Black Poetry : will history repeat itself with you

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    man what is it about me feelin' u so hard
    is it your smile,
    your charm
    or just "you" that turns me on

    da way you spark up convo
    is a skill ery man should posses

    and da way u compliment me is an art
    without making any sexual advance

    man i am loving your ways
    and da things that u like

    because u r da type of brother
    that requires more than some
    **** ,suck oh and i'll call you tonight

    you need a real woman in yo life
    and i can be that with your guidance
    through these walls that others have put up

    as much as i want to let u in
    and get to know u betta

    something inside...just wont let up
    i mean i want to hear that voice of yours
    and take in all that you say
    and discuss things like
    and yeah
    even some billy holiday

    that is my girl now fo real
    no ****
    but anyway
    enough of that
    where was i at

    u seem to be da type
    whom i can call "friend"
    one who i can share things with
    and dont have to worry about cavin' in

    into da pressure
    that men bring when woman r weak

    just when u get vunerable
    hell the last thing they want to do is speak

    but with u i feel as if those worries
    would be of no issue at all

    because u r da type
    to really sit down and listen
    and you seem to be so much more than i could ask for

    i cant help but to ask myself
    ****! what is this ****** master
    is it da game of intellect
    because u play it very well

    i am feelin' all dat u say
    as well as your "tales"
    of how men do things
    just because they can
    and how all men are not
    exactly one in a kind
    but that the things they do
    follow back to discipline
    and dat one golden rule
    i mean to hear what u think on things
    about where we go as a people
    really sparks my interest
    in wanting to get to know u better
    your love for da arts
    as well as culture
    you r everything wrapped into one
    a friend a confidant and maybe even a lover
    i can see the potential in you
    for many different roles
    but da sad thing about it is
    i dont really know u at all

    and although to do so
    would take some initiative on my part
    but see because of da
    wrong doing done on upon my heart
    to even call you would just be too much of a start
    a start at something new
    and even refreshing

    but to call u would mean
    i have to let go of my sad ending
    and although that should be easy to do
    i feel like letting go of da old
    and bringin' in da new
    just wouldn't do
    because see history repeats itself
    and well da history of my heart
    is known for being blue
    and i am jsut wondering

    will history repeat itself
    with you?
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    surely ya heart may be heavy and blue
    but what deep inside of u is da truth
    open ya heart to ease yo pain
    allow dis love to clean up da stain
    surely he who be will show u no myth
    just a piece of happiness
    history indeed do repeat
    but trust & respect will defeat dis
    massive of darkness that cover u
    and shower u wit da light of truth
    no !
    history will not be repeated dis tyme
    ya joy of smile not many miles behind
    soon u will know by da glow on his face
    just trace da motion of beings da answer is no !

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    Once again....
    Fabolous! Fabolous!