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  1. Reaching a goal in life brings about a momentary sense of satisfaction. But mostly it just forces me into a deeper state of humility and contemplation. Because I realize how much larger the ultimate objectives truly are, and how far I remain from achieving them. Beyond this realm of trinkets, jewels, glad hands, and shiny objects.

    The accomplishments of this world do bring temporary happiness, but they are fleeting and so do not fulfill or sustain me for long. The ego smiles and then craves more. It is an impossible victory to claim. No gold medal is enough. No cracker jack prize will raise the spirit’s flag. I continue to learn new aspects of this lesson as the years pass by. They are harsh, yet necessary. Karma is never mistaken.

    When someone wrongs me, I do not seek revenge or wish any ill will upon them. In fact, the opposite. I hope they eventually find peace. After all, that’s what each of us is seeking in turn. Some with clearer vision than others. So be it. We all walk in darkness when shadows call. It is those that have fallen the furthest into the abyss that oftentimes find the strength to eventually soar and shine light in the end. They are my brightest teachers.
  2. Lord Jesus, we can on our own do nothing but with you staying attached to your vine we can bare fruit. Fruit that will last onto eternal life.
    Further, Lord I need a touch of your holy spirit in my life to be rescued from my sin. I have doubts swirling from within but I look to thee.
    Each path that I take make no mistake my heart needs to be fixed on the Lord. Thank you dear God for the reading of your word. It is my responsibility as a believer to walk in your ways dear Lord.
    Every Wednesday I attend prayer service at Calvary Baptist Church I feel a great awakening to the call of the holy spirit in my life their.
    Prayer for those who maybe in harms way the President & dignitaries. Let us have true yoke fellowship with one another standing in the gap in one agreement. Further,
    let us serve Christ with a pure heart with pure intentions help us to be loved as the father loves us in return. Thank you for this opportunity in coming in agreement with Jesus Christ. Lastly, empty my heart from vice that exceeds all limits of bondage I cleave to the rock in Christ Jesus the lord, Amen
  3. Trying something different as a poet learning to use my senses in light of all that Iv'e written in the past. My poems extend precious jewels that take hold of me. Wanting to share with others who have an attentive ear. Trying to stay humble in the art of creative writing as I function day by day. Thank you for the unique opportunity in reading my works I love you all. From my heart to yours.

    Each day you learn something new in writing but what I do differently then most poets is I always give positive feedback. Even if you rat tail suck in writing i believe never to give negative feedback. What you put out their will certainly come back to you.
    Make no mistake I'm a work in progress, but I will never relent to stand ever more determined in putting my best foot forward. Stay with me now, but I believe the positive feedback is golden in achieving your goals. You don't learn if your always being ***** slapped over the head by how many grammatical errors you are putting forth. When writing just be yourself and if somebody doesn't approve of your work then shame on them.
  4. I was born in 1970 Bristol hospital.

    A young nurse took me in her arms and said that I would one day become a success,

    As the years would pass I was heavy in the arts used to sing and act.

    Was an altar boy at St. Pius Church.

    In time I would act in my senior class play, "The Mystery Of Edwin Drood"

    Where I had the lead role as the Narrator,

    I touched many hearts with that performance in 1989,

    Was hospitalized with mono that same year for two weeks long,

    Also that same year I became prom king of my class Wolcott High School,

    After the break up with my first grilfriend in 1989 I wrote the poem entitled, "Remembrance of a loved one" where I had it published on

    As the years passed I would write over 4,000 poems and 5 short stories toward my platform,

    My poetry is based on the free verse style of writing,

    Was published in 10 venues such as Writerscafe, Neopoet, Hello poetry, Poem Hunter, Booksie, Poetryvibe, Poetrysoup,, Poets Know It &

    I was saved by God at the tender age of nine in Charlotte Carolina where I came to know the Lord that was in 1979,

    Today I continue to write poetry was published on Spillwords, High On Poetry, Tuck Magazine & Setu Magazine.

    My main emphasis in writing poetry is to share with the mass populace touching many hearts.

    Hope you can read my poetry.
  5. Sometimes it's hard to remain strong... especially when you are the one feeling weak and there are countless others out there who are counting on you to be the strong one. I'm sending this message out to anyone out there who suffers from anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue. You are NOT alone and I promise you... there ARE people out there who actually care and want to see you succeed. Whatever you're going through right now, please believe me it will pass and there will be light beyond the clouds. Stay strong, have faith, and seek hope through seeking help. Please...above all things... DO NOT GIVE Up !
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  6. Keep love in your hearts I know that times are hard. People are out of work and get hurt by negativity. See grace strengthens one's heart. A pessimistic spirit hinders or in some cases takes your joy away. love should be the very essence of one's inner existence learn to shun its resistance at every circumstance. learn to take part in the dance of love. love for your neighbor even if there a bit grumpy after all were only human people have there moments. Become a beacon of light to a hurting world in great need of love. Lift up your voice never be a coward sitting in the corner alone. Only one life is soon to be passed only what's done for love's sake will last !
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  7. Hey party people I’m in the house. O.K. here it goes with my two cents again its actually 50 cents cause I’m broke. But true love this is my heart now peeps. I see love as in having a Destee convention when and where we can get together. Yes, love exists with everyone that I encounter here you all have a special place in my heart. Off the cuff wait a minute let me compose myself I just shed a little tear to numb the pain. Music is love to my feet a chance at which to meet and greet it can also sing the blues just like Huey Lewis & the news. Your giving me goose bumps as I become a socially wandering wizard. Now its time to deliver love has gained it also has lost humanities heaviest of cost. Loves springs as if a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of a voice. Now enough of my rant it comes down to choice. Love is in my higher power in the hour that takes you higher then ever before. Love is like Prince and the Revolution always coming up with a solution. Now enough said cause I gotta go to bed peace.
  8. Personally feel I need to address the issue of love head on. Well, here it go :
    Simply put life is about choices from the day to day. Each of us is responsible as adults for the choices that we make in life. Got to keep in mind I’m not talking about perfection cause no one is perfect we all stumble in some way or form. Yet fundamentally they main emphasis comes down to love. If I base my life around myself and pay no thought for my fellow brother then what good am I. I don’t claim to be prophet nor a teacher just simply a friend. A friend who unites hearts. Regardless of background or environmental affiliation. In essence we all need each other in this life. Others to pull us up when are heads are drifting down. If I touched one human heart with my message of love then my life was worth the living. In support of friends on Destee I tip my hat to you lovingly. Let us be ever mindful that we are toward one another following the example of love.
  9. "Whenever someone recites a list of great poets, they bring up Dickinson, Hughes, and Frost. Those are all great poets but am I wrong for thinking of someone like Nas into these categories... for example

    An excerpt of Emily Dickinson's - I measure every Grief I meet
    I measure every Grief I meet
    With narrow, probing, Eyes --
    I wonder if It weighs like Mine --
    Or has an Easier size.

    I wonder if They bore it long --
    Or did it just begin --
    I could not tell the Date of Mine --
    It feels so old a pain --

    I wonder if it hurts to live --
    And if They have to try --
    And whether -- could They choose between --
    It would not be -- to die --

    Compared to Nas's most popular song (The World is Yours)..

    I'm the young city bandit, hold myself down singlehanded
    For murder raps, I kick my thoughts alone, get remanded
    Born alone, die alone, no crew to keep my crown or throne
    I'm deep by sound alone, caved inside in a thousand miles from home
    I need a new *****, for this black cloud to follow
    Cause while it's over me it's too dark to see tomorrow
    Trying to maintain, I flip, fill the clip to the tip
    Picturin my peeps, now the income make my heartbeat skip
    And I'm amped up, they locked the champ up, even my brain's in handcuffs
    Headed for Indiana stabbin women like the Phantom
    The crew is lampin big Willie style
    Check the chip toothed smile, plus I profile wild
    Stash through the flock wools, burnin dollars to light my stove
    Walk the blocks wit a bop, checkin Danes plus the games
    people play, bust the problems of the world today

    Isn't it arguable to call many golden age rappers prime poets? Rhyming wise, "The World is Yours" is just better"- Yahoo Answers
  10. We learn of the existence of Satan by reading the Bible and that is our only reliable source of any proof or evidence for his existence. If you do not believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God then you are in serious trouble looking for invalid sources of truth in the other books of the world. You can read about Satan’s existence and activities like in Mark 4:15, Luke 4:8, Luke 13:16 and Acts 26:18 to name only a few verses that teach of his existence. I pray that you learn to study this subject in order to learn that Satan does exist and that he is your enemy.
  11. Last one, A woman has twin boys and gives them up for adoption. One goes to a family in Egypt, and is named "Amahl." The other goes to a family in Spain and is named "Juan." Years later, Juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mom. Upon receiving the picture, she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of Amahl. Her husband responds, "But they are identical twins. If you've seen Juan, you've seen Amahl.
  12. Tupac Shakur is my heart you can all down play his contributions all you want to me he’s ace. Not only was he an excellent poet but also a rapper with heavy edged material. Tupac walked with his head held high & brought a lot to the table.
    Creativity was in his genes Tupac exhibited a high calibur of poems throughout his life.

    “Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known by his stage names 2Pac and Makaveli, was an American rapper and actor. Shakur has sold over 75 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. His double disc albums All Eyez on Me and his Greatest Hits are among the best-selling albums in the United States. Shakur is consistently ranked as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time, and he has been listed and ranked as one of the greatest artists of any genre by many publications, including Rolling Stone, which ranked him 86th on its list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. On April 7, 2017, Shakur was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”- Wiki
  13. Yes, we love atheists matter of fact my best friend is & my own brother. We need a real heart that is saturated with the truth and love of God. This is in order to withstand the truest test of time. Life can be difficult at times even as Christians its not all pie in the sky happy go lucky. But in the essence the beauty of the rich gospel manifest love. From the old testament of the bible to the new its a love letter for everyone willing to accept the mighty truth of the gospel. Not about being perfect but continuing to believe in a perfect savior the power greater then self. If we stayed quiet as Christians the very rocks themselves would speak out.
  14. We can see it in the television and read it in the Sunday times.
    Life is to short for compromise my friends a word to the wise.
    Each of us is responsible for our actions to a holy God.
    We are given so much time to help out each other.
    There are those toxic people in our society that want to bring us down

    Still have a song in your heart and a dance to your step.
    Love should become the essence of one's existence shun the resistance.
    Keep it real to the heart just some thoughts by which to ponder.
    Poet Mario William Vitale
  15. Out of credibility we can look deep inside & seek.
    Sought a peace digging deeper then ever before.
    Today there are lines being drawn in the sand
    So I hope you all understand the premise of this discussion.
    Which is to stop the hate immediately and join hands in love for your fellow man
    Time is certainly short and with time we can’t ever get it back.
    I’m through with trying to tell people how to live their lives and I’m focusing my energy on the creative writing of poetry.
    Further, I extend an olive branch loving tender blessing to all those that don’t believe in God even to those that do.
    Realizing we all fall short of who we are to become as men and women of faith.
    Love should become the essence of our inner existence let us learn to shun its resistance.
    Out of every circumstance we can show love not hate.
    Ultimately everyone has free will & your heart can’t beat something it clearly will not.
    I’m happy to report that my poetry has affected those non believers, atheists and believers in a most positive way.
    Let us show appreciation to one another & again stop all the hate that going around.
    Out of sincere peace,
    Mario William Vitale