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  1. Hello and blessings to all of you... Man it has been a little while in between posts , but hey it has not been for a lack of desire to write as much as it has been lacking the spark. Every now and then I experience a lapse and slip into a period of what I can best express as zero gravity... I am here, my senses are functioning and the thoughts are circulating however the process from the mind to paper is a being of it's own...With that said though, I always have a few thoughts that are in draft form but have yet to be completed. This is one of them... Initially the title was going to be (Humans Need Comfort) but as I began to think and write, it dawned on me that comfort is just one element in the equation and only scratches the surface. We are an extremely empty species and our emotional needs go much deeper than that.. However, for this piece I want to talk about the need we have for comfort and how we will endlessly search for it and try almost anything that will bring that one ever elusive quality to our life. With every tic toc of the clock, every passing day, week, month and year, we are on a constant journey or quest if you will, seeking comfort. ...

    A child is in the womb where it is sheltered and provided for. It has evolved from the embryo stage into the infant stage. Constantly receiving nourishment, it knows and understands absolutely nothing in this state of unconsciousness (except comfort). It has yet to be awakened . For now it is oblivious to all that is occurring in the world outside of its encapsulated and insulated existence...It is safe for now but the time will come for the infant to exit it's shell of security. It has to be manipulated and forced out whether the birth is naturally or by cesarean section, either way, it must come out...
    Once this infant has been removed from its sanctuary and the umbilical cord is severed, it begins to cry. It is almost immediately that it recognizes the separation. The doctor or nurse then hands the wailing infant to the mother and as she holds and begins to nurse the infant it becomes silent. The newborn is now suckling the mother's milk and all is as it was with the only difference being the breast has now become the umbilical cord providing nourishment and the mother's arms providing the comfort and security of the womb... From this moment forward the infant will invariably yearn and cry incessantly for this comfort... As it grows up it will embark on a journey through life and forever seek this abstract and seemingly elusive state of being...

    Why are we stricken with this uncontrollable behavior or trait? I mean, why the heck are we not able to develop our independence once we have stopped sucking on the nipple or bottle and as we learn to walk , talk, go to the toilet on our own and have reached puberty? Most of us are so cuddled while we are young that we stay around the household well into our twenties and sometimes thirties.... Some of us would not leave the nest if we didn't get tossed out on our butts or given some type of ultimatum...Why is that? Why is it that we also need validation, approval, love, attention and so forth and why will we try or indulge in questionable behavior or immoral acts just to feel a temporary moment of gratitude or satisfaction? We have a determined propensity towards this behavior and will do this repeatedly knowing full well it will not fill the void. Even if it devastates our life and others around us!

    Every other species that appears to have evolved on this planet seems to have naturally developed without this behavior except us... Hmmm...We are deluged with oceans of emotions and it's a wonder we all aren't psychotic cause I'll tell it's enough to drive anyone crazy...Drinking, drugging, over eating, partying, sex maniacs, compulsive shoppers, pretenders, and the list goes on...No wonder the world is so screwed up!!! You would think that we would have been better equipped mentally and emotionally by our creators to deal with all of this nonsense and chaos but who knows, maybe we are the reality show for them!!! History does show that entertainment has been a favorite pass time for boredom in other civilizations.. Why should our creators be any different? Just a thought folks..

    So, What R we missing and why? I have a few thoughts about this as you definitely already know.. First and foremost I feel that we are mostly empty beings and our DNA is wired that way. The majority of humans ( and I mean the majority) need to feel secure and safe and are always seeking a nod of approval, some degree appreciation, love, a need to belong to something or just plain fit in (association and relevance), which may explain why a lot of folks do some of the most idiotic things just to get noticed. I mean just look at social media and all of this ( like me or like this) nonsense.. What the heck is that all about.. Society has degraded to a magnanimous reality show of insatiable consumption and absurdity. There is this overwhelming feeling of insecurity, emptiness and ominous cloud looming over us...The multitude is starving for "IT" but we know not how to go about getting "IT".
    That thing, that abstract, non tangible unseen sense of "IT" can not be filled by that which is external.. It just can not be done which undoubtedly explains why we are never, ever satisfied no matter how much of these external pleasures we indulge in.. The individual that tries to fill that void with food just gets fatter and fatter, the drinker just gets drunker and drunker till they can't get drunk anymore and becomes an obstinate alcoholic, the drugger just gets more addicted and both become non-sociable, pathetic and intolerable. The rich get richer, greedier and greedier, more belligerent and miserable, the compulsive shopper gets more and more in debt and the poor, well they just stay poor and forgotten..But you know what the scary part to all of this is; none of them see it, want or care to acknowledge it...

    That void is so huge that no amount of anything external can calm it, not even religion...All of these indulgences will only provide us with a temporary relief. That need for inner gratification can only be generated from our own sense of well-being.. This is basically the only path to realizing and achieving it... Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing else will suffice! What r we missing and why is because we are much to focused and consumed with the external and fail to focus on the internal.. We are beings of light as well as beings of physical mass and what feeds the corporeal (physical) will not suffice for the incorporeal (non-physical)...So therefore the journey in life should also be one of internal discovery as much as it is one of external discovery.. This is not taught to us so, we are oblivious to its essential need.. Everything we know is of the physical world and the very essence of our being yearns for more!! Comfort will always elude us!!! Needy and Greedy, Lost and Empty Souls! What is a human to do?
    Feed your soul and in turn lift your spirit. Come out of the darkness and enter into the light..
    Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth)

  2. Hello and blessings to all. Let's talk about the one thought I'm fairly certain that most of us at one time or another have had regardless of how long we may have been on this planet..and that is....

    There just never seems to be enough allotted time and life as a lot of folks will say, is simply much too short. This is called brevity and we all can most definitely attest to its ups and downs which creates a perpetual ebb and flow of uncertainty and constant challenges which are vicissitudes.. Yeah, these are just two words out of many that most of us will never use or even know. However, these two words sort of sum up life's mortality, unpredictability and all that encapsulates it.

    If we take some time to reflect and conduct a little research we will most assuredly learn that almost all forms of life in this world has been subject to these words ( brevity and vicissitudes). They are very profound, poignant and are applicable to generation after generation after generation of human life and it's evolution. Always have been and always will be which brings me to my next point of how ( in our desire and quest for advancement, wealth and power) we have ever so gradually moved away from simplicity into a realm of complication..

    We have neglected what is most valuable in life and that is the preservation and caring for each other and all life...We are no longer concerned with the welfare of the community as we have allowed the foundation of this much needed entity to erode and **** near evaporate..We have transitioned far away from those basic customs that were a common practice of our timeless progenitors (ancient ancestors) and have become much too consumed with self-gratification and pretentiousness to name a few. We are prone to self-righteousness and hypocrisy, quick to ostracize others for their flaws and what we may define as transgressions and giving no acknowledgement to our own. (Premature judgement and condemnation)
    We aspire for and hope to achieve false images of success and worthiness that are dictated from a hierarchy of rapaciousness and exploitation.. We have become blinded by the promise of deceivers and misled through their well orchestrated propaganda.. Some of us are able to eventually see through the smoke and mirrors while others continue to follow, but has it come too late?

    What monster are we fighting here and is it too formidable of an adversary to defeat? Well, this is where brevity and vicissitudes come into play..The monster is us and as we continue to feed it so does it continue to thrive and dominate our lives..Life is so short and we will experience various pitfalls and disappointments along the way, but by the time we figure it out, our time on this planet is just about up. So, we waste opportunity after opportunity to get it right, we complain while some never get the opportunities at all... We are profligate in our behavior on earth and the eviction notice will be served eventually. It's only a matter of time which of course is something that we never have enough of.. Hence, we indulge ourselves in moments of retrospect and the one thought that always seems to be shared by many is ( if only I had known back then, what I know now), what a different life it would have been.... I have said this to myself over and over and I have asked myself (why did it take me so long to learn about myself, about others and about life)? WHY? To this day, I still don't have an exact answer but I believe that my life was what it was in order for me to be where and who I am today. I learned that with the brevity and vicissitudes of life that time is of the essence and the trials and tribulations are necessary for internal growth and that expectations are never guaranteed..(There is however one exception and that is (We can expect time to expire for all of us)!!!

    Let me close by saying;
    Take the time to educate yourself, to learn about yourself and to learn about other people and to discover what is important to you in life. Don't waste your life away procrastinating or engaging in wishful thinking.. Stop hoping for some miraculous act or divine intervention ..I urge you to get it done while you still have the time!!! The bottom line here is to follow your own heart and pursue your own dreams because life is much too short and unpredictable to follow those of others...

    Do this before there are no more tick tocks on the clock... Time is of the essence!
    Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth)
  3. Questions to self;

    What do I want out of life?

    Do I have any idea of what it is that I am seeking?

    Do I find myself on a seemingly perilous journey that appears to lead to nowhere?

    Do I often times wander aimlessly about with no real sense of purpose or direction?

    Do I feel as though I am irrelevant and that my life has no meaning?

    Do I find myself admiring the life of others and feel shameful about the life that I am living?

    If you have answered yes to all of these questions then you are wasting your life away...If you have answered yes to one or two then you definitely still have some soul-searching to do..If you don't understand anything about yourself, what could you possibly hope to understand about others and life in general?

    You see life is a construct of many unknowns and can be just a little bit confusing at times. The worse is not knowing oneself and not understanding what we are capable of. If we have not been given fundamental teachings of principles and morals in our homes or elsewhere, then we are left to our own devices. I know this all too well and have lived it...

    Principle; a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

    Morals; a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.

    Understanding, embracing and establishing these core essentials helps us to build character and minimize our flaws...If you know who you are and what you want, then you can begin to map out a plan and strategy of how to accomplish it..It's really that simple, but if you don't, well then life becomes an overwhelming and sometimes exasperating and frustrating process to contend with..So, what is a person to do?

    Often times we have a tendency to complicate things by over analyzing and over thinking or just not thinking at all or being much too reactive.. We sometimes fail to factor in to the equation what the consequences of our actions or inaction's could be.. This is where you need to just slow the heck down, get a little introspective and process things..There is an old adage that says ( keep it simple) which can go a long, long way in life...Why attempt to over complicate things? If you are lacking something then the most simplest thing to do is to figure out what it is and correct it. I know, sometimes it's can be challenging and it's much easier to just throw your hands up and say, oh what's the use..

    Nonsense, because that is a game changer and you will develop a pattern of always doing just that.. You can overcome anything, that's why you're still in the game.. You are much stronger than you realize and things take time to materialize..Take the time to figure it out man and if you can't well then get some help.. Preferably from someone with integrity whom you respect and admire..It's just one step you take in the right direction..It may not be what you want to hear from them but most times it is exactly what you need to hear.. Question is once you have the information, what are you going to do with it? My one suggestion is this, stop waiting on something or someone to change things in your life because believe me when I tell you that it will never happen! You are all the change you need...That's the power of self....Have faith in you..

    Written by: Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth) Registered & Protected 02TH-9AZI-BFRU-2ZWM
  4. Perception Influences Perspective

    My last post I wrote a little about the "power of self" and this post as you can see is about the "power of influence". Both of these correlate with one another because one cannot happen without affecting the other in some fashion (be that good or bad). We are all influenced in some way or another and that can happen in many ways. I read this book called (The Psychology of Influence and Persuasion written by: Robert D. Cialdini, PhD) and I couldn't help but think of how much it applies to this 2016 Presidential campaign and all the negative and repulsive ( yet revealing ) comments and antics that surrounded and enveloped it. It's an in-debt revealing look into the weapons of persuasion and how they are implemented.. Unbeknownst to us, we encounter and fall prey to them almost every waking hour, minute and second of the day...

    The "power of self" can also be an influence on not just our lives but the lives of others. Basically, what it boils down to is how one or the other is used.. Now these can be negative or positive but either way they are interlocked. Weapons of persuasion are used to affect our thoughts and emotions which will yield the desired effect. In this case, the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election!!!

    This election has been exactly that, an overwhelmingly display of influence and weapons of persuasion. It is a classic example of how folks have allowed things they heard, things they wanted to hear but didn't or things they thought they heard, things they saw, things they wanted to see but didn't or things they thought they saw affect their judgment and now we and the world bear witness to its effect . They have allowed elements or mediums outside of themselves to take complete control of their minds and emotions and affect them immensely without much evaluation. That which impacts our perception will ultimately affect our perspective.. The massive effort to set in motion a campaign from both sides purpose or intent was to ultimately persuade folks to vote for their respective candidates. There were also other entities, sources and people who individually and some collectively who spoke of how they felt about both candidates whether positively or negatively attempting to influence and persuade folks to vote or not to vote for these candidates. This occurred from all ethnic, religious and special interest groups. An immense aggregation and amalgamation of propaganda, emotions, thoughts, stink and garbage... Speaking of religion, isn't there supposed to be a separation of church and state?? Oh that’s right, only when it is a matter of convenience and agendas....Hypocrites!!! But ya'll go ahead and keep listening and following these impostors and crooks masked in the cloth of righteousness....B.S.

    Trump has an enormous personality and ego and can be ( to put it mildly) quite persuasive and influential. His "power of self" catapulted his larger than life image (along with some help) into the position President elect and soon to be POTUS.. Hillary also has a huge personality and ego but not quite as overpowering as her opponent and definitely was no match for the onslaught of negativity in addition the powerful media blitz and its constant regurgitation of misinformation. Her "power of self" caused her to become fallible and much too overconfident... Ooops!!

    Now let's talk about the American people who undoubtedly were tuned into this reality show from the beginning and the preceding four years with the Fox News machine and other right-wing pundits and radio personalities unrelenting assaults on her character and maybe questionable dealings. African-Americans also began lamenting their offense of her super predator and bring them to heel comments. (We now have these super predators in black communities committing wanton acts of murders and terror).. Ohhhh, My my my just shoot yourself in the foot why don't ya or just hang a noose around your neck?? Other than all the rhetoric about Benghazi and emails what has significantly changed about her over the past eight years to demonize and make her out to be the most untrustworthy and corruptible person on the planet? Please tell me cause I really want to know... Actually not that much!!!Folks were gobbling up this crap like contestants at a "Who can eat the most hot dogs event". My thoughts are if folks are going to question behavior and ethics, it should be across the board.. As for Trump we have heard enough disparaging, hateful and divisive comments about various ethnic groups, women and people with disabilities which would suggest that he is immoral and ethically unfit to be POTUS. I'm not taking sides but something is invariably wrong here.

    I always try to impress upon folks to tune out so that they can tune in. We are much too consumed by all the chitter chatter that we become distracted and lose focus of the issues that really matter. The "power of self" allows one to maintain because one doesn't listen to all the noise outside of themselves, they listen to what is inside of them because that is where the untainted and uncompromising truth lies. People have once again fallen victim to all the hype and as a result we have President elect Trump.

    We are inherently good-hearted people who intuitively know when something just isn't right. We all have a moral compass inside of us that tells us when we are leaning in the wrong direction. Some of us acknowledge it and comply and some of us ignore it and that is when the danger begins. Those who engage in the "power of self" more often times than not will not allow outside forces to control them or their decisions. It is the steadiness of will, your will and my will that needs to be strong enough to resist those who attempt to impose their will upon us with weapons of persuasion. Most folks lack critical thinking and the ability to process or research information thoroughly and some don't even want to bother with it. So, consequentially they are very easily influenced and are at the mercy of those who are masters of persuasion.. Sadly, they are like sheep being led to the slaughter but will be the first to tell you that they are independent thinkers.. I always contend that in the absence of education and knowledge, ignorance will prevail...

    This election of 2016 just as life is a testament to the ugliest, scariest and most deplorable side of people in America. It has been a display of the most demeaning, hurtful, painful, shameless, violent at times, racially charged, fear mongering ,unethical and immoral antics of what used to be unacceptable behavior and language from anyone let alone some seeking the most powerful position in the world aside from the Jim Crow era..The theatrics has played out for the world to see how folks became disengaged with principles and values as they dismissed and denied everything of what they claim the flag and this country stand for. The mask has been removed and the hypocrisy of a nation has been exposed and the American people have been duped yet once again.

    If you are interested in acquiring some knowledge of how the psychology of persuasion works, I have provided a link to another book (The Psychology of Persuasion by: Kevin Hogan)... I ask that you take some time to read the material so that you will be enlightened..The weapons of persuasion are extremely powerful and when implemented correctly can influence us all and have an enormous impact on our lives.. They can be used to empower folks to do great things or just the opposite and take advantage of our ignorance..Take some time and ask yourself who or what influences you and why? If you are completely honest during this moment of introspect you will realize exactly where the influence is coming from and why you think and act the way you do. The list of things that influence us is much too extensive to talk about here, so I will continue this topic in a future post. In the meantime please give careful consideration to the information that you digest and accept as truth.. Perception does influence perspective so be extremely mindful of what you accept as truth...

    ” We will use the actions of others to decide on proper behavior for ourselves, especially when we view those others to be similar to ourselves. When we are unsure of ourselves, when the situation is unclear or ambiguous, when uncertainty reigns, we are most likely to look to and accept the actions of others as correct.

    Robert B. Cialdini PhD

    Written by Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth) Registered & Protected 8MNS-SKXE-T6PS-0BVB
  5. If I were to completely separate myself from the so-called normality and conditioned mindset of this world would I not then be in a better position to see? If I look at the world and all that I perceive it to be, am I not looking at it through eyes that have become influenced by the ideologies and teachings of mankind whose intentions are highly questionable? Is what I think I see not really what I see but more of what I have been conditioned to see therefore blurring my vision and obscuring that which I am supposed to see?

    How can I see the essence of a thing for what it is if I am looking through tainted lenses? Just to look at something is not really seeing it but merely glancing at its exterior which in turn produces an image of what we are programmed to see. In order to see what is truly before us we must bypass the programming and venture deeper into the elements of the thing before us. It is at that moment in space and time that we are able to see what is truly in front of us because we have eliminated the program and have exercised free will and thought? To see is to have understanding for isn't the (art) of seeing the essence of understanding? To see or not to see...

    Art; the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

    I especially like the last part of this definition (producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and emotional power).
    What a profound meaning of life in its essence. There is no more concise or perfect example of what we are missing out on. To primarily appreciate the beauty or emotional power of a thing, anything whether that thing is a person, an animal, a plant, fruit, the air we breathe, the stars, the moon, the sun, the universe, a storm, a flower, a rain drop, a spring day or a sunny afternoon. A sunrise or sunset, the wind whistling through the trees or the mountains that we may never climb, but we see. Yes, the primary beauty or emotional power of a thing, the very rawness of nature and all that she produces in abundance... We spend far too much valuable time consumed with prejudicial thinking and views of one another. We engage in extremely vicious and harmful indictments of a people or a person without taking the time to really see beyond the perceptions that have been ingrained in our psyche by the artists whose paintings are those of hatred and bitterness.
    Their works of art are the brush strokes of deceit which fosters ignorance and disunity among the masses. It is this canvas we look at every single day that has been painted with bigotry, racism, classism, injustice, ignorance and malice which keeps us blinded and separated…..

    To see is to beauty or emotional power that lies within. To not see allows it to remain dormant and elusive because of our conditioned state of being. To not be able to see and experience the essence of whom and what we are is a deprivation of that beauty and or emotional power and is a rejection of our creators. For are we all not works of art that have been created by the greatest and most benevolent artists of the universe? Did they not have an admiration and appreciation for what they had created?
    Genesis 1: 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
    Genesis 1:31 And God saw everything that he had created, and behold, it was very good.

    Behold, it was very good!!! We are more than just chattel or a thing to be used, dismissed or discarded like the ash remains of a fire that roasted a pig for the delight and indulgence of others!!! Take the time to appreciate life and each other and the simplest of things in nature primarily for their beauty and or emotional power...

    Take the time too really see and be that which we have been created to be? Understand...

    To see or not to see. What do you see?

    Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth)

  6. Before, during and after the Reconstruction period the one aspect or factor that the former African slaves in America felt was imperative to their freedom was education. They understood all too well what an important part it played in acquiring freedom because without it they would remain in perpetual bondage. Education to them represented independence and a direct pathway to power and true freedom…You see, an uneducated people will always be an ignorant and dependent people subject to the mercy of those who are educated and exert power over them...

    John Hendrik Clarke said; "A powerful people cannot afford to educate the people that they oppress because once you are truly educated you will not ask for power, you will take it".

    This is an extremely profound and poignant truthful statement because it speaks to the deviated shrewd connivance of white folks and their attempt to maintain power and the enslavement of African people in perpetuity..

    The former African slave understood that absolute freedom could not be attained without first and foremost educating the mind and soaking up knowledge. They were able to grasp its significance early on and made a decision to dedicate and immerse themselves into the process of educating themselves and their children.. They would build schools and conduct classes wherever they could and utilize whatever books and learning materials that were available.. Most of the classrooms were just dusty dilapidated old shacks absent of desks and chairs and churches.. They were not afforded the conventional tools that the white schools provided their children with but they were nonetheless undeterred from the mission at hand..

    Teachers traveled from different parts of the country to lend their attributes and training to what they considered a paramount and worthy cause… The education of the free African…To a large degree the education was welcomed and consumed wholeheartedly, but for some it was seen as a detriment and a waste of time because of prejudice and ignorance.. This feeling was shared by some former slaves and indeed most whites in America..The whites felt that the Africans brains were too small and lacked the capacity of digesting the curriculum or academia.. ( I believe they feared that the education of the African would pose a threat to their dominance)..Some African scholars even thought it to be skewed because it was education that was being delivered to Blacks by whites.. These African scholars and African men of prominence chided or criticized the methods that were implemented which sometimes lead to friction between them.....Sound familiar??

    Nevertheless there were a great deal of Africans who had a thirst for education and knowledge and would not allow themselves to be dissuaded. They understood all too well the power of education and economics and the independence it could provide them.. They embarked on a mission to educate their own, become independent of whites and some would venture on to create and build their own economy... Many of these former slaves would flourish far beyond what any white man or former slave could have ever envisioned…

    Too many African/Black youths shy away from education and knowledge..There is a huge void in their mindset when it comes to understanding the necessity for it.. We have developed this inexplicable uncharacteristic disdain for learning and we fail to realize how much of a prerequisite it is for building wealth, power and independence.. Many of our youths have been brainwashed into believing that education is a white man’s culture and they reject it. Just how ignorant is that? A rebuff of education to avoid becoming like the so-called white man is a shameful and lame excuse...So they would rather remain, poor, ignorant, uneducated, and dependent on others....A life of uncertainty and unnecessary turmoil.. That sure makes a lot of sense!!

    Why is it that many of our youths willfully (some influenced by others) choose not to board the train of education and knowledge? Why do they adapt this negative mindset and attitude that derails their lives and leads them on a journey to nowhere? Little do they realize that education is the key to unlocking the chains of mental bondage and dependence and opens the door that can lead to liberation and success...

    As it stands right now, the white man need not worry about most of today's African/Black man because he is doing the white mans bidding for him and poses no real threat due to a lack of education, knowledge, and principles......

    Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth)

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  7. I sat down recently after my last post and thought to myself. Man, why are we as African/Black American folk always referring to our situation as a struggle? I mean if most of life is connected to perception and we label our endeavor for equality as a struggle or some plight, haven't we set ourselves up to fail? Does this not create a negative feedback loop that will set in motion the wheels of discontent when ever and where ever we are confronted with adversity? Does it not set the tone for us? I believe that it does......

    What if folks were to approach this as a mission to be achieved with a different set of lenses would we then shift the toggle switch of perception in our brains towards a fighting mode? Is it possible that there would be a greater motivation to get it done no matter what....We know how much a simple word can dramatically impact a person’s psyche and make the difference between positive and negative (to do or not to do)...So, doesn't the word (struggle)suggests a continuous fight with something that is becoming strenuous and burdensome?

    We often talk about how the struggle continues and it is never-ending. I believe this in and of itself weighs a person down tremendously and gives one cause to become not interested in the task that lies ahead. Whereas the word mission or goal creates a desire to achieve and complete the task at hand. It denotes a more worthy cause for fight..

    I know some may say that it is simple semantics and just a play on words, but isn't everything we listen to and read just a play on words? It's just the manner or context in which it is presented and understood that elicits a desired response..A mission appears to add the connotation of something admirable while struggle applies to an effort to hard and arduous and leads to a greater exertion of energy. I guess it all depends on ones perception, struggle or mission and how one approaches it.... Just some food for thought..

    To say that something is a struggle causes us to approach it with a great deal of skepticism, reluctance and effort? Procrastination..

    To say something is my mission or goal attaches a greater sense of urgency to it.. Motivation for success..

    Either way it sets the tone of mentality and applies to almost anything we attempt to do in life...

    A Struggle or A Mission

    Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth)

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  8. The present and constant pursuits of fulfillment amid meandering souls are ever elusive pseudo objectives. The thing or things that we seek for completion or wholeness fail to provide us with adequate contentment or satisfaction and we find ourselves instantaneously gratified but constantly yearning for more and more. We struggle to appease the appetite of an enormous and ravenous insatiable relentless beast. Make no mistake, this is unattainable...

    We can look down upon the weak and ignore their suffering as long as we capitalize from the process. We will ignore their pain and find ways or reasons to justify our iniquities as we frown upon theirs.. We cast aspersions on the less fortunate, exploit their unfortunate circumstances to our benefit and excuse ourselves of all culpability...Yet no matter the amount of success, power or wealth that is accumulated we continue to remain empty souls. Hollowed out by the axes of those ancient voracious Nemeses, (Ignorance and Greed).

    All of us seek some form of redemption or solace that escapes our want and beckoning....Whether we be rich, poor or in between there lies in us all the need for self-identity and worth. Something of value or something of significance to provide us with meaning and purpose to what most may construe as a meaningless existence..But that which we have been conditioned to pursue does not yield substance for the soul nor fulfills our spiritual needs.. The fleeting and frivolous materialistic aspects of life provide only temporal pleasure or gratification.

    I have become that which I have feared and loathed the most. I am a shell of what I have been created or predestined to be. I have deviated from the path of principles, righteousness, integrity and honor. My purpose is all but a mirage of a clouded mind and a jaded vision. My optics are very much blurred and I am in need of directions that will guide me away from this convoluted mental depravity. The force has embolden itself behind a vaulted wall and is dug in deep.. Any attempts to free myself prove futile for it knows all to well my weaknesses...Prisoner to an invisible yet powerful force which has sequestered itself deep within the bowels my being. The doorway to exit remains unreachable and I have been cast into the darkness while I lament for relief of this hollow soul.

    The spirit requires fulfillment of another source outside of this wretched world of highwaymen, these trinkets of sparkling glitter, alluring honey dripped lips of beckoning women and smooth silvery tongued men...Pleasure and gratification are fleeting in that which cradles no substance of life and sustains not the inner being. We are the lost species of life form on earth wandering in the darkness. Seeking the light and struggling for wholeness, yet continuing down the path of destruction...We have been at this place many, many, many times before. How often must we rediscover what has already been discovered. It has been written yet we willfully continue to bathe in ignorance, greed and denial.

    I must find a way to be the keeper of my spirit and the custodian of my temple.. I must look beyond this realm and seek understanding from a higher place. For I am in need of enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment. The day of reckoning draws near and I pray I take leave of this place with wholeness of heart, mind, body and soul.....Austerity and Altruism

    All that we think we are, we are not.. All that we do today has been done yesterday!!!

    Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth
    Blessings to all my Akan and Temne people of Africa

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  9. Early 1900's anywhere in Anytown USA.

    Where ya goi'n boy? Big Mo kept on walking because he just wasn't in the mood to be dealing with some redneck cra-ker on a hot and muggy afternoon. He had just finished putting in another long hard days work in the plant and the only thing on his mind right now, was getting home to his wife and kids, taking a shower and sitting down to have a nice home cooked meal. After which he would go out on the front porch, enjoy a nice cool drink, watch the kids play around for a while before calling it another day. But before he could even entertain any of that, he had to deal with this irritating ignorant cra-ker...

    Hey nig-er, you hear me talk'in to ya? I said where ya goi'n? Big Mo was taking long full long strides, trying to put some distance between them as he wanted to reach the bus before the confrontation he knew was imminent caught up with him. He could see the bus pulling up to the stop but he was just not close enough to get on and avoid what was coming. Da-n, he thought to himself, out of all the days to have to possibly be late getting home for dinner. You see this day was also a special occasion for Big Mo and his wife Mattie. They were soon to be the proud owners of a new home and this would be the night to celebrate.. It didn't matter that he still had to rely on public transportation to get around because ownership of a home is what he and his wife, Mattie had always dreamed of. It would give them a sense of security and it would be theirs..Not too many Black folk owned their homes in that time but they would be one of the few that did..Yes, this was indeed caused for celebration...First things first though...

    Big Mo came to an abrupt stop, whirled his huge frame of a body around and glared with an incessant disdain and annoyance directly into the eyes of his insolent pursuer and said, what you want with me? I ain't doing nothing but trying to get home to my wife and kids. Unfortunately Big Mo wouldn't make it home this night. He had dared question a white man and did so in a manner that was considered challenging to the authority and superiority of this nobody cra-ker. A heated exchange between the two would ensue and it would draw the unwanted attention of other white folk. Soon afterwards a mob of curious and angry white men would gather around and the instigator would accuse Big Mo of being an uppity nig-er who needed to be taught a lesson. They would collapse around Big MO as he tried to fend them off but they beat him down and take him out to the woods to string him up. He wouldn't be celebrating with his wife tonight, he wouldn't be sitting down to enjoy his dinner with his family, sitting out on the porch sipping a cool drink while his children played and he and his family never know the experience of owning their own home.

    He would never live to breathe another day in Anytown USA. All because of the ignorance and racist vile that has permeated the air throughout American society and has profusely stained its soil with the innocent blood of ( too many to count ) black men and women in this country. This is a short story that is all to reminiscent of what it is like to be Black and living in a white dominated society. This has an oh so familiar ring to it does it not? The scenario has been played out time and time again in this white dominated world in one way or another.

    Let's fast forward 100 years plus and we are still experiencing the same racist vitriol. The perpetrators today are in the uniforms of Law enforcement. Whether it is walking, driving, jogging, shopping or playing in a department store or a park with a play gun, having the dark skin is an open invitation for harassment and possible death. Just the mere suspicion of guilt by law enforcement or any white citizen today, ( just as it was back then ) appears to be cause enough to justify murder....It appears that we have gone from the noose to the bullet and we can't seem to shake it....We pray for the families of those innocent Black lives who have left this planet so abruptly at the hands of racism and indifference to life. We must feel a compelling duty to eradicate our society of this insensitivity to human life on both sides of the paradigm...

    We are all Big Mo's, Mattie's, their family and some of us may never make it back home. This my people is the sometimes unavoidable and undeniable brevity of life for Black folk.

    All prayers to the most high for strength and courage as we embark on a new meaningful course for the Black Diaspora..

    Written by; Al Deveaux Jr. Africafifth

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  10. Saboteurs, who are they and how do they disrupt and impede the progress of others?

    Some of these folks are unconsciously sabotaging our progress, while others are very much aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. As to why they do it the answer is a complex one. There are many contributing factors why someone who has experienced nothing but oppression would work earnestly to knock down the progression of others. There is something deeply psychologically twisted and rooted in the minds of those who are complicit in this regard.

    Some of these folks believe implicitly that we will always be brainwashed and mentally chained. They will vigorously attempt to thwart all and any efforts made by people that want nothing more than to enlighten others so that they can free themselves from a life of anguish and the agony of mental slavery. They will repeatedly spew poisonous rhetoric of how powerless we are. They will whisper untruths in the ears of others to turn people against each other in an effort to create conflict and dissension. They are the Judists who will betray their brethren for a few coins of silver and much, much less...

    They will disguise themselves as your ally, professing to embrace the same ideologies and sense of purpose.. They will sit at your table, break bread with you and sip from the same cup all the while attempting to illicit trust and lull you into a false sense of security. They will wear the skin of the chameleon and give you the impression that you both are one in the same. They will conceal their nefarious motives behind this well constructed camouflage and in times of conflict and controversy suddenly abandon you and leaving you to fend for yourself. They will organize along side you while conspiring with your enemies behind your back....

    These folks want nothing more than to be the purveyor of malice and the cause of your failure. Your demise is what they seek and all that you attempt to build is at risk because these folks can not stomach the possibility of you being successful. The uplifting and empowerment that you incite and infuse into others poses for them a genuine threat as it is an illustration of constructive change. There are a great number of folks who have a natural innate tendency to relish in the agony of others. Some just don't want anything upsetting the status quo and are reluctant to embrace change and are extremely resistant and combatant to those who present it. The concept of preservation and conservation is not unique to just white folks. We have many folks of color who feel the same way and will work against you to maintain the current structure.....You may ask yourself why and I will answer by saying that change makes people uncomfortable and it usually means taking them out of their comfort zone. Henceforth the saboteurs..

    Some of these folks are just malicious, spiteful, hateful and plain old evil...Some are just uneducated, lack knowledge and vision. Some are just insentient beings and have no desire to grow. Some are naysayers and non believers for positive and constructive change and some are just plain old lazy... That's just the way they are. It is the cloth that they are cut from and there is absolutely nothing on this earth that will change that for most. Everyone was not meant to go where it you are going and they will attempt to sabotage your plans. You have to learn who you can trust and who you can not. That in and of itself is the greatest challenge to us all..

    Who is your enemy and who is your friend?

    Who is your fellow disciple and who is your Judist?

    Only time will tell!!!

    Written by Al DeVeaux Jr. Africa Fifth

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  11. Everyone knows what black potatoes are. At least I think everyone does. But just in case you don't have any idea what they are, allow me to enlighten you. First of all I don't want you to confuse black potatoes with plain old rotten potatoes. There is a significant difference between the two. A black potato unlike a rotten potato is salvageable whereas a rotten potato is just not good at all for consumption or anything else for that matter. If you have a rotten potato you might as well just toss it in the garbage. You can try to save it if you want to take the risk but I would advise you not to because it will only poison you....Rotten potatoes are very noticeable and have a pungent odor whereas the black potato for all intents and purposes appears to be alright...

    Black potatoes are those damaged vegetables that one might find in a bundle that aren't immediately noticeable until the skin is taken off. You see these potatoes have no visible signs of abnormalities but because they have suffered some damage from mishandling and neglect, they become bruised below the surface. It is not uncommon for some of that damage to penetrate a little deeper into the inner portion of these potatoes. Hmm, pretty much sounds just like a lot of people wouldn't you say?
    So what are our options with these potatoes? More often than not we will attempt to salvage as much of it as we possibly can because it wouldn't make much sense tossing them into the garbage. I have had many potatoes that were damaged and I was able to utilize the majority of it for my meal. Why toss out the entire potato just because it has a few areas that have been slightly damaged. I have also had those that no matter how much I'd try, the damage was just to severe and I'd end up cutting away most of the potato trying to get rid of those black spots.
    But that's not necessarily a bad thing because at least we're able to get some use out of it since we did spend our money for it. It's sort of similar to the investment that we have made in some folks who might have some issues. We aren't just ready to kick them to the curb so we attempt to save the better part of them.. But if most of the potatoes in the bag are damaged you'd probably want to take it back to the grocer to exchange it for another one or get your money back.

    Well we just aren't able to do that with people. There are a lot of people in this world who are just like those black potatoes. Most of these people are salvageable if we can get to them in time but then there are those that no matter how much you may try to cut away the damage it is just to severe to save. By the time you get finished slicing and dicing you may only have a little piece that just isn't worth it. Some may differ and say that a little piece of good is better than none at all. That may be true but how much has to be sacrificed to get to that one little piece. So I guess we have to make a decision as to which potato is worth saving and which isn't. Whatever the case may be we won't really know until we begin to look beneath the surface. Then we can probably determine how much good the person just like the potato has left in and if it is worth the effort to try to salvage it?
    Black potatoes just like damaged people can be found in every ethnic group and almost every region of the earth. With every harvest of potatoes just as with every generation of people there are high expectations of a good crop with the understanding that quite a few will suffer some damage through mishandling or by other means . It is an inevitable and inescapable phenomenon whose recurrence is undeniable.

    I myself was at one time in my life a black potato and to this day I can still feel the residuals of those dark spots. There aren't any signs of damage on the surface but the memories are embedded deep within and serve as constant reflection of a time that has passed hopefully never to be relived.
    We need to have a compelling desire, the determination, and make the effort to remove the damage in order to yield the best from within that allows the nutritious elements to be enjoyed by all. Then we can rejoice and be excited for the crop that we have produced. I know that some people will say that the potato doesn't offer any resistance unlike damaged people which is true. They are the cynics and pessimists for which I say, this is only a metaphor meant to serve as a sort of analogy which more than likely will not impact you. But for those of you who are of an optimistic and pragmatic mindset, you know that we can take the time to cut away the black spots and that it is worth the effort.

    Written by: Al De Veaux Jr. Africafifth

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  12. It is said and written in scripture that the meek shall inherit the earth. I say that the earth will open up her belly and swallow them whole. She will only relinquish her bounty to those who will work hard, earnest and diligently to extract the promise she cradles within.. Still she does not guarantee to yield to all who come beckoning for her riches. The prospectors who come just as so many before them shall be cast by the wayside and never know her promise. The earth just as life owes no loyalty or promise to anyone. It is also written and said, We Reap What We Sow....

    However, some of us do receive favor...

    I venerate with the utmost humility and gratitude to those entities who are the conveyors of life, the purveyors of sustenance, the creators of humankind who transcend the confines of this physical realm and exceed the spiritual comprehension of man. I ask that they lay out the path before me and guide my steps along the way for I am prone to deviate from the course of moral righteousness, dignity, spiritual enlightenment and truth. My understanding and knowledge of this world has been limited to the written word of man and I have been misled by the teachings of those whose motives are self-serving and whose intentions are to instill illusions of dominance and superiority in those whom they seek to deceive and oppress.

    I have with frequent fervor consumed the nectar of intoxicating elixirs. I have dabbled in various substances that delivered euphoric bliss which also held me captive with addiction both physically and mentally to their momentarily deliverance of well-being and escapism from my world of pain and disappointment. I have been beckoned and seduced by the sweet erotic poison of voluptuous, vivacious and sexually stimulating women of dark alleys and dimly lit passageways. I have coveted and partaken of their sensuousness and have felt the sting of their callousness and indifference. I acknowledge that I have lived a promiscuous life and that I have been a sexually charged and somewhat perverted human being who has for decades past lent himself to a life strewn with what some may consider to be highly immoral conduct and unforgivable transgressions.I am yet only human and I am man..

    My journey has been one of decadence, resistance, rebellion, non conformity, irresponsibility, irreparable dismissal and total disregard for my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I've rejected all concepts of religion, mans ideologies, structured establishments whose imbedded institutions and laws favored not my ascension to unparalleled heights of success but served to define my existence irrelevant.. My way has resembled that of scattered leaves fallen from Autumn trees or that of wind-blown sand on arid and dusty desert land. I have wandered through groves thick with illusions of grandiose splendor and fantasy. I have grown weary from exhaustive search of relevance and purpose. The sharpness of reality slices through my conscience and I have contemplated self-destruction for deliverance.

    But mine is not mine to take as it is mine to make. The road is always longer when eyes are opaque and navigation requires direction. Ones ship need be righted, ones compass point need be sighted. The waves may rise full and high but temperament and fortitude need not subside.

    I look through the spectrum of heavens above and beyond for solace and peace of mind, body, soul and spirit. I have sought restoration from condemnation with earnest revelation of truth and knowledge to construct formation of foundation. Understanding comes through life's experiences entwined with the deepest of want and desire. I have yearned incessantly for my moment of reconciliation. For I am in need of clarity and salvation.. The severity of shame knows no boundaries. Lamentation yields forgiveness for a heart of genuineness.

    The promise of goodness. The promise of duty. The promise of worth. The promise is knowing and understanding that the greater the effort the greater the potential for yield. The promised land is the life we live as altruistically we give. The promised land is the life we build with determined will. I have been given favor yet I fear that I will not live up to my promise. However, I promise that I will put forth a great effort and that I will work diligently at my purpose with goodness of heart and integrity..

    This is my promised land...Where and what is yours

    Written by Al DeVeaux Jr. Africafifth

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  13. When you have no one to stand up for you or to help you fight your battles, who does one look to for support and reassurance during those periods of peril, turmoil and misdirected aggression that greets you at every turn? When you yearn for a quiet and peaceful place of solitude away from all of the conflict, who is there to teach you how to embrace the adversity and to press on and press through? What does one do when one is at the complete mercy of whomever is governing ones life and possesses an unmitigated control over every miniscule aspect of that life? What are the thoughts that flow through ones mind and what are the options? Invisible...

    One would more than likely be encapsulated with an enormous amount of self-doubt, internal conflict, a defeatist mentality and lack of self-identity that would lend itself to an extreme disconnect from reality. Ones vision and reasoning becomes completely obscured and decisions now become irresponsible and reckless. There would undoubtedly be an overwhelming feeling of exasperation and hopelessness that would ultimately envelop the soul and hold captive the spirit of dreams. All that one is surrounded with are indicators of failure, confinement and restrictions with nothing that offers up possibilities for potential opportunities of change. Inside of you there stirs a constant desire and need for something more palatable than this seemingly meaningless existence and shell of a life but the doors of welcomed passage appear to be sealed indefinitely. This was a mindset and seemingly inescapable reality for me during a time in my life and currently appears to be the reality and aimless journey for a multitude of others in today's society. Invisible...

    One should take just a moment to ponder the hopelessness that one would feel if one were to be subjected to a life of obscurity, where our presence was meaningless. A life that presently reflects no semblance of promise and for all practical purposes is illustrative of defeat and void of meaning. How would one feel knowing that there was something more tangible in life for others but for you an elusive and ostensibly unattainable reality? Invisible....

    As a nation of so many diverse ethnic groups we all at one time or another throughout the course of history til present day have experienced some form of discrimination or prejudice. We are extremely familiar with injustice and subjective bias. We offer no empathy or compassion towards our fellow being and are much to consumed with selfishness. We continue to treat each other with dis-respect, dis-courteousness and vitriol infused with a virulent antagonistic behavior. We reluctantly if ever take time to acknowledge the truth and the harshness of its reality unless of course it benefits our own agendas.

    I can't even begin to imagine what a life of absolute subjugation would feel like but I do have an idea of what imprisonment feels like. There are some similarities since both are forms of incarceration but not quite the same as living in the free world and watching that freedom and liberty being enjoyed by others on a daily basis. In prison there are walls that lock you in, guards and other forms of security to insure that there is no escape. In this world that we live in we often times become completely exasperated and full of self doubt because of walls that lock us in.. Walls erected of systemic oppression and discrimination and walls that some of us unknowingly create...Invisible

    Granted, there are many obstacles in life that one must overcome but it is not as though the opportunities are not there. Exactly what is it that stands in the way and prevents a person from making progress in today's free world? Could it be fear, lack of confidence or a lack of desire and a clear-cut method by which to achieve something of significance? This is the question that I struggle with constantly every single day to find an answer too.

    Have we become imprisoned by our own doings or non-doings? We must honestly ask ourselves where does the real and absolute responsibility lay? Who and what are the roots of our problems and issues that somehow never seem to warrant our immediate attention or solutions for correction. Is it through eyes of fear that we gaze upon the improprieties of mankind and take no action? Why are we not able to separate ourselves from that segment of Black and white America that is rife with negativity, low standards and principles and declare our independence of it? Would not a pride of lions expel from their community that one culprit or culprits that reaps havoc, discourse and disruption for the sake of pride. Are we that afraid to take action for fear of being labeled a sellout or tom or even a snitch? Something is inherently wrong with this type of mindset.... Invisible...

    Could it be that because there is a lack of real suffrage today people are without a driving force? Is it because we have allowed ourselves to lower our standards and expectations which in retrospect and coincidentally have compromised our morals and principles? It appears that this has in effect all but diminished our pursuit of excellence and the desire for outstanding accomplishments.. So with all that said, where does the answer lie?

    It is my belief that the answer lies within all of us. We as individuals and hopefully collectively can accomplish great things. First and foremost there has to be a raw evaluation of self. A truthful and honest look into what one as an individual must improve on or change in order to effectively make a difference not just in their life but in the lives of others whom they impact..

    I may not possess much in the way of fortune but I can offer you an ear, a shoulder and a kind word. I can show you a smile and look at you with eyes of hope and share with you a heart full of compassion and empathy. I'm unable to erase your pain completely but I can help to make the moment lighter. I can share with you my struggles in life and offer you comfort in letting you know that the fight is not only yours. In this regard, just maybe we can forge a bond with a commitment of hope and determination in an effort to make a difference. We can pave the way and lay down the path with bricks to success....You are not invisible to me...

    If this is accomplished we will move away from the realm of invisibility into the realm of visibility...

    Written By Al DeVeaux Jr.

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  14. The above title is a question that was directed towards me one day so I decided to share its premise with you.
    So I'm on one of the social networks one day engaged in a conversation with another brother who felt very strongly that Black folks should get reparations. Initially the topic of conversation was in reference to the 507 Billion Dollars that Black folks pump into the economy annually but somehow got steered towards reparations. This is a topic that has been debated for some time and was also presented before congress in 1989.

    This particular brothers reasoning for wanting reparations was for the simple fact that he felt that Black folks of today should receive compensation for the years of free labor America had siphoned off the backs of slaves to build this country. Now don't get me wrong. I feel America owes an insurmountable debt to our people for the atrocities our ancestors have experience from the oppressive and murderous hands of white slave owners too. However, I definitely do not understand how putting large sums of cash in the hands of people is going to rectify the issue. The amount he thought would be appropriate was about one million dollars to be distributed to Black families. Somehow this would give us Black folks a share in the wealth and I guess sort of balance things out. So I asked him if he was advocating that every Black person or household be given the sum of one million dollars to level the playing field so to speak. Personally, I felt that it would be useless for the simple fact that the money would be squandered and would go right back into the hands of the ones who provided it. His response was as follows ( I have never, nor the majority had a million. It's a chance and a mercy. We deserve it and would at a minimum accept that as repentance for the harm caused by slavery in the hope that we could move on with some sense of normalcy ). He further went on to say that ( I am saying that this could be a viable option to finding a solution that could stop the wholesale murder of our people. If you choose to view it as a share of the wealth I can accept that. I believe that it is a small portion of what is due ).

    I was amazed and just a little perplexed at this brothers reasoning. I mean he couldn't really be serious, or could he?
    I responded to the brother as follows (With all due respect brother, that is ridiculous. The money will do absolutely nothing. It will never be enough !!) Evidently I must have really pissed the brother off because he started to become real indignant and began to call into question my Blackness. Man, I gotta say that it's just like some qwerty board revolutionary to become insulting and disrespectful when you don't agree with their position.

    What in the world are the majority of Black folks going to do with one million dollars besides, piss it away. Most don't have the slightest clue as to how to manage the little that they do have and besides once uncle Sam takes his share you'll have a lot less than that. They know absolutely nothing about investments or cash management. Hell, most can't even manage their lives. Now I don't say this to be insulting, I'm just speaking the truth. If any person lacks the ability to manage their household, they most definitely aren't ready for prime time..

    I was asked, are you a Black man and what suggestions did I have. Well, I simply responded to the brother that I am the kind of Black man who is not begging the white man for some money. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.. Oops, he didn't take that response to well at all. The next thing I knew, the brother had blocked and un-followed me. Now, these are the type of brothers who are continuously claiming that we need to come together and stop fighting with one another but are quick to drop an insult on you when you disagree with them. The type of brothers that are always saying how down they are for the cause but are the first ones to haul *** and leaving you hanging. You know the type I'm referring to. Black when it's right and out of sight when it's time to fight.. You can spot them anywhere, because they're always talking about how the white man is holding them down. The white man has his foot on their throat and they can't breathe. So forth and so on...

    Well **** brother, you need to get a little bit of a fight in you and tell him to raise the heck up and if he doesn't, remove that foot and get him up off of you. But no, that's a little bit to difficult for you because it requires some heart and hard work. It is much easier for you to just complain about it rather than do something about it. But you are all ready to pump your chest out to lead the charge and be the cheer leader for reparations as long as no one challenges you. Apparently when you are challenged to a mature, intelligent and constructive conversation you tend to get unnerved and take your pom poms and go home. Now, with all that said I still will not question his Blackness but I will call into question his heart as well as his agenda.

    With all due respect, ( can I say that after such a brutal but truthful lashing) oh well, this Black man will not require your services at all because I am not that kind of Black man. You see, I am the kind of Black man who has come from the inner city roach and mice infested projects, dropped out of high school and has experienced the perilous journey of life through drug addiction, self-doubt and much self-inflicted pain. The Black man who decided to choose life over death one night while contemplating suicide. The Black man who sought help from others because I wanted so desperately to turn a life spiraling out of control around. The kind of Black man who rose up, fell and then rose again. You see, I know what it is like to do without and having to stretch that coin in order to make ends meet. I am extremely familiar with sacrifice and having to work with a steadfast determination to be successful. Yes, I am the kind of Black man who has payed his dues, who has made mistakes in his life but holds no one else accountable for them but myself. I am the kind of Black man who today has his own company which was built from the ground up. Yes and didn't beg the white man for a **** thing. Yes I am the kind of Black man who is self-educated and a proud father and husband who has unparalleled love and devotion. The road has not been an easy one but it has been a road nevertheless that was manageable and success realized through prayer, determination, dedication, discipline and diligence. I committed myself to the process and continued to press on and press through.

    I am the kind of Black man whose African lineage can be traced back five generations to the proud Akan people of Ghana and the Temne people of Sierra Leone. Yes, I am a direct descendant of Africans who were sold into Slavery in the 1800's who endured a life of painful subjugation and upon gaining their freedom went on to build meaningful and successful lives. I can say with enormous admiration and humility that I am the kind of Black man whose ancestors were a proud African people who endured a hardship that I would never know during a period of extreme racial divide and violence but were able to construct a respectable legacy from hard work, education and devotion to family in the process.

    Part of this legacy can be found in the book "African-Americans of Lower Richland County". So as a 5th generation African-American and a direct descendant of Slaves who rose up and triumphed over the most extreme adversarial period, I am the kind of Black man who has risen up and was also triumphant over adversity as well, but my hardships will never parallel theirs.

    In closing I want to emphasize how we should refrain from criticism of one another and attempt to be more understanding and respectful. We need to practice the reservation of judgement especially when we are not in the least familiar with the other person or their life. We can of course express our sentiments about the comments made but should definitely refrain from personal attacks. Some of you who read this may or may not agree which is understandable, but at least you have some food for thought... Peace and Blessings

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    Written by: Africafifth
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  15. This Black man speaks to a specific individual who is an overall weak and frightened individual who is more concerned with his image than he is with matters of substance. He has adopted a propensity for pointing the finger of blame at the white man and others for his problems and is very reluctant to acknowledge his own obvious flaws in character as well as decision-making.

    The institution of slavery has come and gone while the institution of imprisonment has emerged in its place. No longer is this Black man or his people forced into a life of subjugation. However, as of today there are approximately over 2 million men in prisons in America to which the majority (over half of them ) one million plus (1, 000,000 + ) are Black men. It's quite obvious that a large segment of us have migrated away from the corridors of education and into the vestibules of incarceration. One would have to ask the question, what has so drastically impacted the current landscape in America for this Black man? Perhaps Volunteered Subjugation?

    This Black man of today has allowed himself to become misguided, weakened, afraid and complacent. This Black man has embraced a lifestyle of gangsterism, thugism, crime and treat our Black women with an unabashed blatant disrespect as though they were the scum of the earth and only useful for sexual exploitation. This Black man has become disillusioned and ignorant and chooses to pursue whimsical examples of success and power. This Black man parades around with his pants halfway down exposing his buttocks for the world to see and hasn't a shred of self-respect or dignity. This Black man has constructed an adversarial relationship with his brother Black man transforming their communities into battlefields, not the white man because he doesn't live there.

    This Black man has created an atmosphere of extreme violence and restriction that prevents little Black children from having normal playful lives for fear of catching a stray bullet. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. This Black man is a reckless and ruthless murderer who is mowing down innocent brothers and sisters in a hail of bullets,. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. This Black man preys on the innocent and poor with an onslaught of armed robberies, burglaries and numerous petty crimes that have plagued and sapped the life out of the community. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. This Black man is peddling drugs to our people who poisons their mind and wreaks havoc on their bodies and lives with addiction. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. This Black man has impregnated numerous young Black women who are left to bear and raise children on their own. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. The streets and buildings in some of these Black communities throughout America are laid with waste, garbage, filth and dilapidated cockroach infested housing conditions that arise from neglect, irresponsibility and a lack of concern perpetuated by this Black man and others. Not the white man because he doesn't live there.

    What the white man does do, is police the streets of these communities because this Black man has become so lazy and ignorant that he produces an atmosphere of crime and mayhem. The white man constructs prisons throughout America because he knows that this Black man will be taking up residence there. The white man writes laws that specifically target this Black man because he knows that these fools will violate them giving him cause to apprehend and arrest them. The white man knows that this Black man will run off at the mouth and then whimper like a baby when he proceeds to handcuff him and commences to beating him with his billy club. The white man knows that this black man more often than not will be a convicted felon or become frightened and flee giving him cause to shoot him down in the streets. The white man knows that this Black man isn't educated and informed so they will take advantage of him with stop and frisk and if he resists, again beat him with his billy club because this Black man will not dare fight back. The white man knows that he can come into this Black man's community and randomly stop him, disrespect him and violate his rights because this Black man's bark is bigger than his bite.. The white man is bold and aggressive because he knows that even as the multitude of onlookers bare witness to their heinous and violent behavior that no one would dare interfere with them with the exception of taking video because they are frightened and weak.

    This is very reminiscent of the former institution of slavery where the overseer beats the SLAVE into submission while this Black man has a vision of severe punishment looming over his head if he refuses to comply. The white man oppresses and shames this Black man as they once did during slavery to illicit a weak and docile Black man, one that will address him as no sir and yes sir. The white man acts with irrefutable impunity towards this Black man for the white man fears no form of reprisal from this Black man or his comrades. What does it take for this Black man to stand up and challenge his aggressors? This Black man will not rise and fight because he is afraid of the ultimate action and or consequences that he will face from the white man. This Black man will however, rise up against another Black man but will not show resistance against the white man who is his true adversary. This Black man will misdirect his anger and frustrations towards his Black woman and sometimes his Black children who should be the ones most dear to him.. This Black man does not resemble the strong, educated and trail blazers of Black men days past. This Black man is loud and boisterous and projects a tough exterior to mask his lack of strength, courage and confidence. This Black man derives his power from the gun but without it he is powerless. The white man knows and understands this all too well about this Black man and will continue to maintain his dominance over him.

    One is left with the undeniable impression that the white man knows this Black mans tendencies extremely well and capitalizes on his ignorance and weaknesses. So, why does this Black man not recognize the white man's tendency just as well and take the appropriate corrective action? Is it possible that this Black man does in fact recognize the white mans tendencies but accepts his subservient role and meager place in society? In addition could it be that this Black man is just lazy and chooses not to take on the challenge and offer up a legitimate fight because it warrants an effort to pursue an education and employment? What are the underlying reasons that have compelled or caused this Black man to evolve into the wandering soul that he is today.

    One reason this black man of today has lost his way is because he does not have the father figure in the family environment who is the representation of courage and will. This Black man's father would be the foundation of strength and cohesiveness that binds the family structure. This Black man's life has become void of direction because the father is absent to give him guidance and instill in him the qualities that are necessary for him to forge through life. This Black man has become weak and soft because the father is not there to act as the role model and mold him as the patriarch of the family. This Black man is not educated because the father is not there to ensure that he stays in school to pursue a much-needed education. This Black man has no one to instruct or teach him how to or what it means to be responsible and respectful. This Black man hasn't a father figure to set the example of what it means to acquire gainful employment and put in a hard days work so that he can provide for his family. This Black man has no father to explain to him what it means to be a man of knowledge, morals and integrity and most of all the importance of fatherhood. This Black man lacks an education, coping skills, self-respect, self-identity, self-esteem, self-confidence, direction, self-determination and motivation as it pertains to becoming a relevant, respected and venerated human being.

    This Black man has no concept of respect but when he feels disrespected he will resort to violence or even murder because his mind has been corrupted and he is emotionally weak. This Black man of today has fallen prey to misinformation of false prophets and false imagery of power and success which he chooses to model himself after. This Black man because of his weaknesses will gravitate towards guns, drugs and gangs to pursue a life of criminal activity . He will not pursue an education for the mere fact that it is to hard for him and he has convinced himself through irrational thought to rationalize his excuse that it is emulating white people. He will also tell himself and the teacher he doesn't want someone telling him what to do and that the entire process is pointless and of no service to him.

    However, he will gladly commit a crime and surrender his life and freedom in exchange for the comfort of incarceration where he is relegated to a number and has someone monitoring his every move twenty-four (24 ) hours a day. This Black man is housed, clothed and fed and has no responsibilities whatsoever other than to eat, sleep and maybe bathe. This Black man has willingly shackled his mind and handcuffed his future by an act of stupidity and irrationality. This Black man has now been locked away in an institution which in itself represents another form of imposed subjugation and his life has basically been rendered meaningless. This Black man has capitulated to the white man and evolved into a weak species whose life may just become a complete and utter failure. This Black man has welcomed his role as a modern-day slave and has no qualms about living his life within the confines of these prison walls....... I am unable to fathom the logic here, if any.....

    The white man knows this which is exactly why he continues to build prisons as it has become a multi-billion dollar business to incarcerate and enslave this Black man......

    The Prison Industry: Big Business Or A New Form Of Slavery?

    At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations that mount their operations inside state prisons.

    The true strength of a Black man comes from within, from his knowledge of self, education, integrity, values, self-respect and from the Black woman who stands beside him and supports him. A true Black man is a man of unwavering principles, dedication to family and friends, someone who respects himself and by doing so will garner the respect of those around him. A true Black man will lead by positive example and allow his body of work to speak for him. A true Black man will not submit his will and will not allow himself to be placed into a life of subjugation. A true Black man will make responsible decisions and have the ability to recognize his flaws and mistakes and correct them. A true Black man is true to himself and others. To be continued..........

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    Written By; Africafifth
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