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    Get your copy today at (also available on Kindle)!
    Every once in a while, someone will write a book that literally when you open it; it's like the person is reading your mind. Well, for those of you who are looking for something very powerful to read that not only will titillate your intellect; it will expand your consciousness.
    When I published my book, A Journey into the Mind of a Black Woman: In Search of Black Men Who Live With Purpose through Createspace (owned by Amazon); I had the purpose and drive to expect that feedback would be positive for the most part.
    I had allowed the book to be reviewed before it was published and the feedback was great. But when I published the book, one of the first realities that I was faced with was FEAR. Fear that my intended target group, Black men, would assume that it is yet another finger snappin', neck rollin' book about everything they're not doing right. Well, it's not that at all. Quite the opposite. It's poetry put to contemporary outspeak; engaging their minds, and making love to their intellects. No Black man that reads this book will be the same.
    In 2003, I just decided to write a book after being laid off from a major insurance company.
    For years, I had been a major topic contributor on another popular website and the idea came to me to take the conversations that were the most engaging--mainly dealing with Black men and women topics, and expand them intellectually in a book format.
    There is honest response to observations that I've witnessed, but also, I give social commentary about events and issues that have happened to me as well.
    It took a lot of faith for me to do this. But on December 30, 2011; my book was published.
    This book was inspired by true events and the language is bold. It i s not for everyone and if you're someone who has not read much, learned more and in need of growth; I promise you, it will get under your skin. It's not talking to people who think that Zane is great literature. Nor is it a book about babymamma drama, drug dealing or getting high. I'm just and ordinary Black sister having a real talk to a generation of young Black males who I feel are lost and in need of inspiration.
    If you can get with that, cool.