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  1. does it work?


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  2. Peace and Blessings Family,

    Last year when I posted for my birthday, my back was out ... :injured:

    But God has blessed and all of that is behind me now ... literally ... get it, back, behind ... ?? ... :look:

    Well ... anywho ... my back is great and all is well!

    I've had a few birthdays here at and it's amazing that I'm blessed to share yet another!

    The picture below was taken while at my birthday dinner ... :cake:

    Thank you all for the love, warm wishes and sweet thoughts!

    Loving Us!



    Destee - 01/08/16
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  3. Peace and Blessings Family!

    This note is especially to everyone that I owe a response to, an update, an acknowledgement, a thank you, a hello, an answer, a goodbye, an i love you, an i miss you, a happy birthday, a where you been so long?!, a tell Momma i said hi and that i love her, a congratulations, a you better get home soon, a i cannot imagine my life without you, a hug, a smile, if i owe you any one of these, please know that i love you and us and all is well. I just be krazee trying to keep up, leaving little time for the best part, the good stuff.

    Alla that to say ... please don't give up on me ... :flowers:

    And thanks for never doing so ... :love:



  4. Dear Blog,

    I want to write a letter to my Mother.

    I'll share it with you later.



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  5. Peace and Blessings Family,

    As soon as I think I've seen the craziest thing that ever could be, I see something crazier, yes, on the Internet! It's krazeee!!! Some things I really cannot even speak on with my whole heart, here at - because it would not even be allowed to begin with! Some things that are so shocking to me that I immediately run to my children and say, "Can you believe this?!" It's crazy. People are doing all kinds of things as if they have no sense of integrity, character, morals, etc. Acting like they had absolutely no home-training. It's as though they have separated themselves from the acts and because it's done on the Internet it does not count.

    Okay ... I'm done venting ... :)

    Loving Us!


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  6. Peace and Blessings Family,

    This is an update from my last blog entry - talking about my back injury ... :injured:

    That was earlier this year, in January - and I'm happy to say that it's all behind me now.

    I had said that I was going to be doing jumping jacks ... and I can!!!! :)

    I did a 5K last month too! ... :running:

    It really took the greater part of this year for me to get over this issue.

    Thanks everyone for the love and well wishes!

    I'll be writing more in my blog too! I hope you do as well!

    Much Much Love and Peace!


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  7. Peace and Blessings Family,

    Thank you all for the warm and loving birthday wishes !!!

    Ms Drea ... oldsoul ... jamesfrmphilly ... Fine1952 ... $$RICH$$ ... Angela22 ... Khasm13 ... Enki ... HODEE ... Clyde C Coger Jr ... :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Thank You All Soooooo Much !!!! ... :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

    I've been working so hard Family, burning the candle at both ends and it's taking a toll on me.

    I don't know if it is the working hard or just getting old ... :chair: ... but sump'n is happn'n ... :thinking:

    About 2 days before my birthday ... my back started hurting.

    I haven't injured myself in an obvious way, no noticeable twists or strains or anything ... a comfortable work environment ... but my back hurts.

    I can sit at the computer still ... but it's hard to do ... the pain is in my lower back ... like right at the top of my behind, and a little lower ... :eeek:

    I think I'm just working too hard, not taking care of my own self properly ... not resting enough ... just too many irons in the fire ... so i'm kinda being forced to slow down a little bit. I can't sit at the computer the same. I've been working to remedy this since it started, so it's a bit better now, and I believe it's going to continue to improve as long as I let my body rest ... so rest it is ... as much as i possibly can.

    I've already been away from the community a lot lately, and this will increase that ... but as soon as I'm able ... I will be back in full effect ... :weights:

    It's not a lot of pain, mostly pressure and tightness with an occasional stab of searing pain ... like if I turn the wrong way or something ... step wrong ... so I'm having to be very very careful.

    Happy Birthday to me ... :injured:

    Thank you all for being here and keeping our humble home alive, peaceful, and respectful.

    I'm never far away from destee but it may appear that way in the coming days.

    I Love You All !!!

    Thank You Sooooo Much !!!!

    I want to do more for us ... not less ... so keep me in your prayers.

    Thanks Again !!! ... :grouphug:

    Please leave some comments below too ... just 'cause we can do that ... :)

    Thank You .... Love You


  8. Peace and Blessings Family !!!

    Happy New Year !!!

    Thank you all so much for being here ... choosing our humble home to share a thought or two in.

    May this year and every year be all that you hope and more!

    Much Much Love and Peace.


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  9. Peace and Blessings Family,

    This seems to be the story of my life right now ... busy.

    I appreciate everyone's cooperation in keeping peaceful and respectful.

    It's not easy doing what we do ... we just make it look that way ... :mirror:

    Loving Us!


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  10. Dear Blog .... hehehe ... :)

    Tonight my friend Flirtachous and Oldschool71 came by the chat room and we had a great time! Oh My Gosh! They showed me how to work my mic a little better and I really think once we learn our new voice video chat ... it's gonna be the thug thizzle ... it's gonna take us working with it, learning it, and getting accustomed to it. Thanks Flirt and Oldschool .... :love:

    Sister legit-writer came through too ... but she didn't stay nearly long enough! ... maybe next time.

    okay ... goodnight blog ... see you next time.
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  11. It's like a diary ... of sorts ... a public one of course ... :research:

    or how ever folk wanna do ... oh my ... i'm addicted already! ... :krazee:


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  12. Peace and Blessings Family,

    There are so many new features!!!

    The biggest (in my opinion) is our new voice video chat room ... :music: ... :desteelive: ... :music:

    Even our blog system is new ... what I'm using to make this post !!! ... :yaay:

    So many ... thanks for being here to wallow in them with me ... :swings:

    Love You!


  13. Peace and Blessings Family,

    Aggressive promotion is sharing more than one link to your site, business, endeavor, etc., at

    We allow every Member to share one link in the threads, but no more, unless you're Premium.

    Premium Members are allowed to aggressively promote themselves, sharing a link in every post they make.

    Our rules do not allow Members to aggressively promote themselves, their business, websites, etc., in the threads / discussions, without being a Premium Member.

    Well ... i want you all to have a way to promote yourselves. Many do have web sites, businesses, etc., and i want to give you all a way to promote yourselves here, without stepping on our already established policies ... so i've created a new policy ... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY USSSSSSSSSSSS !!!! ... :)

    You can use Your Blog to promote yourself however much you'd like! ... :toast:

    In order to have access to this functionality, you must have at least 25 posts.

    Now that we have a NO COST way for you to aggressively promote your endeavor, doing it in the threads ... more than once ... will be more strictly enforced.

    We've been pretty good at managing this, with only a few slipping through every now and again ... but with us now giving away marketing opportunities ... doing so in the threads / discussions ... will absolutely be reserved for Premium Members only ... beyond the one chance we give every Member.

    So ... if you have your own thing going on, and you want to aggressively promote in this community ... which is a great community to do such a thing in ... you're welcome ... if you do it via YOUR BLOG.

    If you have 25 posts, you're welcome to start right now ... create blog entry ... and promote yourself!

    Folk can access your blog via your profile page, member card, link at the top, and often in the sidebar, as well as searches via google and other engines.

    Of course this is new, and like all our new stuff ... we'll feel our way ... and adjust as we go if necessary.

    If you have any questions let me know.

    Love You!


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  14. Video Tutorial - How To Enter and Use Voice Video Chat

    If you have any questions, let me know.

    Love You!


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  15. Peace and Blessings Family,

    We have new blog functionality available in our home! :toast: :toast: :toast:

    On our old forum, blogs were a feature for Premium Members only, but they are now available to every Member that has 25 posts or more!
    • There is a link at the top of every page taking you to the blogs.
    • Every Member with 25 posts or more, can create their own blog, posts to comments of other people's blogs, as well as comment on coments!
    • None of our old blogs were brought over, i'm sorry about that, but fortunately there weren't many so i'm willing to get those posts for anyone that wants them ... individually ... and you can repost them if you'd like. Just send me a private conversation and let me know.
    I just got this loaded and haven't played with it much, so expect some changes, updates, etc., as we move along. In fact, this is the first post in the new blog area!
    Okay ... that's it for now ... if you have any questions, let me know.
    Love You!
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