Black Poetry : "AWARE"

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    Distractions all disappeared, and my awareness was at its peak.
    She slowed down time in my perception and I was more awake and aware.

    The music in the background disappeared, the conversations of others didn’t exist.
    I enjoyed that moment. For a while time was in slow motion.
    I knew she triggered it. My perception of time became as fluid
    as I took in her movements across the floor.
    She flipped her hair, and gave a smile and it further took me there.

    Then normality set back in. I spoke out and asked to be introduced.
    She was captivating and allusive. I had come alive.
    She triggered that moment of time, and that meant a lot.

    This isn’t the first time I had slow motion moments.
    I look forward to them, another time was when I was falling.
    I had time to calculate the fall and minimize serious injury.
    Reported are many instances of this happening during a tragic and dangerous moment.

    At the time of meeting her, I had not heard of the reasons why.
    All I Know is she responsible for the time slowing in my mind.
    But she was special, because she triggered time
    Now I see she was a danger to me.
    I was head on in a for pleasure/pain moment.

    It wasn’t because of how beautiful she was, it wasn’t how she was stacked.
    It was her personality and her inner sprit that had me under attack.

    We had a connection that lasted for a while. It faded away as quick as she came.
    To see her again and her smile. Could she do that again once more.

    I am sure. My next encounter might leave me without words. Unable to speak.
    If I’m not frozen like a statue. Unable to move my feet.
    Her hand I will take. Working hard to experience
    If she would take me there.