Black Christians : THE ANCIENT CHINESE RECORDS & The Star of Bethlehem

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    THE ANCIENT CHINESE RECORDS & The Star of Bethlehem
    Part 1

    About five years ago, I shared some of my research on the Star of Bethlehem Shows that were featured at certain planetariums around the world for many decades. I was so surprised when I moved to North Carolina many years ago and heard about this show broadcast locally during the winter and Christmas season and noted as being the longest running show in the world. I eagerly went to see this show which was a star show and a compilation of historical documents that revolved around the appearance of this great phenomenon that was also said to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. But after I went, I paused for a time and refrained from making conclusions on my find because I became shocked due to the realization of the many false statements that were stated, statements that were completely contradictory to facts presented even within the show. But some of the finer points that were discretely admitted in the narration caused me to continue to ponder these star show presentations, such as the statement that the ancient Chinese records also marked this event as well. However, it has taken me awhile to reflect and to figure out how I should proceed in regards to this subject and how I can possibly make my conclusions on this incredible event so that others may understand the truth and also understand the great lengths that has been taken to suppress this truth.

    Initially, I was so surprised that the Church never mentioned this planetarium show but instead, I was always accustomed to all the churches I had ever visited or attended putting on a production of the annual Christmas play in which mostly a foiled covered cardboard paper star was attached to the top curtains of a manger scene and in which three men would be dressed in costume of kings in procession to meet Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus at the foot of the church alter. Many times the star was so insignificant in the setting that at times, it became forgotten or a last minute detail in which someone would quickly grab some paper and cut out a star and stick it in the setting just before the show began. So, the idea that the paper star was a rendition of a true historical event of a real star millions of miles away in the sky was strange to me at first, but by and by due to my own personal curiosity, I eventually came to an epiphany that if there was indeed a star that marked a specific day in time, then it should be traceable. Therefore, when I saw the planetarium shows and realized how they attempted to explain away hard scientific facts, I knew more and more, this ancient scientific event had caused some major problems for certain governments today just as it had been recorded to have done with the past Roman Empire system. As I stated previously, at first, I was elated to have found out about these scientific shows, until that is, I saw the show.

    Although I was completely stultified to hear my research confirmed about the actual date that Jesus was born, however, by the time the birth date was stated, I had become very frustrated due to all of the other suggested information that greatly diminished the truth. In other words, for most of the film, the narrators presented so many suggestions and outright false conclusions that they built up on erroneous theories about the new star not being able to actually be confirmed, that when they declared the actual date it really did appear, the truth seemed ridiculous at that point for them to even state. It seemed that in every possible way, they presented reasons to prove that this star could not have possibly occurred but then they also declaratively and very quickly stated with certainty that it did appear and completely contradicted the previous negative conjectures they had earlier presented. So finally, after a long time of contemplating this experience and after revisiting the topic every so often, I finally accepted what I realized the first time I saw this show in that there are some people in high powerful governmental places that have went to great lengths to discredit this event and ensure that it would not be received as being in any relation to a true event. But why? Why would a powerful government be adverse and vulnerable to this history of a prophetical ‘angel’ being born as a man to one day speak truth about oppressions in the world, hope, and offer directions on how to attain a better existence and quality of life than this earth has offered? So now, I have been able to isolate some of the statements in these narrations that have initially confused me and present them now in the numbered format of bullet point in order to gain a better understanding of this historical event and also to hopefully gain a much bigger and underlying theme that needs to be brought out. Cont.