become a scattered and Divided Nation of Black People, claiming to be Black and Afrikan, having a patriotism unto death, not to Afrika, but to the Land country of people with a history of abusing Black people and is in control of today, that type of patriotism of somebody else land, does not come from a people who are Black and Afrikan.

    So yes, today, all Black people are not Black People and All Afrikans are not Black People, because it take a Divine Mind of thought coming from Black People, in order to be Black and Afrikan, and such a Divine prize come with devotion and dedication to Self and to Afrika only, and when such values are active and operable, A Divine Mind thoughts are producing a Divine Spirit that will not be at ease until Afrika is Afrika again, and there be in Afrika, not a Tribal disjointed Black People, but a Unified One Tribe Black Afrikian Nation that stretch from the Northern Hemisphere of the Continent of Afrika to the Southern Hemisphere of the Continent of Afrika, because all of the Continent of Afrika belong to the Divine True and Real Black Afrikans.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]