Black Poetry : Ode to Our Progeny: A Bishop and Nia Maishani Collaboration

Nia Maishani

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Nov 22, 2001
Displaced at the Junction of Hoosiers and Bluegras
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I hear your voices ringing out
though your lips have not parted
the echoing of your cries
resonating into a void
that is your Keeper

with consciousness paralyzed
from a fall into apathy
a nation
a community
a family
an individual
turns a deaf ear
a blind eye
forsaking morality and courage

as your innocence meets annihilation
your fate is matched
with that of your siblings
and you join their struggle
though not yet as their ally

and fresh tears
which hydrate the old
form your familiar pool of playmates


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Your voices ring
through the night
once objects
of affection and love
you've become victims
of society perverted

those who were once
have become abusers
yet the voices ring
I love you
even in the midst
of hatred
and neglect
your love is unfailing

reminds me of one
who came before
tortured and beaten
no fault of his own
sentenced to die
yet proving his love
with the words
Forgive them
for they know not what they do

no sanctuary to be found
for places of refuge
have become
preying grounds
replacing playgrounds
taken away
in the night
vapor of life
yet your voices continue to ring

the voices of our children.

Nia Maishani

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Nov 22, 2001
Displaced at the Junction of Hoosiers and Bluegras
Business Owner
At now a wail
and then a scream
your voices seem to multiply
beseeching aid
that may not arrive
whilst helplessness and betrayal simmer

Dare I allow this
the miracle that is you
to become a tool
of the predator
an experiment
of the mad scientist
a perceived burden
of the incompetent parent?

Dare I acquiesce
your dismissal
as disposable refuse?

Adjudicated guilty
for the crime of youthdom
you suffer a crucificial fate
but lo it is written
the time shall come
when you find shelter
through pearly gates

Yet in the meantime
if it is my duty
in fact
the cost of my stay here
to simply "give back"
to bequeathe you this world
in a better shape
than that in which I found it
to pass you a torch of lesser weight
and neither tarry nor flounder
then I must act
with alacrity and tact
lest I share the blame
when adversaries strike a-gain


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Mar 8, 2002
Beautifully said Poets, in triplicate! So much thought in these pieces and love.


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You must have a voice to speak for you
seeing that yours has been silenced
or goes unheard
someone must stand in the gap
intercede on your behalf

dismiss the attitude
of non-involvement
it's all of our business
when you are on the recieving end
of misplaced retribution

it takes a village to raise you
but it takes love to protect you
from the ills and evil of society

when you cry
my heart aches
when you die
my spirit
is enraged

your voices ring
I can no longer ignore
but I must answer the door
open up and let you run in to safety
senseless slaughter
prevelant from the birth of Moses
and Jesus
on down through time
predators feel they have the right
to exterminate
blaming their deeds on demons and devils
maybe they are right
hearing voices thru the night

tools of the evil one
to accomplish his evil task
in exterminating the seed
thereby destroying our future
silencing the voices of our children
but their voices shall always continue to ring.

Nia Maishani

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Nov 22, 2001
Displaced at the Junction of Hoosiers and Bluegras
Business Owner
Incessant shall be your voice's ring
if elder hearts won't hearken

Who can ask that you believe
in yourself
when your world refuses
to recognize your worth
to cast off your voice
as null

who can ask that you prosper
when your world refuses
to acknowledge
to cultivate
to celebrate
your genius

denies you your right
to be protected

Who am I to criticize
your manner of self-expression
for I was idle
complacency owned me
when corruptors taught your lessons

I inhabit the village of this new day
that dares me to wag my tongue
to extend open arms
to carve a path
if it benefits our young

Why as a villager
am I forbidden
in shaping a future
that will reacquaint our world
with mankind at its greatest
and good the victor of evil?


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who will avenge you
when your voices are constantly being silenced
when your dreams of exploring life
are terminated?

who will make it right for you
when you are mistreated

when you are raped of your self esteem
and self worth has become nil
who hear you when you cry in the night
while the elders have long forgotten you?

who shall be the agent of vengeance
the spokesperson for what is right and just
when the elders have died off
what will become of the world?
they have silenced your voices
no successor fit to lead
thereby allowing our future to dissipate into nothingness

when your voice is silenced
who then will sing?

Nia Maishani

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Nov 22, 2001
Displaced at the Junction of Hoosiers and Bluegras
Business Owner
Stillness overtakes the familiar ring
of a voice from among your flock
so rude is the awakening
that wrests us from slumber
and bricks pile upon our hearts

How many young
shattered spirits
must fend
alone as orphans
anticipating the End

For what modicum of hope
hangs at the end of a rope
when those who should shield
instead fondle

Someone must pay
for the happiness stolen
the spirits filched
before life had unfolded
who is to blame
who can we shame
for souls left maimed
as blue skies turn grey

How many deaths
must our progeny suffer
before we earnestly proclaim

As a thief in the night
does Father Time travel
when the hour of return
arrives for the young

Preparedness a stranger
who seeks not acquaintance
We hear your voice
as the solo is sung

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