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    Back in the day - 2005 - I found a low-end website with a FREE PDF Book for downloading called Message of the Afronauts VOl.1. That website has since disaappered but about a week ago I came across this other website while surfing google for FREE black literature.

    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.1 (1.05MB)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.2 (835K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.3 (995K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.4 (435K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.5 (395K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.6 (285K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.7 (360K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.8 (310K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.9 (350K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.10 (300K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.11 (265K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.12 (620K)

    Those African Afronaut guys are now up to volume 12 of this PDF (adobe acrobat needed to view). The message is quite strong - in your face writings and seems influenced by many black awareness writers. But for FREE LITERATURE with over 200 PAGES with illustrations. Its worth a BLACK LOOK. I havent been on this forum in a very long time and feel that nubians out there should check this freebie download out.

    The latter volumes go PRETTY DEEP - its not normal black chat !!