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    THE ANCIENT CHINESE RECORDS & The Star of Bethlehem
    Part 2

    Following are some of the statements made by the narrators in the Star of Bethlehem show, statements made by more than one narrator which also seemed to have presented certain affects that cause contradictory statements to initially be explained away as possibly being believable despite other contradictions presented. In other words, there was a male narrator and a female narrator and for some statements that were not supported by facts but were actually opinions introduced as conclusive facts, the softer voice and tone of the female seem to cause me to initially believe a false statement as being an acceptable truth.

    1. The narrator explained towards the beginning of the show that ‘there was a lot that ‘mankind’ does not know and this statements offers the idea that no matter what, the star of Bethlehem can never be proven for sure right from the start of the film.
    1. Even though the narrator points out that it was mankind that offered the false idea that there were only three (3) wise men [ie. Magi or kings], this further builds up on this very false notion that mankind got the false idea from the Bible due to only ‘three gifts offered’. ___________________ So the ridiculous reality here would be that through discipline and through studying old world cultures in how ancient people organized caravans all of the time to the point that it was common, it would become obvious that it could never have been just three men on this trek. If you correlate this event to COLUMBUS being financially supported by the queen to head up a vast expedition in which he need a ship(s), sailors, and many supplies, skilled navigators, map makers, and etc., then perhaps, it could be understood why the ancient authors would not waste their time making statements about ‘the wise men’ [ie PRIEST-SCIENTIST] being sponsored by their leaders to organize a caravan which would have included many other men employed and skilled in defense against raids, servants who handled other kinds of livestock, tent makers perhaps, vessel carriers (ie water boys) and etc., camels, trade items, and more. so the idea that it was only ‘3 wise men’ was also suggested enough times to where it became accepted as truth due to a false notion too, that there had to be only three men because three gifts were offered. Just because the three gifts were written to have been given does not mean no other gifts were presented or offered.

    2. The narrator stated that the star of Bethlehem was ‘NOT A BRILLIANT STAR’ but this would be a direct opposition to what was written in the Bible and later, it was stated that the Chinese records did record ‘a major star event’ and they defined a bright star.

    3. The narrator made A SUGGESTION and stated that the Wise men may have reached Bethlehem Months after Jesus was born and did not follow a brilliant star. _____________________________ This would be a MAJOR CONTRADICTION to the Bible records but the fashion in which it was narrated would downplay the actual written account. The Bible states that Joseph and Mary travelled to the REGION of Bethlehen-Judea but initially they went to one area, Jerusalem and later they were in another area, BETHLEHEM, both within the same region. So they presented a great deception here. When Jesus’ parents first journeyed to this region to pay their taxes, they went to A BOOTH and after the baby was born, he was laid in a manger and at this time it was SHEPHERDS that witness the star event. But later, the WISEMEN journeyed and came to see the YOUNG CHILD when he was in A HOUSE, not a manger. The Bible also reveals that the YOUNG CHILD may have been about two (2) years old and that is why Herod made a decree against malefactors from birth up to the age of two. This record was later confirmed in other statements in regards to scientific facts. So the SUGGESTION that the wise men ‘MAY HAVE REACHED BETHLEHEM MONTHS AFTER JESUS WAS BORN THEREFORE THEY COULD NOT HAVE POSSIBLY FOLLOWED A BRILLIANT STAR’ is very misleading and deception SUGGESTION NOT based on fact. The witnesses and authors wrote that the star was A MOVING STAR, therefore, this in and of itself made this star VERY UNIQUE AND THUS, OBVIOUSLY ‘A BRILLIANT STAR EVENT’!!! They attempted to downplay a great phenomenon to offer the suggestion that this was a simple news event that would quickly be dismissed as a common occurrence.

    4. The narrator stated that ‘PERHAPS the wise men were ASTROLOGERS, and used motions to predict events on the earth such as this occurrence of the star. This would be a major contradiction due to the term she used ‘ASTROLOGERS’ because it was written that the wise men followed the star, based upon the actual star’s movement until they came to its ‘POINT OF ORIGIN’, meaning, the star made a straight line with the earth when they reached Bethlehem at a specific time of the YOUNG CHILD’S LIFE and they confirmed that this star APPEARED based on its movement two years prior at the time when the child was born. That would be ASTRONOMY not ASTROLOGY!!! What deception!

    5. The narrator offered a SUGGESTION by discussing the star SIRIUS and how it was used by the ancient Egyptians to mark their new year and the Nile flood. This star had no relation to the Star of Bethlehem event and Sirius was not A NEW STAR, but as they said, it was an ancient star that the Egyptians recorded.

    6. The narrator offered information about another ancient star formation, ORION, and spoke about how it related to Sirius, and again, these ancient stars were not new stars.

    7. Now the narrator builds on the information they inserted that has nothing to do with any event of a new star and states that Julius Caesar caused Rome to begin their new year based upon the Egyptians, and thus January 1 is ordained as the new year based upon too, the winter solstice which occurred on December 25. The narration goes on to state, and SUGGEST that the later Christians in Rome observed Jesus birth on this date… NOT THE BIBLICAL DATE RECORDED which had nothing to do with the winter solstice. And also, the ‘CHRISTIANS’ were not the original HEBREWS who were written to have celebrated one of their mandatory festivals which did not occur in December when Jesus was born.

    8. Finally at this point, about seven minutes and 15 seconds into the video, the narration reference the Biblical records and applies scientific observations in regards to the statement in that, in ST LUKE, it was recorded that the Shepherds were present at this time watching their SHEEP, and at this time of LAMBING, it would have been SPRINGTIME. But then along with this referenced statement they couple it with a great contradiction that today due to our EASTER holiday can easily be overlooked. __________________________________________________ The narrator states that the shepherds were watching their sheep during this PASSOVER SEASON, but before Jesus was born, PASSOVER WAS NOT OBSERVED DURING THE SPRING!!! So the narrator introduces a complete FALSE STATEMENT which would discount the whole documentary about the very recorded timing of the scientific event of this star phenomenon. The springtime festival that marked the sheep and lambing season would not be PASSOVER but the FESTIVAL OF BOOTHS or also called THE FESTIVAL OF THE TABERNACLE. At this time too, it was TAX SEASON.

    9. About 500 years later after the actual star event was dated and recorded to have happened, it was now decided that the date and time was wrong. The monk, Dionysius, determined this incorrect date of the star which was based upon Augustus. A time discrepancy of four (4) years was now determined. So now they regarded King Herod as the basis to determine that the star had to have appeared at a certain time. ____________________________________________________ Herod-the-Great was said to have died on March 5, 4 BC and before a Lunar Eclipse and so it became determined that Jesus had to have been born 2 or 3 years prior in 7 BC or 6 BC. But why would it take 500 years to determine this error when there were other major civilizations that the Romans and Herod came in contact with that also dated this star event? Also, the ancient Romans were known for being STAR WORSHIPERS, so it becomes interesting that they would not record this occurrence accurately. Could it be that after hundreds of years, it became obvious that the scientific facts concerning this great event had to finally be acknowledged to mark the calendars correctly? Was it really the star event that was recorded by other governments that marked the time of Jesus’ birth and Herod’s reign instead the other way around? Was the date of Herod’s death confirmed due to accurate time of the advent of this great star? Cont.
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