Mysterious Night Mare by Nefertum Husia Shayheh guided by Queen Nefertiti-Queen Nzinga-Queen Tubman and empowered by the Universe
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  1. I had to be wiser and drop people out my life forever....immah multimillionaire now in the flesh stepping and like the female in Nigeria said it is nothing and she hit me the most with her words cause they came up from nothing to major players in the game. So this riches game aint nothing once you put forth the effort and keep your third open like everybody is not the same...different vibrations and all. Immah list a few ways within 3 years I am already a Multimillionaire

    Delivery from just a passenger aspect transporting restaurant and grocery foods at 1.50 service fee of the customer per order at any restaurant and 3.00 service fee for do the math not including commercial delivery either as my own Owner/Operator

    Landscaping just name your price times 100 customers monthly....

    My own Wholistic Tea called Love by the bottles in stores and through local neighborhood agents with contractual agreements....

    Drive In Movie Theater the initial cost is 6K not including land bought and landscaped too. After that it is on and popcorn popping with servers too! I never sleep on myself....

    Just think about your options and be the real fool and jump after you done assessed the situations you feel me? Let everybody think you jumping off the cliff and surprise em with that parachute and land safely to repack yours and walk off eating a crisp red will blow they mind how you did yourself so smoove until it was unexplainable....and you always remember your enemies cause they are going to be the main ones after you ends one way or the other and your friends gone snitch but if you got none then you str8! Ignore your enemies and keep your hood up like a King Cobra suppose to when going through the easy cause I am weeks away to kicking off everything I am just printing paperwork off and handling a Road Model you can follow me down road(echoing) Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished you can follow down the road(echoing) out for them mercenaries who is sent out by the Boule and CCC in America and Envy who hangs with Jealousy in the hoods....other than that you str8 just speak multiple languages....and know your cultures. Vodun.
  2. To do what I need to do I had to play the game to the fullest and silently. People mention famous names but do not know the millionaires and billionaires and even trillionaires around you feel me? X was right about the media controlling the minds of the masses and I just sit back in my seat progressing. In my lane, I cannot see anything going wrong at all and in fact as long as I keep focused and wiser than my last times I am good. I keep stockpiling food my main focus really and a natural spring of water too. I have been in some of the most craziest weathers so I can adapt from country to country and know how to go about it if something were to arrive. I have seen the mobs and mafias in certain locations where I have stepped and even had slight dealings with a couple so I already know how the whole picture of good and bad goes from top to bottom and that is why I dodge organizations cause humans run them right? The name itself gives it power though when you look at how people aligned themselves to people in power they are loyal followers more than religious prophets themselves. They have no sense of leadership and flooded with strings hooking them up and in to be sink lined and what do you know? They never knew anything rather taken over by the charismatic character of a fine player indeed. I rather be truthful and if we never deal then we never deal you feel me? I told former comrades I was in this to paint a picture I need to view and not from a level of so much oh I am helping the lower against the higher and all that jazz or being in the one percent of society nah I am being me and doing what I like which is solving problems cause I wanna step out the house go without any stops so I need pathways and real estate well just power on the outer as I am fueled inside so I channel it and do or die my in about a couple months maybe three at the most I will walk into that future guy and leave the past guy at the door awaiting just in case mistakes need to be told he can tell or tale it to me over and over again without stepping through the glass door. I use monies I don't care about it all...I aim to reach out to each and every family member in my Tree and we are going to sit at the table of a series of family reunions over periods of time and grow. There is no reason why we should not be all Delivery driving and Landscaping at least. Making my own Tea is done to include getting it passed through DHEC and Dept of Agriculture. Each one of these business are million dollar, pound and euro companies under one conglomerate is just three....and I really do not have to go nowhere outside the state lines just travel from county to county though expansion is a must so outside offshoring is a must. I have not even touched Instrumental Music I tested it in a couple of studios to see if I was on the right path and ears listened and said yes. That is another million dollar, pound, euro and other currency worldwide cause all I want to do with Music is collab almost every single instrumentalist from every country and the first one to do it plus sold as any section or group. I am too serious. There are plenty of radio stations up for sale worldwide and I am down with it all. The Wholistic Wellness Center and my Insurance plan is millions...and they all will grow into the billions as generations move in and own up and lifespan increases rather than decrease. Help me to grow and I help you to live more and even younger....a trade for a trade. I don't talk about it I bee about mine and many misinterpret my philosophy cause I am deeper into my Ancestors mindsets and heart until it is ridiculous. They all Generals to me and I am loyal to them all who I have chosen to guide me. I went to certain colleges for a reason and picked on certain people on their campuses like eh can you answer a question for me and most were women cause when they are on their mad mission they be on it and I just breeze on up beside them and whisk away gone like that with no intentional nothing or whatever caught up in nothing...just ghost. I use the Rite Head cause the other one does no good its all above so below in a way that I can overstand.
  3. Getting affairs in order is no joke...

    Get you about 20 Restaurants in mind not including Grocery Stores and the drivers get paid the delivery fee and their earned tips straight off. With a S type business structure you can allow drivers to become employees or investors also to include attracting new ones. See my aim is to sew up the whole entire state with just the underdog restaurants first you feel me. Give them a chance to either do or die by investing with you right? Okay. From there hold meetings on what investment we can all benefit from a ROI method at whatever rate voted, of which I will already have prepared by powerpoint on usb drives and paper stapled packets. We can all benefit from a gas station or fuel depot to host our own products refrigerated and or packaged neatly up for sale. Make the floors marbled so it deters thief and certain type of minded folks right? We sale no alcohol or cigarettes though do provide vehicle related products to include air pump and vehicle wash service as a membership. When you provide membership exclusively to people these days you are getting what you paid for and feel rewarded for the work you contributed to the local economy and it is all business. These type services fit in accordingly to any depot business. Add a bay or two and you get great automechanic services too! You see the options are limitless seriously....I have a deadline I made to myself this month but immah have to extend it to June or July including my Tea. So I have a multimillion business involving Delivery Service and Tea not including Landscaping which brings it to a billion after I did my own calculations carefully with and without further investing. I could have started this month with the Delivery but I gotta take care me before going Truck Driving seriously cause once on the road then that is it. I been delivering for a year and some change now by myself and came away real smooth. I gained a lot of networking which gave me landscaping client of which I had to give away to young guy at a hood store about six months ago and he came up quick and thank me for it and it just so happen we was at the store getting some of that jacked up starburst on the real you know. So immah dip back into Landscaping on a whole other level with more equipment than before and human resource also straight off the streets and I am coming uniformed with a deal on that too bright colored yellow. I will do Communities, Neighborhoods, Individuals and Commercial with packages including brick masonry and gardening plus security. Security can be Vehicular Monitors or Gated Communities. The only measures I would recommend the community when it comes to Vehicular Monitors in order to lower the crime is to let me provide jobs packets for the jobless and recommended schools for further education and churches for further help to include shelters. I will provide reflector belts or vests to secure the person during night hours without even getting local authorities involved. Now I do not care about gentrification cause that is purely on the deed-holder and politicians fight. You get the picture? Once I get the connections need for commodities to be brought into several sectors on my bought land then it will be called a Flea Market. A Wholistic Wellness Center will be great! as you give life another chance to extend itself beyond allopathic measures. The center must be large enough to incorporate at least 10 stone stand alone tubs in private rooms which conducts aroma and massage therapy to include acupuncture and hot stone plus a detox and plethora of products by Dr. Sebi. This is one of my first ideas of a Wholistic Wellness Center which includes meals too. If you got insurance to support it then go for it other than that you can try mine with is pro-life meaning we aim to extend your life within our Life Insurance which incorporates health including prenatal and post birth. We will not sell Burial Insurance you would have to go through your local funeral home. You pay us and you are going to get what you paid for including regular monthly quarterly or biannual appt. Your premium goes down once a string of test are performed no intravenous though a courage course to show and prove to yourself you have improved to the point you need no monthly appts and so you can do quarterly ones until you are doing yearly ones at the least. You go from supervised exercise and yoga to unsupervised ones and the center is 24/7. I am all about changing the mindsets to forward younger and add on about guaranteed 7-20 more years of life so you can serve more of a purpose you always wanted to serve. If I fail in anyway you get all the monies back cause of course it is held invested. You come in at 50 years old well I will back my deal that you will succeed to at least 70 though much younger all around and by then your premium would have lowered significantly though the treatments will continue and the premium you can adjust at anytime or come pay to get whatever service you know you need. My ultimate goal is to get everybody to the 85-100 year goal and the next generation extend 5 more years longer and the next 5 more and the next 5 more cause a family premium can be done too. Turning back the hands of time takes precise measures and I came to help turn you back every 7 years. The complex will be huge and also solar powered. What inspired me about his part of my business is I watched my grandma aunties and uncles die like flies before their true time including my great grandma cause on my mutha side we all pure Cherokee and my great great grandma was a freed slave on the real. Pops side is Edo with Cherokee too. Part of the therapy is to offer the Cherokee language back to ones who are and or other Five Nation tongues for others who are original from the East I would highly recommend them to go visit their perspective country. No degrees are needed for a Wholistic Center just certifications. I want the Olmec descendants to be just as welcome also. Asians too... so language proficient personnel will be hired. I have a lot on my plate and I am eating it all too. This is it cause I got about 8 weeks max then I am gone due to filing taxes so late push my truck driving date forward a bit. No worries though cause the Delivery, Tea and Landscaping will kick off once I get settled. It is already done looking at a silent multibillionaire's notes right now. All I need is ten years....I will make my first millions in 3 years. Vodun.
  4. Cruise ship--cause if you are not into heavy cargo shipping you can if I am not mistaking calculate the export into the overall weight of the ship before and after sailing from one place to the other. Gas and oil and safety though I would only travel to my own free-hold Island if you wiggle yourself into a Sovereignty please let me know first off cause I am still researching it from library to the internet to people in person seriously. Those cost from merely 100s to millions....great way to start up your own tourism spot for all sorts of special occasions. You will need a hotel or bed and breakfast sort or log cabins....improvise and use safety at all cost. To get the license and human power to keep it running you will need to go to Ethiopia unless you join the military of some sort unless California still has a company open for training the last I heard and checked. I could be your own research.

    Airplane and Chopper due to short distance emergencies and long distance traveling. Please make sure you got properties from yonder to yonder bought and paid for to include all other regulations followed by and etc. I myself are using huge super hard trees for a slight defense mechanism though I do have a runway in mind and I am not worried about war on me cause claymores and underground spots work the hectic into spies and wannabe troops. Though why that when my Empire will be prestige with college students living on it? Think smarter and never as a threat. That requires a change of mindset and you just gotta grow up like I said I dropped the R....I been knew I was on my own it just took me some time for it to sink in like dang okay immah do me now to the fullest now and how many love natural homemade Irish models? I do! Let em scorch the runway on fiiiiure! Cause when they come out they come out lit with all attention on them and I am down it just took some courage to be like okay Immah roll with her to the endless on the fashion tip and we make pounds and euros together from the European route cause it is a market for them also. Bring them here and have a show then fly them back on the Irish holiday like clockwork and have an Irish beauty pageant and all televised from yonder to yonder and you already know I know IT so it aint no thang to get going and keeping it poppiiiing! But you gotta have divine permission from the who? The women. And sometimes that require being humble than your usual these days and nights cause women are on some other stuff and I didn't have nothing to do with the bullcrap at all in the first place so you cautious of the haters. Next. Get the license and invest into a flight simulator it is like a game and make sure your psychology is good you might wanna go through the and take your time doing it and just submit the documents to the training personnel or physical personnel person just in case cause you gotta remember once you have a 100 dollars or so you flying...str8 up per hour. Many pilots here have told me the flight simulator actually helps cut flight time down though always get your time in regardless so dummies who be playing video games out there I highly suggest get your headphones and flight simulator and come together on a S Business structure to create an airline or get a community full of sons and daughters to create an airline from the time they are 16-17 years old send some to mechanical school and some to tuskagee college and some to flight training rather than the school and yes it is a difference. An airplane might cost you 100s to millions same goes to a helicopter. I use to slingload so you know I gotta get me a chopper like it is automatic for me to fly one like hell yeah man! hell yeah. Get you a jet to accommodate a few passengers and you str8 and a few like 20 including the flight attendant(s). Know your oil and gas along with mechanics and emergency routes or landing to include parachutes for extreme measures. I'm just not afraid of almost anything out here except a Kobra and Mamba and maybe a Hawk or Eagle if they start looking too mean meanmugging then I gotta go unless I got my gear on me to take one of them down like the snakes and etc. Nature is definitely getting more pissed off these days and nights cause we messing up their property you feel me....and I don't blame them one bit.

    Commercial Trucks you should know the deal...just do it. Prices are from 20s-100s

    Motorcycles and Bicycles...invest in the crotch rocket ones or the 80s nonbulky style cause I'm retro like that and too cool from my truth and bicycles just pick your terrain and you good...but the motorcycles for me is for quick transport and back even into other countries on your cruiseship too if permitable. I will have my motorcycle license by next year and a bike as well from the 80s only for me. Prices are 100 dollars to 20s

    Horses is the last one which brings it out to 5...I have had the pleasure to come across horses all my life and they all have character plus the gallop makes you feel like a real man vs a metal vehicle...I feel timeless with a horse and you already know I am paying on one right now cause I do not have the proper storage though I have good childhood friends in great country locations (a cheesy smile). And so the average is between 1K-10K depending on the breed and I am aiming to have about 10 or more as a stable for special occasions and not racing and of course for horse training and travel through my own nonpaved roads on my properties connected to make like bridle paths in the UK though just roads....I like the wind no I love the winds what can I say and fun is my underlying and Night Mare cannot be tamed and she is as pretty as they get like I wanna bow down or something everytime I see her flawless dark shine like how in the heck did the universe create such a beautiful horse I will never know and I am a very luck guy indeed...I feel headless....

    Now of course your body is a vehicle too so never forget it and it will not forget you so remember when you on this journey like me make sure your deliveries is on time and food hot or cold or customers will complain and business owners will be suspicious at first but give that suspicion a chance to die down cause business is business....I am down with the Ancestors I relate too the most and I am down for my family tree who got my back 100% cause being on the road 247 takes a bit out of you and if you gotta plan then beware of your surroundings at all times and go through with it cause my end all spiritual goal is a 13 School University starting from K-12 only breaking for weekends and parent will have to put in their request for their children to be excused other than that as my Educational Institution will be based on them working in my Empire to expand it and Dynasties will be made also....and here is my list so far to begin

    Shelter and Tourism:
    7 Manses 1bd 2bd 5bd 10bd 20bd 50bd 100bd(occupied by students from other colleges and extra benefits etc to go along with room and board)
    1 Hotel(to be bought)
    4 Castles(to be bought)

    1 Italian Restaurant(built or bought)
    Farm with Herbal Gardens

    Springs and filtered sources

    Irish Women Only

    13 Schools = 1 University on one continent so far....(built)

    Circular Music Temple for instrumentalists only with Botanical Garden
    Drive In Movie theater(6K) and Garden Amphitheatre
    Cruise Ship

    My Own Toll Roads
    CDL Trucks
    FAA Jet and Helicopter
    Remote Shelter and Tourism:
    My own Island(prices are not that expensive as I thought)

    Wholistic Wellness Center(bought)

    Businesses as One Corporation:
    Landscaping (Ind, Neighborhood and Community to include Commerical)
    Delivery(CDL SHIP JET PASSENGER VEHICLE) including in Ireland, Nigeria, ?, ?
    Italian Restaurant(US)
    Fuel Depot(US, Nigeria, Ireland, ?, ?)
    Irish Fashion
    Health and Beauty
    My own Tea which is in the process now i just need my logo and i will continue the wholesale and retail avenue which is 300 per testing including correct label and etc...i only have 5 ingredients so i am good. I will start it from small and i am pretty sure it will grow enormous....i am on point and been a very busy busy bee indeedie!
    13 School University as a for-profit and private which will include a library and museum and the Ancestors i pick will be head charge of each School. Each School has their own syllabus and certain Teachers will be hand picked based on their lineage and mindset to fit each Ancestor so i will be doing some traveling...and their will be no sports just survival tactics like Archery, Swimming, Stickman martial arts and Kickboxing including Kemetic Yoga, Fishing and Farming to include Horseback Riding, Bicycling and Track with Spiritual Courage Course, Fencing and Parachuting.
    Now none of this will happen over night though with the proper planning and organization one kicks off the other and the next like dominoes....I download Mindley which helps me keep track by phone and I got my laptop for the main parts. The fuel depot could be franchise as I am looking into those in Asia and I done seen what it can do in Ireland and Nigerians tell me all the time to just go and see for myself and gas stations here are in abundance...
    And my own Stock Market Exchange...and you will not believe how easy it is using excel to start if off though hardware is something else though I figured a small warehouse should do it...knowledge is power....Vodun.
  5. You gotta keep your third eye open now if you got a car and pay attention to your surroundings you will find society is getting lazier so cater to the local niche...I be telling these dudes out here they can use their vehicle or even bike and get a hot bag and just deliver from local restaurants with or without a contract. If you go the no contract route I highly suggest finding an mobile app and you just work it down until whatever restaurants and grocery stores suit your schedule. Buy a cabbie your logo and go for what you know. Incorporate or remain self employed you can be exclusive to certain mom and pop restaurants and charge them absolutely nothing at all...figure your fee into the whole delivery process and do the math. You will not earn a dime personally for the whole year if you do it right I mean absolutely not a dime but your tips and delivery fees. Take your mileage and gas receipts to include food expenses and go for it on the tax end. Maintain your vehicle and do not listen to the dumb fools out here saying the same ole thing about how this is the same and that is nope! Get that negative bullcrap out your ear like wax been in there for a some time right and go get yours and watch how the economy thrive and the local government pay you special attention and see you got POWER can help others out of the jam and create a company from one simple method and that is delivery. You can go on the stock market of any choice and even create your own investment portfolio too...I mean what you got to lose really though? You feel me? Can you see multimillions into multibillions? Shyte you take that and pinch off a few thousands the second year to do landscaping professionally and even get into gardening working your GREEN THUMB in there too cause the COMMUNITY will give you much more RESPECT and POWER when you help them eat as well as look beautiful you gotta remember certain type of women don't wanna look crazy vs their uneducated counterparts so you gotta or might have to do a neighborhood contract where you landscape a community of folks or neighborhood of folks and they collect their funds to give to you or deposit inside your business account see you gotta listen to what X is saying about business and economics I'm telling you you gotta...and you gotta take it a little bit further to the Garvey side and get that school create and or transportation on cause transportation will never die. If the great depression was to show its face officially the only businesses who would benefit from it would be the transportation and food. Think about it you gotta go somewhere to include bicycle right? You would make so much money as people of all over will try and get back to their homelands no matter where from here in the US they going back somewhere or shacking up with love ones....if you a farmer don't trip...just reap what you sow. Simple as that. I'm already on it all you see and when oil and gas becomes of no value I will have horses and bicycles cause all the horses take is food from the land and water while bicycles take a little bit of oil and tires. Buy you multiple manual air pumps to include tires and proper tools and you good including chains. You can never go wrong with a bicycle...never! If you truly serious about college education I would become a Vet....I don't even listen to these dumb people out here no more cause they wanna be dumb and together like that and the same goes to the supposedly rich okay I will roll out the carpet for you and all and go back home stockpiled with food and a water spring on a level or good ground to include an underground location for any type of weather situations and sit back waiting on your famous phone call so I can cater to you. Let you be in the soro or frat or whatever okay your ego said you are the bomb right? I am not disputing it by a longshot and in fact immah help you be all your ego can be! Str8 up. I got no shame in serving you. Immah make sure I stay fit so the fakeness of the illusion of a dollar or paper currency never wear me down...immah look younger than young. Women are already on the under paying hellified money to get what they cannot have despite a relationship cause when you screw up in public you gotta make up for it solo right? On the real none of these women are together...a wise woman once told me if I thought a woman is holier than heaven itself then I was born yesterday...cause I been got. I turn to my momma and she been told me but once again she looked at me when I said enough is enough from these females cause they be playing the world left and right and it is their emotions that gets ya everytime....the sea aint fit for no one who cannot withstand the deepest pressures of life itself so you really think and know a woman can? Well that answer is on you. I learned my lesson and can no hammerhead tell me nothing different. Best no thyself and take those opportunities while you can cause let me tell you this here...if I charge a customer 1.50 per order and I got 20 orders I am delivering from 20 different restaurants every night you do the math...if your business insurance is anywhere from 69.00 to 250.00 a month and you paid the registered agent and set aside the estimate tax for the year coming without renting a building doing it at home or apt then you clearly seeing six figures every year and millions with 5 years if you invest correctly it will be 3 years and that is not even including landscaping and being your own owner slash operator too...let you build a trade school first accepting 1G for school per student and you got 5 trucks doing this without no loans loans or grants just self clocking major money cause you can pack 40 students in per 3 months or two of training depending on the part time or full time status and do not accept the government loans or assistance just straight out cash or payment plan and even a vehicle perhaps cause you can use that in your delivery drivers you feel me or side hustle of redo vehicles for sale and slap it on craiglist to be sold or and ebay to be auctioned and shipped cause you got enthusiasts of all sorts these days....and see these dudes be hooked on sexuality like its the new drug and even hooked on depression due to going back and forth from different genres of songs and you can see it affecting the masses like a wave almost...some people you cannot help at all and it aint no unity no matter how much you try cause the real folks physically are dead been gone decades ago to hundreds of years ago and if you are like me one of the last ones left you better protect yourself from the roots up without no remorse cause the war is spiritual and has no color and gender....its a war against yourself and the powers to be are using the people against your every move so keep on playing checkers if you want and see how far you go or you can play chess your way and they will never see you coming...having Harriet Tubman and Hannibal Barca on your sides you cannot lose like it is not possible seriously....Vodun.
  6. I ain't got nothing on my mindset but Hannibal Barca tactic delivering restaurant and groceries to a doorstep near you my way via mobile app to include landscaping forget the bluffing and the woofing I see what is it making an appreciation of the thinkcap my thinking is supreme post my own monies up inside that business account pay the registered agent incorporate have the handy dandy suit pressed cleanly jump in the ride after riding tough commercially on the road I aint running from no mercenary done been switch lanes I see them gunning each other down while manmade laws continue to outlaw sleepy eyes punked by the ears I hear no procrastinator and none as the blinders on my sides and well protected by lethal Queens on my sides to the front and rear and you know they names if your fearful tongue were to speak em out clearly buy my vehicles as the same make and model with different years colored the same I need that gas station too with two bays in it add a mechanic or two and we in all the way in it serving em day and night food water sheltered from the insane brains I grew up in the hands of the mighty keeping it real and still slugging when dreamers dream nights be silent turning young breeds into violently slumped silenced and sow you must be crazy like I said before to be a participant in genocide I draw no more guns out I use the master engine called the brain without a doubt as that pen and pad destroys all of my enemies quicker than limited bullets no matter a rocket launcher or missile feed the hungry dinner feat for feat up on your feet no longer the weak stomping week by the weeks organized transporting commodities to the communities sale it off on the weekends as my own flea market minus the inappropriate cause being a road model means to the death with determination and intelligence as it is on me we got four continents to make business in I already been to Europe and Asia and now I need to visit Latin America to include Afrika I am all the way down to make this happen as a wiser unknown gentleman about no courting personally use my charm brilliantly to setup shop in Dublin with that naturalpathic spa and fashion combined privacy is a must bring the best ideas I got reaping the benefit of the pound and euro structured seamlessly and making sure I got that tax haven secure too geez I am mashing legally...from US to Nigeria to Ireland to ? to ?....forget what is going on out here as I first complete the setup here and keep it ongoing buying real estate in each and turning it out as tourism so when I get my faa license I can fly anywhere to my spots including a helicopter too with dem parachutes cause I aint loss one sane marble yet....see I took my own history to the head you know I use can look at the movie tuskagee and read about all day long but I was searching for how when where okay and now how much plus what materials and say what? oh for real? man these fools out here sleeping like no other seriously sow I cant slip up vibrate who I am through dem glass doors and met him head up eyes in eyes like yeah never ignorant getting goals accomplished lets do this with that dap leave the past him behind at the door entrance to transfer my energy over to the future him and walk on bye like yeah I made it and I never ran I just grew up wiser and kept my penis to myself loved the earth for the real foods to nourish my inside and out knowing my surrounding is a deep statement you feel me? I don't care about these snobs wannabes and etc cause when I get mad I get more done with a passion live my ambitions in greater hopes I got more souls to meet so we help each other out on another level cause I guarantee you others out there are doing their empire needing help so it is like a trade for a trade you see...I help Irish women be hotter than society can handle with my attire and since society be thinking they white and stuff then okay like X say let them think how they think and I think how I think yet I aint using no woman without her divine permission so immah find ones who are down to the endless that benefit from it as a secret cause no one will know a guy like me came up with the idea anyway nah...they expecting some white woman or Fabio dude or something you feel me? Buy me real estate everywhere and have the students rent it to include accompanying them royalty style and nothing but the most intelligent and smartest rent my stuff period so prestige is exchange both ways I gotta plan to be my own selfmade guy who nobody ever had hope in or saw and I'm cool wit it all you see cause you born alone and die alone you can have the glory and fame I just wanna set the record str8 for my Ancestors I did me to the fullest representing by building an Empire historically and nobody saw me coming nor expected it either. I just outflanked them from the blindside minding my own business like great grandmutha told me too and I did it to the focal point of str8 hypnotization upon just can't fade me and I will rebuke you in the name of Imhotep on Vodun if you try's really on now ain't we rite Queen Ranavalona?
  7. Yeah she snuck some roots back raw sugar freckled in all and to tell you the truth I never really had any problems with them but you gotta wonder how long can you go without knowing or with knowing where the hotter than hair came from and very artistic freckles makes you a special type of woman that no eye can deny to the point where you in the middle are truly stuck as str8 up and down roots and can even walk in the sun more and transform more into the roots of the Islanders or Ghana and etc without a problem I mean it just shows I mean it trips me out cause she is a female when she got that spiritual confidence she truly do not give a dayum and know who she is it is just she aint going on a parade about it cause you see her clearly so either you down or not. I'm down...I already know I am going back to the UK to head back to Ireland and get my fashion part of business on to the fullest. I would love to do fashion for women with roots who are redhead raw sugar freckled women only. They stand out and they are game changers over there (and definitely back in the west) and it is a win-win situation for the Roots(not concerning nobody else opinion), one of my business in pounds and euros and it will be totally awesome! I love being opened minded and staying educated without bias and prejudice cause karma is no joke and I can make my enemies jump to this and set trip cause my mathematics is all in my excel sheets heading to Ireland my way bright colors with emeralds, rubies and mexican opals plus them specialty heels and that naturalpathic spa in a towncentre I aims to go all the way with stock or shares as the bliss now ask me do I care about my enemies when they jump to set trip and not even knowing I got fine classier attire plans to gain without a bell curve and never lose I plays for keeps and know what I have to do in order to do what I need to do and so enemies jump to this cause these red haired raw sugar freckled women can make you jump...well jump!
  8. See this is the list of problems I cannot correct...
    The Boule
    and more actually...too much to name

    Now I can fix myself and help my own family to the fullest with business and that is a fact and well known truth for any common sense and civil minded being who is soulful enough to understand it is problems everywhere yet the location is the key to thriving where you wanna be and how much can you stand right? As long as I have my business running successfully from here to yonder and on top of my gains like X taught me then I am is all Marcus Garvey time. I do not get involved into any sexual activities cause the vibration worldwide is truly a devastation and no service to any community. I do not get into any religions of no kind as it rivals people. Vodun to me is not a religion and never have been is like a child's game of if your not attracted then somehow the opposite finds a way to attract you into the mess by any means necessary to prove a point you in it as well...misery loves company you feel me? I done dropped all the homeboys now cause they cowards about business and always tapping but no action though let a female hit the phone or buzzing them then they gone in action...I do not even think about why the females want and need dudes like that and it is not my problem. Word from the grapevine of very trusted sources that kids are having sex as early as 12 years now in the schools...probably not in the Boule ones where CCC resides also. I have nothing against them I just have nothing in common and do not want to live a life they are living and wear or represent anything they represent cause they are not my brother or sister at all and as a matter of fact the Africans over here are starting to stereotype based on television shows and the media and the women ask me questions and associate me with Americans and I am like how can you when I just explained who I am from the door and even wear it literally on me from head to is just the western civilization has gotten so bad to the point where all I can do is focus str8 on business as if I was not doing it in the first place but I'm saying even the comments and I really do not want to open doors for females no more...I really don't and see that part of me was instilled by real muthaz and at the same time they also said just don't give people respect out of kindness cause times has changed and so immah go back to that on the real now. If you like me all I am telling my family is I am gardening and making setbacks with farmers in the country so the stockpile thing has already been handled cause it is a great depression part 3 going on right now and even scramble of Africa part 2 too it is just on the low. I'm going to the West Coast for pure business and culture and I like to be tucked away into a silent peaceful spot doing me of all kinds of art so my empire will remain in progress until the power is fully there. The Africans ask me am I taking anybody with me and I'm like nope and neither am I going to look for anyone over there too. I just got too much going on and do not trust no one except them contracts and your word and if they fail then of course we enemies is just no way around it at all to even be borderline and forgive cause humans will be humans and I know myself yet I do not have a lifetime to know these people of today and it is a waste of time seriously. People are going to lie on you regardless to get their fame boosted and women these days are always in the position to keep themselves above everybody else at the expense of even their own downfall like the gays who are vindictive in every which of way until it is ridiculous and it is no reasoning with women just like the gays just like the Boule just like the CCC and other gangs like Crips and Bloods and so on and even the Mercenaries aka Police cause believe and trust they are coming for everything you owe their masters and if you think a color or nationality is going to save you you better think twice...the same female you call sister is putting you in the grave wearing the black bloodflag seriously...the male and the opposite and on and on...I just figured out the game for myself and it is catering people in the West is what gets them all cause in their heads they all think they got it made based on the media and universal songs and entertainment and you know their favorite sport teams and cliques and just it is fascinating to see a people of a nation who cannot get along at all though somehow get along it is like oil and will never mix but you know it is there separate forever and ever and I just cannot keep growing up in genocide no more worrying about who is going to step on me cause of who I am is str8 up and down roots like my actual dna seriously and that even a more problem and forget being a Moor cause that's not going to solve it...I just gotta leave and you gotta leave with wealth cause riches can only go so far until it dries up unless you super spectacular with yours in a tax haven passports and family over there and there you know.....yeah my ultimate goal is to make instrumental music with other instrumentalist and their instruments until I am physically gone and teach in my own 13 School University because I like advancing the youth into a better plane better than their last times not from my point of view though theirs and I know there is no way to soak up every bit of knowledge known to a human though immah try cause when someone crosses me I have to hold facts and truths and be ready to give it to them as lies do no good in the darkness nor in the light so you might as well grow up like a sunflower as far as you can and invest in a horse like me and ride your destiny out like a true racist should I mean after all what you got to lose???? Your soul or procrastination? Yeah it is Nigeria 4 me where the true west coast is at...I have never surfed on that side before so I gotta do what the turtle told me to do and be wiser cause I am seeing everything and everyone for who they are I just gotta have a harder shell and swim through all my emotions seamlessly like it doesn't phase me at all to come and enjoy some sun by myself on my own rock like yeah I made it and I was wiser about it too....Vodun.
  9. As you grow up more and more you learn there is no such thing as total human unity and business is business regardless. I am evolutionary and stick with my Ancestors and let me make that clear as I make my way opening my own corporation and not concerned with anyone from united states of America to Africa to asia to latin America...I stick with these 13 and they be Queen Nyabinghi, Queen Nyakasikana, Queen Ranavalona, 2Pac, X, Maya Angelou, Harriet Tubman, Mansa Musa, Marcus Garvey, Queen Yaa Asantewaa, Imhotep, Hannibal Barca and Queen Nzingha. There is a lot of underground movement from SC to wherever yet I am by myself and protecting my family cause food water and shelter is no joke and these big corporations are taking over left and right with of course the neverending saga of racists prejudices sexuality and colorism from the boule to the ccc will not quit and the youth are more hyper sexual than ever. If you like me just watch and stay focused like my baby sister say all the time to me and stockpile cause the real currency is your mindset and it is the will to survive. If you got knowledge then you got power and no cash note or digit can control you or me. If you eating right and always on the up and up then working becomes a fitness rather than a 9-5 cause holding fake currency is a game. I myself is going back to cowrie shells and food which you cannot beat and to tell you the truth it is going back to the earth rather than no back currency. Make your currency and attract the like mindsets into your own Empire and I betcha you will reign forever and forever. Get you some horses and get that degree or two just for prestige measures cause if you like me I will be traveling so living in Manses while traveling does not sound right for business...I rather have students residing in all of my 7 Manses and they go to school and pay off my Manses while trying to maintain prestigeness and it pays off both ways for me and them. When they grow up more they can tell their own story and it will be traced back to my real estate therefore attracting gotta mastermind you feel me? If you aint doing nothing with you time then just not in it for the fame or pleasing society just doing me without messing with the boule or ccc or whoever cause when you cannot find a line to agree on then you are indeed an enemy to each other so the only way to stay in peace is to mind your own business...and those 4 words are powerful and I still listen to my great grandmutha words to this very day...she has never failed me. And neither has my great great grandmutha who was a freed slave str8 Cherokee on down and Edo on the otherside which is my Father so I got a map to work with before the colonial times as the Empires where different and many from the West Coast of Afrika tell me it is okay cause Nigeria Ivory Coast Ghana Togo Benin Liberia and more are just right there...I got my own mindset and really do not care about black people or white people cause being a color has never served me no justice at all...nope. Now being Edo and Cherokee has served me much more cause everywhere I go now people like he know thyself...even the boule look at me like they aint got nothing to say or frown at me and in fact it is white people who speak out out of envy or jealousy and even afraid now cause I walk around sporting myself and even the church people has nothing to say to include the islamists...I just do not care about them and why should I? Shyte they never cared about me in the first place and in fact they were all waiting to rip me apart plotting to send me to an early grave or behind steel bars. And these women out here I do not even speak to anymore cause they got whats coming to them all...they all funnystyle one way or the other. And they still laugh at me constantly along with their children telling their children he is a thug or kid or gay and the likes so they look at me up and down trying to figure out why is he who he is? And I just look at em like you the ones who are ignorant and just a mirror reflection of someone who you will never see again due to the genocide ongoing and the parents keep it ongoing and see I do not downplay one bit and I do not reach out to others to turn their other cheek from whoever who constantly disrespects me no matter if I am not even paying them no attention and not even acknowledging them and it is like if you so much the shyte then why you focused on me constantly huh? Oh I just another slavemaster regardless of your gender and so called colors. We can never be brothers or sisters and I mean that to the heart and soul cause survival of the fittest is realer than real and society is the gas chamber with billions stranded on deathrow and it is only a matter of time before the next generation make the number jump up even more. I do not have no love for the elders around me based on the simple we all know the facts and you preach your truth to your niche and communities and it is not a game and never was. In order for me to get a piece of peace I have to cater to the needs and wants of a human being cause yes they are getting lazier and lazier and it is their prerogative...I can read about X and take a different aspect on life from it vs another human being and it is wonderful yet do not intrude on my aura and individuality cause all these cliques or gangs or professional organizations never had power so they abuse it and wait on the prowl to make someone a victim of their written crime rule regulation and policy and that is the way it goes in the flesh which is war and when I close my eyes it is peace temporary until my work is done and I'm outtie for good cause I done been there and I cannot wait to go back on the mind your business and evolve and don't forget to visit Dr. Sebi and the rest of the real docs from the East of the hemisphere and not the West unless they know....and I still carry arms plus I wear 16 West Coast cowrie shell at the ends of my rows for spiritual reason from Cherokee to Edo and if you like me I stay young so having my FAA license is just a few years away with careful planning after my CDL in a couple of months and so everything I am doing will come true cause I got nothing to lose and no woman causing me grief and problems and no dumb dudes saying they down about business but flake out....I rather do the Soul thing and you do my hair the exact same way no matter where I go I pay you for your legal business or side hustle no matter a dude or female and we can barter too with goods or services and I still do not own a tv and use the web for business only anything else does not make any sense to me I don't see how people do trying to figure out or still trying to figure out how to keep goods cold other than underground without solar power or the more you don't give a dayum about this colonial bullcrap the better off your mentality emotions and spirit is and see I am a real player in my own game not mistaking for playing women cause I need currency in pounds and euro which requires having a few females from the roots who are from Italy Ireland and I am going to do it the restaurant and fashion way without getting on somebody else stock market....I can make my own privately in such a manner in accordance to every regulation from here to yonder....and you grow from there you see see a redhead brown freckle classy woman will blow up my dream on the fashion end if I only give her a try and see I know certain women cause I have been there on their turf to see how it would blow up and sometimes it takes believing in a woman to make one of my dreams come true..cause art changes the world from the artist point of view since the beginning of time you just cant stop and cant Italian restaurant I need authentic Italian and women to make everything go like forget beating around the bush I had to be real with myself and if you going to do it then do it right. I can still employ have nots who are males and give them a chance to earn a skill from here to yonder..the Irish line from here to yonder and Cherokee (including other native tribes) and Edo (including other countries on the West Coast) I can build a 13 School University from coast to on the east and west all forprofits in whatever currency. I am supremely focused with much business ahead and I am not into luxuries for personal gain and showoffs....I am on my Empire reality which I have never done before so I gotta go and get it done cause nobody else is going to do it right? I done wrote down my Empire and sticking with it and I got several markets to advertise to like wouldn't it be cool to see Cherokee and Edo Natural Doctors in a wholistic wellness center with a swimming pool Olympic size and real Teachers advancing the youth right? What about a delivery business of my entire corporation employing at risk youth while they attend college? Like I said I am on my stuff and not agreeing with no one else out here or disagreeing no more...I aint on nobody side but the Ancestors and it is all Roots. I dropped the R...time to move on for Self and Family Tree...I got 16 Cowrie Shells on the ends of my 16 Edocherokeeian hairrows and I am a farmer so I am one of the best of humankind...I gotta reap what I sow...I am wiser than my last times and that's all I know...besides my 13 Ancestors. Vodun. I dropped the R....
  10. indeed indeed
    so many styles
    open ways
    into direct success!
    back to back every obstacles stone tragic
    spit the real past presently futuristix
    watching time blow them all away like dust(echoing)
    fade em--
  11. Vicious rooted spirits with the almighty powers empowering this heart to my ultimate maxim cause its my job to keep respected plus its my job to make you weak fake nigah with faulty strengths plus its my job to mathematical do what your leaders couldnt do for me and mine and thats lead...this shyte is on 24/7....

    So geah tuck me to your mindset little nigah while kicking up a gain of dust with no love for any turnback or get faded by the clock so feel me on this chit when i dont speak cause im on this suicidal mission loyal to my gains all in down to die everyday times every week per hour everytime my heart beat fearlessly per second without a murmur you figured... im down for Sunshine my nigah and im down for Quana my nigah and im down for my Son bytchee(echoing)

    Inside my brain runs messages continuously interpreted as the rival killer for mine ten toes down for my krown aint asking for no intelligence and dont care about they emotions i just cut two metal sheets of steel with the edges rounded to fit my all subdued vest velcro from the sides to protect my ribcage and my belt of truth is protected by my own book of profits as my prophecy so when a mindset of the opposite grain fixated tripping my neverending life of pages coming forth hardest jumps out as love for my cousins letting em know im from the hands of rhythm's clock clocking you down for your monetary knots and real estate so turn them light bulbs on nigah cause nobody gave a dayum about my tree so i stay packing my pencil to the pen to the notebook to the tech to the clothes to the rulers and it aint no way im sleeping... im creeping for my come up with so much loves for my own gardens and fields while conversating with bigger brother 2Pac cause indeed you the livest friend this ex-nigah ever had...

    EMTI - Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute

    Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute

    Go get your training little nigah if you real about it. See i lead individuals to solutions within realtime. Especially you a christian where it all started supposedly so why not? I know most are hypocrites then again they dont know whether they came from Africa or Israel or Monkeys or Ethiopia or America or their moms or the systems of injustice or a gang or a slave boat or any education at home as a mind of fact just go so you can get your culture back cause you need it. Others have and more going... imagine millions of cowardly men mated with promiscuous snake women? Yeah thats yo neighborhood cause remember whoever rocks the cradle influences the child world the most. Really you need to provide solutions but you cant locally can you? As a matter of facts you will not will you? So if you have no empire plans then remain silent and listen for a baby coming into this world who will...
  13. "inside each concrete polished lid etched the risen revival march silently among the dead not knowing"

    page for page take my life to your head on collision prevented by conlusion from one of my many maxim's illusions mental telepathy empathizes ease please treat yourself to the deepest part of the ocean

    see i got that house at a discount setting my branch down for str8 leaderships sailing cause private jets cost high mid to low six figures im ignoring the dead cause they dont exist while we livest tuck me closer to the guts with both hands on your testicles testifying you a cool ant and kitties do follow coolant trails licking it fatally and never love another hardback again they mostly wierdos punks suckers nymfoes and whatever whos sound rumbling 8 at a time busting out from each chamber expeling harmful gases exhaust piping aerodynamic funk lending contracts signed but wait a minute gosh darnit back up yo reverse the touch down my concrete lid now think.... team my feed plus feed my meat herbs and spices plus meet this racist never nevertheless always more success
    gain land masses
    position my center of gravity
    20 dollars of 89 p ride out after the tank is der
    keep your tops secured
    bottom cut out pier style
    rather i need a staircase
    run the rise
    stalk me deeply you juicy shy surprise
    all you need to do is
    intoxicate surrender
    watch me show you absolutely nothing at 4 oclock
    except my bloom before your dinner....

    i got diplomatic real estate solutions to solve involving customer vacation trips to my royal beds and meals you you looking to get married while on horses entering the ceremony? Let me get the castle for a discount and that private jet with miles plus an aeronautical mechanic fuel down deposit my tourism spot plus you get all your luggage back in one piece flying stealthy feeling exceptionally unique....
  14. And you see
    the availability to all
    are opportunities passed up repeatedly
    so why focus on this idiotic love stuff
    and why focus on your growth is more important
    than somebody else?

    See i got planes to own
    more land to buy
    an airline to organize
    a landscaping detail organization
    so i can underhandly beautify what i want
    shyte i gotta position myself the master of equity and property
    so you cant do anything without my say-so...
    fuhk being a judge...
    imma own the property you didnt claim
    and steals up for grabs
    while you all play with penises and vaginas reacting on recorded and live video transactions
    im busy playing for keeps
    getting everything handled
    without political ties
    and with pinpoint accuracy of each goal achieved....
  15. i got love for my success
    you the only one who showed me the true difference
    setripping comparison and contrast apart
    grammatically co-rect per blown out upper tier fatality
    to all my obas inside
    we mobbing adversaries
    the toilet seat is gone
    so gotsa squat on your estate spoils for what you didnt claim
    dumping repeatedly when you sleep
    so when i awake up early in the mourning
    everything the birds chirped to me seemed clear
    so now i overstand taller poised and stalked
    i got love for my cousins
    and the ancestors put in work with me rolling square for square on your block to the paradoxical mains although at the slum apartment complexs to your brand new subdivision empty two vehicle garage
    cautions yellow tape signs
    do not enter
    ah obas yeeeah
    this shyte is on.....