Black Poetry : Getting Hot

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    Getting Hot

    travel on water Unravel and slaughter while fishing for
    chumps twisting junk yards just to find punk retard’s car
    my words crazy because they serve gravy in a dish yall
    eat up the streets corrupt waiting in a breadline and all
    got hot sauce and my plot boss like Mission Impossible
    my religion is gospel, I post in pairs like the growth of hair
    this stuff will cover your head as I discover a dead affair
    by rapping hard, my head is like bread mit’s made from
    dough and flour so my flow has power sweet like a honey bun
    yeast or baking powder feast after a shower got a loaf of funk
    yall toast to this junk, covered with bread crumbs I’ve flunk
    and discovered dead bums in HIP HOP,bad rapper can’t jump //
    look this is a thick semi-solid with plenty hydraulics like
    yogurt my flow work in your mouth not in your hand all type
    of curdle milk have to hurdle silk when in bed with a chick
    see a girl go crazy over silk so baby boy likes milk Nestles Quik
    “look boo I wish to kiss your lips and do brisk grips under on your
    waist so girl I give scripts to sharity, trip merily and soar
    to sing a song got some bling on so I’m nota ding dong or bore
    got a hummer for the summer and a number of slick chicks
    expected to be hot in July with lots of blue sky many flicks
    being shown so I’m seeing the strong unknown the sacred
    naked that be born in porn, like Keanu Reeves I’m Matrix
    rent money no doubt slim, went out on a limb just to make
    profit and drop it like its hot”, "wait rhyme I'm wearing great
    silk fabrics so I can’t help but milk the habit on being sexy
    it’s a pattern that’s repeated even Adam heated and messy
    would kiss Eve lips in the spur of the moment even Bestsy
    Ross would sew a flag during a slow drag dancing and smooching”
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    O my my my slow drag and smoochies what a real rooty tooty this was hot !!!!