I'm pro-Black,I'm in love with the Black woman, and I seek to learn about my race what the education system didn't teach me.
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  1. Philosophy is reliable. I've ran into a couple of people that question the reliability of philosophy, and sat that it is self-defeating and useless. So what does it mean to say that philosophy is or is not reliable? The first step is to define each: what does it mean for something to be reliable? And what is philosophy? To keep it simple, reliability relates very closely to consistency. For example, my homeboy brutha $$rich$$ who can always be found here playing "wordsmith" and keeping it real. Or my sista Destee who also is always here to lead the masses and give us a reality check when it's needed.

    Philosophy imo simply defines the study of knowledge and/or wisdom. It's typical role is to asks the very questions about the world and of the things in it; from science to art. For example, what does it mean to be Black. This seemingly seems to be an unanswerable and complicated question, but one that seems to preoccupy or race. Hopefully, one day we can "again"come to accept who and what is black.