I'm an intellectual racist and truthseeker. I swear that if Black people finally realise that race is a biological, scientifically proven fact, that racial equality is an egalitarian lie and that the kike New World Order is their ONLY obstacle to be eliminated, then they will shine at the absolute top of the racial hierarchy like they did in ancient times very quickly.
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  1. I think it won't take long for the beginning of a third worldwide war, ladies and gentlemen. The New World Order is pushing for war in Syria. But you must know that the alleged chemical attacks by the Syrian government on the Syrian people recently near Damascus were orchestrated by the Israeli secret service the Mossad, the CIA and the British secret service the MI6 to start a so-called "preventive war" in Syria. Then they will take over the Syrian government, and start a war with Iran.

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    The New World Order is ruled by Jews as we already know. They want to eliminate all their enemies in the Middle East (muslim countries), and dominate the whole Middle East. That's why they (the Mossad) also orchestrated 9/11! And they want all Western countries to join them in the war.

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    But both Russia and Iran pledge loyalty to Syria. If the Zionist dominated Western World starts a war with Syria, Russia and Iran will protect Syria, and before you realise it we have a total ravaging war in this world.


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