Black People : The Fallacy of "I don't see color"


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Aug 4, 2023
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What is Colorblind Racism?​

Racism is the practice of discriminating or stereotyping a person based on the color of their skin; there are multiple, specific forms of racism that exist under this umbrella.

Colorblind racism is a form of discrimination in which an individual claims to ignore others' skin color completely and, therefore, believes they are treating all racial groups equally. However, colorblindness often perpetuates discriminatory practices by allowing people to ignore circumstances that cause racial disparities. The colorblind racism definition also implies that people who hold this view believe all racial groups enjoy the same treatment and opportunities within their society.

Development of the Colorblind Ideology​

Colorblind ideology was born of the need to recover from racial segregation in American society. For example, following the racial integration of America in the mid-twentieth century, it became increasingly less socially acceptable for white Americans to be openly racist against minority groups. Additionally, other well-meaning white Americans wanted to appear welcoming to non-white Americans who now traveled in their social circles. Colorblind ideology was adopted by many white Americans in the 1960s and 1970s as a way to claim systemic or biological barriers to racial equality did not exist. For this reason, psychologists often refer to colorblind ideology as an aspirational one because legal and cultural shifts toward equality do not equate to the immediate disappearance of racism. Colorblind ideology often allows people to maintain a respectable appearance while maintaining racist tendencies.

Colorblind ideology can be broken into two categories: color evasion and power evasion. Individuals engage in the practice of color evasion when they deny racism by emphasizing similarities across racial groups. Individuals who engage in power evasion ideology deny systemic racism and emphasize equal opportunities available to all racial groups. However, both of these forms of colorblind racism share one major commonality: they each allow colorblind racists to prescribe to the idea that social and economic disparities between racial groups exist as a result of a cultural deficiency in one group. Advocates of colorblind ideology claim not to be racist by acknowledging biological and political equality across racial groups, but the suggestion that cultural differences prevent a specific racial group from enjoying economic parity with others is inherently racist.

Colorblind Racism in Sociology​

Colorblind racism has emerged as a direct result of social, political, and economic efforts to ensure racial equity. Sociologists generally agree that colorblind racism rose in popularity as a response to the Civil Rights Movement. Still, many also contend that the ideology has become more deeply rooted in America as a result of Barack Obama's election to the presidency. Sociologist Eduardo Bonilla-Silva has researched and documented the concept of colorblind racism extensively. In order to identify and combat the issue of colorblind racism, Bonilla-Silva has identified four frames that exist within the ideology: abstract liberalism, naturalization, cultural racism, and minimalization.
This video was sent to me by a white conservative I'm debating. Please feel free to submit anything you feel disproves his assertions.

One of the things I just want to point out real quick... is that it's always these black conservatives that get propped up who tell us how everything is fair because they are the example.

The irony is that they are benefitting from being minorities in the GOP. They are only "big fish" because the pond is small.

Neither the DNC nor liberal colleges are going to supplement my income and fly me out to speak so I can talk about how my being black matters or not. (Hmmm.... maybe I should test that theory)

Regardless, the point is that all these black people are ironically benefiting from being black because there aren't tons of black people in their party. And what I know about scarcity/rarity is that there is value in that.

And so its also ironic that this guy is talking about colorblindness. How many people truly think no one sees that he's black and no one considers the fact that he's black as a tacit support for what he's saying?


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