Black Spirituality Religion : Why good people are unnecessarily harmed?

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    Why good people are unnecessarily harmed?

    Some people say that even good people are unnecessarily harmed. They criticize God. You cannot decide any person as a good person. Did you observe him every minute from his birth? You also think yourself as a good person. Are you aware of your sins done in your childhood? You might have harmed an innocent insect in your childhood. Do you remember that? Even mental feelings are sins, which may not be expressed in words and actions. The feelings of the mind are the source of words and actions. Therefore the feeling may not hurt others today. But tomorrow it will hurt others which will come out in words and actions. In fact, intention is given more importance in the crime according to law. The judge gives more importance to the intention in giving the punishment. You are walking on the road and the ant is killed by your foot, without any intention. There is no punishment for such sins. But when you kill the same ant with intention, you are punished by God. Therefore mind is the source of action. If somebody harmed really a good person, then also leave it to God. You should not revenge. Why? The reason is that you cannot judge the exact nature and line of the case. You do not remember your own sins. Some times you do the sin thinking that it is good. You cannot be the standard in judging your own sins. Only the Lord can decide. Therefore, if somebody harmed really a good person, in the view of the Lord also, then the Lord himself will punish him. You cannot take the law and order in to your hand. You have to refer the case to the court. Let the Judge decide, and punish the criminal. Therefore the Lord said, “Revenge is Mine”. If the revenge is justified, the Lord will certainly punish. The Lord will not revenge if you pray Him to do so. The Lord, will not excuse even if you recommend the unjust case.

    Neither you have the power to punish nor to excuse anybody. The reason for this is that you are not omniscient. If a sinner realizes the sin and repents, the punishment is reduced. After repentance if you do not repeat the sins, the punishment is cancelled. If the sinner does not repent, he will repeat the sin again and again. Such sinner can be controlled only by punishment. If this is not true the police department has no use. There are some sinners who can be controlled only by third degree treatment. If such punishment and revenge are not required, and if everybody can be transformed by preaching, then what is the necessity of the existence of’ Hell and Liquid Fire’. If such possibility of transformation by love and knowledge is there, then why the Lord mentioned the word ‘revenge’ at all? Therefore this means that there are some sinners who cannot be transformed by love and knowledge. Some clever people criticize Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, who have resorted to punish the sinners. Such clever people should answer about the word ‘revenge’ uttered by the Lord and also should explain the mention of the liquid fire in the scriptures. If all the human beings can be transformed through love and knowledge such words should not have been mentioned in their scriptures.

    At Thy Lotus Feet

    Anil Antony
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    We must all get involved and not be a sitting "Duck"*


    We "Must" understand that "We" are at "War"!! The "Big" problem is there are too meny of us who don't know that we are at war. Until we grow to the point of respecting each other on a "Large" scale and start to "Protect" our communities to limit the casulties in our "Struggle" for African Liberation...the situation will continue as it has for over 500+ years in America alone. Do you except that we are at "War"? If you do there is hope for you being a part of the solution...if you can't see this reality then you are part of the problem.

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    Hmm, I can understand much of this post, as much is spoken on it in the Holy Scriptures. Though I don't know what "Rama" and "Krishna" have to do with this.

    People do often ask, "Why do good people suffer, and bad people gain reward?" when indeed, there are no "good" people; the Holy Son stated that none are Good but the Father, so how is any "good" person suffering? None are innocent of sin, either; however, they can be innocent of harm against a person who chooses to do them harm or show them no compassion. So, that doesn't mean another person doing them harm is just or free of judgment. It means we shouldn't think we are great to judge people, one way or another.

    And "bad people" gaining reward shouldn't be seen as a thing that'll last; their time is lesser than a drop in the bucket of eternity in reaping riches through sin. It should always be remembered by those of faith that, that which is corruptible, such as riches of the earth, can't last, but that which is incorruptible such as riches of the Heavens will forever last.

    This is what's gained by the faithful and holy ones for their devotion and prayer, their love to the One who loved them through His sacrifice and resurrection, through His mediation of the covenant and intercessions on our part. So long as we remain faithful not coveting that which another has, we will have all the more which can never pass away.