Daily, finding my way through words of love and life long mentors wisdom. Thanks for Reading!
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  1. I'm going to go outta my way.
    Are you?
    Is your way the best way?
    If you stay in your own way
    How can you get outta the way when it comes time?
    Well let's sit back
    Like the clocks tonight
    And let time tell
    When to get outta your way to discover this time
    It's not all about u.
    Reminding myself what will be done all around this state of being on time.
    If we can make time
    Get back outta the way.
    We can also.
    Fallin' in the UV of time
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  2. So when we became anew
    Where we then not use to?
    Honest question of which end of the screw is worthy
    For what exactly
    Is the question.
    The abstracts of what is being
    Has kept us pondering
    Have we yet gone to far with anew?
    Is the old to be sold as anew found now
    But it's again
    The continuation of us
    Coming once
    Yet leaving again
    Figurativly speaking
    The new is never gone
    But is used as unknown which is always gotta be known.
    So let us go back in to prepare ourselves for
    Not knowing anew as new but old staying with a few to be known.
    How am I suppose to know you new2?
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  3. The baby girl continent of US
    Has been caste the ability of
    Boring childish antics, while
    Sustantiating why during a short period of time.
    News way to imagine
    Who What Why & How.
    Foundation being unfair
    Like a child not able to view
    To view themselves yet.
    But thinking still
    In momma's arms is where you can get your way.
    Reliving every story ever told to us
    While our current imagination gives way
    To connectiing how this relates to me
    Coming as a new
    Can only be imagined by the maker.
    Once joined it becomes us.
    As childish antics become
    Thought out and proven attributes
    Different levels of persuation become understood
    for in essence
    "How the cookie crumbles"
    As the mother the father never being the leader before
    Taken here to a context to be understood
    Through the arms of storytellers
    Us having to relate somehow
    But childish antics come from the age given
    For a new view
    Everything being the story told of a new
    Way of giving birth to maturing with your imagination
    While telling the story of your inaguration.
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  4. What would we do without basketball
    Or any other sport in life?
    It takes contemplating the definition
    Of winning?
    The ball is the object
    While the players create the subject.
    Only a select few get to dribble on balls for everyone
    Boys noticing the specialties that would like to be
    What would we do
    Without having to be nothing but team players?
    Examples is what it takes
    To be on top of the world
    In the kitchens & lockroom pep talk
    Life don't stop
    We know all the game and etc will come back around but certain subjects
    need and ending.
    That's another lesson of
    Shuttin' um down.

  5. What do you suggest we do once we have fallin for the okedoke? When the conspiracy has won the race to truth being played out. All this is literally. No way to see the other end basically. All of it does contain material that does not know how to be worked out. Bagage is what they call it in our arena. When we feel adequate enough contextual to speak for an arena. Always having the outsiders and insiders in the made atmospheric pressure. Discovering how one way can become better than how it was done. Being atmosphere and experience is off balance for the sake of overstanding. Understanding becomes an arena only the experienced can enter to conquer. The way we stand in battle while tricking our mind in believing of being done(okedoke)while needing a way to survive. Who are we picturing in this arena of shared bliss here? You for one, yourself, your experiences in life that brung you to this battle and the arena becoming our meeting place of understanding the reasoning of defending. It’s not the group of onlookers on your mind, focus is the term of changing ones circumstance. The onlookers yell from this way then that way, my eyes have not been looked into since I left home. We are now on the verge of becoming one within the reason. Time has come for I to fight my way out of thinking about run like hell home to Momma.
  6. The dramatic implications of believing someone telling you your right.​
    Leads to you never being proven wrong.​
    When this becomes our society​
    It becomes very one sided​
    When dealing with creations​
    Only the creator can say what is​
    Not them believing they have no rights.​
  7. Do you know how it feels
    To be exiled out?
    To take a pill
    Just be *** out.

    It's like Mariah outside in the snow
    In a red bikini yoe
    She says,"it's a tradition."
    But bu it's cold as hell.

    Had to get that out.
    But dude what if Nick locked her frail tail out?
    Yea I thought we was through too.

    Let me do this.
    How you gon say I'm not worthy?
    Cause I chose to do such & such?
    But when the military is built to protect & serve
    But also kill.
    They should be thanked
    Then some hero's too
    Them being "needed" makes me earl
    If earl is gay his as* will pay
    With exiled wipps with chains
    While you say laughingly
    Ha Ha Ha
    You exiled to burn.

    But when earls your broy caught in the war game
    And killed to be killed.
    I will see you soon in heaven
    Which earl really needs to hear to confirm
    My killings will not go unappreciated.

    Cause both earls already been to hell with your sic appropriation of
    Needing a life.

    Systematic reductions of us ever not being in fear of each other.
    Some how or another.
    Fear is not love.
    Hate is not love.
    Thinking u can judge is a selfish 1 sided story told by u being more than u could ever be.

    But liquor down the wrong way
    Will make "you" earl.
    Coming bk up & spit out.
  8. Sometimes I want to beat myself up for not exploding.

    I want no self control

    I want to be self indulgence

    But you are here with me.

    The action spoken before I can take a hand upside somebodies head.

    It’s funny how I get saved just in the nic of time.

    The spoken voice let me know early before my hand went up

    Stop think then react

    For this brain is not promised to catch your heart beforehand

    So the ignoring this and that for that

    Will enable you to go for this or that.

    My voice said I’m just telling you

    The road before you go on seeing nothing

    And ya get crammed into never believing

    I had you before you loved me

  9. How can Nelson have a thriving garden while we in the America's can not even find a way to eat from it.
    Winni was band and still took her garden seriously.
    Teachin the new growth w/ roots already there speaking w/ the enemy is never fresh but it turns out to be the only way to grow.
    Needing news through.
    The grapevine is required.
    For us to see how we've grown with fresh plantings
    Then fall in the natural essence of beginning again.
    While learning what was
    Will be accomplished
    When at the same time always needing
    Momma's freshly baked
    Pebble pie which will do
    As the teeth dissolve them
    Tongue providing moisture
    While swallowing will bring it to the whole
    Where we shall see
    The crops again next year.
    Please do not forget to shine the America's garden with light given by our soldiers of war still with no water given by us.
    Locked away from our looks but only through our glass houses of http://www.****************/. assata shakur organization.
    Never forget why.
    Give all soil thanks.
    Don't forget our cleansing power that has been provided.
    Take up hands
    Dig deep for moisture
    Rub while knowing the powers of pebbles & skin meeting.
    No walls.
    Walk out the door & eat 4 ur soon to be childs survival.
    We have to stop the blind dogs from ruining our means.
    We must deal w/ the savages
    As we see our fruits & vegetables going bad.
    We have been born w/ the ability of becoming again & again.
    Therefore; savages will be overcome Atomically.
    A particle for a particle.
    An atom for an adam.
    Stop the pesticides.
    Lets find another way.
    Apples & oranges grow on trees seperated by branches
    Gardens began our efforts hands on w/ daily turmoil & daily gifts.
    All together at once.
    Roots never leading to starvation while their too deep.
  10. We will keep our mothers language and speak when she says so. My mothers language is accented across the world. Beginning on her continent of Afrika. The largeness of our land brings us all together to speak as one.
    So when we come together, Mother always taught us how important traditional expressions are to your people across the rivers and facial and bodily moves enable us to relate with respect & communicate to all.
    When we travel to active crops, clothing & dance will communicate to our environments faithfulness & appreciation.
    Realizing my Mothers language has carried my ancestors through harvest. Today our communications continue to combine with mixed accents on the tongue.
    My Mother always said,
    "I brought you in with my hands of love, while they'll be snakes itching at your life chord."
    "Remember where your voice comes from traditionally in order that you feel our workings from home."
    "Honey everything has already been claimed for your ultimate access of survival, with our tribal communications throughout time."
    "Child never lose your tongue for you will die of starvation and keep your mouth closed when resting on your travel in order to connect energies as you'll see the star we love and worship in our village."
    "I am never far."
    Gullah Net | Knowitall.org
  11. There is always a good story with a bad ending.
    A bad story with a good ending.
    Where are we gonna go from here.
    Keep the story going please for the sake of telling.
  12. What happen to the K in the C his mystery
    We’ve fallen for the symbolisms overall
    Which could not be appreciate without
    The shape of Kemistry loving shapes and how the florals just fall into place as a nother season rules.
    The length of time it takes to edifice it’s face as a shape of living ones upon a line of other humans put into place for the sake of us understanding the way on a plain plane built for our transportation.
    God is the concentration force of the field that produces motions of matter within.
    The force being kemistry put into action to produce a negative and positive attraction until infinity.
    In order to be a profeesor, you have to be able to profess your passion until believed to be accurate.
    To be legitament not collegiate. To be one not just included.

    you are the evidence science needs to survive
    The spirit of matter is intrigued as u and I made
    The colors majically made for us each day
    At certain times
    Through certains ways
    Come home to a whole being made from
    Nothing being the same throughout time
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  13. Just found out and wanted to share by blogging this.

    Pappa was a rolling stone
    Where ever he laid his hat was his home
    When he died
    All he left us was alone on.

    King was engraved in stone
    Where ever he planted his roots was his foundation
    He was inbodied again
    He left us all a visual loan on civilization.

    Darkness was engraved in light stars rotating like stones
    When they stopped for the day ahead was made consistantly
    Light to be
    Alone as a reason why.
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  14. View attachment 1502

    African-Native Americans : We are still here : A Photo Exhibit : Exhibit Page

    I wonder all the time.
    Where the state of an Indian
    Is as neutral as you & I.
    Joining as one mind at one time
    The marvel of the metropolis coming
    To town
    Being builty on top of brownish blakc clay
    Not being long ago civilization decided to set up
    like back in the ole days.
    The joining of the ole guard is required to work
    As a nuworld law and order needed.
    Each state will be named with the current
    legitamacy in mind.
    Every land coming together some how like before.
    Connections within building and mind blowing blocks were the first things orders.
    Strategy to the same constillations at hand as well as head start began the same way taught.
    New states same being continuation.
    Travelers being the ones to see over the mounds.
    Always finding riches with the security taught to them from afar but never astranged.
    Discoveries of many with many leaders being familiar caused them to love building
    ontop of an ink filled bicep having strange ever so present being held up as a symbol
    never to be united with their home.
    Being traditional vibrational characters of emotional creatures.
    Sharing was required as life was needed.
    Automatically & metaphysically.
    Everything done ontop of the mountain on the way down
    in discovery mode of what is next required
    in the order required of me to achieve the route
    our grande mother and father of Ana Prize sent
    us to complete by the time already aloted for sure ahead and at hand.
    Never stop chasing where you might end up.

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