Black Parenting : 1st Ever Monthly Subscription Box Curated to Teach Children About Black History & African Geogra

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    First Ever Monthly Subscription Box Curated to Teach Children About Black History and African Geography

    – What if year-round we could impart our history to our children? We would raise a proud, self-aware and empowered generation! Heritage Box delivers such a tool for families. –


    Heritage Box teaches children about Black history year-round

    The monthly boxes are specially curated for your child to ensure they receive age appropriate books and activities. Each month is an exciting cultural adventure that your child will love!

    The starter box comes with:

    * An authentic Masaai Box made in Kenya to store future African souvenirs
    * A world map
    * A journal to record their thoughts
    * A postcard album to store postcards from the different countries/places families will visit together virtually
    * A book with an overview of African American history a bookmark
    * For the second month, they will receive a “Travel” package. This box will focus on one country in Africa and provide a souvenir, games, a book and other fun surprises!
    * The third month will feature a theme/ person in Black history.
    * After the third month, they will alternate the box contents with Black History content and African geography content. Each box will come with a relevant book!

    For more details and/or to purchase a subscription for your child, visit

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    First Ever Monthly Subscription Box Curated To Teach Children About Black History And African Geography

    Heritage Box provides families a tool that will keep children engaged year-round, not just in February during Black History Month. Each box is designed to build self-pride and enhance children’s understanding of their heritage.

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