Black Poetry : A KOREAN CHICK be home as her facts stack and she carries a backpack she has a poloroid camera she never avoid rhe stamina of getting a great shot sh

and a boy rubbing her there.
oh, a girl with thin panties shared.
a kiss with a boy and got stuck.
had front seat and backseat luck.
oh, kimchee and rice.
is simply nice.
oh, a girl with a open gown.
and a boy joking around
and kissed her lips renown.
and tried to get her to lay down.
oh, a girl with lipstick.
a boy will grip her quick
a boy will grip her quick
try take her to his place.
oh, folks' personality.
can be a joke or fatality.
a boy wanted some down and ally.
in CALLY she said nope and ran
his words were dope spic-and span.
oh, KOREAN GIRLS go through a lot.
and now one the side of a tree
he's got pride you see.
he scouts the surrounding.
and no doubt started pounding.
in the form of love talk.
express fear
when she tests a boy's ear
he's recognized and discover.
a chick really quick she best cover
her ears if she listens, she may start.
kissing then it's on to the bedroom.
aw girl you can have every inch of this.
so, boo let's just French kiss.
SHE SAID: naw player her dress is down.
have breasts from a little town.
and boys wanna fiddle around.
and boys wanna fiddle around
her luck is hot
but she have to duck a lot
oh he jest put his hand under her dress
she almost fell out his ride
she start to moan and groan
SHE SAID: one time had perfume on
and in the room alone
a boy knocked at the door.
she was in shock galore.
and before she opens it, she peeped.
she done some deep flirting.


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