Black Poetry : Write a short letter with all sorts of cleverwords that was never heard before endeavorin high school make him take a long walk aftersome strong ta


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May 11, 2006
Write a short letter with all sorts of clever
words that was never heard before endeavor
in high school make him take a long walk after
some strong talk with a girl and try master
his style could be disaster for awhile rush
to carry a girl's books wanna crush
her cherry and look into her eyes and get
her wet tongue then flag a taxi and let
his imagination run he has a savage desire for
a horse and carriage for hire or buy a car
write script galore when on ship go ashore
absurd on the street got a bird beak like
a woodpecker never been a hood wrecker hype
like a checker game jump crown queens and
kings he's seen things clean brains spic and span
but have a sick plan that involves stuff a quick scan
for behavior that's rude and bigger with renewed vigor
must rap to this chick and grab a map quick and figure
out what to say “OK boo you fine been on my mind
your dress is red body like fresh bread buttered kind
not stale you a hot female with yellow sweaty thighs
and I'm ready for pies oriental is sentimental the skies
blue want pies from you so boo let me kiss your lips”
you're a Korean chick this simply kimchee from trips
to Seoul made with cabbage not afraid of marriage
I'm sweating and I'm heading
to Kyongsan do for the wedding
now this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
wanna reach for the panties and make a speech
search home and founded I'm touchstone
for travel writing now on gravel gone
fighting bumps and potholes wit a cell phone
go to bars that serve meals
rap to girls with words that heals”
“NAW PLAYER I'll pass, my dress is down
and nipples on my breasts are round
nevertheless its a pound cake
have fun around town
but like a boat run aground
when a boy pull my panties down
now I'm a Korean girl a hot chick
with a pair of chopsticks
panties hot like a lolly pop so lick
its bold to say
that I spent the whole day
shook and wet like a brooklet
even a cook book get
used with this flavor
amused by sexual behavior
was a high school girl
cool in the world Mother Pearl
furniture have the strategy of an academy
of fine arts when my mind spark like a battery
need help with the rules
should've attended prep school
in class have a butter flirt
my hips do other work
don't want to meet another jerk
flow well and like a hotel
try accommodate folks
then dominate with quotes
in this phat Hip Hop at the tiptop
to rap strong is the capstone hot
in Hip Hop I strip a lot
wear flip flops
think you wanna fuel my cake and lace
in the car a duel will take place
in an affair torn
now my panties are airborne
like the movie with Fredistair adorn
by Dancing in the Rain
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