Black Poetry : A note is a short letter with all sorts of clever words to speak that's never heard on the street, tonight need help to climb a flight of steps to got


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May 11, 2006
A note is a short letter
with all sorts of clever
words to speak that's never
heard on the street, tonight
need help to climb a flight
of steps to got to your room
boo, listen girl your perfume
do fly up his nose to the tune
of the STYLISTICS he try be ballistic
and not
get it twisted a lot
a winner with fact
that interact
with girl that shows romance
and flows with chance
of having sex
while she's grabbing the Kotex
this is BLACK HIP HOP complex
VIRGINIA BEACH this is a Brown
SOUL SISTA with sweaty brown
thighs and round eyes that astounds
ok went for greetings
and spent an evening
celebrating the end of exams
its devastating when candy yams
around, need knowledge somebody
about this crazy college party
after a while
master his style
but still in pursuit of a cute
drastic yall like basket ball shoot
hoop, see boys want some soup
and think love
drink from a mug
he's about to set down
she's soft like wet ground
“LOOK PLAYER a hike is a long walk
I like to flirt and twerk after strong talk
boys flirt with her at the bar
because my mini-skirt is bazaar
and she been alert so far
add milk to her tea
she got mad silk for him to see
her words increase in size
and feast in the skies
like birds on crack
it is absurd and whack
to try bring this down
he bling and she brown
my breasts are purity
as the progress to maturity
this is plain cake
and it don't gain weight
pure romance is hot
sure danced a lot
kissing at the wedding
while listening to OTIS REDDING
end up sitting at the dock of the Bay
looking at the clock while time roll away


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May 11, 2006
looking at the clock while time roll away
Got a river to write galore
while a sliver of light under the door
being a winner is nice
but a splinter of ice
made her fall on her face
and a boy go for all the lace
wow she got up ran left that place
oh gosh her panties so wet then
he revamp his scroll
in the damp cold
it get foggy in VIRGINIA BEACH
A boy doggy can reach
a girl's panties here and teach
her sex, she jest a sweet peach
talk and brown from the start
so its a walk around the park
you been a hound
and now in a town
with green grass
became a teen fast
for a specified purpose
maybe life is two way circus
this boy had a sparkling drop top
in parking lot
and now they
some how sway
to the side of the road
before went to hooter to shatter lace
but you gonna need a computer and database
your love game maybe in a state of decay
and you chase cake everyday
“OK BOO your cake soft
go ahead take your panties off
ok he and she have a love for music
and in the club they use it
to get folks body hot
so they party a lot
but here in the car
you trying to get some so far
she sweet and hot
she could have a weak spot


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May 11, 2006
she could have a weak spot
oh he jest kiss her lips don't speak a lot
like basketball
it's drastic yall
quicker to shoot
with a particular group
he wanna bounce her breasts
and get an ounce of the best
milk, grade A
and not afraid to say
that he love her
aw girl you got some sweaty
brown thighs, and confetti
her cake smoke
and boys make a note
in their diary
and be ware of her fiery
love, so they arrange words
and come with strange verbs
expecting to score
but wrecking galore
love affairs wine pour
oh he jest kissed her lips
right there in the car skips
her tongue at first
but then the phat thirst
bought him back reverse
his move, oh he jest got her tongue
right there in his ride he so sprung
and wanted some the cassette deck
is wet as heck use a rubber to protect
“NAW PLAYER her panties are hot a lot
and boys try score got pie galore stop
them in their tracks like a Jack-in-the-Box
able to soon slaughter
with a tablespoon of water
drown clowns be a conscious daughter”
in a community with the opportunity
to come real and not look puny
to romance MC'S
lead to advanced degrees
get a chance to find the JZ'S
oh gosh I was not intend to
open my thighs it blend true
with love, tried to pull down skirt
thats when he jest kissed my lips
stop oh my panties are hot it flips
my mind like flap jacks at IHOP
oh I couldn't close my thighs
as his flows flys
in ear like Q-TIPS
aw girl you got true lips
and real baby boo hips


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May 11, 2006
never bother the scorn, father was born far away I'm in the car today Americanize and fight this characterize my writes so recognize the hype used here, on the streets distinguish will speak English I seek to bring this in BLACK HIP HOP so grab a book and have a look my vocab shook folks, let me make this clear SHAKESPEARE was great, so I wear hood bandanas and have good manners and would bananas be enough for lunch with Hawaii punch? so wind on my wings and then the bling make me a fly guy so girls I want pie to fry, ok true no doubt and throughout my speech I pause because I try to teach and pause to reach Santa Claus wanna a MERCEDES BENZ for Christmas, now it's OCTOBER over in KROGERS to buy Folgers to have a cup of joe tomorrow and a corrupt flow bring sorrow, so BLACK HIP HOP is the gravity of the situation, now I'm in VIRGINIA BEACH rapping reach slapping whack cats yall feel me? my plan very soft and like cranberry sauce goes good with turkey so it's finger licking while I'm a singer kicking a verse eat chicken first no doubt today I'm out to play, when I sprinkle vibes it's like the twinkle in eyes it add to smiles and get mad wild, got features and task blooms and like teachers in classrooms got homework and my dome perk like STARBUCK'S COFFEE have knowledge from college sidestep the garbage, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH, got hype and features and like teachers accept flowers and that help empowers the force of learning in stages while turning pages in textbook taking a complex look at society shook in a variety of things, so look I'm in a hocus pocus dimension trying to focus my attention on HIP HOP but my mind flip a lot like them pancakes at IHOP, I try write and highlight the ups and down with cups of brown sugar, this scripture is rap hot and show a picture and snapshot flow fact use my Kodak but no whack words, have scrimmages with foe and the images show smoke in the background so don't joke use gloves to smack them around, now see a chick have to be quick like jack jumped over the candlestick she phat and fine and at no time should she be without a boyfriend, LOOK BOO got plenty bling and stealth and that's different from anything else so in words I'll say that deserve cake today, see a sweet can't retreat so we meet right here in VIRGINIA BEACH, thick lips round slick hips wanna make quick trips down town while she move her thing around this cutie a beauty from the ground up but will need a pound of luck to smash shawty got class oh lawdy, she's from the VIRGINIA BEACH side and with each stride her thing get wetter and better, wanna take part in a race that gonna involve cake and lace, sweaty and ready to compete for a sweet from the street, applied friction jest to get a specified position in your heart boo and start to make love, got them sweaty black thighs so boo I got a drop in the parking lot and when I'm on wheels I get strong deals get a girl with strong sex appeal and boo that's you NAW PLAYER I travel over gravel and you wanna unravel my bra strap so far your rap is on time like a ROLEX WATCH it's quick and don't tick so set the time I'm wet and fine you may get to rhyme in my ear and hope wine appear it can get asinine in here, you carry quotes and like ferry boats they float in water

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