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  1. As I enter into this stage of my life I feel very grateful. I give thanks to the creator and I am aware of the mishaps and trials that he pulled me through. I give many thanks to all who have encouraged and acknowledged me. Thanks for everything you do!! Love & Blessings!!:hearts1:
  2. My Precious Gem

    Aunt Lula you shined so bright, with your consistent encouragement, positivity and gracious insight

    God gave you a smile that was so divine, anyone in your presence was special and refined

    You flourished daily with your stewardship, always showing kindness and goodwill

    No one was denied your love, they were only fulfilled

    You kept the faith and continued to shine, like precious diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies,

    We are grateful for you and the abundant memories

    My love and respect for you will never cease, good and faithful servant, I bid you peace.
  3. Is the mind so corrupt and influenced by the environment that it cannot be reversed? Folks are exhibiting behaviors that are so tragic, disturbing and outright devilish. This European mutant behavior had become so prevalent in other communities that it is not being managed or attended to.
    Does it make everyone vulnerable or is it going to be considered acceptable?
    The human mind is a powerful force but if it is manipulated and controlled without resistance it will no longer be able to exist. Holla if you hear me!!!!
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  4. We are living in a time limited space. Time continues to move as we go into ourselves and find deep love. Love can ease the pain of loneliness and isolation. Love is our refuge and strength. It will last until we deny it.
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