Black Christians : THE ANCIENT CHINESE RECORDS & The Star of Bethlehem

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    THE ANCIENT CHINESE RECORDS & The Star of Bethlehem
    Part 4


    1. TRIPLE CONJUNCTION BUT ALSO ‘TRIANGLE CONFIGURATION’—Because the triple conjunction that occurred at the time that the new star came into orbit was so rare, some scientist don’t clarify another term and major occurrence that sometimes become confused with the term ‘triple conjunction’. That evening during the week of FEAST OF BOOTHS when the Star of Bethlehem appeared and moved into orbit and after it formed a conjunction with the planet Jupiter and retrograded, later another phenomenon occurred shortly thereafter. Another planet moved into formation and formed A TRIANGULAR CONJUNCTION! The planet Mars moved into formation with Jupiter and Saturn and they formed A CLUSTER in the shape triangle from the viewpoint of the earth. This cluster was also marked by an ‘old moon’ [ie waning moon] that had been A FULL MOON on April 14, the beginning of the LEAP YEAR MONTH. Amazingly, in our modern times, this same TRIANGLE CONJUNCTION occurred in April of 2012! And today as it happened when Jesus was born under this star, the actual cluster was actually a conjunction or eclipse of all three of these planets! From the earth, they appeared to be three balls close together, but actually, they were very far away from each other on a plane and on their own orbits, and they formed a straight line with the sun. but what became obvious too, was that not only were these three planets in a planetary alignment, but was the other two planets, Mercury and Venus as well! Due to subsequent measurements of time in relation to their movements, it soon became determined that both mercury and venus were not visible with the three clustered planets because they were on the back side of the sun on a straight line! And likewise this was the same configuration that occurred in 2012 but at this modern time, the modern planet Uranus and Pluto became apart of this incredible planetary alignment. But for some strange reason, this great phenomena of a planetary alignment that occurred when the Star of Bethlehem came into orbit was completely omitted in the star show! The narration highlighted the triple conjunction and afterwards, continued to offer other dates that only referenced the planet Jupiter.

    2. The narration stated that the position of the planet Venus on February 6 BC, and then conveniently inserted the scientific reference point in part truth about what occurred in Mid-April at dawn in the constellation ARIES. But again, they made a statement in that Jupiter, Saturn and venus were in view on April 13, but then on APRIL 17, they deceptively state “ROYAL JUPITER and Saturn was in view.

    3. Then the narrator states the position of Jupiter in December 19, 6 BC, and this has no bearing on the star of Bethlehem because it is not even correlated to Saturn as being marked in relation to anything that would define it as ‘a new star’. Was Jupiter an awesome wonder? Absolutely, but it was not the new star at this time in history. Like the Star of Bethlehem, when it came into the skies thousands of years prior, it was an astounding and shocking event and would actually be the reason why pagan people in ancient times became obsessed with its advent. This massive brilliant planet Jupiter would be the very mark that confirms the GREAT WORLD FLOOD. And based upon my research it’s advent into our solar system may correlate to the birth of Noah who 600 years after he was born, walked into the ark on APRIL 17 when the great flood came.

    4. The narrators continue to highlight Jupiter and state that at the end of September, Jupiter passed Saturn and in December, it was the third conjunction and Jupiter passed Saturn again, as if to downplay Saturn and present Jupiter as being so uniquely brilliant. Jupiter was on a shorter orbit so of course it would be ‘FAST JUPITER’ in relation to Saturn, but that did not mean that Saturn was slow! It was slow in correlation to Jupiter, but fast in order to circle around the sun on its orbit. Here too, they offer confusion because they define ‘Jupiter as passing Saturn’ in correlation to the Triple Conjunction, but in fact, the event of Jupiter passing Saturn was not ‘the conjunction!—rather, it was the behavior that defined THE RETROGRADE! The conjunction was when the two planets seem to be one because they were eclipsed and on a plane and in a straight line, but the passing was the retrograde motion. Jupiter seemed to moved past Saturn so fast that it appeared that Saturn slowed down and then reversed, but in fact, Saturn moved westwards on its outward orbit. Then it appears again to move past Jupiter only for Jupiter to seemingly shoot past Saturn quickly again causing Saturn to look as if it slowed down, stopped and then reversed and then move forward. Retrograde is an amazing sight to behold.

    5. Now the narrators begin to make a conclusion on the entire presentation and state that based on all of the unproven issues, the Star of Bethlehem was definitely NOT AN ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATION. She further states A DECLARATION IN THAT NO SCIENTIFIC INTERPRETATION CAN FULLY EXPLAIN this phenomenon to be considered truth. So then, major funding was spent to feature this ‘winter, Christmas show’ in planetariums all over the world and this show ran for fifty years, just to prove that it was not an important event? Wow, what a waste of funding. But then, the annoying records of the ancient Chinese seems to reveal the contradiction of the western world, and also the story of the wise men that saw the star in the eastern dawn sky low on the horizon and organized a caravan and travelled westwards to see this WESTERN STAR that appeared over THE LAND OF HAM and ABRAHAM high in the evening sky at the time of the spring festival of the Hebrews.

    6. The narrator continues to conclude and states; ‘that if we accept the literal biblical interpretation that the wise men actually saw and followed a visible star, then we can come to ONLY ONE CONCLUSION, there observation was NOT AN ASTRONOMICAL OBJECT’ Wow! They must not have been wise men at all then, to waste time, money and script to create a fake story about meeting Herod and setting camp outside of the humble village in Bethlehem were the house of Joseph and Mary was situated.
    So now, in my conclusion, I would invite others to verify this account by doing further research in regards to the science and technology of today in regards to the planet Saturn and then compare it to the written account about the Star of Bethlehem and about Jesus’ walk. For in the book of St Luke, it states that Jesus was ‘ABOUT THIRTY (30)’ when he began his outreach and it just so happens that the planet Saturn takes ‘ABOUT THIRY (30) YEARS’ to orbit the sun. So the New Year for Saturn would be in ‘ABO UT THIRTY YEARS’ and in regards to the advent of the Star of Bethlehem which marked the birth of Jesus, would this be a mere coincidence that Jesus was ‘ABOUT 30’ when he began his passion? The planet Saturn is also about 888 million miles away from the sun. and it has been observed that at its south pole, it has a mysterious hexagonal shape like that of POMEGRANATES that adorned the bottom of the high priest robe and that adorned the temple of Solomon! If Saturn takes ‘about 30 years’ to circle the sun and this is divided into degrees, it can be seen why after about two years of its advent, the star had moved but was still in the region of Bethlehem-Judea at a straight angle with the earth and at a time when Jesus went from being ‘a swaddling baby put in a manger’ in Judea to being ‘a young child’ in a house in Bethlehem. Also amazing would be that about 3 ½ years after Jesus did his mission and ended up being Crucified, this star was still in the region in Jerusalem!

    The planets once again made a PLANETARY ALIGNMENT which as before included the earth and this time it occurred at the very time of the Crucifixion. Furthermore at this time, the moon was apart of this eclipsed system and was position in between the earth and the sun as a NEW MOON, and this caused a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE to also occur! Because Jesus was Crucified during the LEAP YEAR PASSOVER WEEK, he would have been Crucified on October 14 [ie October [email protected] 6:00 M] on the original Saturnalia Festival [ie Hallowed Owen ritualistic holiday; a lunar festival; not a solstice festival originally] and he would have been RESURRECTED on the third day on OCTOBER 17, the greatest day of hope of all times. Then according to the Bible, Jesus walked the earth for forty (40) days after Passover and was ASCENDED into the heavens on the last Thursday in a lunar month of November then ten days later, the birth of the Holy Spirit occurred which was FIFTY (50) days after Passover Breads [ie ‘the 15th’ day or second day of Passover; the Day of PENTECOST] and marked by the Speaking of Tongues which occurred on the convocation of the third annual mandatory festival instituted in the days of Moses as THE FEAST OF WEEKS [ie Feast of Breads]