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The BON Tradition of Tibet

This can be found in the SEMA Book Subject Summaries. Subject Summaries.pdf

"The Pert em Heru is in every way comparable to the Indian Upanishads or the Tibetan Book of the Dead."

The traditions of the old Bon religion of Tibet most likely originated from ancient shamanistic rituals and beliefs of the time."

This is what has been described as BONISM which predates Buddhism in Tibet. One of the pricipal characters according to Bonist literature is Omu Seng Tu.
Practice in our own image

Ground Rules

Our initial purpose is collective spiritual and educational enlightenment.

We will undoubtedly engage in spirited discussion, but we will maintain that discussion with the highest regard and respect for each other.

No belief system is beyond analysis here, and personal assaults of any form are not welcome.

Should our momentum lead us towards it, we may embark on a secondary purpose of an anthology which syncretizes the work to take place here.

With the above purpose in mind, we will make a practice of completing whatever prayer/meditation/libation required to ensure our minds and spirit are aligned prior to posting.

From the collection of tremendous minds here, tremendous deeds can be accomplished.

I'm suprise to see a black priest. The religion should be relative to African people's live's. Yeah, if we can evolve in those positions. We need teachers in our own image.


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