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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
do you remember when we lived by the river
when all of our nourishment it did deliver
and in it it let us frolic and play
as well as wash the dirt from our bodies away
well in this lifetime with your wife who’s a dyme
we carry that river inside where our soul reside
offering each other the strength of one another
just us One soul sistah and One beautiful brother
ok the sooner the better call me when you get here
imma be maskless sitting over there
under that cherry tree

Shield Up!
I got you, boo.
I know when you do this the fear is attacking
but still my love and concern are not lacking
telling someone phat that they’re phat is just dumb
I already know that so just gonna whistle and hum
I’m incredulous as to how you’re getting
on a nerve that no longer exists
I’m trying to be supportive while you pick at my scabs
baby if you wanna go don’t have to run I’ll call you a cab
won’t even gab just kiss your cheek and help pack your bag
knowing full well you gave up on the best you could ever had
ain’t gonna let you drive me to drink so think
I’m gonna get some sleep
good night/day
it’s your platform and you have the mic
you can repeat that verse as many times as you like
to you I’m sure all of this is crystal clear
but I don’t understand any of it my dear
if you want to you can always rephrase
cause I’m beyond the guessing phase
ain’t no one else here but me and you
so an option is to state it clear and true
if we’re ever gonna have a chance at hope
you’re gonna have to employ the direct approach
feeling like a kneading-trough
last night blinked and turned the sky off
dimmed the moon still found a way
to be relevant as the stars sway
trying to push their way thru the darkness
to reclaim their dominance over brightness
the clouds decided not to weep
and the roses decided to sleep
what does any of this mean
not a thing
just wanted to write something clean
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I could see that genuine gorgeous smile
across the sea and over the miles
that little drummer boy playing his drum
pom pom pom pom pompompom pom
ah, you are so deliciously cute
and hellafine too boot
and it blows my mind
that you’re happy and all mine
tickled that you always have eyes on
then rap about what your gaze fell upon
our imaginations together are beyond a trip
can’t wait until we do that lip
lock thing, you know I’m a huge naturalist
gonna nourish you with unconditional love
that is functional bottomless and maskless
I love you, boo


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