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  1. I see our Earth and the people on it. I see our history destroyed, defiled, and distorted. I see our planet experiencing upheavals, the likes of which haven't been seen for generations. I see us repeating the same cycles over and over. In our economics, in our politics, in our interaction with each other and the environment. I see our scientists and educators willing to keep our children in ignorance. Our politicians have no sight for the future and hunger for power over lives.

    This has been happening for a long time.

    Make no mistake: this will change. Humanity must make a choice -- collectively or in groups -- to survive. If we do not live sustainably with one another and the environment, it's over for us.

    I'm exhilarated thinking about all we have to do. We'll have to unveil the technologies which have been kept hidden by our governments and complicit institutions. We'll have to stop producing so much waste. We'll have to begin to get back to some of the old ways and break down what we've built to move forward once more. But most of all: we'll have to change the way we exist in this world.

    The predominant thought systems which are currently in place are the same ones which have kept us in a self-destructive cycle for eons. The proliferation of ideas which tell one group of people that -- not only are they better -- that because of that they have the right to do what they wish to others against their wills. Diversity is what has given us the beauty of this world, down to every bacteria. If it weren't for these differences there wouldn't have been enough friction for humanity to get to this point. But we've strayed from the path our ancestors took.

    Depending on whom you believe the human race has been subverted by malicious alien forces. Many tribes and civilizations speak of beings coming from the sky or ground, appearing in dreams and displaying abilities beyond their comprehension. But there are also tales of people with these abilities, of earthlings coming from the ground or being born from other realms. From what I have gathered in experience and research these things are connected. These alien beings have been reported to be good and evil. I believe that humanity is in the middle of becoming more than we once were and that is why this all is happening. I believe the struggle currently occurring on this planet is a part of a natural cycle of evolving species, basically this: you become aware, The Game gets tougher. Humanity is moving from one stage to another.

    We will have to deal with what it means to become a galactic species.

    These are fundamentals, however. You can get anyone to tell you this.

    How many people are talking to you about what this actually means for you? And by that, I mean this: we apparently live in a reality that is capable of including ET, spiritual / advanced beings, advanced technology, and an eons old struggle for humanity's soul and/or this planet. What are we going to do about that?

    I am a very very old soul. I have known this since I became aware. I have had visions of the future. I have researched the collective spiritual and "occult" past of humanity since I was literally a child. But there are many like me. And we have plans. I'm sure you do too. We want to change this world, take it to the next level. A level which is talked about as impossible but ridiculed as if it is a threat.

    Heaven can be created on Earth. I think we are finally at the Final Collapse of our current civilization. The powers that be would like you to believe that there's nothing you can do. That it will continue in the same destructive and asinine ways. If you look around you you may very well be that it's getting "worse".

    I want to explain something to you now, everyone. It is only after the old has died that we can truly rebuild. People have to let go of this obsolete world. And take what is best of it.

    I'm going to go quiet once more until someone on my level approaches. Thank you, and good day.

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