Black Muslims : Frankenstein: The Business Model of Shaytaan


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and The Peace on who follows The Guidance.
If you would look at all of the people in a society, any society, any community, any group as a single individual, one can see Shaytaan. You can see exactly how he moves. He moves inside of a business model. His one power, his one 'thing' that he was given, Allaah The Creator of all things, to subdue the peoples of earth and exhaust 'his' idea, is nothing other than : PERCEPTION.
When Shaytaan/Satan first encountered Adam, he encountered Adam BEFORE Adam had breath in him. Allaah The Creator had Adam's physical body shaped and fashioned. Shaytaan, jealous over this new 'thing' that Allaah has said will be created for all things. Allaahu Ta'aala (Allaah The Most High) allowed the body of Adam to remain as it was, lifeless, for a time and during that time Shaytaan would enter the lifeless body through its many holes i.e ears, mouth, anus, nose. Shaytaan was so befuddled over this new creation. The body was not impressive to Shaytaan and what was in it was not impressive. So the pre-knowledge that he had of Adam, Allaah's "stated" intentions for Adam, caused anger and rebellion in Shaytaan. What he knew was that Allaah Stated that HE would 'make' a manager to manage the earth and those on it. The operative word is 'MAKE'. Allaah did not say He would create a Manager (Khaliyfaa), Allaah said that He would 'make' a Khaliyfaa.
The statement also raises another point: Adam was/is not necessarily "The Khaliyfaa" that Allaah intended to Make; rather, that 'a' khaliyfaa would come from the bloodline of Adam. The root word in Khaliyfaa is " khaly". This word, the root word of khaliyfaa means : cell.
As in the 'human cell'. This is why The Angelic beings said " will you 'Make' one that sheds blood/mischief? because the 'cells' that are there now are just killing and eating and preying upon one another. The animals had no names that the angels knew about other than 'words' Allaah used to describe whatsoever HE DID. The angels had no names, they merely answered their summons. When Allaah CREATED Adam he created him to be a vessel of knowledge. He represented something about Allaah that no other creature did. knowledge. The Angelic beings had INFORMATION about the works of Allaah. The two are different. knowledge is the ability to USE information. information is simply organized data. knowledge carries one thing that one who is just 'informed' does not carry. knowledge carries" the self perception of oneself using the knowledge. In other words, if you aren't 'located' by what you know, then you know nothing that is of USE, to you. A knowledgeable person had the ability to : use, misuse or abuse oneself or others. That alone is knowledge. Shaytaan can eat and swallow and defecate and orange. but he can't taste it. he can't feel it go down his throat and settle in his stomach, feel bloated or satisfied. So I ask you, is Shaytaan informed or knowledgeable? He is both in that Allaah gave him " perception" because he did not have THAT. Someone who is only 'informed' has no idea of how knowledge evolves and what it actually does for a soul.
Bitter, that cruising through the empty shell of Adam revealed 'nothing' to him he simply could not understand why Allaah would order 'him', of all the creations, to bow and show reverence to this 'empty' shell. Shaytaan disobeyed Allaah before Adam had a soul in him. He had no 'perception. knowledge affords 'perception'. Perception allows you to see in your mind, what is not indicated with your eyes. Allaah told Adam and his mate, ' do not indulge in this tree'. Allaah introduced Adam to 'law'. To take the word of Allaah over what you see, over what you want, over what is presented to you.
The same with Shaytaan. TAKE THE WORD OF ALLAAH OVER WHAT YOU SEE, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT. Inside The Law (words) of Allaah is the PERCEPTION.
FRANKENSTEIN... is a story about man's attempt at filling a dead body with live organs, organs that recently had life running through them.
the true story is that this is the business model of Shaytaan. He will take a live living body, and fill it with dead organs and matter. How? Through perception.
The 'cell' that were already on earth, animals and JINN, were already shedding blood, preying, capturing, eating each other, killing each other and one another. So by Allaah saying " I will Make a khaaliyfaa" the angels responded logically. However this does not mean that 'ADAM' was the khaliyfaa. But it absolutely means that 'a' khaliyfaa would come out of Adam because the word khaliyfaa, comes from the word khaly, which means cell. So the khaliyfaa will/does come from Adam. This is HOW Allaah will 'make' a khaliyfaa. through the cells of Adam. That means you or me are eligible. Not a Jinn or Angel but a man, a descendant of Adam.
Shaytaan is making his khaliyfaa. He has provided fake eyes, fake hair, fake breasts, fake penis, fake hips and lips and fingertips. He has men devoted to making chemicals to alter blood and hormones, steroids, etc.. all things to 'enhance' your perception of yourself, and how you want others to 'perceive' you. He has taught the world to PERCIEVE themselves as alone in the world and that we must do all we can to create a better person within ourselves. Shaytaan says, yes you were born with a vagina, but men are rulers and you don't want to be subordinate do you? Have sex with your own sex and make the opposite sex obsolete.
Look at the responsibilities that are on man. You were born with a penis, but look what happens when a man is faced with femininity? a man takes care of 'femininity. Not necessarily 'a woman' but femininity. So 'act' like a woman and many men will follow.
To get a man to leave off women and to get a woman to leave off men is Shaytaan's declaration of war on LIFE ( Allaahu Al Hayyu wa Al Muhyi).
He is gutting or ability to reproduce life or even want to. Planned Parenthood doesn't teach about reproduction as being outsourced from Allaah, a gift to human beings. Planned Parenthood teaches you how to delay having children while they destroy them. In the womb.
Our sexual activity has been weaponized against life. We perceive that we are chasing pleasure... but actually we are declaring war against Allaah. But do not PERCIEVE. It is not only the military that commits genocide, is it? The common everyday person is committing egregious and heinous acts, hidden inside of the pursuit for pleasure and one's justification to pursue it.
We are Frankenstein -ing ourselves in the name of WHO?
And all so Shaytaan can reduce us to a hollow useless body (i.e. Jassad/mutajaasid) filled with dead thinking and performing dead actions.
Look at The Mercy! The fact that we can even discuss this is a measure of the mercy of Allaah. and how it is ever present. The Words of Allaah carry their perception and it is the view to LIFE. life on earth and hereafter.
All of these actions and ways of thinking are rooted in PERCEPTION.
Shaytaan intends to show clearly that WE are showing clearly, that we have no interest in Allaah, His Words of Guidance nor the hereafter. Is it not very clear already?
So, why not let loose The False Messiah, since Adam's children are showing what they want and what they don't want? All of the Prophets have been sent and rejected/refused/lied upon. Religions were made instead of repentance. Religion? It is the 'perception' of righteousness.
Salaat? Is the light in this world that set one's mind to 'perceive' Allaah in Presence. Salaat teaches the true nature of Boredom. The only kingdom on earth, that wants nothing to do with earth and the things in it. We must learn to see the mechanics of Boredom. It is The Sakiyna, illa maa shaa Allaah. When Boredom approaches, the world flees from your mind. But because of your PERCEPTION, you fill that boredom with the world and worldly things. We are visitors to all the kingdoms on earth, The conDOM, The SoDOM, etc... But we flee from the only kingdom that approaches... all the other kingdoms you must go to. But the kingdom that approaches you, you run from. All kingdoms we visit, we must clean ourselves after, correct? But the kingdom of Boredom, we clean ourselves FIRST and then enjoy and can stay forever (WuDu). We must learn to enjoy the world in a state of WuDu. It alone is an act of worship, a continual reminder that one is in the kingdom of Allaah. WuDu is a hidden tattoo.
The Khaliyfaa, is/will be an amazing piece of work. This is someone whose mind is not lusting after anything any ruler has or has to offer. The khaliyfaa will be independent of the world. He will rely on what Allaah sanctions, period. He will not be in need of anything that Shaytaan or his followers from Jinn and men have or hold out as presents to men. The 'cells' of the khaliyfaa will be purely dependent upon the food of Allaah, the living conditions of Allaah, the commerce and economic design of Allaah. The khaliyfaa will need nothing of this world but the light and water of it and Allaah's command. What the hell is a nuclear bomb to one who can order it and those who made it and those who threaten with it, to sink into the earth inside of one second? The khaliyfaa won't be scared of anything, and won't desire or need anything or be in debt to anything/anyone except Allaah.
Freedom defined: Freedom is the absence of threat, in any form, in one's life.
Faith in Allaah removes all threats. All. Those we fear from men and most importantly the threats from Allaah we have been conditioned to ignore or resign to something Allaah may not really do.
May Allaah Guard us from what is targeting us and may Allaah Guide us to what we are made oblivious to. May Allaah forgive forever to us in His Light.
As salaamu alaykum.
" and read The Qur'aan, as much you can "
PS. please mention or point out any mistakes, especially typos! Its cool to be petty. I love you all as my brothers and sisters. May Allaah join us in Salaat and in all acts of obedience (enjoining right and resisting/forbidding wrong doing and evil) and love, Save us from hell and the punishment meted out in the grave.
May Allaah Throw Shade, on the Day there will be no Shade but HIS. May Allaah enroll us into HIS Shade

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