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  1. When the God has overcome the Apophis Serpent, his old nightly, annual, and eternal enemy, he exclaims, "I come! I have made my way! I have come like the sun, through the gate of the one who likes to deceive and destroy, otherwise called the 'viper.' I have made my way! I have bruised the serpent, I have passed."
    But the more express representation in the mysteries was that of the annual sun as the Elder Horus, or Atum. As Julius Firmicus says: "In the solemn celebration of the mysteries, all things in order had to be done which the youth either did or suffered in his death."
    Diodorus Siculus rightly identified the "whole fable of the underworld," that was dramatised in Greece, as having been copied "from the ceremonies of the Egyptian funerals," and so brought on from Egypt into Greece and Rome. One part of this mystery was the portrayal of the suffering Sun-God in a feminine phase. When the suffering sun was ailing and ill, he became female, such being a primitive mode of expression. Luke describes the Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane as being in a great agony, "and his sweat was, as it were, great drops of blood falling to the ground." This experience the
    Gnostics identified with the suffering of their own hemorrhoidal Sophia, whose passion is the original of that which is celebrated during Passion week, the "week of weeping in Abtu," and which constitutes the fundamental mystery of the Rosy Cross, and the Rose of Silence.
    In this agony and bloody sweat the Christ simply fulfils the character of Osiris Tesh-Tesh, the red sun, the Sun-God that suffers his agony and bloody sweat in Smen, whence Gethsmen, or Gethsemane. Tesh means the bleeding, red, gory, separate, cut, and wounded; tesh-tesh is the inert form of the God whose suffering, like that of Adonis, was represented as feminine, which alone reaches a natural origin for the type. He was also called Ans-Ra, or the sun bound up in linen.
    So natural were the primitive mysteries!
    My attention has just been called to a passage in Lycophron, who lived under Ptolemy Philadelphus between 310 and 246 B.C. In this Heracles is referred to as
    "That three-nighted lion, whom of old
    Triton's fierce dog with furious jaw devoured,
    Within whose bowels, tearing of his liver,
    He rolled, burning with heat, though without fire,
    His head with drops of sweat bedewed all o'er."
    This describes the God suffering his agony and sweat, which is called the "bloody flux" of Osiris. Here the nights are three in number. So the Son of Man was to be three nights as well as three days in the "heart of the earth." In the Gospels this prophecy is not fulfilled; but if we include the night of the bloody sweat, we have the necessary three nights, and the Mythos becomes perfect. In this phase the suffering Sun was the Red Sun, whence the typical Red Lion.
    As Atum, the red sun is described as setting from the Land of Life in all the colours of crimson, or Pant, the red pool. This clothing of colours is represented as a "gorgeous robe" by Luke; a purple robe by Mark; and a robe of scarlet by Matthew. As he goes down at the Autumn Equinox, he is the crucified. His mother, Nu, or Meri, the heaven, seeing her son, the Lord of Terror, greatest of the terrible, setting from the Land of Life, with his hands drooping, she becomes obscure, and there is great darkness over all the land, as at the crucifixion described by Matthew, in which the passing of the Lord of Terror is rendered by the terrible or "loud cry" of the Synoptic version. The Sun-God causes the dead, or those in the earth, to live as he passes down into the under-world, because, as he entered the earth, the tombs were opened, i.e., figuratively. But it is reproduced literally by Matthew.
    The death of Osiris, in the Ritual, is followed by the "Night of the Mystery of the Great Shapes," and it is explained that the night of the Great Shapes is when there has been made the embalming of the body of Osiris, "the Good Being, justified for ever." In the chapter on "the night of the laying-out" of the dead body of Osiris, it is said that "Isis rises on the night of the laying-out of the dead body, to lament over her brother Osiris." And again: "The
    night of the laying-out" (of the dead Osiris) is mentioned, and again it is described as that on which Isis had risen "to make a wail for her brother."
    But this is also the night on which he conquers his enemies, and "receives the birthplace of the Gods." "He tramples on the bandages they make for their burial. He raises his soul, and conceals his body." So the Christ is found to have unwound the linen bandages of burial, and they saw the linen in one place, and the napkin in another. He too conceals his body!
    This is closely reproduced, or paralleled, in John's Gospel, where it is Mary Magdalene who rises in the night and comes to the sepulchre, "while it was yet dark," to find the Christ arisen, as the conqueror of death and the grave. In John's version, after the body is embalmed in a hundred pounds weight of spice, consisting of myrrh and aloes, we have the "night of the mystery of the shapes": "For while it was yet dark, Mary Magdalene coming to the sepulchre, and peering in, sees the two angels in white sitting, the one at the head and the other at the feet, where the body had lately lain." And in the chapter of "How a living being is not destroyed in hell, or the hour of life ends not in Hades," there are two youthful Gods--"two youths of light, who prevail as those who see the light," and the vignette shows the deceased walking off. He has risen!
    Matthew has only one angel or splendid presence, whose appearance was as lightning, which agrees with Shepi, the Splendid One, who "lights the sarcophagus," as a representative of the divinity, Ra. The risen Christ, who is first seen and recognised by Mary, says to her, "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father." The same scene is described by the Gnostics: when Sophia rushes forward to embrace the Christ, who restrains her by exclaiming that he must not be touched.
    In the last chapter of the "Preservation of the Body in Hades," there is much mystical matter that looks plainer when written out in John's Gospel. It is said of the regerminated or risen God--"May the Osirian speak to thee?" The Osirian does not know. He (Osiris) knows him. "Let him not grasp him." The Osirified "comes out sound, Immortal is his name." "He has passed along the upper roads" (that is, as a risen spirit).
    "He it is who grasps with his hand," and gives the palpable proof of continued personality, as does the Christ, who says, "See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself."
    The Sun-God re-arises on the horizon, where he issues forth, "saying to those who belong to his race, Give me your arm." Says the Osirified deceased, "I am made as ye are." "Let him explain it!" At his reappearance the Christ demonstrates that he is made as they are; "See my hands and feet, that it is I myself; handle me and see. And when he had said this he showed them his hands and feet. Then he said to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and see my hands, and reach hither thy hand and put it into my side." These descriptions
    correspond to that of the cut, wounded, and bleeding Sun-God, who says to his companions, "Give me your arm; I am made as ye are."
    In the Gospel of the Hebrews he is made to exclaim, "For I am not a bodiless ghost." But in the original, when the risen one says to his companions, "Give me your arm, I am made as ye are," he speaks as a spirit to spirits. Whereas in the Gospels, the Christ has to demonstrate that he is not a spirit, because the scene has been transferred into the earth-life.
    The Gnostics truly declared that all the supernatural transactions asserted in the Christian Gospel "were counterparts (or representations) of what took place above." That is, they affirmed the history to be mythical; the celestial allegory made mundane; and they were in the right, as the Egyptian Gospel proves. There are Healers, and Jehoshua Ben-Pandira may have been one. But, because that is possible, we must not allow it to vouch for the impossible! Thus, in the Gospels, the mythical is, and has to be, continually reproduced as miracle. That which naturally pertains to the character of the Sun-God becomes supernatural in appearance when brought down to earth. The Solar God descended into the nether world as the restorer of the bound to liberty, the dead to life. In this region the miracles were wrought, and the transformations took place. The evil spirits and destroying powers were exorcised from the mummies; the halt and the maimed were enabled to get up and go; the dead were raised, a mouth was given to the dumb, and the blind were made to see.
    This "reconstitution of the deceased" is transferred to the earth-life, whereupon "the blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, and the dead are raised up" at the coming of the Christ, who performed the miracles. The drama, which the Idiotai mistook for human history, was performed by the Sun-God in another world.
    I could keep on all day, and all night, or give a dozen lectures, without exhausting my evidence that the Canonical Gospels are only a later literalised réchauffé of the Egyptian writings; the representations in the Mysteries, and the oral teachings of the Gnostics which passed out of Egypt into Greece and Rome--for there is plenty more proof where this comes from. I can but offer a specimen brick of that which is elsewhere a building set four-square, and sound against every blast that blows.
    The Christian dispensation is believed to have been ushered in by the birth of a child, and the portrait of that child in the Roman Catacombs as the child of Mary is the youthful Sun-God in the Mummy Image of the child-king, the Egyptian Karast, or Christ. The alleged facts of our Lord's life as Jesus the Christ, were equally the alleged facts of our Lord's life as the Horus of Egypt, whose very name signifies the Lord.
    The Christian legends were first related of Horus the Messiah, the Solar Hero, the greatest hero that ever lived in the mind of man--not
    in the flesh--the only hero to whom the miracles were natural, because he was not human.
    From beginning to end the history is not human but divine, and the divine is the mythical. From the descent of the Holy Ghost to overshadow Mary, to the ascension of the risen Christ at the end of forty days, according to the drama of the pre-Christian Mysteries, the subject-matter, the characters, occurrences, events, acts, and sayings bear the impress of the mythical mould instead of the stamp of human history. Right through, the ideas which shape the history were pre-extant, and are identifiably pre-Christian; and so we see the strange sight to-day in Europe of 100,000,000 of Pagans masquerading as Christians.
    Whether you believe it or not does not matter, the fatal fact remains that every trait and feature which go to make up the Christ as Divinity, and every event or circumstance taken to establish the human personality were pre-extant, and pre-applied to the Egyptian and Gnostic Christ, who never could become flesh. The Jesus Christ with female paps, who is the Alpha and Omega of Revelation, was the IU of Egypt, and the Iao of the Chaldeans. Jesus as the Lamb of God, and Ichthys the Fish, was Egyptian. Jesus as the Coming One; Jesus born of the Virgin Mother, who was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost; Jesus born of two mothers, both of whose names are Mary; Jesus born in the manger--at Christmas, and again at Easter; Jesus saluted by the three kings, or Magi; Jesus of the transfiguration on the Mount; Jesus whose symbol in the Catacombs is the eight-rayed Star--the Star of the East; Jesus as the eternal Child; Jesus as God the Father, re-born as his own Son; Jesus as the Child of twelve years; Jesus as the Anointed One of thirty years; Jesus in his Baptism; Jesus walking on the Waters, or working his Miracles; Jesus as the Caster-out of demons; Jesus as a Substitute, who suffered in a vicarious atonement for sinful men; Jesus whose followers are the two brethren, the four fishers, the seven fishers, the twelve apostles, the seventy (or seventy-two in some texts) whose names were written in Heaven; Jesus who was administered to by seven women; Jesus in his bloody sweat; Jesus betrayed by Judas; Jesus as conqueror of the grave; Jesus the Resurrection and the Life; Jesus before Herod; in the Hades, and in his re-appearance to the women, and to the seven fishers; Jesus who was crucified both on the 14th and 15th of the month Nisan; Jesus who was also crucified in Egypt (as it is written in Revelation); Jesus as judge of the dead, with the sheep on the right hand, and the goats on the left, is Egyptian from first to last, in every phase, from the beginning to the end--
    In some of the ancient Egyptian Temples the Christian iconoclasts, when tired of hacking and hewing at the symbolic figures incised in the chambers of imagery, and defacing the most prominent features
    of the monuments, found they could not dig out the hieroglyphics and took to covering them over with plaster or tempera; and this plaster, intended to hide the meaning and stop the mouth of the stone Word, has served to preserve the ancient writings, as fresh in hue and sharp in outline as when they were first cut and coloured.
    In a similar manner the Temple of the ancient religion was invaded, and possession gradually gained by connivance of Roman power; and that enduring fortress, not built, but quarried out of the solid rock, was stuccoed all over the front, and made white awhile with its look of brand-newness, and re-opened under the sign of another name--that of the carnalised Christ. And all the time each nook and corner were darkly alive with the presence and the proofs of the earlier gods, and the pre-Christian origines, even though the hieroglyphics remained unread until the time of Champollion! But stucco is not for lasting wear, it cracks and crumbles; sloughs off and slinks away into its natal insignificance; the rock is the sole true foundation; the rock is the only record in which we can reach reality at last!
    Wilkinson, the Egyptologist, has actually said of Osiris on earth:--"Some may be disposed to think that the Egyptians, being aware of the promises of the real saviour, had anticipated that event, regarding it as though it had already happened, and introduced that mystery into their religious system!" This is what obstetrists term a false presentation; a birth feet-foremost. We are also told by writers on the Catacombs, and the Christian Iconography, that this figure is Osiris, as a type of Christ. This is Pan, Apollo, Aristeus, as a type of Christ. This is Harpocrates, as a type of Christ. This is Mercury, but as a type of Christ; this is the devil (for Sut-Mercury was the devil), as a type of Christ; until long hearing of the facts reversed, perverted and falsified, makes one feel as if under a nightmare which has lasted for eighteen centuries, knowing the Truth to have been buried alive and made dumb all that time; and believing that it has only to get voice and make itself heard to end the lying once for all, and bring down the curtain of oblivion at last upon the most pitiful drama of delusion ever witnessed on the human stage.
    And here the worst foes of the truth have ever been, and still are, the rationalisers of the Mythos, such as the Unitarians. They have assumed the human history as the starting point, and accepted the existence of a personal founder of Christianity as the one initial and fundamental fact. They have done their best to humanise the divinity of the Mythos, by discharging the supernatural and miraculous element, in order that the narrative might be accepted as history. Thus they have lost the battle from the beginning, by fighting it on the wrong ground.
    The Christ is a popular lay-figure that never lived, and a lay-figure of Pagan origin; a lay-figure that was once the Ram, and afterwards the Fish; a lay-figure that in human form was the portrait and image of a dozen different gods. The imagery of the Catacombs shows that the types there represented are not the ideal figures of the human
    reality! They are the sole reality for six or seven centuries after A.D., because they had been so in the centuries long before. There is no man upon the cross in the Catacombs of Rome for seven hundred years! The symbolism, the allegories, the figures, and types, brought on by the Gnostics, remained there just what they had been to the Romans, Greeks, Persians, and Egyptians. Yet, the dummy ideal of Paganism is supposed to have become doubly real as the God who was made flesh, to save mankind from the impossible "fall!" Remember that the primary foundation-stone for a history in the New Testament is dependent upon the Fall of Man being a fact in the Old; whereas it was only a fable, which had its own mythical and unhistorical meaning.
    When we try over again that first step once taken in the dark, we find no foothold for us, because there was no stair. The Fall is absolutely non-historical, and, consequently, the first bit of standing-ground for an actual Christ, the redeemer, is missing in the very beginning. Any one who set up, or was set up, for an historical Saviour from a non-historical Fall, could only be an historical impostor. But the Christ of the Gospels is not even that! He is in no sense an historical personage. It is impossible to establish the existence of an historical character, even as an impostor. For such an one the two witnesses--Astronomical Mythology and Gnosticism--completely prove an alibi for ever! From the first supposed catastrophe to the final one, the figures of the celestial allegory were ignorantly mistaken for matters of fact, and thus the orthodox Christolator is left at last to climb to heaven with one foot resting on the ground of a redemption that must be fallacious. It is a fraud founded on a fable!
    Every time the Christian turns to the East to bow his obeisance to the Christ, it is a confession that the cult is Solar, the admission being all the more fatal because it is unconscious. Every picture of the Christ, with the halo of glory, and the accompanying Cross of the Equinox, proffers proof.
    The Christian doctrine of a resurrection furnishes evidence, absolutely conclusive, of the Astronomical and Kronian nature of the origines! This is to occur, as it always did, at the end of a cycle; or at the end of the world! Christian Revelation knows nothing of immortality, except in the form of periodic renewal, dependent on the "Coming One;" and the resurrection of the dead still depends on the day of judgment and the last day, at the end of the world! They have no other world. Their only other world is at the end of this.
    Now there are no fools living who would be fools big enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a barque so rotten and unseaworthy as this in which they hope to cross the dark River of Death, and, on a pier of cloud, be landed safe in Heaven. The Christian Theology was responsible for substituting faith instead of knowledge; and the European mind is only just beginning to recover from the mental paralysis induced by that doctrine which came to its natural culmination in the Dark Ages.
    The Christian religion is responsible for enthroning the cross of death in heaven, with a deity on it, doing public penance for a private failure in the commencement of creation. It has taught men to believe that the vilest spirit may be washed white, in the atoning blood of the purest, offered up as a bribe to an avenging God. It has divinized a figure of helpless human suffering, and a face of pitiful pain; as if there were naught but a great heartache at the core of all things; or the vast Infinite were but a veiled and sad-eyed sorrow that brings visibly to birth in the miseries of human life. But "in the old Pagan world men deified the beautiful, the glad;" as they will again, upon a loftier pedestal, when the fable of this fictitious fall of man, and false redemption by the cloud-begotten God, has passed away like a phantasm of the night, and men awake to learn that they are here to wage ceaseless war upon sordid suffering, remediable wrong, and preventable pain; here to put an end to them, not to apotheosize an effigy of Sorrow to be adored as a type of the Eternal. For the most beneficent is the most beautiful; the happiest are the healthiest; the most God-like is most glad. The Christian Cult has fanatically fought for its false theory, and waged incessant warfare against Nature and Evolution--Nature's intention made somewhat visible--and against some of the noblest instincts, during eighteen centuries. Seas of human blood have been spilt to keep the barque of Peter afloat. Earth has been honeycombed with the graves of the martyrs of Freethought. Heaven has been filled with a horror of great darkness in the name of God.
    Eighteen centuries are a long while in the life-time of a lie, but a brief span in the eternity of Truth. The Fiction is sure to be found out, and the Lie will fall at last! At last! At last!!!
    No matter though it towers to the sky,
    And darkens earth, you cannot make the lie
    Immortal; though stupendously enshrined
    By art in every perfect mould of mind:
    Angelo, Rafael, Milton, Handel, all
    Its pillars, cannot stay it from the fall.
    The Pyramid of Imposture reared by Rome,
    All of cement, for an eternal home,
    Must crumble back to earth, and every gust
    Shall revel in the desert of its dust;
    And when the prison of the Immortal, Mind,
    Hath fallen to set free the bound and blind,
    No more shall life be one long dread of death;
    Humanity shall breathe with ampler breath,
    Expand in spirit, and in stature rise,
    To match its birthplace of the earth and skies.
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  2. By this they symbolize an only-begotten, because the creature is self-produced, being unconceived by a female." Now the youthful manifestor of the Beetle-God was this Iu-em-hept, the Egyptian Jesus. The very phraseology of John is common to the Inscriptions, which tell of him who was the Beginner of Becoming from the first, and who made all things, but who himself was not made. I quote verbatim. And not only was the Beetle-God continued in the "only-begotten God"; the beetle-type was also brought on as a symbol of the Christ. Ambrose and Augustine, amongst the Christian Fathers, identified Jesus with, and as, the "good Scarabæus," which further identifies the Jesus of John's Gospel with the Jesus of Egypt, who was the Ever-Coming One, and the Bringer of Peace, whom I have elsewhere shown to be the Jesus to whom the Book of Ecclesiasticus is inscribed, and ascribed in the Apocrypha.
    In accordance with this continuation of the Kamite symbols, it was also maintained by some sectaries that Jesus was a potter, and not a carpenter; and the fact is that this only-begotten Beetle-God, who is pourtrayed sitting at the potter's wheel forming the Egg, or shaping the vase-symbol of creation, was the Potter personified, as well as the only-begotten God in Egypt.
    The character and teachings of the Canonical Christ are composed of contradictions which cannot be harmonised as those of a human being, whereas they are always true to the Mythos.
    He is the Prince of Peace, and yet he asserts that he came not to bring peace: "I came not to send peace, but a sword," and not only is Iu-em-hept the Bringer of Peace by name in one character; he is the Sword personified in the other. In this he says, "I am the living image of Atum, proceeding from him as a sword." Both characters belong to the mythical Messiah in the Ritual, who also calls himself the "Great Disturber," and the "Great Tranquilizer"--the "God Contention," and the "God Peace." The Christ of the Canonical Gospels has several prototypes, and sometimes the copy is derived or the trait is caught from one original, and sometimes from the other. The Christ of Luke's Gospel has a character entirely distinct from that of John's Gospel. Here he is the Great Exorciser, and caster-out of demons. John's Gospel contains no case of possession or obsession: no certain man who "had devils this long time"; no child possessed with a devil; no blind and dumb man possessed with a devil.
    Other miracles are performed by the Christ of John, but not these; because John's is a different type of the Christ. And the original of the Great Healer in Luke's Gospel may be found in the God Khunsu, who was the Divine Healer, the supreme one amongst all the other healers and saviours, especially as the caster-out of demons, and the expeller of possessing spirits. He is called in the texts the "Great God, the driver away of possession."
    In the Stele of the "Possessed Princess," this God in his effigy is sent for by the chief of Bakhten, that he may come and cast out a possessing spirit from the king's daughter, who has an evil movement
    in her limbs. The demon recognises the divinity just as the devil recognises Jesus, the expeller of evil spirits. Also the God Khunsu is Lord over the pig--a type of Sut. He is pourtrayed in the disk of the full moon of Easter, in the act of offering the pig as a sacrifice. Moreover, in the judgment scenes, when the wicked spirits are condemned and sent back into the abyss, their mode of return to the lake of primordial matter is by entering the bodies of swine. Says Horus to the Gods, speaking of the condemned one: "When I sent him to his place he went, and he has been transformed into a black pig." So when the Exorcist in Luke's Gospel casts out Legion, the devils ask permission of the Lord of the pig to be allowed to enter the swine, and he gives them leave. This, and much more that might be adduced, tends to differentiate the Christ of Luke, and to identify him with Khunsu, rather than with Iu-em-hept, the Egyptian Jesus, who is reproduced in the Gospel according to John. In this way it can be proved that the history of Christ in the Gospels is one long and complete catalogue of likenesses to the Mythical Messiah, the Solar or Luni-Solar God.
    The "Litany of Ra," for example, is addressed to the Sun-God in a variety of characters, many of which are assigned to the Christ of the Gospels. Ra is the Supreme Power, the Beetle that rests in the Empyrean, who is born as his own son. This, as already said, is the God in John's Gospel, who says:--"I and the Father are one," and who is the father born as his own son; for he says, in knowing and seeing the son, "from henceforth ye know him and have seen him"; i.e., the Father.
    Ra is designated the "Soul that speaks." Christ is the Word. Ra is the destroyer of venom. Jesus says:--"In my name they shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them." In one character Ra is the outcast. So Jesus had not where to lay his head.
    Ra is the "timid one who sheds tears in the form of the Afflicted." He is called Remi, the Weeper. This weeping God passes through "Rem-Rem," the place of weeping, and there conquers on behalf of his followers. In the Ritual the God says:--"I have desolated the place of Rem-Rem." This character is sustained by Jesus in the mourning over Jerusalem that was to be desolated. The words of John, "Jesus wept," are like a carven statue of the "Afflicted One," as Remi, the Weeper. Ra is also the God who "makes the mummy come forth." Jesus makes the mummy come forth in the shape of Lazarus; and in the Roman Catacombs the risen Lazarus is not only represented as a mummy, but is an Egyptian mummy which has been eviscerated and swathed for the eternal abode. Ra says to the mummy: "Come forth!" and Jesus cries: "Lazarus, come forth!" Ra manifests as "the burning one, he who sends destruction," or "sends his fire into the place of destruction." "He sends fire upon the rebels," his form is that of the "God of the furnace." Christ also comes in the person of this "burning one"; the sender of destruction by fire. He is proclaimed
    by Matthew to be the Baptiser with fire. He says, "I am come to send fire on the earth."
    He is pourtrayed as "God of the furnace," which shall "burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." He is to cast the rebellious into a "furnace of fire," and send the condemned ones into everlasting fire. All this was natural when applied to the Solar-God, and it is supposed to become supernatural when misapplied to a supposed human being to whom it never could apply. The Solar fire was the primary African fount of theological hell-fire and hell.
    The "Litany" of Ra collects the manifold characters that make up the total God (termed Teb-temt), and the Gospels have gathered up the mythical remains; thus the result is in each case identical, or entirely similar. From beginning to end the Canonical Gospels contain the Drama of the Mysteries of the Luni-Solar God, narrated as a human history. The scene on the Mount of Transfiguration is obviously derived from the ascent of Osiris into the Mount of Transfiguration in the Moon. The sixth day was celebrated as that of the change and transformation of the Solar God in the lunar orb, which he re-entered on that day as the regenerator of its light. With this we may compare the statement made by Matthew, that "after six days Jesus went up into a high mountain apart, and he was transfigured, and his face did shine as the sun (of course!), and his garments became white as the light."
    In Egypt the year began soon after the Summer Solstice, when the sun descended from its midsummer height, lost its force, and lessened in its size. This represented Osiris, who was born of the Virgin Mother as the child Horus, the diminished infantile sun of Autumn; the suffering, wounded, bleeding Messiah, as he was represented. He descended into hell, or hades, where he was transformed into the virile Horus, and rose again as the sun of the resurrection at Easter. In these two characters of Horus on the two horizons, Osiris furnished the dual type for the Canonical Christ, which shows very satisfactorily HOW the mythical prescribes the boundaries beyond which the historical does not, dare not, go. The first was the child Horus, who always remained a child. In Egypt the boy or girl wore the Horus-lock of childhood until 12 years of age. Thus childhood ended about the twelfth year. But although adultship was then entered upon by the youth, and the transformation of the boy into manhood began, the full adultship was not attained until 30 years of age. The man of 30 years was the typical adult. The age of adultship was 30 years, as it was in Rome under Lex Pappia. The homme fait is the man whose years are triaded by tens, and who is Khemt. As with the man, so it is with the God; and the second Horus, the same God in his second character, is the Khemt or Khem-Horus, the typical adult of 30 years. The God up to twelve years was Horus, the child of Isis, the mother's child, the weakling. The virile Horus (the sun in its vernal strength), the adult of 30 years, was representative of the Fatherhood, and this Horus is the anointed son of Osiris. These two characters of Horus
    the child, and Horus the adult of 30 years, are reproduced in the only two phases of the life of Jesus in the Gospels. John furnishes no historic data for the time when the Word was incarnated and became flesh; nor for the childhood of Jesus; nor for the transformation into the Messiah. But Luke tells us that the child of twelve years was the wonderful youth, and that he increased in wisdom and stature. This is the length of years assigned to Horus the child; and this phase of the child-Christ's life is followed by the baptism and anointing, the descent of the pubescent spirit with the consecration of the Messiah in Jordan, when Jesus "began to be about 30 years of age."
    The earliest anointing was the consecration of puberty; and here at the full age of the typical adult, the Christ, who was previously a child, the child of the Virgin Mother, is suddenly made into the Messiah, as the Lord's anointed. And just as the second Horus was regenerated, and this time begotten of the father, so in the transformation scene of the baptism in Jordan, the father authenticates the change into full adultship, with the voice from heaven saying:--"This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased;" the spirit of pubescence, or the Ruach, being represented by the descending dove, called the spirit of God. Thus from the time when the child-Christ was about twelve years of age, until that of the typical homme fait of Egypt, which was the age assigned to Horus when he became the adult God, there is no history. This is in exact accordance with the Kamite allegory of the double-Horus. And the Mythos alone will account for the chasm which is wide and deep enough to engulf a supposed history of 18 years. Childhood cannot be carried beyond the 12th year, and the child-Horus always remained a child; just as the child-Christ does in Italy, and in German folk-tales. The mythical record founded on nature went no further, and there the history consequently halts within the prescribed limits, to rebegin with the anointed and regenerated Christ at the age of Khem-Horus, the adult of 30 years.
    And these two characters of Horus necessitated a double form of the mother, who divides into the two divine sisters, Isis and Nephthys. Jesus also was bi-mater, or dual-mothered; and the two sisters reappear in the Gospels as the two Marys, both of whom are the mothers of Jesus. This again, which is impossible as human history, is perfect according to the Mythos that explains it.
    As the child-Horus, Osiris comes down to earth; he enters matter, and becomes mortal. He is born like the Logos, or "as a Word." His father is Seb, the earth, whose consort is Nu, the heaven, one of whose names is MERI, the Lady of Heaven; and these two are the prototypes of Joseph and Mary. He is said to cross the earth a substitute, and to suffer vicariously as the Saviour, Redeemer, and Justifier of men. In these two characters there was constant conflict between Osiris and Typhon, the Evil Power, or Horus and Sut, the Egyptian Satan. At the Autumn Equinox, the devil of darkness began to dominate; this was the Egyptian Judas, who betrayed Osiris to his death at the last supper. On the day of the Great Battle
    at the Vernal Equinox, Osiris conquered as the ascending God, the Lord of the growing light. Both these struggles are pourtrayed in the Gospels. In the one Jesus is betrayed to his death by Judas; in the other he rises superior to Satan. The latter conflict followed immediately after the baptism. In this way:--When the sun was half-way round, from the Lion sign, it crossed the River of the Waterman, the Egyptian Iarutana, Hebrew Jordan, Greek Eridanus. In this water the baptism occurred, and the transformation of the child-Horus into the virile adult, the conqueror of the evil power, took place. Horus becomes hawk-headed, just where the dove ascended and abode on Jesus. Both birds represented the virile soul that constituted the anointed one at puberty. By this added power Horus vanquished Sut, and Jesus overcame Satan. Both the baptism and the contest are referred to in the Ritual. "I am washed with the same water in which the Good Opener (Un-Nefer) washes when he disputes with Satan, that justification should be made to Un-Nefer, the Word made Truth," or the Word that is Law.
    The scene between the Christ and the Woman at the Well may likewise be found in the Ritual. Here the woman is the lady with the long hair, that is Nu, the consort of Seb--and the five husbands can be paralleled by her five star-gods born of Seb. Osiris drinks out of the well "to take away his thirst." He also says: "I am creating the water. I make way in the valley, in the Pool of the Great One. Make-road (or road-maker) expresses what I am." "I am the Path by which they traverse out of the sepulchre of Osiris."
    So the Messiah reveals himself as the source of living water, "that springeth up unto Everlasting Life." Later on he says, "I am the way, the truth, the life." "I am creating the water, discriminating the seat," says Horus. Jesus says, "The hour cometh when ye shall neither in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem worship the Father." Jesus claims that this well of life was given to him by the Father. In the Ritual it says, "He is thine, O Osiris! A well, or flow, comes out of thy mouth to him!" Also, the paternal source is acknowledged in another text. "I am the Father, inundating when there is thirst, guarding the water. Behold me at it." Moreover, in another chapter the well of living water becomes the Pool of Peace. The speaker says, "The well has come through me. I wash in the Pool of Peace."
    In Hebrew, the Pool of Peace is the Pool of Salem, or Siloam. And here, not only is the pool described at which the Osirified are made pure and healed; not only does the Angel or God descend to the waters--the "certain times" are actually dated. "The Gods of the pure waters are there on the fourth hour of the night, and the eighth hour of the day, saying, 'Pass away hence,' to him who has been cured."
    An epitome of a considerable portion of John's Gospel may be
    found in another chapter of the Ritual--"Ye Gods come to be my servants, I am the son of your Lord. Ye are mine through my Father, who gave you to me. I have been among the servants of Hathor or Meri. I have been washed by thee, O attendant!" Compare the washing of Jesus' feet by Marry.
    The Osiris exclaims, "I have welcomed the chief spirits in the service of the Lord of things! I am the Lord of the fields when they are white," i.e., for the reapers and the harvest. So the Christ now says to the disciples, "Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that are white already unto the harvest."
    "Then said he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few. Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest that he send forth labourers into his harvest. And he called unto him his twelve disciples." Now, if we turn to the Egyptian "Book of Hades," the harvest, the Lord of the harvest, and the reapers of the harvest are all portrayed: the twelve are also there. In one scene they are preceded by a God leaning on a staff, who is designated the Master of Joy--a surname of the Messiah Horus when assimilated to the Soli-Lunar Khunsu; the twelve are "they who labour at the harvest in the plains of Neter-Kar." A bearer of a sickle shows the inscription: "These are the Reapers." The twelve are divided into two groups of five and seven--the original seven of the Aahenru; these seven are the reapers. The other five are bending towards an enormous ear of corn, the image of the harvest, ripe and ready for the sickles of the seven. The total twelve are called the "Happy Ones," the bearers of food. Another title of the twelve is that of the "Just Ones." The God says to the reapers, "Take your sickles! Reap your grain! Honour to you, reapers." Offerings are made to them on earth, as bearers of sickles in the fields of Hades. On the other hand, the tares or the wicked are to be cast out and destroyed for ever. These twelve are the apostles in their Egyptian phase.
    In the chapters on "Celestial Diet" in the Ritual, Osiris eats under the sycamore tree of Hathor. He says, "Let him come from the earth. Thou hast brought these seven loaves for me to live by, bringing the bread that Horus (the Christ) makes. Thou hast placed, thou hast eaten rations. Let him call to the Gods for them, or the Gods come with them to him."
    This is reproduced as miracle in the Gospels, performed when the multitude were fed upon seven loaves. The seven loaves are found here, together with the calling upon the Gods, or working the miracle of multiplying the bread.
    In the next chapter there is a scene of eating and drinking. The speaker, who impersonates the Lord, says:--"I am the Lord of Bread in Annu. My bread at the heaven was that of Ra; my bread on earth was that of Seb." The seven loaves represent the bread of Ra. Elsewhere the number prescribed to be set on one table, as an offering, is five loaves. these are also carried on the heads of five different persons in the scenes of the under-world. Five loaves are the bread
    of Seb. Thus five loaves represent the bread of earth, and seven the bread of heaven. Both five and seven are sacred regulation numbers in the Egyptian Ritual. And in the Gospel of Matthew the miracles are wrought with five loaves in the one case, and seven in the other, when the multitudes are fed on celestial diet. This will explain the two different numbers in one and the same Gospel miracle. In the Canonical narrative there is a lad with five barley loaves and two fishes. In the next chapter of the Ritual we possibly meet with the lad himself, as the miracle-worker says:--"I have given breath to the said youth."
    The Gnostics asserted truly that celestial persons and celestial scenes had been transferred to earth in our Gospels; and it is only within the Pleroma (the heaven) or in the Zodiac that we can at times identify the originals of both. And it is there we must look for the "two fishes."
    As the latest form of the Manifestor was in the heaven of the twelve signs, that probably determined the number of twelve basketsful of food remaining when the multitude had all been fed. "They that ate the loaves were five thousand men;" and five thousand was the exact number of the Celestials or Gods in the Assyrian Paradise, before the revolt and fall from heaven. The scene of the miracle of the loaves and fishes is followed by an attempt to take Jesus by force, but he withdraws himself; and this is succeeded by the miracle of his walking on the waters, and conquering the wind and waves. So is it in the Ritual. Chap. 57 is that of the breath prevailing over the water in Hades. The speaker, having to cross over, says: "O Hapi! let the Osiris prevail over the waters, like as the Osiris prevailed against the taking by stealth, the night of the great struggle." The Solar God was betrayed to his death by the Egyptian Judas, on the "night of the taking by stealth," which was the night of the last supper. The God is "waylaid by the conspirators, who have watched very much." They are said to smell him out "by the eating of his bread." So the Christ is waylaid by Judas, who "knew the place, for Jesus often resorted thither," and by the Jews who had long watched to take him.
    The smelling of Osiris by the eating of his bread is remarkably rendered by John at the eating of the last supper. The Ritual has it:--"They smell Osiris by the eating of his bread, transporting the evil of Osiris."
    "And when he had dipped the sop he gave it to Judas Iscariot, and after the sop Satan entered into him." Then said Jesus to him into whom the evil or devil had been transported, "That thou doest, do quickly." Osiris was the same, beseeching burial. Here it is demonstrable that the non-historical Herod is a form of the Apophis Serpent, called the enemy of the Sun. In Syriac, Herod is a red dragon. Herod, in Hebrew, signifies a terror. Heru (Eg.) is to terrify, and Herrut (Eg.) is the Snake, the typical reptile. The blood of the divine victim that is poured forth by the Apophis Serpent at the sixth
    hour, on "the night of smiting the profane," is literally shed by Herod, as the Herrut or Typhonian Serpent.
    The speaker, in the Ritual asks: "Who art thou then, Lord of the Silent Body? I have come to see him who is in the serpent, eye to eye, and face to face." "Lord of the Silent Body" is a title of the Osiris. "Who art thou then, Lord of the Silent Body?" is asked and left unanswered. This character is also assigned to the Christ. The High Priest said unto him, "Answerest thou nothing?" "But Jesus held his peace." Herod questioned him in many words, but he answered him nothing. He acts the prescribed character of "Lord of the Silent Body."
    The transaction in the sixth hour of the night of the Crucifixion is expressly inexplicable. In the Gospel we read:--"Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour." The sixth hour being midnight, that shows the solar nature of the mystery, which has been transferred to the sixth hour of the day in the Gospel.
    It is in the seventh hour the mortal struggle takes place between the Osiris and the deadly Apophis, or the great serpent, Haber, 450 cubits long, that fills the whole heaven with its vast enveloping folds. The name of this seventh hour is "that which wounds the serpent Haber." In this conflict with the evil power thus portrayed the Sun-God is designated the "Conqueror of the Grave," and is said to make his advance through the influence of Isis, who aids him in repelling the serpent or devil of darkness. In the Gospel, Christ is likewise set forth in the supreme struggle as "Conqueror of the Grave," for "the graves were opened, and many bodies of the saints which slept arose;" and Mary represents Isis, the mother, at the cross. It is said of the great serpent, "There are those on earth who do not drink of the waters of this serpent, Haber," which may be paralleled with the refusal of the Christ to drink of the vinegar mingled with gall.
  3. These scenes, which were mythical in Egypt, have been copied or reproduced as historical in the Canonical Gospels, where they stand like four corner-stones to the Historic Structure, and prove that the foundations are mythical.
    Jesus was not only born of the mythical motherhood; his descent on the maternal side is traced in accordance with this origin of the mythical Christ. The virgin was also called the harlot, because she represented the pre-monogamic stage of intercourse; and Jesus descends from four forms of the harlot--Thamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba--each of whom is a form of the "stranger in Israel," and is not a Hebrew woman. Such history, however, does not show that illicit intercourse was the natural mode of the divine descent; nor does it imply unparalleled human profligacy. It only proves the Mythos.
    In human sociology the son of the mother preceded the father, as son of the woman who was a mother, but not a wife. This character is likewise claimed for Jesus, who is made to declare that he was earlier than Abraham, who was the typical Great Father of the Jews; whether considered to be mythical or historical. Jesus states emphatically that he existed before Abraham was. This is only possible to the mythical Christ, who preceded the father as son of the virgin mother; and we shall find it so throughout. All that is non-natural and impossible as human history, is possible, natural and explicable as Mythos.
    It can be explained by the Mythos, because it originated in that which alone accounts for it. For it comes to this at last: the more hidden the meaning in the Gospel history, the more satisfactorily is it explained by the Mythos; and the more mystical the Christian doctrine, the more easily can it be proved to be mythical.
    The birth of Christ is astronomical. The birthday is determined by the full moon of Easter. This can only occur once every 19 years, as we have it illustrated by the Epact or Golden Number of the Prayer Book. Understand me! Jesus, the Christ, can only have a birthday, or resurrection, once in 19 years, in accordance with the Metonic Cycle, because his parents are the sun and moon; and those appear in the earliest known representation of the Man upon the Cross! This proves the astronomical and non-human nature of the birth itself, which is identical with that of the full moon of Easter in Egypt.
    Casini, the French Astronomer, has demonstrated the fact that the date assigned for the birth of the Christ is an Astronomical epoch in which the middle conjunction of the moon with the sun happened on the 24th March, at half-past one o'clock in the morning, at the meridian of Jerusalem, the very day of the middle equinox. The following day (the 25th) was the day of the Incarnation, according to Augustine, but the date of the Birth, according to Clement Alexander. For two birth days are assigned to Jesus by the Christian Fathers, one at the Winter Solstice, the other at the Vernal Equinox. These, which cannot both be historical, are based on the two birthdays of the double Horus in Egypt. Plutarch tells us that Isis was delivered of Horus, the child, about the time of the winter Solstice, and that the festival of the second or adult Horus followed the Vernal Equinox. Hence, the Solstice and spring Equinox were both assigned to the one birth of Jesus by the Christolators; and again, that which is impossible as human history is the natural fact in relation to the two Horuses, the dual form of the Solar God in Egypt.
    And here, in passing, we may point out the astronomical nature of the Crucifixion. The Gospel according to John brings on a tradition so different from that of the Synoptics as to invalidate the human history of both. The Synoptics say that Jesus was crucified on the 15th of the month Nisan. John affirms that it was on the 14th of the month. This serious rift runs through the very foundation! As human history it cannot be explained. But there is an explanation possible, which, if accepted, proves the Mythos. The Crucifixion (or Crossing) was, and still is, determined by the full moon of Easter. This, in the lunar reckoning, would be on the 14th in the month of 28 days; in the solar month of 30 days it was reckoned to occur on the 15th of the month. Both unite, and the rift closes in proving the Crucifixion to have been Astronomical, just as it was in Egypt, where the two dates can be identified.
    Plutarch also tells us how the Mithraic Cult had been particularly established in Rome about the year 70 B.C. And Mithras was fabled
    as having been born in a cave. Wherever Mithras was worshipped the cave was consecrated as his birthplace. The cave can be identified, and the birth of the Messiah in that cave, no matter under what name he was born, can be definitely dated. The "Cave of Mithras" was the birthplace of the Sun in the Winter Solstice, when this occurred on the 25th of December in the sign of the Sea-Goat, with the Vernal Equinox in the sign of the Ram. Now the Akkadian name of the tenth month, that of the Sea-Goat, which answers roughly to our December, the tenth by name, is Abba Uddu, that is, the "Cave of Light;" the cave of re-birth for the Sun in the lowest depth at the Solstice, figured as the Cave of Light. This cave was continued as the birthplace of the Christ. You will find it in all the Gospels of the Infancy, and Justin Martyr says, "Christ was born in the Stable, and afterwards took refuge in the Cave." He likewise vouches for the fact that Christ was born on the same day that the Sun was re-born in Stabulo Augiæ, or, in the Stable of Augias. Now the cleansing of this Stable was the sixth labour of Herakles, his first being in the sign of the Lion; and Justin was right; the Stable and Cave are both figured in the same Celestial Sign. But mark this! The Cave was the birthplace of the Solar Messiah from the year 2410 to the year 255 B.C.; at which latter date the Solstice passed out of the Sea-Goat into the sign of the Archer; and no Messiah, whether called Mithras, Adon, Tammuz, Horus or Christ, could have been born in the Cave of Abba Uddu or the Stable of Augias on the 25th of December after the year 255 B.C., therefore, Justin had nothing but the Mithraic tradition of the by-gone birthday to prove the birth of the Historical Christ 255 years later!
    In their mysteries the Sarraceni celebrated the Birth of the babe in the Cave or Subterranean Sanctuary, from which the Priest issued, and cried:--"The Virgin has brought forth: The Light is about to begin to grow again!"--on the Mother-night of the year. And the Sarraceni were not supporters of Historic Christianity.
    The birthplace of the Egyptian Messiah at the Vernal Equinox was figured in Apt, or Apta, the corner; but Apta is also the name of the Crib and the Manger; hence the Child born in Apta, was said to be born in a manger; and this Apta as Crib or Manger is the hieroglyphic sign of the Solar birthplace. Hence the Egyptians exhibited the Babe in the Crib or Manger in the streets of Alexandria. The birthplace was indicated by the colure of the Equinox, as it passed from sign to sign. It was also pointed out by the Star in the East. When the birthplace was in the sign of the Bull, Orion was the Star that rose in the East to tell where the young Sun-God was re-born. Hence it is called the "Star of Horus." That was then the Star of the "Three Kings" who greeted the Babe; for the "Three Kings" is still a name of the three stars in Orion's Belt. Here we learn that the legend of the "Three Kings" is at least 6,000 years old.
    In the course of Precession, about 255 B.C., the vernal birthplace passed into the sign of the Fishes, and the Messiah who had been represented for 2155 years by the Ram or Lamb, and previously for other
    2155 years by the Apis Bull, was now imaged as the Fish, or the "Fish-man," called Ichthys in Greek. The original Fish-man--the An of Egypt, and the Oan of Chaldea--probably dates from the previous cycle of precession, or 26,000 years earlier; and about 255 B.C., the Messiah, as the Fish-man, was to come up once more as the Manifestor from the celestial waters. The coming Messiah is called Dag, the Fish, in the Talmud; and the Jews at one time connected his coming with some conjunction, or occurrence, in the sign of the Fishes! This shows the Jews were not only in possession of the astronomical allegory, but also of the tradition by which it could be interpreted. It was the Mythical and Kronian Messiah alone who was, or could be, the subject of prophecy that might be fulfilled--prophecy that was fulfilled as it is in the Book of Revelation--when the Equinox entered, the cross was re-erected, and the foundations of a new heaven were laid in the sign of the Ram, 2410 B.C.; and, again, when the Equinox entered the sign of the Fishes, 255 B.C. Prophecy that will be again fulfilled when the Equinox enters the sign of the Waterman about the end of this century, to which the Samaritans are still looking forward for the coming of their Messiah, who has not yet arrived for them. The Christians alone ate the oyster; the Jews and Samaritans only got an equal share of the empty shells! The uninstructed Jews, the idiotai, at one time thought the prophecy which was astronomical, and solely related to the cycles of time, was to have its fulfilment in human history. But they found out their error, and bequeathed it unexplained to the still more ignorant Christians. The same tradition of the Coming One is extant amongst the Millenarians and Adventists, as amongst the Moslems. It is the tradition of El-Mahdi, the prophet who is to come in the last days of the world to conquer all the world, and who was lately descending the Soudan with the old announcement the "Day of the Lord is at hand," which shows that the astronomical allegory has left some relics of the true tradition among the Arabs, who were at one time learned in astronomical lore.
    The Messiah, as the Fish-man, is foreseen by Esdras ascending out of the sea as the "same whom God the highest hath kept a great season, which by his own self shall deliver the creature." The ancient Fish-man only came up out of the sea to converse with men and teach them in the daytime. "When the sun set," says Berosus, "it was the custom of this Being to plunge again into the sea, and abide all night in the deep." So the man foreseen by Esdras is only visible by day.
    As it is said, "E'en so can no man upon earth see my son, or those that be with him, but in the daytime." This is parodied or fulfilled in the account of Ichthys, the Fish, the Christ who instructs men by day, but retires to the lake of Galilee, where he demonstrates his solar nature by walking the waters at night, or at the dawn of day.
    We are told that his disciples being on board a ship, "when even was come, in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went unto them walking upon the sea." Now the fourth watch began at three o'clock, and ended at six o'clock. Therefore, this was about the proper time
    for a solar God to appear walking upon the waters, or coming up out of them as the Oannes. Oannes is said to have taken no food whilst he was with men: "In the daytime he used to converse with men, but took no food at that season." So Jesus, when his disciples prayed him, saying "Master, eat," said unto them, "I have meat to eat that you know not of. My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me."
    This is the perfect likeness of the character of Oannes, who took no food, but whose time was wholly spent in teaching men. Moreover, the mythical Fish-man is made to identify himself. When the Pharisees sought a "sign from heaven," Jesus said, "There shall no sign be given but the sign of Jonas. For as Jonas became a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the son of man be to this generation."
    The sign of Jonas is that of the Oan, or Fish-man of Nineveh, whether we take it direct from the monuments, or from the Hebrew history of Jonah, or from the Zodiac.
    The voice of the secret wisdom here says truly that those who are looking for signs, can have no other than that of the returning Fish-man, Ichthys, Oannes, or Jonah: and assuredly, there was no other sign or date--than those of Ichthys, the Fish who was re-born of the fish-goddess, Atergatis, in the sign of the Fishes, 255 B.C. After whom the primitive Christians were called little fishes, or Pisciculi.
    This date of 255 B.C. was the true day of birth, or rather of re-birth for the celestial Christ, and there was no valid reason for changing the time of the world.
    The Gospels contain a confused and confusing record of early Christian belief: things most truly believed (Luke) concerning certain mythical matters, which were ignorantly mistaken for human and historical. The Jesus of our Gospels is but little of a human reality, in spite of all attempts to naturalize the Mythical Christ, and make the story look rational.
    The Christian religion was not founded on a man, but on a divinity; that is, a mythical character. So far from being derived from the model man, the typical Christ was made up from the features of various Gods, after a fashion somewhat like those "pictorial averages" pourtrayed by Mr. Galton, in which the traits of several persons are photographed and fused in a portrait of a dozen different persons, merged into one that is not anybody. And as fast as the composite Christ falls to pieces, each feature is claimed, each character is gathered up by the original owner, as with the grasp of gravitation.
    It is not I that deny the divinity of Jesus the Christ; I assert it! He never was, and never could be, any other than a divinity; that is, a character non-human, and entirely mythical, who had been the pagan divinity of various pagan myths, that had been pagan during thousands of years before our Era.
    Nothing is more certain, according to honest evidence, than that the Christian scheme of redemption is founded on a fable misinterpreted; that the prophecy of fulfillment was solely astronomical, and the Coming One as the Christ who came in the end of an age, or of the world, was
    but a metaphorical figure, a type of time, from the first, which never could take form in historic personality, any more than Time in Person could come out of a clock-case when the hour strikes; that no Jesus could become a Nazarene by being born at, or taken to, Nazareth; and that the history in our Gospels is from beginning to end the identifiable story of the Sun-God, and the Gnostic Christ who never could be made flesh. When we did not know the one it was possible to believe the other; but when once we truly know, then the false belief is no longer possible.
    The mythical Messiah was Horus in the Osirian Mythos; Har-Khuti in the Sut-Typhonian; Khunsu in that of Amen-Ra; Iu in the cult of Atum-Ra; and the Christ of the Gospels is an amalgam of all these characters.
    The Christ is the Good Shepherd!
    So was Horus.
    Christ is the Lamb of God!
    So was Horus.
    Christ is the Bread of Life!
    So was Horus.
    Christ is the Truth and the Life!
    So was Horus.
    Christ is the Fan-bearer!
    So was Horus.
    Christ is the Lord!
    So was Horus.
    Christ is the Way and the Door of Life!
    Horus was the path by which they travelled out of the Sepulchre. He is the God whose name is written with the hieroglyphic sign of the Road or Way.
    Jesus is he that should come; and Iu, the root of the name in Egyptian, means "to come." Iu-em-hept, as the Su, the Son of Atum, or of Ptah, was the "Ever-Coming One," who is always pourtrayed as the marching youngster, in the act and attitude of coming. Horus included both sexes. The Child (or the soul) is of either sex, and potentially, of both. Hence the hermaphrodital Deity; and Jesus, in Revelation, is the Young Man who has the female paps.
    Iu-em-hept signifies he who comes with peace. This is the character in which Jesus is announced by the Angels! And when Jesus comes to his disciples after the resurrection it is as the bringer of peace. "Learn of me and ye shall find rest," says the Christ. Khunsu-Nefer-Hept is the Good Rest, Peace in Person! The Egyptian Jesus, Iu-em-Hept, was the second Atum; Paul's Jesus is the second Adam. In one rendition of John's Gospel, instead of the "only-begotten Son of God," a variant reading gives the "only-begotten God," which has been declared an impossible rendering. But the "only-begotten God" was an especial type in Egyptian Mythology, and the phrase re-identifies the divinity whose emblem is the beetle. Hor-Apollo says, "To denote the only-begotten or a father, the Egyptians delineate a scarabæus!
  4. According to the Babylonian Gemara to the Mishna of Tract "Shabbath," this Jehoshua, the son of Pandira and Stada, was stoned to death as a wizard, in the city of Lud, or Lydda, and afterwards crucified by being hanged on a tree, on the eve of the Passover. This is the manner of death assigned to Jesus in the Book of Acts. The Gemara says there exists a tradition that on the rest-day before the Sabbath they crucified Jehoshua, on the rest-day of the Passah (the day before the Passover). The year of his death, however, is not given in that account; but there are reasons for thinking it could not have been much earlier nor later than B.C. 70, because this Jewish King Jannæus reigned from the year 106 to 79 B.C. He was succeeded in the government by his widow Salomè, whom the Greeks called Alexandra, and who reigned for some nine years. Now the traditions, especially of the first "Toledoth Jehoshua," relate that the Queen of Jannæus, and the mother of Hyrcanus, who must therefore be Salomè,
    in spite of her being called by another name, showed favour to Jehoshua and his teaching; that she was a witness of his wonderful works and powers of healing, and tried to save him from the hands of his sacerdotal enemies, because he was related to her; but that during her reign, which ended in the year 71 B.C., he was put to death. The Jewish writers and Rabbis with whom I have talked always deny the identity of the Talmudic Jehoshua and the Jesus of the Gospels. "This," observes Rabbi Jechiels, "which has been related to Jehoshua Ben-Perachia and his pupil, contains no reference whatever to him whom the Christians honour as God!" Another Rabbi, Salman Zevi, produced ten reasons for concluding that the Jehoshua of the Talmud was not he who was afterwards called Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth (and of the Canonical Gospels) was unknown to Justus, to the Jew of Celsus, and to Josephus, the supposed reference to him by the latter being an undoubted forgery.
    The "blasphemous writings of the Jews about Jesus," as Justin Martyr calls them, always refer to Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, and not to the Jesus of the Gospels. It is Ben-Pandira they mean when they say they have another and a truer account of the birth and life, the wonder-working and death of Jehoshua or Jesus. This repudiation is perfectly honest and soundly based. The only Jesus known to the Jews was Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, who had learnt the arts of magic in Egypt, and who was put to death by them as a sorcerer. This was likewise the only Jesus known to Celsus, the writer of the "True Logos," a work which the Christians managed to get rid of bodily, with so many other of the anti-Christian evidences.
    Celsus observes that he was not a pure Word, not a true Logos, but a man who had learned the arts of sorcery in Egypt. So, in the Clementines, it is in the character of Ben-Pandira that Jesus is said to rise again as the magician. But here is the conclusive fact: The Jews know nothing of Jesus, the Christ of the Gospels, as an historical character; and when the Christians of the fourth century trace his pedigree, by the hand of Epiphanius, they are forced to derive their Jesus from Pandira! Epiphanius gives the genealogy of the Canonical Jesus in this wise:--
    Jacob, called Pandira, Mary=Joseph--Cleopas, Jesus.
    This proves that in the fourth century the pedigree of Jesus was traced to Pandira, the father of that Jehoshua who was the pupil of Ben-Perachia, and who becomes one of the magicians in Egypt, and who was crucified as a magician on the eve of the Passover by the Jews, in the time of Queen Alexandra, who had ceased to reign in the year 70 B.C.--the Jesus, therefore, who lived and died more than a century too soon.
    Thus, the Jews do not identify Jehoshua Ben-Pandira with the Gospel Jesus, of whom they, his supposed contemporaries, know nothing, but protest against the assumption as an impossibility; whereas the Christians do identify their Jesus as the descendant of Pandira. It was he or nobody; yet he was neither the son of Joseph
    nor the Virgin Mary, nor was he crucified at Jerusalem. It is not the Jews, then, but the Christians, who fuse two supposed historic characters into one! There being but one history acknowledged or known on either side, it follows that the Jesus of the Gospels is the Jehoshua of the Talmud, or is not at all, as a Person. This shifts the historic basis altogether; it antedates the human history by more than a hundred years, and it at once destroys the historic character of the Gospels, together with that of any other personal Jesus than Ben-Pandira. In short, the Jewish history of the matter will be found to corroborate the mythical. As Epiphanius knew of no other historical Jesus than the descendant of Pandira, it is possible that this is the Jesus whose tradition is reported by Irenæus.
    Irenæus was born in the early part of the second century, between 120 and 140 A.D. He was Bishop of Lyons, France, and a personal acquaintance of Polycarp; and he repeats a tradition testified to by the elders, which he alleges was directly derived from John, the "disciple of the Lord," to the effect that Jesus was not crucified at 33 years of age, but that he passed through every age, and lived on to be an oldish man. Now, in accordance with the dates given, Jehoshua Ben-Pandira may have been between 50 and 60 years of age when put to death, and his tradition alone furnishes a clue to the Nihilistic statement of Irenæus.
    When the true tradition of Ben-Pandira is recovered, it shows that he was the sole historical Jesus who was hung on a tree by the Jews, not crucified in the Roman fashion, and authenticates the claim now to be made on behalf of the astronomical allegory to the dispensational Jesus, the Kronian Christ, the mythical Messiah of the Canonical Gospels, and the Jesus of Paul, who was not the carnalised Christ. For I hold that the Jesus of the "other Gospel," according to the Apostles Cephas and James, who was utterly repudiated by Paul, was none other than Ben-Pandira, the Nazarene, of whom James was a follower, according to a comment on him found in the Book Abodazura. Anyway, there are two Jesuses, or Jesus and the Christ, one of whom is repudiated by Paul.
    But Jehoshua, the son of Pandira, can never be converted into Jesus Christ, the son of a virgin mother, as an historic character. Nor can the dates given ever be reconciled with contemporary history. The historical Herod, who sought to slay the young child Jesus, is known to have died four years before the date of the Christian era, assigned for the birth of Jesus.
    So much for the historic Jesus. And now for the mythical Christ. Here we can tread on firmer ground.
    The mythical Messiah was always born of a Virgin Mother--a factor unknown in natural phenomena, and one that cannot be historical, one that can only be explained by means of the Mythos, and those conditions of primitive sociology which are mirrored in mythology and preserved in theology. The virgin mother has been represented in Egypt by the maiden Queen, Mut-em-ua, the future mother of Amenhept III.
    some 16 centuries B.C., who impersonated the eternal virgin that produced the eternal child.
    Four consecutive scenes reproduced in my book are found pourtrayed upon the innermost walls of the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Luxor, which was built by Amenhept III., a Pharaoh of the 17th dynasty. The first scene on the left hand shows the God Taht, the Lunar Mercury, the Annunciator of the Gods, in the act of hailing the Virgin Queen, and announcing to her that she is to give birth to the coming Son. In the next scene the God Kneph (in conjunction with Hathor) gives the new life. This is the Holy Ghost or Spirit that causes the Immaculate Conception, Kneph being the spirit by name in Egyptian. The natural effects are made apparent in the virgin's swelling form.
    Next the mother is seated on the mid-wife's stool, and the newborn child is supported in the hands of one of the nurses. The fourth scene is that of the Adoration. Here the child is enthroned, receiving homage from the Gods and gifts from men. Behind the deity Kneph, on the right, three spirits--the Three Magi, or Kings of the Legend, are kneeling and offering presents with their right hand, and life with their left. The child thus announced, incarnated, born, and worshipped, was the Pharaonic representative of the Aten Sun in Egypt, the God Adon of Syria, and Hebrew Adonai; the child-Christ of the Aten Cult; the miraculous conception of the ever-virgin mother, personated by Mut-em-ua, as mother of the "only one," and representative of the divine mother of the youthful Sun-God.
  5. n presenting my readers with some of the data which show that much of the Christian History was pre-extant as Egyptian Mythology. I have to ask you to bear in mind that the facts, like other foundations, have been buried out of sight for thousands of years in a hieroglyphical language, that was never really read by Greek or Roman, and could not be read until the lost clue was discovered by Champollion, almost the other day! In this way the original sources of our Mytholatry and Christology remained as hidden as those of the Nile, until the century in which we live. The mystical matter enshrouded in this language was sacredly entrusted to the keeping of the buried dead, who have faithfully preserved it as their Book of Life, which was placed beneath their pillows, or clasped to their bosoms, in their coffins and their tombs.
    Secondly, although I am able to read the hieroglyphics, nothing offered to you is based on my translation. I work too warily for that! The transcription and literal rendering of the hieroglyphic texts herein employed are by scholars of indisputable authority. There is no loophole of escape that way. I lectured upon the subject of Jesus many years ago. At that time I did not know how we had been misled, or that the "Christian scheme" (as it is aptly called) in the New Testament is a fraud, founded on a fable in the Old!
    I then accepted the Canonical Gospels as containing a veritable human history, and assumed, as others do, that the history proved itself. Finding that Jesus, or Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, was an historical character, known to the Talmud, I made the common mistake of
    supposing that this proved the personal existence of the Jesus found portrayed in the Canonical Gospels. But after you have heard my story, and weighed the evidence now for the first time collected and presented to the public, you will not wonder that I should have changed my views, or that I should be impelled to tell the truth to others, as it now appears to myself; although I am only able to summarize here, in the briefest manner possible, a few of the facts that I have dealt with exhaustively elsewhere.
    The personal existence of Jesus as Jehoshua Ben-Pandira can be established beyond a doubt. One account affirms that, according to a genuine Jewish tradition "that man (who is not to be named) was a disciple of Jehoshua Ben-Perachia." It also says, "He was born in the fourth year of the reign of the Jewish King Alexander Jannæus, notwithstanding the assertions of his followers that he was born in the reign of Herod." That would be more than a century earlier than the date of birth assigned to the Jesus of the Gospels! But it can be further shown that Jehoshua Ben-Pandira may have been born considerably earlier even than the year 102 B.C., although the point is not of much consequence here. Jehoshua, son of Perachia, was a president of the Sanhedrin--the fifth, reckoning from Ezra as the first: one of those who in the line of descent received and transmitted the oral law, as it was said, direct from Sinai. There could not be two of that name. This Ben-Perachia had begun to teach as a Rabbi in the year 154 B.C. We may therefore reckon that he was not born later than 180-170 B.C., and that it could hardly be later than 100 B.C. when he went down into Egypt with his pupil. For it is related that he fled there in consequence of a persecution of the Rabbis, feasibly conjectured to refer to the civil war in which the Pharisees revolted against King Alexander Jannæus, and consequently about 105 B.C. If we put the age of his pupil, Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, at fifteen years, that will give us an approximate date, extracted without pressure, which shows that Jehoshua Ben-Pandira may have been born about the year 120 B.C. But twenty years are a matter of little moment here.
  6. Egyptians(blacks/moors) created the white man?(Adam and eve)

    Genes of Isis(Genisis)-"let us make man in OUR image"

    Red Elk is an Inter-Tribal Native American Medicine Man. He is Blackfoot and of the Shoshoni Nation, as well as part Irish and French and he stated in "THE SPECTRUM" April 2002 Vol. 3, No. 10 pg. 38. states, "Adam and Eve (the so-called white's Adam and Eve) were the first "evolved" through DNA, of them, Sasquatch. Gail Cortright replied, "So, we've evolved from Bigfoot? Red Elk said, No, no, no. We (whites) WERE Bigfoot; they (the Kama'atu [Egyptians]) modernized us---different brains, different bodies, and everything else

    The Cro-Magons just like the Neanderthals were "cave dwellers." Their remains have been found in caves (HOLY QUR'AN 18th Surah "Cave Dwellers"). The "BOOK OF ENOCH," which was removed from the Bible probably because it spoke of Azazel being made to live in the caves for 2000 years. According to "IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT MYSTERIES" by Alan and Sally Landburg...white men of this new hybrid race we call Caucasian, pg. 26...).(6000) Six thousand years ago, the Earth was in the astrological sign of Gemini, the Twins, at which time, Draco was the Pole Star. The Neter/Goddess Tarut (Draco), the Great Mother, presided over the principle of multiplication, whose function was parturition. According to "WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY" "Parturition means ‘child birth' or "the act or process of giving birth to offspring."

    -Of the earth's 7 continents,the only one not beginning with the letter'A' is Europe. The continent of Europe was named after the African Kemetian(egyptian) Queen,Europa .In English translation the root word of Europe is 'ROPE',which is anything twisted together for the purpose of confinement. Eu-ROP E,the 2nd largest continent became the natural(ordained)prison for those African-clones whom had become so opposed to the Mother earth and her creator,they had to be cast out of the garden of Eden(see Adam and Eve). These 'Outcasts' had become hardened in warlike thought-patterns,conflicting to the universal harmonies of life,so infested with leprosy and other experimental diseases until the kisses of the sun Rays was made their natural enemy. The Ancient Moors saw Europe as the perfect natural prison.It is located entirely in the northern hemisphere between 36 Degrees N and the Arctic Ocean(away from the direct sun). To the south a series of mountains stretches from east to west(Caucasus,Balk ans,Alps,sierra,Nevada,etc and the Mediterranean sea). The Atlantic to the west,Ice to the north and the east ends in peninsulas and mountains.In later years after Moses tried to civilize their offspring(who thought they had been raised by wolves and the world was flat).

    The Chinese people built a 24-foot high,two thousand mile long,30-foot thick wall to keep the uncivilized Europeans out of china(East). Europeans later became so distraught and ashamed of their true 'laboratory origin' and sentencing to a Trans-continental Exile as punishment,they consequentially developed 'His-story' for a past.His story was 'Dark ages','Men born from monkies','Ice Ages' and 'Evil periods'. It is for these reasons today's Pale skinned claim to be free.Free from their European continental prison to now circle the globe in pursuit of his own ending. Inside their Lodges they use the Compass and Square of Africa to chart their coarse of world dominance.Outside the lodge,they plant their sign of ''The cross'' to illustrate their conquest and unwelcome return into the civilized world-The Exhuming of a Nation.

    The bible never sayz Adam was the first man. Gen. 30:35, speaks of Jacob being able to produce unusually colored flocks of sheep and goat through a skillful technique called breeding (grafting). Biblically, it took him 6 yearz to change the flock (Gen. 31).
    Tomas Scoto, a 14th century Spanish Monk, was put on trial and executed after he tried to reveal this information in his book, 'Collyrium Contra Haereses', published in 1344. He said the 'Adam & Eve theory' was simply the making of one group of species by another. He was quoted in recordz—still held in the Church of Spain—saying, "there were men before Adam and Adam was made by these men." Even in the Holy Qu'ran (2:28) the angelz give warning before the making of Adam, saying his arrival would "only create mischief and cause the shedding of blood." Has there not been more bloodshed since YT's arrival? Have not the number of warz more than quadrupled??

    Early followerz of the biblical jesus also believed people lived before Adam. The early church fatherz, St. Paul and St. Augustine wrote about it. In 1655, Isaac de la Peyrene, an orthodox priest, published a book entitled, 'Men Before Adam'. He stated that Adam was the "one man through whom sin entered the world."
    If you read Gen. 1:26, it states, "...and God said, Let US make man in OUR image..." The english word "God" is from the translated hebrew word, "Elohim", which is plural. 'El' meanz God, divinity, from which comes the second, a feminine form, 'Eloh', meaning Goddess; and 'im' is masculine plural. So we see that Elohim isn't a name, it is a title!

    In Gen. 6:1-4, it talks about the rape of the Afrikan woman and the birth of a mutant kind-of-man (or mankind), birthed from a man not of a woman. What we have living with the Originalz (Afrikanz) is a mutated half-brotha, a Half-rican if you will. Those who govern the material power of the earth [the one world government (OWG), aka new world order] are those who have fallen from the "higher (mental) heaven". The fallen are imperfect (lack melanin) who use their power to establish themselves as godz in the lower (physical) world. The global genocide against natural creation, the properly called 'Maangamizi' or Afrikan holocaust/Middle Passage (which is mistakenly called the 'Maafa'. Maafa is of the arabic language and it's funny when using 'Maafa' to speak of our 'Maangamizi', the role islam played is cleverly omitted), is a planned event by the descendants of the fallen ones, the OWG. In essence, there is no Afrikan-American, Haitian, Jamaican, nor european for that matter. These are nothing but neocolonial titles set up by the OWG who just so happenz to be our evil half-brothaz, the romanz, greeks, so-called jew and arab, who are nothing but a carbon-copy of creation.

    In Ethiopia, a group of 19th century explorerz uncovered an ancient document called The Book of Adam & Eve, believed to be part of the Lost Books of Eden. It talks about a people's forced walk across a desert and them living inside a cave. "And, indeed when Adam looked at his flesh, that was altered, he wept bitterly, he & Eve, over what they had done...And as they came to it, Adam wept over himself and said to Eve, 'Look at this cave that is to be our prison in this world, and a place of punishment." Now what do they mean by Adam's flesh being "altered"... from what to what?!!?
    This is where it get's deep! See, this historyisn't entirely secret! Once a year, on the eve of the Jewish Day of Atonement, a ceremony is traditionally performed in which a goat (Azazel—another hebrew name for the white race, or the devil) is tied to a rope and led away from the people out into the desert and abandoned in a place of hillz and rocks. This ceremony can also be found in Leviticus 16:21-22: "He shall put both hands on the goats head and confess over it all the evils, sins and rebellions of the people of Israel, and so transfer them to the goat's head. Then the goat is to be driven off into the desert by a man appointed to do it. The goat will carry all their sins away with him into some uninhabited land." Also if you read Leviticus 14:4-7, white birdz are used in the so-called "purification" of leperz. Goats, white birdz (doves) and leperz are all representatives of YT.

    The Book of Enoch was removed from the bible probably because it spoke of Azazel being made to live in the caves for 2000 yearz. The life of the caveman was a grotesque punishment indeed. Not only did he reside in caves, he also lived in man-made holes. The holes usually were 10-15 feet. In the winter, he would cover the hole with his feces, which served as a blockade against the cold air. The steam from the manure also proved useful as a humidifier. No question, it was a good place for a 'Stick-Up' or any other kind of deodorant, Febreeze... somethin'! To top that, through study of the history of Europe, I found staying beneath massive piles of human waste was commonplace throughout!!
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  7. Test Tube Babies in Ancient India

    Research reveals that Ayurvedic physicians in ancient times not only understood precise details about chromosomes and fertility, they were able to practically apply this knowledge in surprising ways.


    In "Test Tube Babies in Ancient India", published in the 1979 edition of Chikitsa, an Indian Ayurvedic magazine, researcher and journalist P.V. Vartak speculates that the first real test tube babies were created in India at least 7,500 years ago. Describing a series of experiments that are narrated in the Mahabharata, India’s epic tale of an ancient family feud that led to world war, Vartak suggests that these stories are neither metaphors nor legends, but real experiments that were conducted by the ancients using Ayurvedic knowledge of what we in the modern era would call genetics and embryology. Here we extrapolate the essence of P.V. Vartak’s theory as presented in his fascinating article:

    The inspiration for P. V. Vartak’s article is a report on scientific advances in England during 1978. At that time, doctors successfully fertilized an egg in a test tube and then implanted it in a woman’s uterus so that an infertile couple was able to have a child.

    Pointing out that in the modern experiment only fertilization was done in the test tube and the embryo was then implanted in the mother’s womb, Dr. Vartak compares this with more advanced research that was done in ancient India to create children outside the womb. Wishing to establish precedence for embryology and the knowledge of chromosomes in Vedic culture, P.V. Vartak outlines the situation that gave rise to a genetic experiment in the royal family of King Drupada.

    King Drupada had been defeated in battle by Dronacharya. Although the king had several sons, none of them was strong enough to send out against the invincible warrior, and so Drupada wanted to have a son who would have the qualities and the power to defeat Dronacharya.

    As it turns out later, the reason Dronacharya could not be defeated was that he himself had not had a normal birth and was not subject to a normal death, having been created in a vessel by the sage Bharadwaja, but more of that later.

    King Drupada’s desire was for an exceptionally strong male child. As P.V. Vartak reminds us, even today (he is speaking in 1979) it is not possible to choose the sex of an unborn child, let alone select his character traits. So Drupada wandered throughout India in search of a sage who could help him to achieve his difficult goal.
    Finally he came across the sage Yaja and his brother Upayaja. They accepted the challenge and the king paid them an advance of 80,000 cows, with another 10 crores to come when they were successful.

    The story unfolds as the king follows the instructions of the sages and receives treatment from them to improve the quality of his semen. Later the sages collect the semen and process the sperm by some secret method. Then they invite the queen to join in the experiment.

    Things take a more interesting turn when the queen refuses to have anything to do with it. The brother sages say they don’t need her anyway and they proceed, as Vartak says, with creating their baby in a vessel, or, another possibility is that they implanted the processed sperm in the womb of a cow. All of which, he says, “show that the ancient Indian sages had the knowledge of sperm, chromosomes and genes, and they knew how to develop a baby outside the human uterus. They also knew how to create a baby from only a sperm.”

    According to Vartak, the story in the Mahabharata fits well with the concepts of modern science. He quotes descriptions of the characteristics and functions of the X and Y chromosomes, giving the number as 24 and the name as Gunavidhi, which translates as ‘characters’ and ‘functions’. In another text, Srimad Bhagavatam, they are numbered as 23, but the Mahabharata adds the cell proper to make 24, and Vartak finds this proof of knowledge as “the cell itself does take part in controlling the functions and characters. . . . It is also clearly stated that hereditary diseases and genetic diseases like Asthma, Migraine . . . Epilepsy, Diabetes, etc., occur in the individuals due to a defective gene.” And for more detailed information he refers us to his books in the Marathi language, Swavambhu and Vastava Ramayana.

    According to modern science, the sperm is mostly nuclear material and the ovum is food material. So it is possible to create a human being only from sperm if proper nourishment is supplied to it. Similarly, it is possible, as in “parthenogenesis,” to create an animal only from an ovum if that ovum is stimulated by some means. This phenomenon is also described in the Mahabharata when the sage Vasishtha says that an embryo can develop only from the female and, more emphatically, that the whole body of an offspring can develop only from sperm without the involvement of the female. And Vasishtha may say this with conviction because he himself was born without the help of a mother. The sage Agasti, his “twin,” was “born” at the same time out of the same kumbha, or pot. In this, the first of such successful experiments, the scientists Mitra and Varuna mixed their sperm and processed it in a pot and produced human male twins in about 10,000 BC, in the age known as Satyayuga, the Age of Truth.

    Five thousand years later, in another series of experiments, the sage Gautama produced Kripa and Kripi, who took their names from the container, similar to a sheath of arrows and closer in shape to the modern ‘test tube,’ in which they were created. And Bharadvaja created the famous male child Dronacharya, named after the method of his birth in a vessel known as drona. It was said that as Drona was produced only from a sperm, there was no female element in him and so he became undefeatable.

    And so it was, considering all of these aspects, that the sage Yaja selected one sperm with an X chromosome and another with a Y chromosome and created in a special vessel, yajna kunda, both a female and a male child for King Drupada: the famous Draupadi, who features prominently as the wife of Arjuna and his four Pandava brothers, and her brother, the warrior Dhrstradyumna. Neither of them could die a natural death.

    The author does not give us the end of the story; we do not hear of the fight between Dronacharya and Dhrstradyumna, except to say that both eventually were assassinated, and so did not die from natural causes. Draupadi, he says, died of her own will. But he traces the similarities and differences of the two experiments, ancient eastern and modern western, and makes two observations: First, he finds the older experiment to have been more efficient as the babies were created outside the womb. Of perhaps even greater significance is the similarity that he reports: In both cases, the children were not shown to the public, and details of the process were kept secret as both sages and scientists saw the great dangers involved in continuing such experiments.
    According to P.V. Vartak, the sages decided not to indulge in such work or to teach these techniques to their students, seeing the consequences as disastrous to mankind and to the balance of nature.

    The amazing revelation of Dr. Vartak’s article is that such research into advanced genetics was being carried out thousands of years ago, and that Ayurveda has knowledge not only of this branch of science, but possibly many others that are just being ‘discovered’ or rediscovered today.

    In their work with Ayushakti Ayurveda, the Narams use the ancient knowledge of their lineage to help couples who would otherwise be childless to have the blessing of healthy normal children.
  8. Once I understood the law "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT", I had to expand my mind to take in the reality that if it PHYSICALLY EXIST HERE, IT IN SOME FORM EXISTED IN THE UNSEEN ALSO BEFORE BEING MADE MANIFEST IN THE PHYSICAL. Well, here is where it gets interesting. Based upon well documented ish that our people left behind, the unseen war in heaven became manifest down here, not only upon the earth but the third level is that the war also exist within ourselves as well. Let me roll the tape!

    The statement that THERE WAS A WAR IN HEAVEN on the unseen level that was equally manifested on earth was shown and proven to be true in the ancient documents of our people. The following displays are not accidents and reveal the fact that our people were PHYSICALLY FIGHTING AND HAVING WARS UP WITH SOMEBODY OR SOMETHING IN THE SKY WHILE HERE ON EARTH....AND THERE WERE WARS IN HEAVEN.

    According to ancient Indian texts, the people had flying machines which were called "Vimanas." The ancient Indian epic describes a Vimana as a double-deck, circular aircraft with portholes and a dome, much as we would imagine a flying saucer.
    It flew with the "speed of the wind" and gave forth a "melodious sound." There were at least four different types of Vimanas; some saucer shaped, others like long cylinders ("cigar shaped airships"). The ancient Indian texts on Vimanas are so numerous, it would take volumes to relate what they had to say. The ancient Indians, who manufactured these ships themselves, wrote entire flight manuals on the control of the various types of Vimanas, many of which are still in existence, and some have even been translated into English.

    The Samara Sutradhara is a scientific treatise dealing with every possible angle of air travel in a Vimana. There are 230 stanzas dealing with the construction, take-off, cruising for thousand of miles, normal and forced landings, and even possible collisions with birds. In 1875, the Vaimanika Sastra, a fourth century B.C. text written by Bharadvajy the Wise, using even older texts as his source, was rediscovered in a temple in India. It dealt with the operation of Vimanas and included information on the steering, precautions for long flights, protection of the airships from storms and lightening and how to switch the drive to "solar energy" from a free energy source which sounds like "anti-gravity."

    The Vaimanika Sastra (or Vymaanika-Shaastra) has eight chapters with diagrams, describing three types of aircraft, including apparatuses that could neither catch on fire nor break. It also mentions 31 essential parts of these vehicles and 16 materials from which they are constructed, which absorb light and heat; for which reason they were considered suitable for the construction of Vimanas. This document has been translated into English and is available by writing the publisher: VYMAANIDASHAASTRA AERONAUTICS by Maharishi Bharadwaaja, translated into English and edited, printed and published by Mr. G. R. Josyer, Mysore, India, 1979 (sorry, no street address). Mr. Josyer is the director of the International Academy of Sanskrit Investigation located in Mysore.

    In the Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara, it is written about how to build a Vimana:

    Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky. The movements of the Vimana are such that it can vertically ascend, vertically descend, move slanting forwards and backwards. With the help of the machines human beings can fly in the air and heavenly beings can come down to earth.

    In 1991, the English portion and the illustrations from the Josyer book were reprinted by David Hatcher Childress in Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis as part of the Lost Science Series. According to Childress, the 8 chapters treat the following:
    1. The secrets of constructing aeroplanes, which will not break, which cannot be cut, will not catch fire, and cannot be destroyed.
    2. The secret of making planes motionless.
    3. The secret of making planes invisible.
    4. The secret of hearing conversations and other sounds in enemy places.
    5. The secret of retrieving photographs of the interior of enemy planes
    6. The secret of ascertaining the direction of enemy planes approach.
    7. The secret of making persons in enemy planes lose consciousness.
    8. The secret of destroying enemy planes.
    The propulsion of the Vimanas according to Kanjilal (1985) is by a "Mercury Vortex Engines"[8], apparently a concept similar to electric propulsion. Childress finds evidence for this "mercury vortex engine" in the Samarangana Sutradhara, an 11th century treatise on architecture.

    Yes we can see that this Mayan brother is in a flying machine with his hands on the controls, a breathing piece to the nose...but all of this was wiped from our memory. The people of ancient India were the Kushites, Dravidians...who as we can see, left the documents and monuments of us flying and having wars in where??...oh, heaven.

    Then we get over to ancient Kemet and lo and behold, what's carved into the walls!??!


    The following ancient images have been tested by NASA and have been found to be to aerodynamically correct. In other words, they could fly.

    THIS ANCIENT MAYAN SPACE VEHICLE FLEW Two German aeronautical engineers, Algund Eenboom and Peter Belting, dug the Inca artifacts back into scene, built a propeller-powered scaled replica of one of the artifacts and performed a flight test in 1997, during the Ancient Astronaut Society World Conference in Orlando, Florida. They didn’t any modification in their replica, keeping the exact aerodynamic characteristics of the Inca objects, that were proven actual replicas of 100% functional aircrafts, after the stunning successful test:

    Frontier scientist Richard Hoagland’s research team The Enterprise Mission pointed out another relatively new and interesting development in the proof for a lost technological society. Among other points, Hoagland et al. discuss the recent findings of German scientists Dr. Algund Eeboom and Mr. Peter Belting. Several small gold trinkets have been recovered from tombs of the Incas, dating back thousands of years. These trinkets clearly depict structures that undeniably appear to be workable flying airplanes, complete with what appear to be gun turrets on some of the wings.

    Two German aeronautical engineers, Algund Eenboom and Peter Belting, dug the Inca artifacts back into scene, built a propeller-powered scaled replica of one of the artifacts and performed a flight test in 1997, during the Ancient Astronaut Society World Conference in Orlando, Florida. They didn’t any modification in their replica, keeping the exact aerodynamic characteristics of the Inca objects, that were proven actual replicas of 100% functional aircrafts.

    Where is the tragedy in all of this? It's in the idea of being able to see where we were, what we did, who we are, what our potential is....and yet we can't build or do anything all because "SOMEBODY ELSE GOT OUR MINDS AND WE'RE SLEEPING!!??? All of this is still in your DNA, your penile gland which recorded our legacy and has it encoded there for us to tap into. But wait...I stated that there was an unseen war in heaven, which obviously manifested down here on the earth also and as I begin part 10, I will have to enter the third phase which reveals the same war within ourselves. We got to WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! THE TIME FOR SLEEP IS OVA!!! WE GOT TO WAKE THOSE SLEEPING GENES BACK UP!!!


    As I begin pt.8 of this subject concerning our reality, it's very important that some things I spoke about in my earlier post are not forgotten as I start to pull this together. For example; I stated that everything that exist in the physical once existed in the realm of the UNSEEN or what some of us refer to as MIND or DIVINE MIND...while others of us state or call it the SPIRITUAL REALM. All of these terms are correct and we'll understand why in a few. I also stated that the book that we call the Bible was written by our people in Memphis Kemet and that it was later hijacked into the form it has now. I equally stated that it is not in sequential order...and as many of us may or may not be aware of, many of the stories in there are the stories of our people that were again, highjacked into the distortions that presently exist.

    It is of course, only with the study of our history on every conceivable level that there is, that one can begin to go back and extract the truth concerning who and what we are as well as how we got here. From there we can indeed chart what we did and the cause and effect that has us in the condition that we are in and that we have the ability to dam near instantly stop if we can ever wake up to our reality. This thing is bigger than us and yet at the same time a part of us.

    The genius of our ancestors is that they did an awful lot of writing. I mean, our people in ancient Kemet wrote about everything! This is how we know about the foods that they ate, the clothes that they wore, the spiritual practices that they had, the medical knowledge, the science and everything else!! They were some writing @sses in terms of keeping records and recording events in their civilization or what happened to them. I have a question that I want to ask every thinking person out there. Since they were such proficient writers and recorders of everything in their lives...and since we know based upon the research of Dr. Diop and others, that 4 out of 5 households at one time had WHITE SERVANTS....where's the record of this? Where are the recorded events, observations, character writings or anything else in regards to our first contact or intimate contact with these people????

    What we have here is a blank spot in history that shouldn't exist when we look at the habits, customs and reality of our people in Kemet. WHERE ARE THE RECORDS OF OUR ANCESTORS INTIMATE CONTACT WITH WHITE PEOPLE???? I'm asking this because, the reality of white people today and even more so in the past would have been so contradictory to their reality that to be real about it...they wouldn't have had any choice but to write about it!! I want you to imagine, based upon what we already know concerning white people, what it would have been like.

    Here we would have some smelly, stinking, hairy, grunting, walking on all fours at times...hoard of what to our ancestors would have been some form of beast in the beginning....and they wrote nothing about it??? Here would have been a people that would have been running down on ancient Kemet for food or whatever...and now I have to believe that our ancestors WROTE NOTHING ABOUT IT????

    I know just by common sense, that after our ancestors met or spotted them people, that they would have sent out a scouting party to find out what they were, where they came from and how they were living. That for me is just PURE COMMON SENSE....AND THEY WROTE NOTHING ABOUT IT ????!! So here's the deal. One of two things had to have happened based upon the reality of our people in Kemet...because I know for a fact that they would have done everything that I said. The first thing is that MAYBE ALL THE RECORDS WERE STOLEN OR TAKEN OUT BY WHITE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO HIDE THEIR REALITY. This is plausible but I'm not buying this one, I'm not buying this one because I don't think that white people are that smart or were that smart to be able to extract EVERYTHING IN THE DOCUMENTS OR WRITINGS THAT PERTAINED TO THEM.

    The second thing that could have happened and based upon a mountain of what the courts would call CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, did indeed happen, was that....the reason that there are no records concerning our ancestors first contact with white people is because our ancestors DIDN'T WRITE A RECORD. The next question should be, why not? Personally speaking and based upon some ancient writings of our ancestors, I THINK THAT THEY DID SOMETHING THAT THEY WERE NOT VERY PROUD OF AND TRIED TO HIDE THE RECORD OR NOT WRITE ONE IF POSSIBLE....BUT THEY DID WRITE SOMETHING, HOWEVER MINUTE AND THEY LEFT THE CLUES BEHIND FOR US TO SEE.

    The other great thing that they did because they had a seriously complex mind, was that, when they wrote things, they wrote things on many levels. They wrote an exoteric reality and an esoteric reality at the same time. Kemet is known for having something called a DIVINE TRINITY. They knew that THREE WAS A DIVINE NUMBER and it was they who formulated something called SACRED GEOMETRY, which I'd advise people to look up. For them it was the sun, moon and stars, the mother, father and child... past, present and future... proton, neutron, electron...mind, body and soul, etc...The point is that they had a divine trinity. This is important as we go back.

    When we ask, how did we get here and we come to understand that, HOWEVER WE LOOK AT IT, WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET THAT DID NOT COME FROM THIS PLANET. If we say that the PRIME CREATOR made us, then we would have existed in the mind of the Prime Creator before being manifest...and since we know that the Prime creator isn't from earth since earth did not exist, then neither are we. If we say that we manifested on earth from DIVINE MIND or COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, then again, we were obviously from some place else before we got here. If we say that we were made by aliens or interfaced with them, then again, we are not from here and earth is not our home.

    I had to lay all of this out just to say that, when our ancestors said that THREE WAS A DIVINE NUMBER, they were right...not only were they right but I have discovered another level to their writings. I learned through study that they wrote on an exoteric and esoteric level...but there is a third level also and I don't know the name of it. I discovered this third level quite by accident only to have the idea of there being a third level confirmed by other writers. It is stated in the Bible that; THERE WAS A WAR IN HEAVEN. I found this interesting because of my understanding that EVERYTHING THAT EXIST IN THE PHYSICAL ONCE EXISTED IN THE UNSEEN.

    To Be Continued....
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  10. Ok, lets get rolling here. As I am about to enter this post, I want everyone reading this to come up out of the fog. What's the fog? The fog is in thinking that with a universe as expansive as what we can see or know of, we have no choice but to acknowledge the fact that there is "LIFE EVERYWHERE"...that which we can see and that which we can not. Our problem is that we tend to look for life that we can relate to because of the physical bodies that we inhabit. However, the physical bodies that we inhabit did not always exist and that is where post 7 begins.

    I want to first of all get started on this with the "UNKNOWN". Why? Because when it comes to the UNKNOWN, all anyone can do is to make suppositions. I can not say for a certainty why this earth was made or the moon and sun...but obviously it was for "building reasons" in terms of the natural resources that this 3rd dimension was able to produce that were obviously needed elsewhere in the galaxy by whatever 'CONSCIOUS ENTITIES" that there were. DIVINE MIND is simply that..."DIVINE MIND"...and as such, even it would need to manifest itself in some physical form when dealing with physical realities.

    I done heard and read all about the annunakis and all that other stuff and in as much as I don't buy into it the way that it is presented, I'm having a big big problem with the following images that have been found in ancient Black civilizations.







    One will notice in this picture out of Sumer above that he has a pine cone in his hand. This pine cone represents the penile gland which was the dark matter left within us as a gateway to not only commune with the Prime Creator within us but also as a gateway to the cosmic reality of our beginning as we became trapped on this 3rd demension. (more on that in a minute)

    On October first of 2002, while vacationing in the Southern Chilean city of Concepcion, a group of family members found what appeared to be a small humanoid creature. The miniscule being measures about 7.2 centimeters long. It has a relatively large head, two arms with long fingers, and two legs. The discovery was first reported by "Mega News Service", which is the local news channel in the Santiago area.
    According to previously gathered evidence and interviews conducted by journalist Rodrigo Ugarte, the bizarre creature was found among bushes by one of the children during an outdoors trip. The child allegedly picked it up and wrapped it with a piece of paper. The child claims that it stayed alive for about eight days, and in some instances, it even opened its eyes.
    Nevertheless, after supposedly being dead for a few days, the small creature displays signs of advanced decomposition; it even appears to be in a strange state of mummification.
    Specialists from the University of Chile pointed out to a possibility that it might be a fetus from local wild life, such as a wild cat. However, they have not reached a conclusion to determine the exact species the supposed fetus could be scientifically associated with. They expect to carry out DNA testing in order to come up with a conclusion.
    We never heard anymore about this one.


    I had to go through all of this because when we manifested, we did not manifest by ourselves just as this galaxy was not constructed by just us. In fact, originally we were the only ones of the four groups that were able to live on the surface of the earth because we had melanin. Dam!....I didn't think I'd have to go through all of this just to lay a foundation....oh well, at least from this point on I can continue to unfold this since I have established that we never were alone. By the way, WE ARE THE ONLY EXTRATERRESTRIALS ON THIS PLANET SIMPLY BECAUSE EARTH IS NOT OUR ORIGIN...UNLIKE THE OTHERS THAT ARE HERE.

    I'll jump back on this in the morn after I come back from the laundromat.
  11. I mentioned earlier in one of my post that there will be questions that we can not answer but which must be experienced to get the if God created us then who created God? Does anyone really think that anyone will find an answer to that?....I don't think so. Because of my understanding of what we call God, I'm going to switch language just to keep a separation of terms. Hence forth, when I am speaking of the FIRST CAUSE or what most people refer to as God, I will use the term "Prime Creator". The reason for this is because we are all CREATORS operating through the Prime Creator that is never separate from us.

    In Kemet I would have said Neter as the Prime Creator and referred to ourselves as Neter Neteru "Ntr Ntru". As people we have need of identifying and labeling things in order for our minds to comprehend a thing or an idea or reality. When we do this we are equally laying down the laws or realities that apply to it so that we can fit it into a box that our minds can readily grasp onto. Way back in time this was the reality of all people who did not have the science or knowledge of certain things or events that may have taken place. If something happened and they knew why, they would lay down the laws that governed the event explain why it happened. If something happened that was beyond the scope of their understanding or life reality, what do you think they did? They applied it to a supernatural entity or being or devil or cause as a means of attempting to mentally grasp what it is that their minds would not normally be able to grasp due to it being outside of their own understanding of the thing or event. This is what is known as a "Bicameral mind".

    As you can see, I'm really taking my time in making sure that what I have to say is clear and understandable. I had to say this because I had a choice in how to do this. I know that I could have saved myself a whole lot of writing by simply saying that "Black People manifested on this plane of existence and everybody would still be as lost as before. What's the difference between manifesting, being created or evolving? To a degree, nothing and yet EVERYTHING. Manifesting is a conscious choice and for those who are unconscious of consciousness in action, it is a subconscious choice or reality...meaning that they are creating and bringing things about without being aware that they are doing it. When you are not aware on this level that YOU ARE DOING IT OR THAT THERE ARE UNIVERSAL LAWS IN PLACE THAT GOVERN ALL REALITY, YOU WILL ATTRIBUTE IT TO SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF.

    Without the knowledge of what happens when cold air and hot air meets, you will create a "God of Thunder" to explain to yourself what it is that you do not mentally have the knowledge of....thus the origin of what we call "superstition". Now before I can get all into how we manifested and the stages that we went through as well as the other creations that WE MADE, I have to first get rid of our present concept of the "PRIME CREATOR" that we've been fed and that most of us believe in.

    We've been told that the PRIME CREATOR is omnipresent and omnipotent....meaning that we were told that the PRIME CREATOR is everywhere and is all powerful and knows all things before they happen. In other words, the PRIME CREATOR can do anything and is all powerful. THAT IS A LIE !!! The PRIME CREATOR IS INDEED OMNIPRESENT because the same force that exist in me, exist in all things, minus the consciousness of its consciousness in terms of our human understanding. That part is true. The part about it being able to do anything is a lie. For example, even as a mere mortal I can think of things that the PRIME CREATOR can not do. The PRIME CREATOR CAN NOT MAKE A ROCK SO HEAVY THAT THEY CAN NOT MOVE IT. THE PRIME CREATOR CAN NOT PUT TWO MOUNTAINS TOGETHER WITHOUT A VALLEY IN THE MIDDLE. THE PRIME CREATOR CAN NOT DESTROY ITSELF AND THEN COME BACK TO LIFE AGAIN.

    Give great thought to what I have said and you will see the truth in it....meaning that the PRIME CREATOR can not do anything. More than that, the PRIME CREATOR can not create anything that will be in opposition to it. In other words, it's impossible for the prime creator to create a devil. In order for that to happen the PRIME CREATOR would have to first possess that reality within itself being that we claim that the PRIME CREATOR created ALL THINGS, which it did not. Our human definition of the Prime Creator is flawed and is one that comes from the religiously conditioned mind. If the PRIME CREATOR is all good, loving, just and perfect...then we have made ourselves through our definitions, greater than the PRIME CREATOR because we can hate, do evil and everything else that we are told is not in the PRIME CREATOR.

    Based upon our definitions, we are also greater than the DEVIL because we are told that the devil is evil, corrupt, a liar, deceitful and filled with hate. We become greater than the DEVIL because we can love, do kindness and are filled with compassion and goodness....which according to our definitions, the devil can not do. So by our own human definitions we have through the religiously conditioned mind, made ourselves greater than both the DEVIL and the PRIME CREATOR. Now it's time to discard those illusions and come into reality.
  12. The writings that have come to be known as the Bible (book) are quite interesting when one has a historical foundation and has done world research concerning it. Since the Bible was written in Memphis Kemet by our people for white people, it therefore BELONGS TO OUR PEOPLE from which it came....and this is before there is anything on the earth called Christianity. This means that the book DOES NOT BELONG TO THOSE CALLING THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS, DID NOT ORIGINATE WITH THEM AND AS SUCH, IS A BOOK THAT WAS GIVEN TO THEM AND WAS LATER HIGHJACKED IN ITS STRUCTURE.

    We read that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. First problem: The word "EARTH" did not exist in the Hebrew is a Germanic word. God is not a Hebrew word either. For those who say that the word "Elohim" was used, I advise you to research the word "Elohim" to see how it was used. Based upon so called Jewish literature, I could be an "Elohim". ( I will now inform some of us of what the early books of Genesis are in the Bible. Since the Black man and woman has been on this earth for time beyond time, we will upon a thorough examination of history come to realize that the Bible is not a record of creation in a sequential order. It is a record of KEY EVENTS IN OUR HISTORY AND A RECORD THAT BORDERS ON GENERALIZATION, SCIENCE AND MYTH.
    Elohim - Wikipedia

    The reason that it can not be a record of creation in sequential order is because, based upon science itself, language as we know it only came about less than 100,000 years ago...and if this is true based upon scientific research, then "HOW WERE WE AS A PEOPLE COMMUNICATING"? It was by "telepathy" but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself because it's important to understand what happened to and with us as a people that has TODAY IN SUCH SHAMBLES.

    The Bible does have one thing right on the first page...and that's that, the earth was here BEFORE THE SUN OR MOON. Genesis 1:1-18. (they simply didn't tell us why?) Genesis also got it 1:27 when it reveals that "the black man and woman was created together at the same time". The reason for this being correct is because we know based upon science and religious writings that "The first people on the planet were androgynous". What does this mean? It means that both sexes existed within ONE BODY. Now when I say this, I don't want your mind to start flashing to somebody that's walking around with a penis and a vagina out in front of them...because that's what we call an hermaphrodite although nature in itself can not reproduce what did not ever exist.

    What I'm saying is the same thing that the Bible is saying but with further explanation. It states in Genesis that Adam was the first man. It equally states that "FROM ADAM THE WOMAN WAS TAKEN". This is nothing more than a story of "SEX SEPARATION" but they lied when they attempted to state that it was a MAN AS WE KNOW MAN TO BE TODAY when that was not the case at hand. Since "man" is supposedly an English word, we must find out the ORIGINAL MEANING of the word as a means of seeing if it lines up with anything written thus far. In the original Old Norse language whereby we get the word "MAN", it originally meant "WOMAN". The original word for man was not man but "WER" from the Sanskrit root "VIR" as in WER-WULF", the man-wolf. The name MAN meant the Moon, creatress of all creatures according to Scandinavian and other tribes throughout EUROPE.

    For a continued read on this, please consult pg.574 of The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker. As we move back in time we have no choice but to see that the earth was different, man was different, our diets were different, our means of communication was different and although we may have started out as "BEINGS OF LIGHT", the process of natural laws and the fact of our people condensing as the earth also condensed is where our story begins. Anything that I may have to say before this would be sheer speculation. It's like everybody got a piece. It is only when we begin to unwrap the esoteric teachings, the Gnostic teachings, the Dogon teachings, the N.O.I. teachings and everybody elses that we can begin to put this together.

    For those who say that God created us, then who created God? Something can not come from nothing and we have need of expanding our minds in order to take in all that I am about to say.
  13. Okay people, this is the hard one here. If we can make it past this one we can seriously begin to ride. I spent the last couple of days out on the block just talking with brothers and sisters about what's going on with us and white people. I spoke with brothers and sisters that were smoking, nodding, drunk, sober, in and out of school and even the ones that people would normally take to be bums based upon their physical presence. Not too surprisingly, I found that even the so called worst of us inherently had a knowledge as it concerns us and white people that would have seriously been an education for the most educated of white people! I also found that we as a people regardless of background or education or lack of, BELIEVED THAT THERE WAS A HIGHER POWER even though they did not subscribe to Christianity or Islam or any organized structure of religion. (NOW THAT'S SOME SERIOUS SPIRITUAL ISH RIGHT THERE)

    Since this chapter is about the Origin of the Black Race, we will have to deal with the information that we've been exposed to as well as what we haven't been exposed to. We will equally have to also take all information, proven or unproven and place it upon that scale to see in which direction something weighs out as being true. If someone comes to your home and you happen to notice that every time they come over to your home something pops up missing....the question then becomes; "At what point are you going to conclude that they are stealing from your home even though you or no one else ever saw them picking anything up?" This is how some information will also be. We may find it in many places without any tangible, measurable, solid concrete proof....and yet it's no different than a brother who has lived in Atlanta, New York, California and even Paris. When you go to visit all these places you find out that no matter where you went that the brother was also at, he is labeled in those places as being a drug trafficker. Coincidence?.....yeah, right!!


    Go on, ask any child or adult what the definition of "TIME" is and you will have a myriad of answers...but those answers can never and will never go outside of the dictionary or the language that we speak because it is within those formats that we express ourselves and think...which is why I also said that our speaking of English has really messed us up. So for those who don't know; "TIME IS MAN'S MEASUREMENT OF NATURE AND HIS OWN ACTIVITIES". This means that BEFORE the earth, the sun, the moon or the stars were ever created with their own cycles, we as a people already existed. We were in the unseen realm of Divine Mind which was about to be shown and proven by our manifestation on the PHYSICAL level.

    For those who tend to favor the "EVOLUTIONIST THEORY" it still doesn't change. The programming of the amoeba from a single cell to a life form that would leave the water and then evolve to a higher life form that we call humans had to be a process that was already encoded in the original single cell for it to undergo the transmutation from a lower life form to a higher life form. I do not on any level subscribe to that because of what I know vs. what they have been trying to tell us. I do agree that transmutation from one species to another is a fact, but my beef on that is that "THE GREATER CAN NOT COME FROM THE LESSOR...ONLY THE LESSOR CAN COME FROM THE GREATER. This is also why other people on the planet can not MAKE US BUT WE CAN MAKE THEM. In order for the lessor to EVOLVE to a higher level, something outside of its original make up has to be added to it to undergo that process....and incidentally, this process that we call EVOLUTION is indeed a process that white people can clearly attach to themselves while WE AS BLACK PEOPLE CAN NOT.
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  14. Hetep Afrakan Peoples! (Before I get all involved in this; Asante Sana Info-moetry for the pull up on the 66 trillion years even though my goal was to simply display the "time factor" illusion we've been given.)

    Between having to work and writing my book and posting online and going to my community meetings, I do try to post whenever I can. In continuing from part 2 I've had time to think about this thread and the important factors concerning it which over the course of time have become many. If we get a book entitled; What They Never Taught You In History Class by Indus Khamit Kush, we will see that he does an excellent job of documenting our existence on this planet. He gives excellent resources and basically lets us know that "at the core of EVERY CIVILIZATION can be found our people".

    Since we have been here on this planet we have left many temples, shrines, remnants of technology and a spiritual legacy unequaled upon this earth that has impacted all people on the planet. The problem that we have been having is a simple one to a degree....and yet it is also a universal issue that stems from a time before "we ever manifested upon this planet". I have recently seen a few post on this board pertaining to the idea that everybody came from the Afrakan or our people. This is not an issue that I am in debate about. What I am in debate about is "how they got here, how we got here, who and what we are and who and what they are". Without an understanding of this, many of us will continually live our life in a revolving door without ever reaching the potential of who we are.

    Lets keep this gangster for a minute. Everybody on this forum, let me ask you a question. What has any white person done to you DIRECTLY? In other words, what I'm asking and saying is; do you know of any white people personally that have ever stopped you from getting a job, moving into a new home, knocked on your door to assault you or kept you from getting decent grades in school or whatever. Do you PERSONALLY know any white people that have done this? I'm not speaking on the system that they've constructed that we've all been a victim of....I'm bringing this down to the personal level because that's the ONLY ONE THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS TO US. This is also the reason that it becomes so hard for us to get or be involved in tragedies that happens to other Afrakan people...because it didn't happen to us on a personal level where it impacts our DIRECT LIFE IN AN EVERY DAY FASHION.

    I bought this up because the reality is that, "if we have not been "physically assaulted" by any of them, then they did NOTHING TO US. What they have been most successful at was in "controlling how we think or perceive ourselves, themselves and life to be. I'm equally stating as Carter G. Woodson stated;If you can control a man’s thinking, you don’t have to worry about his actions. If you can determine what a man thinks you do not have worry about what he will do. If you can make a man believe that he is inferior, you don’t have to compel him to seek an inferior status, he will do so without being told and if you can make a man believe that he is justly an outcast, you don’t have to order him to the back door, he will go to the back door on his own and if there is no back door, the very nature of the man will demand that you build one.” (this statement is profound beyond words on a conscious, subconscious and programming level with the understanding that like the computer, the mind can not and will not bring forth anything other than what's been placed in there.) (More on the "what's been placed there" a little later since we do have a recorded spiritual hard drive within us that we call our penile gland.)

    Because of this reality that Carter G. Woodson stated, we have been demanding and fighting to convince ourselves that what we were told in our Holy Books has to be true...and yet if we examine what Carter G. Woodson wrote, we will begin to see that the enemy of our people through the theft of the writings of our ancestors, is exactly how they have been moving against us. Before they can control anything on this "PHYSICAL LEVEL" or level of the seen and manifested, they had to control the realm or area of the "UNSEEN" which is the area of MIND. They knew based upon our ancestors writings, that no one could manifest or bring into the "PHYSICAL WORLD WHAT DID NOT FIRST EXIST IN THE UNSEEN WORLD OR THE WORLD OF MIND".

    This is the reason why our people had to be knocked up side the head and made to FORGET the legacy, the culture, the history and all else that we had been living. It became important that our motivations, inspirations, aspirations, imagination and very thought process be dumbed down to the lowest level...for they understood that "WE COULD NOT PRODUCE, BUILD, MANIFEST OR ACT AND LIVE OUT ANYTHING THAT WE COULD NOT FIRST CONCEIVE OF IN THE REALM OF THE UNSEEN OR MIND. ( this is also what was called "sticking a needle into our brains) Now it's time for us to go back to a time when it was just us. In fact, we need to go back to when we first manifested as a means of understanding what happened and our connection to it today. There will always be questions that will remain a puzzle until we re-connect with ourselves but answering those are not the issue here.

    We need to answer as many questions as possible in order to come up out of the fog and illusion of self and life that we are caught up in.

    To Be Continued. Next Chapter: Origin of The Black Race
  15. As I begin part two of this subject which is obviously going to be a long thread indeed, it becomes important that we keep several things in the fore front of our minds. The first thing we need to keep in the fore front of our minds is this: "EVERYTHING THAT PHYSICALLY EXIST DID NOT ALWAYS PHYSICALLY EXIST". Everything that we physically see in the world today once existed in the realm of the UNSEEN before it was physically manifested for us to see, smell, touch, hear and taste. This must be understood before we can proceed to understand anything lets break this down just for a minute for those who may not be up to speed with what it is that I'm saying.

    You are a painter, a carpenter, an architect or just a person who likes to work with your hands, whether it be sewing, working with clay or anything else....and you tell me that you're going to build a house that has a sun roof that equally acts as a form of solar power for your home. Now you just told me that idea. In the physical world that can be measured, weighed, tested in a lab and that we can see, touch, taste, hear and smell, that house you just told me about DOES NOT EXIST. It exist in the realm of mind or the realm of the UNSEEN. We as life forms have the ability to take that UNSEEN REALITY and manifest or bring it into the physical world as a means of showing and proving that it existed someplace else before we were able to physically see it. Are you with me so far?

    We equally acknowledge that there are sounds that we can not hear and colors that we can not see because animals can hear those sounds and we have created machines capable of exposing those other realms of light that we can't see. As scientist we acknowledge that this earth is filled with life forms that are simply too small for the naked eye to see and that live on us everyday. So the truth of the matter is that THERE IS A WHOLE WORLD AROUND US 24 HOURS A DAY THAT WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AND THAT WE CAN NOT SEE OR HEAR WITH THE PHYSICAL BODY...AND YET IT EXIST.
    In having said that, let us now move on.

    One of the things that I am a stickler with is the idea that "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COINCIDENCE". The universe and life in and on this planet is governed by LAWS both known and unknown. Those that we know, we name and then we prove that the laws apply by experimentation. The laws that we are not aware of are a different matter. It is these UNKNOWN LAWS that lead to things like SUPERSTITION or some other form of explanation to try and explain what we haven't learned or understood as it was meant to be.

    It is these UNKNOWN LAWS that gave rise to mythology and other distortions of reality in our attempt to try and explain what it is that we do not fully know or understand. It is for this reason that we can understand that "BEHIND EVERY MYTH OR STORY IS A KERNEL OF TRUTH SOMEWHERE"....and if we begin to find a consistency or repetition of a myth or story concerning something, then we can best know that THERE IS A DYNAMIC TRUTH CONCERNING WHAT WE HEARD, SAW OR READ BEHIND THE STORY OR MYTH.

    Right now I am attempting to consolidate what honestly can not be consolidated because the intricacies are just as important as the major aspects of this story. For example: In the Bible, if you read Gen. 1:26, it states, "...and God said, Let US make man in OUR image...yet no one really wants to explore the "us and our" in that sentence. We've been given explanations that it was Jesus and God talking or that it was the holy ghost and God speaking....which realistically does not make any sense what so if the concept that we call God ever needed any help or conversation to make anything that exist. Gimme a break!...even worst, who recorded this conversation?

    In the Holy Qu'ran (2:28) the angelz give warning before the making of Adam, saying his arrival would "only create mischief and cause the shedding of blood." Who would the angelz be warning? Surely it couldn't be Allah because Allah would by our perception know these things already. This therefore means that the supposed scriptures in these books have a totally different meaning than what we have been told. Now I have two ways to do this. When I just mentioned Allah, I was speaking about the "SPOOK CONCEPT OF ALLAH". When we use the spook concept of ALLAH, the conversation doesn't make any sense in terms of the angelz telling ALLAH what would happen if Allah makes that creation.

    If we go by the idea that ALLAH is representative of DIVINE MAN and is indeed the ARM LEG LEG ARM HEAD, then it makes complete sense...for what we would be reading in the Holy Qu'ran 2:28 would be one Divine Allah (MAN) speaking with another Divine Allah or MAN.

    Okay, gotta go do some yard work and earn my daily sustenance....will pick up on this when I get back.

    Hetep !! (Peace)
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