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    In 2009 there is still FREE African literature in PDF and MP3 Form called MESSAGE FROM THE AFRONAUTS - THE LAWS OF OPPOSITES. I just thought I should remind nubians out there about it. From a historical perspective the book is actually talking about OUR ancestors and this is why I think it is essential that many of us check this FREE literature out. It is stated that the book is FREE literature throughout the Book series which must be about 500 pages or more.

    There are some very serious issues in this literature series and also some chapters that I found hard to accepted but apart from these issue much of the information and philosophies are ESSENTIAL READING for us as NUBIANS and Africans as a whole. All I can say is that these writings are for serious thinkers. It is not for the weak minded. There is some HIGH-LEVEL information which apart from the books sources (recommended writers stated by the authors) I have not seen online at all. It starts off with general topics but as the volumes progress it gets deeper in to African spirituality. You will need a serious-open mind for many of the issues raised in the book series !

    Black people looking for some SERIOUS knowledge should download all the PDF's.This book series has been around for a couple of years now. The PDF Books are completely FREE for downloading (the introductory page even states it), I repeat it is not for the weak minded at all. The separated PDF volumes are located here with all 19 pdf's within one zip file called

    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.1 (1.05MB)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.2 (835K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.3 (995K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.4 (435K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.5 (395K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.6 (285K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.7 (360K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.8 (310K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.9 (350K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.10 (300K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.11 (265K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.12 (620K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.13 (320K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.14 (480K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.15 (500K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.16 (145K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.17 (195K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.18 (365K)
    FREE PDF BOOK VOL.19 (370K)

    Website for vol.1-19 link below


    All VOLUMES 1-19

    Filesize: 7.8 MB
    Description: 19

    THERE IS AN ALSO A 100 Minutes AFRONAUT AUDIO MP3 FILE located at the weblink below:


    Filesize: 11 MB
    Description: audio20

    Inside the file are UPDATED volumes namely VOL19, 17 & 15 aswell as the 100 minutes MP3 file with additional questions and answers.

    On both megaupload webpages page simply type in the letter code in the box on the top right hand side and double-click download. Then another screen will appear. Then wait 45 seconds (See time countdown at bottom of screen)

    Then double-click free download and the file will be ready for downloading.

    One pop-up may appear and you should leave the pop-up present until the actual download link appears (this may only take a few seconds)

    You may need software called Winzip to open the file and that is free online.

    And of course you will need adobe reader to see the pdf's that is also free online.

    Any pc that can play music should be able to play the mp3 file.

    With a modem both and will take about 1 hour to download. With broadband probably a few minutes to download.

    Peace to my brothers and sisters on black forums.... essential hearing and reading !!

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