Black Poetry : as long as there’s words let them speak

waking to one of your verse
is akin to eating the best chocolate
in the universe, just let it percolate
sip it as my morning coffee hot
caffeinated my hormones a lot
oh I have hips and class
see through soul like made of glass
and my love rush to Him first and last
when thoughts sneak in from his past
kiss him deep replace that memory fast
all he ask is unconditional love
and not to have to visit judgment cove
heard this smiled and said I got you lover
everything aboveboard nothing undercover
love you out loud only caring what you think
comforting your spirit before you can blink
dab natural perfume on my lace
to keep a genuine smile on your face
I am well rested
body tested
nothing hurts
feeling gifted
spirits lifted
ain’t gonna be jilted
can’t wait to cause bliss
with that first kiss
lock it up
Kee suga in his cup
done pulled the happiness lever
forever and ever
surrounding you with love
from a black dove
round booty in your natural hands
just exactly as you actually planned


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