Black People : Don't Be Stupid/Don't Be Tricked!

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    Yep, Another Cosby Spiel:

    I listened to his talk on Tavis Smiley last night. After hearing him qualify his reasonings, etc... and watching him, and trying to discern his reasonings... I think that he was not trying to hurt Us. I believed him.
    Nope, I still hold to my notions: I took what he said, which he did say, it was his responsibility to make sure We knew what he was trying to do or say; but, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    That said, he said that he did make a mistake... and he should have specified who exactly he was talking about. THE EXACT THING THAT I SAID and then he said something very true and profound when asked why was it blown out of porportion? "...because it was picked up by a white man working for a white paper the Washington Post."

    So, as I am watching CNN this morning; I seen this bitchy acting white male reporter taking his words yet again out of context and misconstruing his meaning.

    We fight and fuss...and that is okay and good; We need differing perspectives... Let Us Learn To Read More Carefully b/t the lines and not let Demons in destroying, what We have left to work with.