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  1. Keeping it real from the heart. I wish to express my deepest admiration & love towards the creative arts. It has built for me a platform where I could reach society. There are many hearts that I struck a chord with along my journey. I send a shout out to those who maybe searching for a reason to belong. Poetry can take you to places that people only dream to venture to. Places such as a kingdom with an actual dragon inside. Soar to new heights with your love to the arts to em...bark on discussing topics of love that reach the heart. Today more then ever in society we need to be purified in the mere essence of love. if it's in a higher power that you seek after then so be it. But begin to use your gifts and talents in a capacity that we could share with others. In time you will shine if you don't give up on the faith & hope that we are guaranteed. Blessing will flow from your heart that the true part of your existence is not relied on the selfishness but being selfless the exact opposite. I love you all as I have deeply prepared this message from my heart to you today. Go in peace & love each other.
  2. We can each do our part in society. Maybe fix a flat tire for a neighbor or offer a cup of cool water to a stranger. Go to the widow & orphans in their affliction. I'm keeping it real people. Only one life is soon to be passed only what's done out of love will last. Pray with all of your might maybe write a poem so others can read and enjoy. We each have hidden abilities and talents that we need to be putting into use. To the beggar out on the street destitude for no daily bread. To the laborer in the factory we need to be busy about the fathers business. No one knows the hour or even the day of the savior's return. But he asks us to be ready. These are the marching orders out of love within my heart to you. Stop all hate and negativity. Choose to put a big smile on your face instead of a frown. Perhaps go to a soup kitchen to volunteer your time. Believe me in time you will see the benefits & blessings flow as long as you have love in your heart. When it comes to music sing or rap on topics that will benefit the soul. Our mindsets need to be focused on a selfless agenda intead of being so selfish. Yet in the end it's our choice in how we want to proceed out of life. This is from my heart to yours & thoughts by which to ponder.
  3. Ladies, You Need A Double Dose Of The Holy Ghost If that Don't Jell Put On Some Berry White. Kick your heels up & draw up a bubble bath. Light a nice candle with fragrance to fill the room. We need to return to our first love of romance. God didn't make us to be a stoic or a grumbling child of his. No Jesus poured down his many talents and riches upon you to be blessed. With your fine self. Then relax again with some Keith Sweat or soft tunes of Kenny G. Be the real lady that... you are on the inside. Don't try to hide away your gold. Shine your full light onto everyone you see. Only one life is soon to be passed only what's done out of love will last. You were created in the very image of God. So hold your head up high & smile. Be brave when a man looks deep into your eyes then he can see his future filled up with hope for a better tommorow. Amidst the given sorrow. Amen
  4. Your the voice that many of us wish we could your inner simplistic sense you evoke a revolution that is charged with a timeless gift of love. Standing further as a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of creative arts. Never relent to give up on the fight stand tall & smile !
    We all could write poetry if we wish the truth is we just chose not to.
    Many have a judge mental spirit that kills creativity in the arts.
    Hearts must take heed to the real call of love to light the inner spark of what they are truly waiting for.
    Face it, rejection is very common in the poets life but don't let that deter you in living up to your fullest potential.
    There are those whop constantly look to the mistakes that other poets make & they rub it in your face for it.
    Now is the time to relax & enjoy yourself in the arts & share the beauty of your latest creation to the mass populace.