"Without the possibility of action, all knowledge comes to one labeled "file and forget," and I can neither file nor forget. Nor will certain ideas forget me; they keep filing away at my lethargy, my complacency."

- Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man
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  1. recognize that.
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  2. 5 Jun 2013​
    Here is the problem:

    In the modern sense of the word "relationship", there is a phantom hyphenated prefix that is almost always left out. The prefix is "sexual-". And in a sexual-relationship, if the sex is removed, the relationship is hollowed out.

    The thing is.. folks have rationalized their sexual relationships into more than what they are. It's really just sex. And all the other stuff is to facilitate the sex. And if you don't think so, just stop the sex and see what happens to the so-called "relationship".

    Truth is.. the word relationship doesn't mean anything without some context. And if sex is the main point, then sex is the key to holding it together.

    And the same goes for other types of relationships. There are men and women whose relationship is based on children. And so the phantom hyphenated prefix for their relationship is "Parental". and that's why you'll hear folks saying, "I stayed for the kids". Take away those kids, and that relationship falls apart.

    And there are two-sided relationships where one side is based on one thing.. and the other side.. another thing. Sex and Money are a familiar pair. He's with her for sex... she's with him for money.. or vice versa. His money dries up and she's audi.. her sex dries up and he's audi.. that is.. unless they have some other "relationship" between them that is strong enough to keep them together.. like a Parental-relationship.. or a Professional-relationship.. or an emotional-relationship.. in which case, they may each find other ways to satisfy the needs that are no longer being met through their relationship.

    For example.. If she needs tenderness and you are no longer tender, she will either pout or find some way to compensate. like hating you.. or leaving you.. or hurtin you the way she hurts... or maybe she'll recognize that most guys are tender in the begining.. and so she'll continually search for beginnings.. where he's tender and attentive.. and when that phase passes, she bounces on to the next one.. trading her sex for his temporary tenderness.

    If this dude in the OP is just with her for sex, then yeah, he should be pissed that he's no longer getting sex. But it also matters why she is with him.. and if her needs are being met. he's in it for sex, so he evaluates the entire relationship through that sexual lense.. but that is really only part of the picture. He has to know whats on the other side of that coin so he can manage the constant reconciliation that must take place between the mis-matched basis of their relationship.


    Black Men : - Interesting conversation at work last night with White Boy

    lol - I hope that's not what's going on - I don't get down like that - and especially with white women. Now that I think about it which didn't even...
  3. Jul 8, 2012

    Peace Omowalejabali.. cherryblossom, Kemetstry, Destee and every body else..

    I think Omowalejabali's post above makes a key point. Not being willing to do what it takes to protect our communities is a gargantuan failure. it is, in my opinion.. the primary failure. And yes, I'm familiar with the reasons why.. but "why" doesn't bring that mother back her son.. or that daughter back her dignity.. or that son back from drug addiction. This failure to protect our people is a great source of division and confusion within our culture in America.

    The jails are full of folks that have murdered or assaulted others over money.. or property.. or reputation. Black men have proven that they are not afraid of jail.. not even afraid of death. So, if we are going to die.. and we are going to be jailed.. why not let it be for noble reasons? We're going to jail for being the dope dealer.. when we should be going to jail for breaking his legs.. or blowing up his car.. with all the guns.. and lack of police protection in the hood.. the forces for righteousness should be handling their business.. That church on the corner should have an Armory in the basement.. and those streets should be safe with or without the police. Folks doing wrong should be disappearing.. The fact that that is not happening is a tremendous failure.. and is responsible for what I call "the respect-drain" in black communities.

    Folks often ask why some women like thugs.. believe it or not.. this is part of it.. a person willing to go against the status quo for what he wants.. is more attractive than a man that allows the law to press him into social impotence. Those dudes protect their communities.. they protect their territories.. and they do it despite the law.. now.. even though they protecting those areas just so they can do wrong.. they are still exuding the strength that men in western society are supposed to exude.

    If this was a black-only nation.. their would be a civil war between the underworld dudes and everybody else..

    Remember this scene between these brothers in the Mack:

    This is one of the internal struggles that we have to confront.. it's the same issue that comes up whenever a black person is shot by the cops.. and one side says "shame on the cops".. and the other side says, "shame on the black man".. and both sides are right.. and both things need to be dealt with.. but if we are going to be a group.. and share a fate.. we have to deal with our internal issues first.. we have to come together.. and that may have to be a violent process.. but it needs to happen.. and then we can deal with the outside. It's either that.. or just walk from the whole thing and be an individual.

    what say you?

    - Peace


    Black Men : - Brothers - Can You Discuss Your Collective Failures? - (Only Brothers Post Please)

    Many serious political debate ain't your style! SMHNo, I am honest. Politicians are crooks! :lol:
  4. Being off the grid.. unplugged.. no tv.. I come to many things late... I just stumbled onto Leandria Johnson about 3 days ago.. and I was blown away.. artistically speaking. She immediately took to me back to Aretha.. a preachers kid.. a musician.. with that versatility that is actually defined by the black church.. the secular entertainment world covets it.. but the black church actually produces it. But the similarities to aretha.. the musicianship.. the improvisation.. the energy.. the conviction.. it's all there. And thankfully.. through modern technology.. we have the ability to see her and hear her without her having to sell part of her soul to the recording industry. We can see her just singing somebodys church on sunday.. and thats wonderful.​
  5. I am very interested in the Golden Ratio. I spend a bit of time most days fiddling with it. I'm using this blog page to hold bits and pieces that I'd like to hold on to..

  6. The 1st headline,"U.S. Drug War Expands to Africa" is from this Article in the The New York Times. The 2nd headline,"West Africa takes center stage in U.S. Cold War with China." is how I see it. We all know by now that the so-calledWar On Drugs is nothing but a public front for covert operations and nothing more than an excuse for a military presence outside of the normal jurisdiction.

    Look at what happened with Iran/Contra.. the President illegally selling weapons to Iran in order to support military operations that congress pulled the plug on in Central America. But America didn't stop military operations in Central America.. The operations were simply re-titled "The War On Drugs" and military operations continued.. We were now fighting to keep evil Latin American drugs off of our streets.. Even though it was the same president that opened America's streets to that dope in the first place.

    In the same way that they "War On Terror" allowed an Oil rich son of a previous President to wage his own personal war against Iraq to finish what his father started.. and also take control of one of the largest oil-producing nations in the region.. The War On Drugs in Africa will serve the same sort of purpose. Let's not forget that Nigeria is an english-speaking.. Oil rich nation as well. The race for African resources is on.. Expect to see an all out civil war in Nigeria within the next 5 years or so. This Drug War will be real.. They will make it real.. even if they have to bring the dope in themselves.. they probably already are. The playbook has not changed.. they do the same things again and again.. the same exact ways.. So when you see so-called "Terror attacks".. and "Drug wars" being reported about Nigeria, recognize whats really happening.. Their is a real cold-war going on right now between China and America/Europe minus Russia.. And control of Africa's resources is a key component of Superpowerdom. A Nuclear-armed.. high-technology enabled.. 2+ billion strong.. industrial juggernaut Nation like China that held-off Western control and domination for hundreds and hundreds of years.. cannot be bullied militarily.. or sanctioned into acquiescence.. And for those reasons, the battle with China will be fought through proxies.

    Here's the NY Times Article:

    U.S. Drug War Expands to Africa, a Newer Hub for Cartels

    WASHINGTON — In a significant expansion of the war on drugs, the United States has begun training an elite unit of counternarcotics police in Ghana and planning similar units in Nigeria and Kenya as part of an effort to combat the Latin American cartels that are increasingly using Africa to smuggle cocaine into Europe.​
    he growing American involvement in Africa follows an earlier escalation of antidrug efforts in Central America, according to documents, Congressional testimony and interviews with a range of officials at the State Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Pentagon.​

    In both regions, American officials are responding to fears that crackdowns in more direct staging points for smuggling — like Mexico and Spain — have prompted traffickers to move into smaller and weakly governed states, further corrupting and destabilizing them.​

    The aggressive response by the United States is also a sign of how greater attention and resources have turned to efforts to fight drugs as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have wound down.​

    “We see Africa as the new frontier in terms of counterterrorism and counternarcotics issues,” said Jeffrey P. Breeden, the chief of the D.E.A.’s Europe, Asia and Africa section. “It’s a place that we need to get ahead of — we’re already behind the curve in some ways, and we need to catch up.”​

    The initiatives come amid a surge in successful interdictions in Honduras since May — but also as American officials have been forced to defend their new tactics after a commando-style team of D.E.A. agents participated in at least three lethal interdiction operations alongside a squad of Honduran police officers. In one of those operations, in May, the Honduran police killed four people near the village of Ahuas, and in two others in the past month American agents have shot and killed smuggling suspects.​

    To date, officials say, the D.E.A. commando team has not been deployed to work with the newly created elite police squads in Africa, where the effort to counter the drug traffickers is said to be about three years behind the one in Central America.​

    The officials said that if Western security forces did come to play a more direct operational role in Africa, for historical reasons they might be European and not American.​

    In May, William R. Brownfield, the assistant secretary of state for international narcotics and law enforcement, a leading architect of the strategy now on display in Honduras, traveled to Ghana and Liberia to put the finishing touches on a West Africa Cooperative Security Initiative, which will try to replicate across 15 nations the steps taken in battling trafficking groups operating in Central America and Mexico.​

    Mr. Brownfield said the vision for both regions was to improve the ability of nations to deal with drug trafficking, by building up their own institutions and getting them to cooperate with one another, sharing intelligence and running regional law enforcement training centers.​

    But because drug traffickers have already moved into Africa, he said, there is also a need for the immediate elite police units that have been trained and vetted.​

    “We have to be doing operational stuff right now because things are actually happening right now,” Mr. Brownfield said.​

    Some specialists have expressed skepticism about the approach. Bruce Bagley, a professor at the University of Miami who focuses on Latin America and counternarcotics, said that what had happened in West Africa over the past few years was the latest example of the “Whac-A-Mole” problem, in which making trafficking more difficult in one place simply shifts it to another.​

    “As they put on the pressure, they are going to detour routes, but they are not going to stop the flow, because the institutions are incredibly weak — I don’t care how much vetting they do,” Professor Bagley said. “And there is always blowback to this. You start killing people in foreign countries — whether criminals or not — and there is going to be fallout.”​

    American government officials acknowledge the challenges, but they are not as pessimistic about the chances of at least pushing the trafficking organizations out of particular countries. And even if the intervention leads to an increase in violence as organizations that had operated with impunity are challenged, the alternative, they said, is worse.​

    “There is no such thing as a country that is simply a transit country, for the very simple reason that the drug trafficking organization first pays its network in product, not in cash, and is constantly looking to build a greater market,” Mr. Brownfield said. “Regardless of the name of the country, eventually the transit country becomes a major consumer nation, and at that point they have a more serious problem.”​

    The United Nations says that cocaine smuggling and consumption in West Africa havesoared in recent years, contributing to instability in places like Guinea-Bissau. Several years ago, a South American drug gang tried to bribe the son of the Liberian president to allow it to use the country for smuggling. Instead, he cooperated with the D.E.A., and the case resulted in convictions in the United States.​

    Even more ominous, according to American officials, was a case in which a militant group called Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb offered three of its operatives to help ship tons of cocaine through North Africa into Europe — all to raise money to finance terrorist attacks. The case ended this past March with conviction and sentencing in federal court in New York.​

    American counternarcotics assistance for West Africa has totaled about $50 million for each of the past two years — up from just $7.5 million in 2009, according to the State Department. The D.E.A. also is opening its first country office in Senegal, officials said, and the Pentagon has worked with Cape Verde to establish a regional center to detect drug-smuggling ships.​

    While the agency has not sponsored units in West Africa before, it has long worked with similar teams — which are given training, equipment and pay while being subjected to rigorous drug and polygraph testing — in countries around the world whose security forces are plagued by corruption, including the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.​

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  7. Howardtsu is one of my favorite Poets.. online/offline.. this is a list of all of his Poetry on Destee.com.


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    Black Poetry : - My Wish to Santa

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    Black Poetry : - Slowly Winning Her

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    Black Poetry : - Eve & Howard (secret agents)

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    Black Poetry : - Our Checker Game

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    Black Poetry : - Under Your Spell

    Me and John Mayer could wait for the world to change but i've got to believe in he magic between us that even Dr. Strange would envy if i didn't...


    Black Poetry : - A.F.I. (alligators fight initially)

    there's a magic that exists in the month of December you've got me "Thinking of Love Like Winter" at the beginning of our...


    Black Poetry : - The Proper Approach

    i should've made it plain like Danity Kane that "I'd Ride For You" even if you couldn't rap to me better than Big Daddy Kane although our trip...


    Black Poetry : - It's only Fair to Call Me

    if there's nothing to wait for there's nothing to date for i'd search every state for a tiny...


    Black Poetry : - "Hi" Ambitions

    let's go inside and watch Seinfeld until comedic events coincide i've got this feeling growing inside i'd have been more appealing if i was...


    Black Poetry : - Her English Class

    does it take pent up emotion to write and ocean of poetry or does it take a gent missing her Revlon lotion to take...


    Black Poetry : - Picky, Picky, Picky ...............

    Jerry, nothing is sweeter than standing next to her heater if i could complete her maybe she'd show me the money why can't i go meet...


    Black Poetry : - Firing her Editor

    it's not really my choice to write in her voice nor do i choose to lose or snooze everytime i pick up her bottle of booze i want...


    Black Poetry : - Her Beach Boy

    was i overdressed for the occassion or is she beyond persuasion? is my poetic litigation enough to calm down the exaggeration that...


    Black Poetry : - A Groovy Plan

    would watching Austin Powers with her give us the power to shower each other with enough good humor to remove the...


    Black Poetry : - Her Man can Do it

    were you cooking to bring me flowers or a wedding ring? were you looking for hours of conversation to hear me...


    Black Poetry : - (I'd Love) Frying without You

    how could i see through your swirl of litigating questions you constantly had me guessing were you a curse...


    Black Poetry : - Eve & Howard (a pair of jokers)

    eve : Howard, why didn't you talk to me all you had to do was walk to me i...


    Black Poetry : - A Letter to Jay-Z

    how can i love this woman without looking crazy? how can i think of her without assumin' her heart's only lazy because her vision of my...


    Black Poetry : - A Long Time Coming

    eve : maybe if we were more interrogative our efforts could've been more collaborative...


    Black Poetry : - Stretching to Understand

    her heart's fantastic i wish i was her Plastic Man but i'm afraid my art's too drastic if only i had a more elastic plan to...


    Black Poetry : - Full of Possibilities

    fortunately my May flower was already voyaging on her Mayflower the day i met her it would've been a lot worse if i had to...


    Black Poetry : - Her Contender

    why can't you just roll with the punches and ignore your inner hunches there are other pretty girls out there willing to pack sack lunches...


    Black Poetry : - "Our" Hills

    she told me she never wanted our world to end but if it did, at least let's part as friends i know one day i'll get to see her again...


    Black Poetry : - The Italian Job

    the missing ingredient i'm needing it i wish her desire were feeding it but i'm afraid only i aspire to find...


    Black Poetry : - eve & howard (sparring partners)

    Eve looked up and saw Howard running in slow motion waving his hands wildly what's he saying...


    Black Poetry : - Working Too Hard

    why would i want to keep her hopes alive? all she does is help me strive you don’t know what it’s like to live deprived all I need is...


    Black Poetry : - Learning to Stay Away

    [on the dancefloor] why don't you live for pleasure instead of constantly missing your treasure...


    Black Poetry : - On & On ......

    i love your eyes your cries surprise i love your hi's your pies supplies i love your sighs your thighs epitomize...


    Black Poetry : - Color Me "Bad"

    she told me no she told me go but she holds me so gently everytime we blow our chance to glow...


    Black Poetry : - Her Geography

    eve : i thought he was up to no good much less my Robin Hood therapist :...


    Black Poetry : - You Taught me Well

    if i were zoomin' to where you're roomin' would i find you groomin' for a boomin' good time if you read my neighborhood of rhymes or would i...


    Black Poetry : - Her Couch Potato

    to the contrast i only connected to your Comcast cable to table our issues and to tell you i miss you but...


    Black Poetry : - Deeply Indebted to Her

    my tooth ache's and ache's for this girl and it hurts badly enough to tempt me to curl around another sweetie pie when i'm lonely...


    Black Poetry : - Summarizing our Positives

    rock stars & women lifegaurds & swimming likewise, our pairings could have been brimming with the type of conversations that...


    Black Poetry : - Eve & Howard (Fairy Tales)

    evelyn : did you just kiss my mommy? howard : no, no, no .............


    Black Poetry : - The First Time

    eve : i thought I’d be sad but I was glad this Valentine's Day minister :...


    Black Poetry : - More Patience than Necessary

    how did i become your one & only to the point that you're sad and lonely without me? and how did your Sony get tuned into...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - A Better Person

    she raised the stakes and it boggles my mind i’m amazed at her steaks and how we toggle to climb i’m not phased but my...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Having Fun the Hard Way

    will i ever be her main feature instead of her main creature? cut!!!!!!!!!! Howard, how many times do I have to tell...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - All Tapped Out

    i'm riding in my Eagle Talon listening to Lilly Allen wishing it wasn't so easy for you to smile without my gallons registering on your...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Immersed in Rhythm

    she told me i had too many pianos playing in her water but my tunes could've caught her off gaurd if i played my i.d. cards right...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Legalized Gambling

    Eve put the telephone down not his upside down frown Howard was back in town he wasn’t supposed to come around although why this was the...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Her Ring Finger

    eve : why didn’t you bunt when you...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Freedom from Guessing

    Eve was sitting on her bed with so many thoughts going through her head what was it Howard said? oh yes, you have the fluffiest...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - S.U.V (sneaking under her vows)

    he threw some D'sss and then some e'sss and then some other vowels at me to set my mind at ease Eve ….. please ….. !!!!!...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - I've Been Waiting for It

    the three of us were just sitting there and all i could do was stare there was a fragrance in the morning air a pleasure that wasn't...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - 3000 Reasons to Try

    is she that good lookin' or just that good at cookin'? why isn't the fact she's tookin' waving your yellow flag? i know you're a fellow that...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Her Natural Selection

    i'm missing out while pretty girls are giving kisses out not to mention, my favorite tulip, who's granting wishes out to guys who doubt that...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Breaking her Fall

    the legend of their stable is something of a fable it's no myth that Howard put food on her table long after she told him that some other dude...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Her Distinguished Gentleman

    it was just the pain talking i had nothing to gain from balking i'd go insane if i thought i was walking away from the chance of a...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - You Bring it out of Me

    should i retire from writing poetry when i’m ready for you to flow with me? were you born to never “go with me”? would I be reborn...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - S.O.S (substance or style)

    i’ve written her so many poems to get her to appreciate my Vince-Sanity does she store them in her “vanity” do I bore her...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Understanding their Friendship

    why do their conversations last longer? is his personality stronger? i want to sing songs to her but i come across wrong to her...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Everyone Should Have her Heart

    howard : everytime i listen to Nickelback i want my favorite nickel back mr....


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Owner of a Lonely Heart

    i can't bear the thought of hearing go again i don't care if we fought. i want to glow again is it fair that she taught me to grow again when...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Just Another Guy

    to her naked eye I’m sweet and kind but when it comes to nudging me, my divinity fudge and me have yet to reach the happy regions of her mind...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Helping her across her Street

    if she's as "fly" as you say why don't the two of you fly away the sky is such big place to play just square up to that pretty face of hers...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - If Only I had Game

    her birthday wasn’t the first day we drunk her thirst away [Howard opens the...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - A Premium on Trust

    Eve was almost out of detergent and the issues between her and Howard were too urgent to deal with their resurgent emotions...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Opening her Door

    Eve turned on the lamp her eyes were still damp she couldn't believe the words written under the stamp Howard really was her heavyweight...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Eve & Howard (making up)

    howard : she’s got her Irish Spring so now she can have a fling...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Moving in Rhythm

    have you ever heard of a beautiful fire? she's a little less dangerous than a beautiful liar except her fire is a lot harder to control...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Happily Ever After

    [underground cave] assistant : did Eve’s dandy plan to make howard her candy man...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - Ringing her Bell

    as Eve stood in her backyard with a basket of dirty clothes at her feet her mind kept wandering back to that love letter Howard sent to her that was...


    Quiet Poetry Lounge : - What You're Seeing

    Howard was numb, not dumb she wasn’t a sweet girl to some but to him she added the sum of all his Auto Zone parts but still his car...


    Black Poetry : - A Needless Intervention

    some days were better than others [eve sighs] she put down the letter he’d eventually find another then...


    Black Poetry : - Lighter than Expected

    there was confusion in Eve's eyes she was desperately trying to get her dough to rise but it wouldn't it couldn't be...


    Black Poetry : - Waiting to Exhale

    howard : here’s the clencher i might say more than her majesty told me to censure...


    Black Poetry : - Our "Trust" Fund

    scout : i'll take a triple scooper vanila, pecan praline, & nutty coconut cashier :...


    Black Poetry : - As Much as I can Give her

    howard : is her game as sweet as her...


    Black Poetry : - Obligations

    morgan : Eve didn't like walking around the circular quay anymore it used to be an “eyesoar”...


    Black Poetry : - Some Major Issues

    Eve remembered that sunny day when Howard looked away she never did get a chance to say what was on her mind how did she get so far behind?...


    Black Poetry : - That's what it would Take

    Eve called Howard one more time this time she had plenty of nickel and dimes to spend on his...


    Black Poetry : - More than she Expected

    Howard nudged the key out of Eve’s lap and put on his Laker cap she didn’t budge it was obvious her nap was well needed if only she had...


    Black Poetry : - Too Pretty to Forget

    eve : these young ladies are too reserved howard : okay we’ll try again...


    Black Poetry : - My Hoop Dreams

    Eve found herself suddenly surrounded by white jerseys and was quite discouraged devin : come on Eve...


    Black Poetry : - Dripping with Possibilites

    Howard closed his eyes while waiting for the waitress's surprise this wasn't the first sunrise he disguised his...


    Black Poetry : - Beyond her Blueprint

    Betty’s hamburger was unusually dry considering it was the middle of July [leans back in chair]...


    Black Poetry : - We Sobered Up

    howard : so, will you accompany me on the cruise? Eve was amused, but confused at Howard's...


    Black Poetry : - Another Try

    howard : it's pretty much a blur but if you still want to listen pete :...


    Black Poetry : - The Latest Update

    eve : how many Mays do we have to miss before we get to kiss...


    Black Poetry : - Reconstructing our Future

    Eve declined the guy's request to recline she could tell he wanted to walk that tantalizing line with her but Howard was still on her mind...


    Black Poetry : - If it was Me

    Eve could resist but why she loved the way her smooth talking stranger arranged her coconut cream pie cheryl : Eve...


    Black Poetry : - Eve & Howard (layers untold)

    after she was seduced at midnight Eve deduced at midnight that her deuce at midnight might accept her truce at midnight...


    Black Poetry : - Business Partners

    eve : i'll see you at the Pacquiao fight tonight alright? howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Learning to Guess

    Howard found himself thinking of the upcoming summer while watching the upcoming Hummer eve : you know...


    Black Poetry : - The Way we Were

    Eve shut the door and closed the door to her sunrise and imagined what it would be like if Howard was meeting her every Wednesday for a...


    Black Poetry : - Freezing me Out

    detective #1 : he wasn't lying to his sleuth he was crying to his sleuth...


    Black Poetry : - A Couple of Laps Ahead

    after dinner Eve looked at her beginners and decided to begin her trip to her beginner maybe it was in her head that Howard was trying to...


    Black Poetry : - Made to Delight

    howard : the hardest part about playing chicken is knowing when to give an inch friend : i thought it was flinch [thinks for a moment]...


    Black Poetry : - The Eye of Her World

    be steadfast the way out will only come once howard : wait!!!!!! you're going to...


    Black Poetry : - In Over my Head

    Howard called his men back to the base private : do you think she’s headed to Anderson Air force base? howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Why i Can't Slow Down

    eve : you should've told me you were trying to socialize then i would've...


    Black Poetry : - Her American Gangster

    eve : do you believe Americans are capable of dreaming? howard : i don’t know about them...


    Black Poetry : - The Great Hunt

    verin : i've been thinking of a way to award her perhaps if you could be her Warder...


    Black Poetry : - What Drives Me

    therapist : so let me get this straight you're afraid there'll be episodes of sex in her...


    Black Poetry : - Her "Blue" Devil

    [Cameron Indoor Stadium] eve : could you give me some pointers on how to shoot a...


    Black Poetry : - Like Putty in his Hands

    director : okay people we've got two parts left Godzilla...


    Black Poetry : - What i Need

    howard : i like listening to You eve : are you talking about the song or me?...


    Black Poetry : - Getting Hitched

    howard : i'm unsatisfied friend : again?...


    Black Poetry : - Something in Common

    [Edward pulls up in his pick-up truck] honk!!!!! honk!!!!!!...


    Black Poetry : - An Unconventional Approach

    howard : is your mama going to vote for Obama? [Eve shrugs]...


    Black Poetry : - Unfinished Business

    erick : you understand this is Strictly business howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Her Guardian

    [Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Camp] howard : alright ladies sleep tight...


    Black Poetry : - Caught up in the Moment

    librarian : do you want to check one of her books out? howard : you mean Eve?...


    Black Poetry : - The Safest Journey

    howard : i don't think i'll ever see her again cathy : be clever Howard, you know...


    Black Poetry : - The Brazilian Affair

    they shared a gaze Howard was sure of it this was the part of their maze he couldn't phrase...


    Black Poetry : - Remixing her Heart

    howard : would you like your discs exchanged? eve : i sure would howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Seeing Double

    sam : you have to admit she's showing a lot of hearts al : and what about the Captain of her Heart...


    Black Poetry : - eve & howard (Outlaws)

    saloon girl : so you’re a writer [Howard smiles] among...


    Black Poetry : - When i Lost my Quarterback

    eve : if we travel to Green Bay would you unravel in Green Bay? remember, there's...


    Black Poetry : - My Crowning Achievement

    steve : are you willing to entertain her? howard : of course, i'm an entertainer steve :...


    Black Poetry : - Doing the Bossa Nova

    howard : are you The Girl from Ipanema? [handing her a Zima] eve : yes howard...


    Black Poetry : - The Real Illusion

    rob : what a pair characters big : but they have character...


    Black Poetry : - Making a Difference

    howard : why am i so easy to guard? childhood buddy : maybe they keep catching you off guard...


    Black Poetry : - Her Third Party

    wow i’m starving me too they open the door everybody :...


    Black Poetry : - A Clean Start

    howard : we had a lot to gain dr. phil : so you applied a...


    Black Poetry : - Definity

    howard : ouch Eve that hurt you know one day that won’t be...


    Black Poetry : - Her Whip Appeal

    eve : What's Ur Name? Howard eve : you sure? howard :...


    Black Poetry : - A Super-Sized Fantasy

    eve : your eyes say Krispy Kreme but your hi's say McDonald's howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Holding her Trump Card

    howard : just a minute maid could i have some lemonade? eve : we have some...


    Black Poetry : - My Frozen Favorite

    howard : those cool and creamy treats always hit the spot eve : i know...


    Black Poetry : - Incentives

    eve : it surprises me the way he prizes me it's as if his Publisher's...


    Black Poetry : - The Next Move

    howard : could you hand me that Q-Tip? q-tip : sure [hands it to...


    Black Poetry : - Making her Famous

    eve : are you still my buffalo? [caressing her fingers] howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Doing the 1,2 Step

    eve : did you tell your mother about the other chicks? howard : what other chicks? eve...


    Black Poetry : - The Spy who Loved Me

    friend : come on, one more lap howard : i’m tired friend : shh...


    Black Poetry : - Twin Desires

    Eve opened the giant book hoping to take a giant look at her giant eve : look!!!!!!!! friend #1 :...


    Black Poetry : - Sometimes, Things Work Out

    eve : chill Howie!!! we'll get to Chilhowee Park soon howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Missing her Cheerios

    howard : if we were to touch would that be asking for too much while...


    Black Poetry : - Making them Unforgettable

    howard : i couldn’t believe it he actually caught it friend :...


    Black Poetry : - Almost There

    [taking off their disguises] friend : now that’s what i’m talking about perfectly toned...


    Black Poetry : - My Delivery Girl

    howard : now that’s a home sweet home ballad Eve eve : thank you stay...


    Black Poetry : - After a Little bit of Golden Grain

    judge : that's ludicrous Disturbing the Peace? this sweet innocent girl...


    Black Poetry : - Another Check-Up

    eve : what are you doing in the back of my car??!! howard : Eve...


    Black Poetry : - The Big Ticket

    kevin : just tell her the truth howard : and how far will that carry me? kevin :...


    Black Poetry : - Almost Everything she Needs

    customer : watch this i bet this’ll get an instant reaction out of her eve :...


    Black Poetry : - Her Stimulus Package

    eve : i need a bail-out honey howard : i'm all out of bail-out money eve :...


    Black Poetry : - The Origins of our Recipe

    howard : i'm unsatisfied friend : again?...


    Black Poetry : - Our Trade Deficit

    guy #1 : he's head over heels guy #2 : i can tell guy #1 :...


    Black Poetry : - Why i "Broadcast"

    jim davis : have you ever been in love before? howard : i've been in love before jim davis...


    Black Poetry : - My Secondary Education

    teacher : so Howard what do you think about the Russian attack? howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Teaching her to Fly

    howard : that lass is half full friend : how do you know? howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Worth the Effort

    eve : Howard if i had've known how your back felt i would've taken off my black belt...


    Black Poetry : - Her Power Play

    eve : i'm looking for a hot ticket can you help me spot a ticket? howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Shopping for my Partner

    eve : i'll give them a call sweetheart [picks up one of her cell phones]...


    Black Poetry : - The Sweetest Date

    assistant : did you catch the train? howard : no, i missed it assistant :...


    Black Poetry : - A Hard Surface to Win On

    bill : are you upset that Howard was upset? henry : no, i was...


    Black Poetry : - Collecting her Royalties

    eve : she's glamorous howard : yes she is eve : so, are we...


    Black Poetry : - Following my Instincts

    after her Hawk had won her Hawk was done Eve i’m ready to have some fun you want to go out and listen to some jazz sure Howard...


    Black Poetry : - At the Edge of Love

    nick : maybe if you were more sightly you'd have a chance with girls...


    Black Poetry : - Believe it or not, i Made the first Move

    friend : thanks for giving me a chance howard : hey, it's Thanksgiving...


    Black Poetry : - A Major Influence

    kelly : nice shots howard : check this one out now that’s hot...


    Black Poetry : - Arrested Development

    [inside Eve's car] betty : what's the name of this song? eve : Tennessee betty :...


    Black Poetry : - Wowsers!!!!!!!!

    penny : look!!! what a cook eve : let me see that...


    Black Poetry : - A Better Mission

    howard : i’m going outside jennifer : okay i’ll be out there in a minute...


    Black Poetry : - A Novel Idea

    teacher : guys you're missing the skill of conversating there is a thrill to conversating...


    Black Poetry : - I'd Remember You

    passenger : you've got The Look of Love who gave it to you? howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Electronically Linked

    eve : how can you not remember when there was so much to that December howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Comforting Her

    eve : Howard, don't leave Texas stay here and i'll take you anywhere you want in my new Lexus...


    Black Poetry : - Opening her Heart

    m : you know, this could loosen her up [Howard looks at the binder] yes...


    Black Poetry : - I'm through Crumbling for Her

    linda : i like this coffee cake what's in it eve : just the usual ingredients...


    Black Poetry : - Unbound by Passion

    alice : Howard when will your lover be revealed? howard : sorry...


    Black Poetry : - Analyzing her French Toast

    officer : Eve’s jeans were a little less than perfect which was unusual partner :...


    Black Poetry : - Entertaining Her

    eve : that was the best plan ever Howard howard : all i did was suggest that it would be best...


    Black Poetry : - A League of their Own

    Eve locked the reason why she swore she’d never let Howard walk across her floor again Eve he needs your rapport huh? Eve turns around...


    Black Poetry : - Her Frozen Section

    eve : i'm sorry Howard, i'm not rolling the dice you weren't nice howard :...


    Black Poetry : - Her Hero

    [the principal’s office] howard : and in a flash Eve was gone kid : wow!!!!!!! can i...


    Black Poetry : - Living to Please Her

    Eve buttoned her shirt she didn't mean to flirt what if she made a few comments about Ernie and Bert that shouldn’t hurt but Howard was...


    Black Poetry : - Celebrity Rehab

    howard : help i’ve fallen and i can’t get up 911 operator :...


    Black Poetry : - Close to Comfort

    howard : are we in Arkansas yet? eve : we just passed through Little Rock...


    Black Poetry : - A Love Triangle

    eve : Bryan are you cryin'? what's wrong "sniff" bryan :...


    Black Poetry : - The Origins of our Recipe

    howard : i'm unsatisfied friend : again?...


    Black Poetry : - How to Play Texas Hold em

    howard : Eve will you be my Texas princess? eve : you’re not just saying that because she...


    Black Poetry : - The Origins of our Recipe

    howard : i'm unsatisfied friend : again?...


    Black Poetry : - How to Play Texas Hold em

    howard : Eve will you be my Texas princess? eve : you’re not just saying that because she...


    Black Poetry : - Business Partners

    as the three sharks turn around to look at Howard eve : i'll see you at the Pacquiao fight tonight...


    Black Poetry : - Her Blademaster

    howard : what are you reading? eve : Twice the Night Howard that's twice tonight what's wrong? howard : i don't know Eve just a feeling...


    Black Poetry : - Answered Prayers

    eve : Howard we can do this one day at a time if we read to each other One Day at a Time howard : but why this particular book eve : you’re right...


    Black Poetry : - The Way we Were

    Eve shut the door and closed the door to her sunrise and imagined what it would be like if Howard was meeting her every Wednesday for a Thickburger...


    Black Poetry : - Regaining my Swagger

    eve’s husband : Howard i didn't know you were going to make it your life's work to talk about my wife's work howard : i didn’t either...


    Black Poetry : - Touching me with Fire

    eve : do you think it's in vogue to romance a charming rogue? jodi : if his...
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  9. Eric Holder on voter ID laws: ‘We call those poll taxes’


    Speaking before the NAACP, Attorney General Eric Holder departed from his prepared speech on Tuesday, decrying voter ID laws that have been proposed in 10 states so far. Talking Points Memo reports:
    "Under the proposed law, concealed handgun licenses would be acceptable forms of photo ID, but student IDs would not," Holder said. "Many of those without IDs would have to travel great distances to get them, and some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them. We call those poll taxes."
    Holder isn't the first to say such laws are racist. Benjamin Todd Jealous, CEO and president of the NCAAP, evoked the civil rights movement Monday, comparing the moment to "Selma and Montgomery times." Jealous unilaterally opposed the laws, saying, "Simply put, the NAACP will never stand by as any state tries to encode discrimination into law."

    Eric Holder on voter ID laws: ‘We call those poll taxes’

    Click image to view more photos. (Chris Graythen/Getty Images) Speaking before the NAACP, Attorney General Eric Holder departed from his prepared speech on Tuesday, decrying voter ID laws that have been proposed in 10 states so far. Talking...


    Twisted politics forces people into ridiculous positions.. on the surface.. requiring ID to prove you are who you say you are and that you do indeed have the right to vote seems like a no-brainer. Anyone designing a voting system would most certainly want to ensure the integrity of the election results. But what about if you wanted to ensure that those results could be manipulated? What kind of system would you design? Exactly: A system that does not require ID. And that system was.. to use an unexplainably black idiomatic expression.. "all fine and good" until the tables were turned.. and the ones that had traditionally derived the greatest benefit from that system are finding themselves holding the short end of the stick.. or so it seems. But if anything is certain on this Earth.. its that Texas's Electoral votes will be going to a Republican.. ID or no ID... so why the fuss?
    What is really behind the wrongly-convicted/executed capital of the Western world's sudden obsession with integrity? The last election wasn't even close compared to the two previous elections featuring their own George Bush.. So why this now?

    I'll give you a hint.. it has absolutely nothing to do with the integrity of poll results..
    The fuss is part of an overall scheme to make the Obama administration look as unreasonable as possible. And to the uniformed voter.. . the first-time voter.. that is not able or willing to keep-up with the ever-changing context-sensitive partisan-political scorecard.. this whole idea of consider and ID requirement as a Poll Taxwill seem moderately unreasonable at best.. and completely ridiculous at worst. But the real question is will they see it as more unreasonable than the oppositions platform?
    I say No.. but taken together with the President's ill-timed Biden-forced endorsement of Gay marriage, it may siphon-off a few percentage points of support to a pie-in-the-sky Independent candidate or to no one at all.

    Now.. with all of that said..

    The danger in this lay in any attempt by Obama supporters to argue this case on the merits of the surface issue.. requiring ID to vote. That is a trap issue. And you dont want to find yourself defending this solely on the merits of the surface context. The way to handle that is to cut across the surface issue and acknowledge the tactical political nature of this particular fight. But to do that.. you have to have a deeper understanding of the issues and whats really at stake... and the same goes for every other issue on the table. We have to evolve from the cheer-leading phase and begin to cultivate a deeper understanding of the Political landscape. Obama has, at most, 4 more years.. that's it, that's all.. and the whole black president thing is a wash if we don't use this time to march toward that deeper understanding. Everything he does can be undone.. he's temporary.. but the people will persist.. and the lessons learned from this whole experience must be folded into the fabric of our culture and remembered long after Obama walks out of the White House.. and later is better than sooner.. but either way, that day will come.

    But is it Racism?

    I don't think Racism is the right word in this situation.. really.. it's politics. The President is Black.. The First lady is Black.. The Attorney General is Black.. Even the Surgeon General is Black.. Black people are in Politically powerful positions.. you can't ignore that and skip over to claims of Racism.. This is Politics. And it's dirty and it's tiring.. but thats the game.. and if we're going to play it, we gotta stop pulling out that race card at every challenge. Of course the opposition want's Obama out.. just like we wanted Bush out.. and they wanted Clinton out.. that's the nature of the game. It's my opinion that we do ourselves, as a people, a disservice when we frame every challenge in terms of Racism. These are political to challenges in the perpetual struggle for power that we call "Democracy".. It's time to grow out of that impulse.. and update our rhetoric.

    Like I said.. Obama has no more than 4 and half more years in office.. Then what?
    If we don't use his time in office to grow politically, then we will be doing ourselves a tremendous disservice. We have to begin to frame these things outside of race.. that's a made hand and you can't win with it.. even when you do win, you lose. It's a framework that limits vision and growth.

    If the Republicans lose this election, they will be forced to flush their ideology and re-tool the party platform.. or risk losing their corporate sponsorship.. and do you know where that corporate sponsorship will go then? To the Democratic party. Democrats will become the new representatives of corporate interests.. I personally think they already are.. I think both parties are two sides of the same coin.. but the money flows to where the power is.. and thats really what American politics is all about.. Money.
  10. Peace @Omowalejabali.. cherryblossom, Kemetstry, Destee and every body else..

    I think Omowalejabali's post above makes a key point. Not being willing to do what it takes to protect our communities is a gargantuan failure. it is, in my opinion.. the primary failure. And yes, I'm familiar with the reasons why.. but "why" doesn't bring that mother back her son.. or that daughter back her dignity.. or that son back from drug addiction. This failure to protect our people is a great source of division and confusion within our culture in America.

    The jails are full of folks that have murdered or assaulted others over money.. or property.. or reputation. Black men have proven that they are not afraid of jail.. not even afraid of death. So, if we are going to die.. and we are going to be jailed.. why not let it be for noble reasons? We're going to jail for being the dope dealer.. when we should be going to jail for breaking his legs.. or blowing up his car.. with all the guns.. and lack of police protection in the hood.. the forces for righteousness should be handling their business.. That church on the corner should have an Armory in the basement.. and those streets should be safe with or without the police. Folks doing wrong should be disappearing.. The fact that that is not happening is a tremendous failure.. and is responsible for what I call "the respect-drain" in black communities.

    Folks often ask why some women like thugs.. believe it or not.. this is part of it.. a person willing to go against the status quo for what he wants.. is more attractive than a man that allows the law to press him into social impotence. Those dudes protect their communities.. they protect their territories.. and they do it despite the law.. now.. even though they protecting those areas just so they can do wrong.. they are still exuding the strength that men in western society are supposed to exude.

    If this was a black-only nation.. their would be a civil war between the underworld dudes and everybody else..

    Remember this scene between these brothers in the Mack:

    This is one of the internal struggles that we have to confront.. it's the same issue that comes up whenever a black person is shot by the cops.. and one side says "shame on the cops".. and the other side says, "shame on the black man".. and both sides are right.. and both things need to be dealt with.. but if we are going to be a group.. and share a fate.. we have to deal with our internal issues first.. we have to come together.. and that may have to be a violent process.. but it needs to happen.. and then we can deal with the outside. It's either that.. or just walk from the whole thing and be an individual.

    what say you?

    - Peace
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  11. The basic question asks, "How does mandatory health insurance differ from mandatory car insurance?"..

    My response:

    Car insurance is only required for people with Cars. Health insurance is required for people with Health.. it's a much larger net.​

    but like car insurance, the more you use it, the higher the premiums become.. it has to.. because insurance is based on probability.. it's profitable because most people don't actually use it. If those insurance companies would have paid out for Katrina.. they would have been bankrupted.. it's a scam system. Now we have it applied to healthcare which most people also don't use often.. but we have to pay or be penalized whether we need it or not. And if we all do need it, the prices are going to rise.. and then the tax is going to rise.. and it's just a matter of time before it becomes a tyranny in it's own right.. AND the clock is always ticking. We have for the first time a tax associated with citizenship.. and it's under the jurisdiction of the IRS. So it's not like Car insurance.. where if you don't pay, you lose your coverage.. no.. this one is.. pay or else we will penalize you.. and the juice is running until you do pay.​
    Anyone ever tangled with the IRS knows what I'm talking about.​

    So for me, the problem really has to do with the fact that we are being required to pay premiums that include profits for the insurance companies.. and as their profit goals increase, our taxes will increase.. it's like giving greedy people control of tax revenue. I think a better initiative would have been to build Government hospitals in every state and offer free care.. the money spent by the government would be going strait back into the economy in the form of jobs.. it would be a massive buildout that would create thousands of jobs.. similar to Roosevelt's National park initiative.. but just giving the money to insurance companies while not targeting any regulation on profits.. or medical costs.. like Pharmaceuticals just sets us up for corporate abuse. Johnson and Johson make 13 Billion in profit last year on 60 billion in revenue.. and Kaiser did 6 billion over the last two years.. and they still wants to raise premiums.. The rich run from industry to industry exploiting the taxpayers.. and the government simply facilitates their will.​

    What can we do?... nothing really.. Just buy some stock and ride the wave like everybody else.. Healthcare industry profits will reach record highs over the next 4 years..​