Black Poetry : A note is a short letter with all sort of clever words that you never heard its an endeavor with ver


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May 11, 2006
A note is a short letter with all sort of clever words
that you never heard its an endeavor with verbs
so let me jot down some hot nouns in my diary
this could be a fiery affair, you no doubt mine an a wiry
outline shows hidden bounds are written down on paper
with strong vapor from ink pens wink eyes at girlfriends
text remain have explain where this is going the world spin
around beaches this down right bleaches panties as whirlwinds
come into thinking patterns, arrange dates and strange cakes
jest jump out at you, now this is BLACK HIP HOP and it straight
from VIRGINIA BEACH in a handbag and it's my plan to brag on
this” “NAW PLAYER this act is ballistic like facts and statistics
my mini-skirt is down, flirt pound cake on a plate can't risk it
because boys will get it twisted after they kiss it so I chill
and build on that and thrill with flat out twerks and that fill
a boy's mind so I'm not gonna lift my skirt that calls for a swift
alert so this data matter like Black Lives now my mind drift
now I'm a Black Soul Sista if I drop my panties boy smell hot
candies and come running it stunning how that happen a lot”
REMEMBER ONE boy almost got some in back of FARM FRESH
I was in his arms dress up breasts bless and sucked can't test
my luck this could blow up my do-nut a hole in the middle
glazed and amazed my flirt true you must work through a little
of the terrific specifics a nice female with precise body detail
oh he jest kissed my lips behind FARM FRESH guess love prevail
oh silk panties run boys nuts they see girls and be like squirrels
climb trees and rhyme like MC'S try close my ears, the world
is in a living state so I'm giving cake lips hot and red so love
not dead oh he jest got my tongue behind FARM FRESH a club
across the INDIAN RIVER ROAD the gas station cause a fast
situation with the traffic “AW GIRL you know I love you mask
off you got class and soft sweaty and ready to come real, no
doubt words without a curve is like a straight road and go
with a great load of gravel to travel on, KMART to the right
FORDHAM DRIVE in back of that these stats and fact tonight
is equal to Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH so that's awight
OK I groove is nifty love proved iffy so I move swiftly through
the air need a true pair of wings you like FREDISTAIR you do
bling and you sing in the rain, think you want a steak sandwich
then take advantage of my already damage hormone plan which
leave me at the bar alone if I jump in your car you take me home
like LISA LISA and the Cult Jam, my pie soft you wanna grab a piece
and fly off and make progress with my cake and breasts and feast
on my love huh? Oh gosh he want some here behind FARM FRESH
I'm flirting strong and that put a burden on boys mind it test
their hormones some can't take it and want me naked, oh a black
Soul Sista go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH got pie and try be exact
stay smart and K-MART is to the left behind that is SUBWAY boys step back
wanna hug and play, this love stuff strong yall and like a stone wall
it don't fall so I won't call the engineers, been sincere for the long hall
“OK LOOK BOO mad whackness is bad practice don't deal with MICKEY
MOUSE hustle my house a bustle with decorations for SANTA very tricky
shown this season is the unknown region between physics and electronics
visit the Ebonics that make up HIP HOP so the rap and rhymes so ironic
prefer gin and tonic to help me unscramble this, oh I'm calm with these
and like palm trees this stuff grow tall and flow all over the place please
respect this and give me the correct kiss while we behind FARM FRESH
aw girl your body soft this party is boss gave the perfume papers back
but doom the vapors impact my nose then the facts arose then smack
my brain aw girl your flavor smell good and oh well the neighborhood
need girls like you, now we smooching behind FARM FRESH should
give it up for real girlfriend” “NAW PLAYER my panties are wet, but yet
to be pulled down so it's best I don't mess around, this affair is wet
and bless and my hair is a mess should've bought a pony tail and wouldn't
be on a phony trail to the backseat of a car while a whack beat couldn't
get me hot enough need to stop this stuff wanna kiss huff and puff
Often mean many times hormones soften after plenty wine up to snuff
my facts are all real and a snack is a small meal
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