Black Poetry : thursday's poem (for my cousin, Christopher)

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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Chocolate City urea
    a balsamin` blunt
    lay`d diagonal in an empty ICE BREAKERS mint carton
    catchin` ashes.

    he holds the "roach" with his fingernails...
    takes a long drag...releases slowly,
    while his eyes fix themselves on a wall of thoughts
    below his eyelids.

    i watch the weight of unemployment fracture, but never break him.
    watch his father emasculate him...make it hard for him to call himself a man,
    my cousin finds strength regardless, to be acknowledged as such.

    locks his tears in the slit of his eyes.
    locks them in a smile; a lie stretch`d across his face,
    most of the time.

    don`t blame him for feelin` lonely & anger`d...i tell him,
    "my brother & i are your family, now"

    he the "roach" eventually burn itself out,
    then takes a swig of his MYSTIC fruit punch.

    we change the subject.
    laugh as we quote our parents
    contradictin` themselves

    laugh while he reaches for box cutters
    ...slices the "GOLD&MILD"...& hollows its shell
    to roll another blunt.

    we go for a ride...still smokin` the blunt
    he roll`d before we left...take in the scenary from our windows.

    funny what heat`ll do.
    make sistas flowers, who bloom in the Spring
    & shed their petals to humidity.

    our smiles are big
    while we look at stretch jeans, clingin` to the perspiration
    of their skin.

    look at hips hangin`...swingin`
    like a bag full of groceries, walkn` down the block.

    we watch those sistas fade from rear & side -view mirrors.
    watch the earth spin slow...draggin` today over her shoulders
    like laundry bags goin` to the laundromat...washin' today into the past.

    we head for his home through one of many corridors
    inside Suitland`s lewis ave some more...tells me
    when he ain`t smokin` weed, he finds tranquility in a pen and pad...
    says i inspired him to write...i thank him for the compliment...

    hands embrace before we do...
    i tell him i love him...we say "peace".

    that`s when i wrote this poem.
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    Jan 22, 2001
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    betwixt and between
    Wow Giovanni ... I was all up in this peace with you.

    If every cousin had a cousin like you ...

    Beautiful. Thanks for Sharing.


  3. Legendof_1_Spirit

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    Apr 14, 2001
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    somewhere out there
    <materializes from thin air>

    I believe this is the firstime I have read any of your work, but it will not be the last my friend. This is a masterful poem you have written. Very visual, and heartfelt in every respect. Your descriptions are vivid and strong and they paint a very clear picture.
    My favorite line is this: "i watch the weight of unemployment fracture, but never break him." The word play here is brilliant!

    Thanks for painting a picture of your thursday.

    <dissolves into nothingness>