Black Poetry : She was a BROWN SOUL SISTA wit slick Baby hair boys wanna hit it quick in a crazy affair boys wanna stick It in there but she aware of this They want

When her panties got tossed
They just flew off.
This may seem silly all the way.
But on chilly fall day
She abandons herself to a cup of coffee.
While a boy rubs her butt softly
Oh, she was so hot down there.
Coochee juice around everywhere
One boy wanted to go crazy.
And just throw gravy.
All over the backseat
On VIRGINIA BEACH fast and brave
On VIRGINIA BEACH fast and brave.
When she hears the crash of the waves
Oh, boys task involves crave.
And he must behave.
Writes random script.
Had to abandon ship.
After a rock tore a hole in his hull
Use hair grease girls adore his skull.
He has a hot type of plan.
It’s not like he can.
Just get some anytime
And drink plenty wine
So, boo he’s become aware.
That you need some down there
SHE SAID: naw player she’ll pass.
A word to wise
He wants absurd pie.
Maybe one egg short of a omelet
But may think he’s dominant.
Oh, he kissed her lips fast.
And wanted to skip class.
But she just tip pass that
That’s really a trash stat.
Oh, her panties hot in school.
Oh her panties hot in school.
And that’s really not the rule.
Aw boo let's do some homework.
And this boy is known to jerk.
A girl’s panties off for some soft
Sex, this is fun for real.
But it’s a done deal.
If she opens her thighs
And have a boy poking her pies.
And he starts off joking with lies.
Then sky the limit.
Oh, boys try to get up in it


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