Whose Who On This Planet? Pt.6

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I mentioned earlier in one of my post that there will be questions that we can not answer but which must be experienced to get the answer....like if God created us then who created God? Does anyone really think that anyone will find an answer to that?....I don't think so. Because of my understanding of what we call God, I'm going to switch language just to keep a separation of terms. Hence forth, when I am speaking of the FIRST CAUSE or what most people refer to as God, I will use the term "Prime Creator". The reason for this is because we are all CREATORS operating through the Prime Creator that is never separate from us.

In Kemet I would have said Neter as the Prime Creator and referred to ourselves as Neter Neteru "Ntr Ntru". As people we have need of identifying and labeling things in order for our minds to comprehend a thing or an idea or reality. When we do this we are equally laying down the laws or realities that apply to it so that we can fit it into a box that our minds can readily grasp onto. Way back in time this was the reality of all people who did not have the science or knowledge of certain things or events that may have taken place. If something happened and they knew why, they would lay down the laws that governed the event explain why it happened. If something happened that was beyond the scope of their understanding or life reality, what do you think they did? They applied it to a supernatural entity or being or devil or cause as a means of attempting to mentally grasp what it is that their minds would not normally be able to grasp due to it being outside of their own understanding of the thing or event. This is what is known as a "Bicameral mind".

As you can see, I'm really taking my time in making sure that what I have to say is clear and understandable. I had to say this because I had a choice in how to do this. I know that I could have saved myself a whole lot of writing by simply saying that "Black People manifested on this plane of existence and everybody would still be as lost as before. What's the difference between manifesting, being created or evolving? To a degree, nothing and yet EVERYTHING. Manifesting is a conscious choice and for those who are unconscious of consciousness in action, it is a subconscious choice or reality...meaning that they are creating and bringing things about without being aware that they are doing it. When you are not aware on this level that YOU ARE DOING IT OR THAT THERE ARE UNIVERSAL LAWS IN PLACE THAT GOVERN ALL REALITY, YOU WILL ATTRIBUTE IT TO SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF.

Without the knowledge of what happens when cold air and hot air meets, you will create a "God of Thunder" to explain to yourself what it is that you do not mentally have the knowledge of....thus the origin of what we call "superstition". Now before I can get all into how we manifested and the stages that we went through as well as the other creations that WE MADE, I have to first get rid of our present concept of the "PRIME CREATOR" that we've been fed and that most of us believe in.

We've been told that the PRIME CREATOR is omnipresent and omnipotent....meaning that we were told that the PRIME CREATOR is everywhere and is all powerful and knows all things before they happen. In other words, the PRIME CREATOR can do anything and is all powerful. THAT IS A LIE !!! The PRIME CREATOR IS INDEED OMNIPRESENT because the same force that exist in me, exist in all things, minus the consciousness of its consciousness in terms of our human understanding. That part is true. The part about it being able to do anything is a lie. For example, even as a mere mortal I can think of things that the PRIME CREATOR can not do. The PRIME CREATOR CAN NOT MAKE A ROCK SO HEAVY THAT THEY CAN NOT MOVE IT. THE PRIME CREATOR CAN NOT PUT TWO MOUNTAINS TOGETHER WITHOUT A VALLEY IN THE MIDDLE. THE PRIME CREATOR CAN NOT DESTROY ITSELF AND THEN COME BACK TO LIFE AGAIN.

Give great thought to what I have said and you will see the truth in it....meaning that the PRIME CREATOR can not do anything. More than that, the PRIME CREATOR can not create anything that will be in opposition to it. In other words, it's impossible for the prime creator to create a devil. In order for that to happen the PRIME CREATOR would have to first possess that reality within itself being that we claim that the PRIME CREATOR created ALL THINGS, which it did not. Our human definition of the Prime Creator is flawed and is one that comes from the religiously conditioned mind. If the PRIME CREATOR is all good, loving, just and perfect...then we have made ourselves through our definitions, greater than the PRIME CREATOR because we can hate, do evil and everything else that we are told is not in the PRIME CREATOR.

Based upon our definitions, we are also greater than the DEVIL because we are told that the devil is evil, corrupt, a liar, deceitful and filled with hate. We become greater than the DEVIL because we can love, do kindness and are filled with compassion and goodness....which according to our definitions, the devil can not do. So by our own human definitions we have through the religiously conditioned mind, made ourselves greater than both the DEVIL and the PRIME CREATOR. Now it's time to discard those illusions and come into reality.
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