Chief Elder Osiris : Why Black Afrikans Will Not Amount To No More Than White Authority Will Allow Them To

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    Why Black Afrikans Will Not Amount To No More Than White Authority Will Allow Them Too?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    We the Black Divine Beings come from within the abyss of infinity, out from the Night did we come, fully clothed with an intelligence that allowed us to know the True nature of our Being, we depended on only the Universe to inform us about all of its parts, we also being a member of that physical Universe.

    So in knowing our relationship to all of the Universe Quantum Particles, such Divine Knowledge equipped us to know of the Existence of the Divine Essence, (GOD) we were also in the know of the Universe, which put us in the know of ourselves.

    So no, we were not always ignorant of who we are and because of the Divine Knowledge we possessed, such Understanding made us to be Divinely Wise to Know that we the so call Black Beings are Divinely Carbon Beings, capable of communicating with each Element that make up to be the Universe, which enable the Being of ourselves, to be in the form that we are.

    The Universe is a Live Motional Organ, it is in Harmonic Resonant with all of its parts, so when in Harmony, Order, And Balance with all of your parts as a Beings with Divine Intelligence, such an awareness will be not with a Mind aware with a need to be protected, you being not from all that will attempt to interrupt your Universal Rhythm, the Rhythm that cause you to be Divine Beings.

    So the question become, What Happen To you Today Black People, to cause us to be so out of the Know of all of our Universal Parts?

    Well, we were made to be knocked off center from Knowing the Divine significance of our Being, until we became a part of the peripheral of the Human Being, a mind of Being, which did cause us to allow the Human Being to abuse our Intelligent Relationship with the Universe.

    Now the Human Being who now strive to be in a Supreme capacity over the Universe, and that type of a devolved Mind, will have you believing that you can become on equal status with the Divine Essence (GOD).

    The Divine Essence being the Infinite Energy, and because of Its Infinite Existence, that is why all that you now believe you are able to look at, is because of the fact of the existence of a Infinite Universal Intelligence, an Intelligence that has no equal, and need no mediator.

    So because of the devolved nature of the Human Beings, they set out to have dominion over all form of Beings that are of a physical Cellular Form, the Human Beings succeeding to persuade the Carbon Nature of the Divine Beings who are with a Cellular Structure of a Physical Form and is with an ability to Think and Reason Divinely.

    The Divine Black Being who is now of a level of a Human Being that is not of a perfect Spiritual expression, Black people been made now to believe that all Beings Formed by the Divine Essence have violated the guidance of the Universe and have not the knowledge of the Divine Essence, which put you in violation of not knowing Thyself, now believing that you are an imperfect Being and always have been, according to the teaching of the Human Being, whom we now, question not..

    Such became the conning ways of the Human Beings and they set out to conquer the only Beings kept with the Nature of their Divine Being Mind, they being the Carbonic melanin Nature of the Divine Essence, Its Very Existence is the Universal Infinite Spatial Dark Energy, out from which all things that are physical, do flow.

    So to the minute quantum particle that seem not to be in physical form, which become the most powerful Intelligence of all forms, which are related to each other, yet it is the Human Being, Lucifer that is in action to conquer all that is of a physical relationship to the physical universe.

    So the question is:

    Why Black Afrikans Will Not Amount To No More Than White Authority Will Allow Them To be?

    Well, the answer is quite simple, we have lost knowledge of the Divine Essence and is no longer revolving with a Harmonic Resonant, with all of our parts, and we have been made to not have the Divine Intelligence to know who we Divinely are.

    So with the lost of such an ability to know such Divine information, such a lost put us Black people in a subservient position, within the Universal scheme of Motion that we should be moving in Harmony, Order, and being in Balance with, having such a moving relationship with all of our physical Universal parts.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    To the foolish of the Human being Mind, the Mind that the the Carbon melanin Being now function with, you no longer recognize Divine information when it approach you.

    So you go into your Egotistical arrogant Mind and believe that you do yourself religious service by ignoring the Divine truth, not knowing that such a mental action that you convey, it only verify to what extent of ignorance that the so call Black Afrikan has fallen out of the knowledge of self.

    You not knowing that without such Divine knowledge of self, you become of no account to your Black selves and become accountable only to the Human Beings that have robbed you of your ability to Divinely Think, Reasonably.

    Without such a Mental gift that is given to you by mere fact of the existence of the Divine Essence, it being Infinite Intelligence, you Black people find yourselves wandering in the mental wilderness of the Human Being mind, the Lucifer of this Evil World, the World Lucifer now dominate with the Mind of a devolved Being.

    So, now here we Black people are, now in such a lowly Mental state, until we no longer know the virtue in being with a Mind that Divinely Think, and without such a Mind, Black people will not amount to no more than the Mind we now allow to guide us, and that is the Mind which the Human Being now function with, it being the Mind of Lucifer, the Human Being responsible for bringing about the Fall Of The Black Divine Beings on this Planet we call Earth.

    Black people, with the Mind you now allow to guide you, which is a Lucifer Believing Religious Mind, that is what cause you not to be no more than White Authority (Lucifer) will allow you to amount to, and that is a value that is located on the poverty level, meaning the Mind you now function with, will not allow you to feed yourself with Divine Intelligent Information, which is a sign that you now live rebuking your Soul, the source from which all Divine Information flow, to feed to you, Divine Information about all things in and of the Universe.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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    Why Black Afrikans Will Not Amount To No More Than White Authority Will Allow Them To be?

    For we (many) have not the knowledge of the Divine Essence, which puts you in violation of “not knowing Thyself”, Now believing that you are an imperfect Being and always have been, according to the teaching of the Human Beings, whom we now, question not..

    I totally agree with your teachings here, Brother chief Elder. I know this may sound strange, but I have always felt this to be true since I was eight years of age. I could not put my finger on it, but over time I have had the opportunity to listen while in isolation in natural environments (the great wilderness). I have been able to acknowledge our connection to the whole of what we exist within.

    I thank you for taking the time to write down your words of wisdom.