Black Poetry : HE SAID: Got a bundle of proof but stumble over the truth and got up like // nothing happen, history

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    HE SAID:

    Got a bundle of proof but stumble over the truth and got up like //
    nothing happen, history be kind and thing blistery on my mind hyped //
    how life been excited and I intend to write it, need an ink pen and //
    I can think then look being a fanatic I'm seeing static no plan //
    strange time have change my mind too much and do a true //
    search, I'm the thinking type you dig? And I like pigs but who //
    let the dogs out? Get sweaty for a dollar ready to holler for //
    a collar and a leash rather be a scholar at peace but a crowbar //
    can assist in this just pry open the doors to success no jar //
    for my pickles or nickels even DON RICKLES would think //
    that was funny so I'm tickle fancy life is chancy so wow I wink //
    my eye at luck see a girl with pie now stuck let me get my nerves up //
    word up, twist the panic in the air in the midst of a romantic affair luck //
    struck me down from across town and panties could get tossed around //
    right now see a hot chick fine must think of a quick line wanna go down //
    town right here in Virginia Beach so my sexual attitude spark right here //
    at the MILLER MART on LYNNHAVEN been craving to make a mark appear //
    on a girl's neck, it's intensive fury when rubber checks used to pay for expensive //
    jewelry every ounce will bounce off drastic walls like basketballs very defensive //
    exciting to thirst for bling but this girl tighten her purse strings so forget the money //
    she's jest a wet honey so without much ado I wanna touch this boo not a dummy //
    tried to get some and couldn't she simply a plum-pudding I wait to bake like //
    a cake now trying to be all slick and may run into a wall of bricks being hype //
    trying to ball wit this chick so I'm in the state of growing up now I would //
    be flowing corrupt knowing my luck will run out, but wild and good like childhood //
    my facts great above the rim and I'm ready to activate them so my style should //
    attract girls or raise a protest these days I flow best but know less about chicks //
    the world is sentimental and this girl is oriental nice like rice and metal chopsticks //
    a hot chick, with red lips my head flips around like mud flaps hope my love traps //
    her a disaster how rhymes spark and master the fine art on politics boys raps //
    to quality chicks may need some hot tamales quick this girl's body is burning //
    up, she got spicy butters and like the ISLEY BROTHERS whose “that Lady” turning //
    the corner on the VIRGINIA BEACH STRIP jest a tender peach with hips and lips //
    and my agenda is in scripts so yeah got a rap plan like the GAP BAND got whips //
    that “Burn Rubber” with the top dropped but let me see what this hun is about //
    my style is wild but maybe falling out of flavor with folks while balling with stout //
    behavior and quotes of a thug, come with bolder thrills that's wet because I'm not //
    over the hill yet , see chick with yellow skin that's mellow for men so she be hot //
    now I'm in a Virginia Beach town with stats can't frown on that these cats should //
    tilt their hats see a girl with milk and phat Oriental and sentimental that's all good //
    must rap to this chick need a kiss quick along with other stuff and her butter will //
    be enough but is my game ill and up to snuff? is the question, but I mean she's still //
    KOREAN queen and I'm ready to spill the beans so here we go

    “LOOK BOO love your eyes got mellow vibes on cd so jump in my ride quick //
    wanna see them yellow thighs, wearing wet perfume lets go to my room a chick //
    like you deserve more I let my words soar in the form of love talk, I'm in a groove //
    strange ready to smooth and arrange steps my life ready to accept a wife won't lose //
    your good sweetness that could be a weakness so I wouldn't sweep this under a rug //
    so boo I got a sparkling drop in the parking lot for me and you I hear thunder and love //
    aw girl you fine and flirting and it's time for curtains I'm the kind hurting for some //
    you live to strut but and should give it up you know how we do, boo your cake is soft //
    and I will take my shoes off before I enter for dinner that's oriental custom toss //
    panties on the headboard, now we at the MILLER MART and you an oriental cutie //
    and it's my essential duty in Virginia Beach is to take you home I think you fine //
    we can drink wine, my career is abandon only here at random folks asinine //
    but still there's hope for wine and girl you have a dope mind so are you PHILIPINE? //
    'nope, how about CHINESE “nope I'm KOREAN” ok boo I'm out to thrill a queen //
    dang girl you prevail with hips and lips like the sails on ships boo your love seem //
    to blow with the wind, boo your code is nice like your mode of life and I have //
    a load of rice in the trunk of my car we can go dance to the funk at the bar grab //
    a Champaign bubbly get our **** aim ugly for the bed, my feelings and passions //
    are revealing things can get rocky with some Saki, makaly or Seoul ju, sea rations //
    eating out of mess gear and girl your breasts sincere it best we leave here my car //
    awaits your cake, pantie lace all green and like a baseball team boo I'm out in far //
    right field with this and tonight a real kiss can set it off because you thing so wet //
    and soft I'll get to toss panties in the air” “ok my thing itch no doubt but hey let //
    you pitch a shut out this party legit but nobody gits a hit so survive wet but who gets //
    to drive my Corvette? you really trying to get some for real” “ I feast bold and cease //
    to control my emotion for a KOREAN CHICK simply be like KIMCHEE increase //
    the rice I stand abashed need to plan fast wanna hold her hand and smash it at least //
    hold off until bedtime and have some red wine don't deal with deadlines a fleece //
    from a lamb turn into a coat boo your menu is dope, my bling glow ready to swing //
    low like Tarzan and GEICO pick up a chick quick and yell in her ears and cling //
    to her waist yeah me TARZAN YOU JANE a true dame for my tree house bring //
    that “Jungle Boogie” like KOOL AND THE GANG” so I'm here doing my thing //
    girl you KOREAN and you have extreme cream and the GREEN CLEAN carwash //
    next door this is complex galore using text swore to explain all of this oh gosh //
    SHE SAID things strange in here may have to change gears to drive and survive //
    a love talk onslaught, life is a complex machine with sex and cream in my archive //
    it's a quicker observation to a particular occupation you have the right status plus //
    night apparatus such as bed with headboard can reach failure on a beach of lust //
    with this type of paraphernalia I think you wanna be smashing stages using fashion //
    pages from magazine keep your dew rag clean doe like campers this is sea ration //
    a KOREAN GIRL in an affair must prepare and adjust boys come with fast talk //
    i got class in my walk because i throw butt make a boy do-nut melt then they caught //
    yelling for help and dwelling on my door step I'm an oriental peach I've fought //
    regimental in VIRGINIA BEACH not to give it up, you want your luck to soar //
    because your hormones in an uproar wanna kiss my red lips here in the store //
    yes i have butter today and to put it another way you ready to utter and say I love //
    you boo but I'm not listening that's when the hot kissing start right off the oven //
    comes to boys my plot simply is hot KIMCHEE eating crazy cabbage and loving //
    a baby after marriage being a lady savage learning TAE KWONDO but boys always //
    cum with the love talk and like LUCY LU I have a juicy crew of duck techniques plays //
    a roll in my life I'm a target yo and like MARGRET CHO this is funny get kiss here cums //
    the honey and BEES everywhere you give me that very stare and that tell me you want some //
    KOREAN GIRLS from South Korea no doubt here and boys be trying to get some and be rapping //
    hard so i rearranged a part of my cake maybe a strange remark to make strong things start to happen //
    I WAS AT another MILLER MART a KOREAN CHICK being quick to spot a trick because boys //
    will get a hot chick trapped sitting in their lap and can't escape they paint a fake picture that toys //
    with a girl's mind especially if she twirl some fine butt his way, what can a girl say they enjoys //
    this, he has a drop in the parking lot grazing in the grass my thing got hot amazingly fast, oh //
    he really wanted some bad, well I'm on a silly path must stop got ability in math and music no //
    way today sex is on my menu cancel that, but my oriental yellow thing is so hot can't go //
    anywhere plenty juice down there must be aware I'm wet and soft and one kiss can set it off //
    getting school somehow gonna have to cool it now like the NEW EDITION this is true boss //
    friction a cost to tradition to a KOREAN GIRL in a cream world but no can do gonna cost //
    me a boyfriend, he told me I was jest and Asian baby girl in a blazing crazy world of boys //
    trying to get some it's a fun day and now they play "mr Groove" by ONE WAY it employs //
    rhythm is "in my system" song by "THE SYSTEM" you have a savage plan and like //
    the AVERAGE WHITE BAND you wanna "cut my rice cake so I stand all hyped //
    up, just because my butt nice he wanna cut a slice of my rice cake while on a spice //
    date for Christ sake I had to stop him plus he wanted to swap rims on the drop top no advice //
    better ask somebody, I flirt so witty that's the work of a committee of hormones left alone //
    to rise up but my pies be stuck in bed, well I better leave got something clever up your sleeve //
    I strut twist rump and have fun but may have jumped the gun on this one now stuck and somehow //
    my club luck got me hugged up with this boy he jest kissed my lips right there oh wow //
    right here in front of the Virginia Beach MILLER MART, a KOREAN GIRL go through //
    a lot of true hot love talk then boys wanna hug and walk then get a little tongue on top //
    of that plus i wear flip flops when at home listening to HIP HOP so I sing and skip a lot //
    oh my thing is wet with sweat I regret sayin no doe “ well you talk fly but like //
    SYBIL best to “Walk on By” you try get my real wet cake yeah a cup of hype //
    love” boo don't abate my pride let me give you a great ride we take a glide //
    to my crib, one kiss can produce the juice that exist to reminisce can't hide //
    love it'll get your thighs rube licked and love quick to the club we'll go collide //
    with drinks I bet the wet insides of your thing is pink pies let me wink my eyes //
    we can eat some chajong myon with black gravy this is whack and crazy your thighs //
    will be open thrilled and coping with love choking on a mug of beer there's love up //
    in here, at this Virginia Beach MILLER MART so boo you got body, pizazz and butt //
    nice how was the party last night?” “well a good time was had boys came with hood //
    lines mad, my ears got bang couldn't hear a thang,sincere Ebonics slang hard like wood //
    everything raw and groovy we went saw a movie, then this boy wanted to get between //
    my thighs where the cream pies lies oh he jest tries to hard them lies scars a queens //
    memory this and a kiss was a nice scene then went had ice cream but his wish //
    was to have my dish he jest kiss my yellow red lips right there in the store my brisk //
    banana split had his bandana lit up like a Christmas tree, and I was on his love list //
    he jest took me to his car my yellow thighs were wet that's how pies get then he said //
    boo lets head to the bed, oh my lemon pie was so hot down there and yellow red //
    lips perked like coffee have cake galore couldn't take anymore he was cumming with //
    the tonguing a KOREAN GIRL go through a lot, boys be out for kisses rumbling swift //
    through love words, I've been in trouble but it begin to double when he mess around and lift //
    my min-skirt they jest go crazy trying to get some, one boy got so much of my tongue down //
    his throat he almost choked I was so wanting to end this that begin with a kiss and this ice cream //
    won't cool off the steam it gonna melt and he wanna help by getting some I dreamed //
    about this oh gosh he told me I was true and fine that blew my mind almost screamed
    but took a chill pill and was calm I barely escaped with cake I slam the door and left that was close //
    he almost got it, and my panties get so wet from time to time thought I saw a ghost //
    up under my dress but not my thing was just hot a lot what's a girl to do? My body roast //

    THE END: