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  • I truly admire your honesty! I read your post in Perfection's thread and if I could have given you a HIGH FIVE, I would have. Just keep doing "you"! :)
    Sister!!! I am soooo shocked, humbled, amazed, and shocked! ... :) ... Thank You So Very Much!!! ... i often say, we never know where the blessing is gonna come from, and it holds true yet again!!! ... WOW WOW WOW ... Such A Blessing You Are! ... :) ... LOVE YOU THANK YOU !!! ... YAAAAAAAAY USSSSS !!! <3
    I read your story about your parents, I don't know why, but I teared up. You are an amazing storyteller. Puts the reader right there as an active observer. I wasn't sad because your mom was/is the way she is. After all, we all have to be responsible and held accountable for what we do. You have a healthy sense of humor and I find that refreshing. I just wanted to pay you a visit to tell you that.
    Wise..ignorant? *shrug*Just bc your mouths always open doesn't mean anything worthwhile's falling out of it. #inflatedsenseofself
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