"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" Andre Gide
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  1. So, once upon a time, I've known this girl.....we were all young, most of us more or less optimists. She was intelligent, but had some ,,weird,, beliefs.....she believed most humans were by nature agrressive. The society? A way to keep in control our violence....and not doing such a great job in many cases. Religion? A big lie, yes, but one who pretty much had the same role as society, laws, rules-written and unwritten, etc- to control our violence, to make sure the stronger will not kill or otherwise step on
    all the others. Basically she believed all our societies, arts, festivals, literature, cultural traditions, codes of honor and so on.....were just polishing our very violent nature, and the cold truth that people will always have to be controlled in a way or another, unless you want this ,,fragile equilibrium,, to be broken, and our human nature to shine in all its......ferocity.

    We thought she was weird.....or depressed. Or just crazy. Lol.
    Than why I remember her? Because there are days, like this one, when I am thinking if she didn't know more than we ever did.....
  2. So, considering the title, I think I could talk a bit about me. I am a very introverted person in real life, I don't have many friends- Well, this shouldn't be a surprise, given the fact that I am actually scared to talk to a person unless I know him/her and I think everything it is cool between us. So, you see I am a Social Loser.
    What else about me? I could never find a group where I can say I belong. Not even those groups from General Schools based on music- you know, rappers, rockers, emo, etc. I used to love some Gothic and Symphonic Metal songs, but given the fact that i would dare to listen to pop from time to time...I was not good enough for that group:bye:

    I am thinking about cultural identity. Yes, I know that everyone has a culture, but living here, were cultural identity is strongly linked with Christianity and a certain ethnicity- makes me wonder about myself. I am not religious, so outside the fact that I spend some time with my parents on important celebrations, 'religion and this holidays don't have any value for me. I am also not part of that ethnicity so some doors are pretty much closed (by me or others). So, what all this leaves me with? Well- every weekend I drink coffee at a coffehouse with my mom. In most cases, even during the week. So, I guess I have my own tradition- and nobody else is invited:11500:. Trough, to be fair, and I've never told this to anyone before, while I'm fine how I am , a tiny part of me.....hmmm, might wish to experiment at least once all these things that people around me do.
    As for the rest- I love mythology, I love to travel- yes, could find a cheaper hobby (my dream is to travel around the world), I love animals- want a puppy, unfortunately I don't have the conditions to raise a puppy right now, politics and SF/fantasy movies and books.