Black Poetry : Spin Cycle

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    I knew a girl that sold her soul trying to see heaven.
    Her life was a living hell but she knew she wanted in,
    so for now she's focused on the pole, see her life is CNN.
    Clorox can't remove the stains of her past when she was living in the gutter,
    could've wore a pale face but through the rising Tide she managed to keep her color, a little brother.
    The only gem that she had left, pretending they had a good life playing on the steps.
    Oops! back from her dream that felt better than slow sex.
    Not perverse but the worst...feeling is the fact, that death stole his soul and he's never coming back.
    Now to attain a once playful task,
    Dreaming nirvana but still has to shake her ***.
    Despite her life's spot, she's hard rock or a sock,
    and though the waters came and the pair was separated.
    Fulfilling her dream she's completely dedicated.
    Spin Cycle....